Shoppers Drug Mart Complaints & Reviews

Shoppers Drug Mart / exorbitant pricing

Sep 25, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartCan someone please explain to me why an anti-perspirant should cost over $8.00 in your BLOOR street Toronto store, whereas exactly the same product costs $5.99 in a local convenience store. I understand that Shoppers gives points but the product was over 25% more expensive than a convenience...

Shoppers Drug Mart / ghost charging on customers

Sep 25, 2019

September 23, 2019 at 15:38:22, Ref# [protected] [protected] C Receipt Scan # 9990206011012001936729 from 390 North Front Street, Belleville ON K8P3E1 [protected] 3 I have a serious concern regarding my invoice/receipt after reviewing my receipt. The cashier said it is NOT the 1st time this ha...

Shoppers Drug Mart / purchase of plan b

Sep 24, 2019

On Sunday night I attended your location at Queen st and John St in Toronto to purchase Plan B. It is already embarrassing enough to purchase it but, than the pharmacist who helped me didn't help the situation. I told her my concern I had unprotected sex with my partner however, wasn't...

Shoppers Drug Mart / salesperson "katie"

Sep 24, 2019

I would like to lodge a formal grievance against one the sales person named "KATIE" concerning the unprofessional behaviour and verbal intimidation that she's practicing on the sales floor. My wife together with my 2 kids (4 & 2 years old) was at store no. 302 this morning...

Shoppers Drug Mart / service provided by pascal the store manager in central saanich or saanichton

Sep 23, 2019

I was told by your Sydney location I was able to return or exchange my life brand scale as it had a lifetime warranty. As I lived closer to the saanichton location I called this store and the lovely girl said I was able to return it as well. As I purchased this scale close to a year ago I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / gift cards

Sep 23, 2019

Hello, I recently purchased five $100 iTune gift cards only to later realize that I was being scammed. I have reached out to iTunes to let them know of this incident and they have disabled the account on their end where the iTune gift cards were used. They have advised that I reach out to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / no rainchecks issued for 2-day specials

Sep 22, 2019

If I make a special trip to take advantage of your flyer's 2-day specials - and then get there and the shelves are empty, I do not expect the checkout girl to snippily ask me if I asked the staff in the storeroom if there was any stock back there... Not my job to chase down your...

Shoppers Drug Mart / the service I received from a manager at the store

Sep 22, 2019

Good Afternoon, I am writing about the service I received at my local shoppers drug mart store. I am extremely upset as I had purchased 2 lipsticks for my moms birthday in August and she did not end up liking one of them and had asked me to return 1/2 (unopened, unused) I had left for a...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy

Sep 21, 2019

In the morning of September 20th I spoke with a member of the pharmacy team to get one of my prescriptions filled. She told me it would be ready at 4:30. I got busy with making dinner and my husband offered to pick it up on the way home. He had worked an 11 hour day and when he got to the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / advertising scam

Sep 21, 2019

In your cambridge flyers it has the Nintendo switch on sale and eligible for the 20x the points event. I went to every shoppers even called into customer service, every shoppers tha was supposed to have them for this sale hasn't gotten a shipment all week. I believe this is false...

Shoppers Drug Mart / canada post outlet/floor manager

Sep 20, 2019

This Grand Falls-Windsor Shoppers Store is a complete Joke and so is the Older Lady Postal worker there. I ship a lot of stuff through Canada Post and the Postal Worker(senior Lady) at this location doesn't even know how to do her job and knows nothing about Canada Post. This Older Lady...

Shoppers Drug Mart / hair dye

Sep 19, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartThe lack of respect and accommodation done by the manager and the the cashier was absolutely appalling. I tried to return unopened hair dye without a receipt, I was told over the phone that I could use my store card to return it, and when I came into the store that was not the case. Kanji...

Shoppers Drug Mart / post office

Sep 19, 2019

Hello, my name is mary ann chantal tucker. I would like to start with saying thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Your work is very much appreciated. Customer care is one of the most important roles for a company and when the that care is breached from a employe who is the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / postal service

Sep 17, 2019

I went in for an In person ID verification but the postal worker refused to accept my lease agreemenr as proof of residency as the address does not match my govenrment issued photo ID. When I went to another Shoppers Canada Post, they informed me that I can use the lease however, the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / life brand vitamin d3 1000 iu

Sep 15, 2019

!!!Have the worst Customer Experience with pharmacy department!!!. Talked with pharmacy [protected]. Asked if tje medicine has any meat products? A common question thousands of vegetarian question asked from their pharmacist. I had contacted many other pharmacies and received helped except...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service and I nearly getting hurt

Sep 15, 2019

I was at your store on sept 14 19 around 9pm. Anyway when I walked to the aisle to grab my item I never saw that someone has spilled some liquid on the floor and I nearly slipped, I was mad that the clerk never put the hazard sign in front but on the left hand side of the spill, anyway so...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service

Sep 14, 2019

I went into the shoppers drug mart for hair dye at around 930pm on September 14, 2019 with a friend and we were being followed around in the store since we walked in the door by the lady working in cosmetics didn't think much of it and carried on with our shopping we were looking at the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / prescription

Sep 13, 2019

Wow.. 1014 complaints and 10 resolved. Makes me think a complaint is a waste of my time and yours. Perhaps given your resolution success rate you should close your complaints department. I transferred my prescriptions to shoppers when Costco moved to a less convenient location;. I dropped a...

Shoppers Drug Mart / terazosin hcl 2mg

Sep 12, 2019

I have always used this Shoppers drug mart location for all my prescriptions because it is located close to my home, but for the past year or so I've been having problems filling this particular prescription, every time I tried to fill this prescription they would tell me they...

Shoppers Drug Mart / elastic ankle bandage

Sep 12, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartHello, I would like to make a complaint about a purchase I did last night and brought it back the next day but they didn't want to reimburse me because the manager (Arliya) if I remember said it was already use and refuse to do anything. I always shop at this location for a couple of years I...

Shoppers Drug Mart / xbox game card

Sep 11, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartHello, Unfortuanelly my son had bought xbox gift card without her parents from Shoppers DrugMart. We learned it today and my son had bought it yesterday. When I read shopping rules of this gift card about xbox, it can be sold up after 13 years, but my son is not this age. Maybe $300 is le...

Shoppers Drug Mart / vim mould remover

Sep 11, 2019

Yesterday September 10, 2019 I bought Vim mould remover. While at the cash the cashier asked if I would like a receipt or not. Thinking of doing my part for the environment I said no to the receipt. Turns out I ended up not needing the product so the next day (being today) I went to return...

Shoppers Drug Mart / fall in store

Sep 10, 2019

At approximately 1700 I entered the above store and slipped and fall on Left side. Floors were wet from foot traffic, no rugs or wet floors signs were visible. An employee seen the fall. I reported the incident to pharmacist and another employee wrote down my information. Another employee...

Shoppers Drug Mart / the cleanliness of the shopping hand held baskets

Sep 08, 2019

The hand held shopping baskets are so dirty at this store that I never use them. It is most unfortunate as I never buy more than I can carry. It must be a health hazard and will contact our health department about them. Yesterdaty I used another shoppers down Ogilvie Road and the were...

Shoppers Drug Mart / cosmetician

Sep 07, 2019

I went in to Shopper's tonight around 11:15 and couldn't help but notice the young lady working in cosmetics was on her cell phone, on speaker, talking about boys and being extremely obnoxious. I don't understand why this person is being paid to do this and disrupt customers trying to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / roblox gift card

Sep 07, 2019

I purchased a roblox gift card and once the transaction went through, I noticed that the back code had already been scratched off. I asked to exchange it but the girl refused and said you can't return/exchange gift cards. I said this is a different situation as I'm right here and we both...

[Resolved] Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy service

Sep 06, 2019

My perscription for Blood Pressure medication in June was shorted on the first submission. The pharmacy advised a week or so later that the remainder of the script was available. When I picked up the remainder allotment the pharmacist advised not to use the medication past August as it...

Shoppers Drug Mart / problem with pharmacist

Sep 05, 2019

I am totally ticked off right now. I work 60 hours a week, I have one day off to do errands, and I feel I wasted my time going to Shoppers Drug mart in Pembroke. I was trying to buy an over the counter medication me and my husband has been buying for 30 years, and he would not sell it to...

Shoppers Drug Mart / washroom not available for an extended period of time to a customers. rude personel.

Sep 05, 2019

A couple times I tried use urgently a washroom in that store, every time I was told that it is not ready for use. I am a customer and my health condition prompts me to a washroom quite often: both times I was in the store to get my prescription drugs. Since this happened more than once in...

Shoppers Drug Mart / couponing

Sep 03, 2019

Its been a year that im a loyal customer of drug shopper mart (seawaymall) since we lived in welland 5 yrs ago we get a good customer service..until last sat (aug 31) i had bad experienced with the cashier named "charlene" (old white lady)..Im a couponer and i used coupon to save..As a...

Shoppers Drug Mart / kevin huang pharmacy manager swore at me for no reason

Sep 03, 2019

I'm Guninder Hundal [protected] [protected] Today Sep2, 19 my wife called to inquire availability & then I went to above pharmacy at SDM to order prescription for my son. Kevin Huang was at pharmacy counter & I gave him prescription & both extended coverage cards (mine & wife). He...

Shoppers Drug Mart / customer service

Sep 02, 2019

We had a free hit or miss olg ticket and I asked this employee maria that I would like to replay the same numbers. She was rushing us and I don't know what she heard / understood but she ended up giving me 2 tickets with the exact same number. She charged us for the second ticket...

Shoppers Drug Mart / tera gear camping chair

Sep 02, 2019

Shoppers Drug MartJust before Father's Day 2019 I was in to shoppers getting a card for both my dad and husband. While I was walking I seen camping chairs with cooler bags attached to the cup holder. So I bought 2 chairs for around $50 a piece. Now I have 2 chairs that are ripped in the back both chair...

Shoppers Drug Mart / service

Sep 01, 2019

I was disgusted that for a Health and Beauty business had a disgusting smelly, dirt under the fingernails, geasy hair and bad breath person working as a cashier, She was slovenly laying all over the counter and 2 customers left their purchases and walked out. I had seen this person working...

Shoppers Drug Mart / prescription counter

Aug 31, 2019

The wait is unbelievably long. The techniciens are rude and gave the wrong pills to my father then when he went back they told him he would have to pay for the correct pills with no refund on the pills they had given mistakenly. They blame everyone but themselves and then told my father he doesnt need blood thinners that hes been taking for 40years

Shoppers Drug Mart / cashier giving hard time to customers, and verbally abusing and making fun of them

Aug 29, 2019

On August 29, 2019 I went to Shoppes Drug Mart to buy milk for my 3 school going kids. I bought 15 bags of 2% milk which I buy once a month. I put 4-5 bags in the fridge and the rest of the bags I freeze them and use them by defrosting them as needed as I dont have time to go to the store...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy carelessness regarding prescription refills, wrong client medical information released

Aug 28, 2019

On Thursday August 8 I called shoppers drug mart (Cedarcroft location) to request a refill for my prescriptions which was urgent because I was going out of town that weekend and didn't have enough medication to last me until I got back. I called them exactly at 9am when they opened...

Shoppers Drug Mart / hajeva baqui - owner of pharmacy #2255/unwilling to refund for prescription filled without request

Aug 27, 2019

On August 15, 2019, my husband dropped off two prescriptions for me and picked up three prescription. One prescription was apparently on auto refill and i hadn't picked it up. I had never asked for it to be on auto refill and wondered why it was. the owner, Hajeva, insisted that i must...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Scanning code of practice (code 33)

Aug 26, 2019

I was at the shoppers drug mart in edmonton located at 250, watt boulevard sw. I bought a packet of cookies with a price tag of 5.99$ but it got scanned at the cashiers till 9.99$. The cashier said that he can only adjust the price but cannot give it under code 33. I showed him the...

Shoppers Drug Mart / pharmacy

Aug 24, 2019

So this pharmacy knows that a specific individuals life is dependant on a specific drug aka that's why they have a doctor working there and a doctor telling them someone is in serious need of this specific drug. Well for the 4th time in a row I'm stuck without my medication or anything...