Shoppers Drug Martcashier and 20x points


Went into my regular SDM today to get the 20x points today, Oct 21/17 at 10:57 AM. I got what I needed, and went thru the cash register. When the cashier finished ringing up my purchases, I asked if I spent enough to get the 20x points. She says "you have to spend $75 today". I said no, the flyer says $50, and the woman behind me also said your poster in the window says $50. The cashier whipped out a flyer from under the counter and points to it and says "it says right here you need to spend $75". She put the flyer back under the counter. I said "what's the flyer date you are looking at?". She brings the flyer back out, reads the date and asks "what's today's date?". We all told her Oct 21. By then there was quite a large line up, and the woman who checked out in front of me was now involved in asking the cashier if she also got the 20x the points. I never did get an answer from the cashier on whether or not I got my points. I paid for my purchases and got home to look at my receipt. I did not get my points after all that and that is the reason I went into the store today. I am in shoppers at least four times a week. If she had of answered my question, I would have purchased a pack of gum or mints in order to bring my total purchase to the $50. My total before taxes was $48.41. Any other time I've been in SDM for the 20x points, all other cashiers have told me whether or not I met the total to get the points. This cashier not only didn't offer the information, she didn't answer my question. When the woman in front of me asked the cashier if she got her points, the cashier told her to look at the bottom of her receipt. I feel this cashier was trying very hard to make sure customers didn't make their 20x today due to attitude! She was young, maybe she was new, but she was not helpful to me or any other customers from what I saw. I am quite upset I didn't get my points and I really don't want to take everything back to the store to get my money back, or to buy that pack of gum I need to get my points.

The 'author" number is 105705, I don't know if that is the cashier ID or not.
REF#[protected] 0016440540C

I'd like SDM to honor my purchase by providing me with the 20x the points I should have received today. I did ask the cashier and I went in solely to get the points. I didn't urgently need anything, I wanted to points to help toward the Christmas season coming up and purchasing products for my parents in B.C. I do this every year.

Thank you for your assistance.

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