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WoolworthsWearing Masks in store

Hi I have read the following information and am concerned that you are enforcing the wearing of masks in your stores which is causing employees and customers to become ill.

From Anna De Buiscuit, a specialist disability discrimination lawyer

The Government has FAILED to conduct a Risk Assessment of the risks to the individual members of the public for the harms caused to them by mask wearing- or wearing a face covering.
Without such a Risk Assessment, the individual is NOT providing "informed consent" to wear a "medical device" (which a mask is as defined under the Medical Devices Regulations 2002).
A face "covering" falls to be regulated under the Consumer Protection Regulations. The Face Coverings Regulations are therefore - prima facie - unlawful and should not be enforced.
In the view of our legal team, the Face Coverings Regulations are ultra vires the Government's powers but that legal argument is ongoing.
None of the supermarkets are providing their customers with a Risk Assessment either - so their customers are also not able to provide their "informed consent" to wearing a face covering/mask.
This is unlawful as "informed consent" must be obtained.
Anyone being asked to wear or use a medical device - such as a mask - should be medically assessed by an Occupational Health team for their INDIVIDUAL risk posed to them by wearing a mask.
Failure to conduct a Health & Safety Risk assessment is both a civil and a potentially criminal offence.
Therefore both the Government and the supermarkets - and anyone else enforcing mask mandates in the absence of a full Health & Safety Risk assessment in the workplace -, is acting unlawfully and can be held PERSONALLY liable for the damage caused to the individual.
Legal challenges are already being run against the "mask perpetrators" to challenge this unlawful and harmful mask mandate and cases are already being won, and damages for harm caused paid out.
I'm a specialist disability discrimination lawyer who also has a stream of claimants lining up to bring legal claims for damages from this mask mandate. Countless people are being harmed by wearing a mask and others are being harmed from the discrimination they are enduring from being mask exempt.
The flood of litigation is going to be Tsunami-like!!! Be warned: perpetrators will be held to account.
Anyone enforcing or imposing this mandate should be warned that they are acting unlawfully and will be held personally liable for the harm they cause.
I advise anyone harmed by this mask mandate in a work environment (which supermarkets are) to file a report of your harm to the Health & Safety team and ask them to conduct an investigation into whether the employer or supermarket or other "mask perpetrator " has conducted a valid H&S Risk Assessment.
The local council's Environmental Health Officer is responsible for ensuring that commercial premises in their area are safe for the public. This includes whether it's safe for the public to be forced to wear a face covering or mask whilst in a supermarket or other commercial premises. Without a full Risk Assessment, no one should be required or forced to wear a face covering or mask - it's a breach of the Health & Safety laws and a potentially criminal offence.
If the employer or other "mask perpetrator " hasn't followed the law in forcing you to wear a mask, criminal investigations can follow under Health & Safety laws.
The Equality Act 2010 does not permit anyone to discriminate against a disabled person on the grounds of their disability.
Refusing entry to a shop or access to public services to a disabled person is prima facie disability discrimination. No evidence can be lawfully demanded. It's a breach of both the right to privacy and the Equality Act 2010 to ask for medical evidence in this manner.
Masks worn by the public in community settings, do not prevent transmission of a virus particle as tiny as SARS-CoV-2: that's what the scientific research evidence shows.
Masks can INCREASE the risk of transmission if not face-fitted and fit-tested for the individual wearer as leakage occurs.
Masks can INCREASE the risk of secondary bacterial and fungal infections due to incorrect putting on and taking off of the mask, incorrect storage and lack of sterilisation of the contamination collecting on the surfaces of the mask.
These contaminates are then inhaled: the moisture and humidity of the mask is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus which multiply in the mask fibres.
These are then inhaled deeply into the lungs where they multiply further, along with the loose fibres of the mask which collect in the lungs.
Secondary bacterial lung infections are a major risk factor from inhaling bacteria into the lungs. Secondary bacterial lung infections were the major cause of death in the Spanish Flu. They had cloth mask mandates then too. See a correlation??
Masks cause multiple organ damage - some of which is irreparable and permanent.
Masks cause social, cognitive, emotional and psychological harm too.
Have YOU been fully informed of all the harms that wearing a mask causes to YOU??
Have YOU had a H&S Risk Assessment by an Occupational Health Team for the risks posed to you - as an individual- for mask wearing?? If not, how do YOU know what the risks are?? How are YOU providing YOUR individual informed consent to wearing this medical device without a full H&S Risk Assessment?? You're not able to.
You're simply guessing that it won't harm you in the absence of a full Risk Assessment.
I have 55 pages of scientific research evidence proving the many harms caused to the mask wearer.
I've prepared a detailed Risk Assessment and a Health & Safety Risk Assessment on mask wearing for any of you who would like to be informed of the harms and risks of mask wearing.
There are a team of around 70 of us professional lawyers, medics, Health & Safety inspectors, industrial hygienists, psychologists, scientists and others who are collaborating to raise legal challenges against the unlawful and harmful mask laws and mandates and policies. Our evidence is therefore drawn from top experts in their fields.

Michelle Davies

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    Hi my name is Dumisa... I hv a complain about Woolworths Eastgate mall... I received an Ice Bucket and it's from Woolworths JST I don't know which branch cos I got it as a gift it was amongst my presents and I don't know who bought it amongst those people who dropped my gifts..since I have an Ice Bucket I went to exchange it for something else at Woolworths Eastgate since it my nearest.. They refused to exchange and I explained isn't have a receipt since I got it as a gift... I am so hurted cos the item it's new and hv price tags on unused...

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      WoolworthsTruck driver

      Truck driver driving absolutely ridicules nearly causing 3 accidents in the space of 15 minutes, was speeding and going between lanes and tailgating so closely to every car he was behind. This is not on as the cars he was tailgating are ten times smaller than his truck, he could have killed someone.

      He was traveling on My Ousley road and turned off onto Picton Road.

      He could have caused a really bad accident or even a fatality.

      His Number plate is Yn26Ju and there was also another number on the back of his truck T241627

      Truck driver

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        WoolworthsUnethical Behaviour

        Date: 22 Dec 2020 - 23 Jan 2021
        1. Every time I called vna waterfront Woolworths. They would be laughing, joking and just being plain unprofessional. They would put me on hold and leave the phone without me even finishing my sentence. the phone is clearly just put upside down as i can hear everything doing on in the background.
        2. Going to the shop staff is always lazing around and clearly look very board despite the customers seeking assistance. If finally helped it doesn't seem like they even want to. The thing that grinds my gears the most is the fast that they keep on taking in other languages and it feels like their just gossiping or laughing about their customers.
        3. I needed a size 8 pump which they said they would look in their store room and it will take 3-5 days. They would call me when they had it. 4 January and no call. I went there myself.. took it off the rack and did it myself. unprofessional isn't even the word anymore.
        4. Then i went to get navy shirts and they said they will keep the shirts for me after i have them the sizes. got to the store and nobody knew anything about it yet again..
        5.called complaint center, first 3 times no answer, 4th time hot put on hold all the time and ended explaining this situation over and over again with no results.
        6. Called head office in Cape Town for a email address or a place to write a complaint as taking to anyone clearly doesn't work and they said they don't have a email or any such written complaint sites, i need to call customer care and that's all i can do (like i haven't tried).. well here I am writing a list of complaints so i think you should inform your head office about their role and what's happening in your company because i as the customer just googled it..

        Only good thing i can say that theres only one lady that i would applaude to her willingness to help and the only one out of 4 that calles me back on my questions. Her name is Shinaise and truly lovely. only one that knows whats going on.

        Hope you manage to improve on these points because its hell of frustrating. There was a lot of people around me talking about the same thing of staff lazing around and not being followed up on so i know im not the only one.

        looking forward hearing from you,

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          Jan 13, 2021

          Woolworths — Refund not processed

          It has been almost 2 months where I've tried everything in my power to get a refund for goods bought...

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          Jan 07, 2021

          Woolworths — Retail stores

          My name is Yolanda Nkewu staying at Port Elizabeth with ID number [protected]. I have an Woolworth...


          - staff was saying I'm not going to tell a customer to wear a mask if they don't have one on. 🤬 wtf!!! I'm so angry 😡

          - customer complaint also about not breathing ... but staff have to reassure people it's for the best of our community. Not agreeing with them .

          - complaining she has to wear one
          -can't breathe
          - attitude was very negative
          -have to see the upside of getting rid of this and not letting others get it
          - protecting the community

          Can't breathe well if you got the virus you know what it's gonna feel like, when you can't breathe!!!

          West Ryde at 7.15am at self serve.

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            Dec 23, 2020

            Woolworths — A worker at Berri store woolworths

            I'd like to make a complaint about a worker who is the store manager of the Berri woolworths who today...

            Dec 08, 2020

            Woolworths — Complaint against my online order and refund order nr [protected]

            On the 9th of November, I have placed a online order, the delivery date according to the system would have...

            WoolworthsAJ essentials. 3 Pure cotton shorts

            I baught a pack of mens briefs for my husband on account at Woolworths Waterfall mall, Rustenburg on Saterday 21 November 2020. On my arrival home, I took one brief out the packet to show my husband when we both noticed that there is something terribly wrong with the size! We baught a XL and in comparison with his Jockey briefs the top stretch part seems the correct size but the length of the brief is way wrong, it doesn't even look like it will fit any man without going over the middel of his body. Now I know that Woolworths doesn't exchange underwear, but what are we going to do? He didn't fit it on and it is obviously a fault on woolworths side. See photo attached.
            Email me on- [protected]@gmail.com
            Kind regards
            Jolien van der Schyff-Steenkamp

            AJ essentials. 3 Pure cotton shorts

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              Woolworthsspc spaghetti

              This spaghetti used to be great but the last few times I have bought it the sauce is so stiff and thick it is inedible. A fork can stand up in the tin it is so thick. I tried not buying it for a while thinking it was a bad batch, but when I bought it again the same thing happened.

              I cannot change to another brand as my children are allergic to dairy and the SPC brand is the only dairy-free option. This means my kids cannot have spaghetti now.

              I am wondering whether the recipe has been changed or whether this is a quality control issue?

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                Oct 23, 2020

                Woolworths — New wine range 2lts box wines

                Recently WW advertised the new range of the upper range of wines being promoted in the WW stores. Excitedly...


                WoolworthsStrike wringing mop

                I brought this mop on Sunday and I mopped for the first time, my bedroom & bathroom. The head came off and I can't put it together. Many attempts to try and fix it, can't fix it. I then did a google search review in this mop and guess what? So many complaints that first time users, the mop head comes off. I. Not sure why you keep selling this mop with so many complaints. I would like my money back please?

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                  May 08, 2020

                  Woolworths — Intimidating security guard

                  I'm 60yr old, I attended orrong road woolworths wearing tracksuit pants, hair pulled up in a bun, long...

                  May 04, 2020

                  Woolworths — Inappropriate conversations in front of customers

                  To whom it may concern, There is a gay gentlemen working at Woolworths Chermside on Webster Rd in North...


                  WoolworthsBasics box delivery

                  We ordered the basics box to be sent to a family member in desperate need. Only half of the products have been delivered so far with no confirmation of when the rest of it will be delivered. Our family members carers would have been better off physically going to Coles. These giant corporations are just taking advantage of the needy in these already challenging times. We wont be ordering or buying anything from Woolworths anymore.

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                    Apr 24, 2020

                    Woolworths — Payments by card only

                    24/04/2020 Woolworths Petrol, 172 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan QLD 4817, Australia My older 86 YO Mother was told...

                    Apr 21, 2020

                    Woolworths — Essential smoked cooking bacon

                    Every time I buy this product the majority of the weight is off cuts and pieces and never do I find an actual...

                    Apr 19, 2020

                    Woolworths — BWS

                    Have emailed the BWS complaints several times and the manager of the Macquarie Fields store in NSW Michael...

                    Apr 16, 2020

                    Woolworths — Farmstyle boerewors

                    I went to Woolies Sammy marks doing my grocer, but all to find out that I'm just wasting my money. Part...

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