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Complaints & Reviews

Rude counter service

Store 5508, POS 201 8.28am 03 April, 2020

This lady literally parted my hair as I entered the shop to pay. Pretty much shouting at me to stand against the rear door. The customer she was serving before me actually jumped.

I understand the Covi-19 situation, I read all the little signs and thought it was extremely good what you guys are doing to do your bit. EG 2 people in the shop at anyone time. (I am the GM of a retail chain and we have been implementing similar measures.)

Anyway, the lady before me felt extremely awkward when she walked out, cracking a smile at me, (I was being jovial with her.. said "don't worry, we are far enough apart, we both smiled)

So I came to the counter and tried to make some small talk with the lady who served me, I suggested she should put a cross on the floor where I was made to stand. She abruptly cut me off and told me that doesn't work. She said "only telling people does" I tried to smooth her anger and wanted to tell her how we are all in the same situation, that we are implementing similar measures etc as to which she abruptly cut me off and shouted at the top of her lungs "don't tell me how to do my job!!!"

Wow, I thought, I then told her 'you don't have to be so rude about it... You are a rude lady"

Next minute she says "Don't ever come back to my shop"

I walked out angry and frustrated.

If this is how you want your customer service representatives to treat your customers, I think you need to take a long hard look at your staff.

PS, I'm in her locality and have shared this story with other shop keepers who'm all are gobsmacked.



Service in Woolworths

Hi, we are absolutely disgusted myself and my husband have decided for the last 2 weeks now to isolate whilst I am heavily pregnant an I watched our kids i have my husband a list to go shopping for essential items such as milk bread and nappies and he was told he was lucky to get the milk as they are not essential items . Aswell as we needed batteries for my son's school project as i have taken both our children out of school I needed to get batteries to do a certain school project but my husband was told no you can't have them ! So from now on we will not be shopping through Woolworths in grafton shopping world your an utter disgrace !

Really embarrassing poor service from staff and management.

Good Morning,
I have just returned from the Woolworths store at Stoney Range Shellharbour and have been so humiliated by your staff and management that I will never return to this store again.
I work along side this store in the Dan Murphys store so I am familiar to most of the staff.
I am 58 years old and am a carer

for my 83 year old parents.
My husband and I did our shopping this morning together with myself shopping for my parents.
Both of us had a packet of toilet roll.
As we were going through different checkouts Leonie the staff member was loudly saying behind our backs "see they are all doing it, shopping together but both buying toilet paper"
I was extremely embarrassed as she has no idea of my family circumstances.
I went back in to speak to her about this and she was standing with the store manager.

He told me I had done the wrong thing even if I was shopping for my parents.
Can I also tell you that my work has paper work from the union saying I am a carer for them.
Neither of my parents are able to leave their home as they are high risk with coved 19.
Leonie then went on to tell me that she had spoken to me before about buying tissues.
This is a total lie.
I was purchasing 2 boxes of tissues for my work place and asked the store manager for permission.
I feel i have been humiliated by both Leonie and the store manager.
I expect an apology from them both.
Would you please let me know of what action you intend to take?
Yours truly
Sheree O'Connor
I can be contacted on;
Mobile [protected]
Home [protected]
Email [protected]

Priority Customer

I know these are challenging times for us all but I have to ask why your Priority customers aren't getting all items in their orders if they are your priority.
Woolworths have said in the media their distribution warehouses are full...plenty for everyone so why are the ones that need it the most, your priority customers still missing out.
The relief & joy they would feel once approved as a priority customer soon turns to anguish & fear again when their order arrives & they find they haven't received the things they need so desperately.
These are the most vulnerable people in our community, we should be protecting them, not causing them stress.
Priority customers are all either elderly, disabled, sick or suffering from major illnesses or all of the don't just call them priority customers, treat them as a priority. So many probably battling cancer & having of the biggest side effects is diahhorea, therefore toilet paper is critical to these people.
So if the warehouses are as full as Woolworths claim then why aren't your priority customers receiving priority treatment.
Their orders should be supplied in full before the shelves are filled in store. Woolworths please don't just call them priority customers, actually show them they are, or it means absolutely nothing.
We are all scared & worried about what's happening in the world, so imagine how scared & isolated they must feel, necessary items to all but to the vulnerable people of our communities they are critical items...please put them first, they need you.

Found broken glass in vege

This has been reported to product recall and was told it wasn' important enough to notify the store where purchased. The glass found in the mix could have easily harmed if not kill an older person. I sure I will take this inaction by Woolworths to the media. The store was contacted by me the next morning and they were shocked and in disbelief that the were not notified by head office. They imediatley removed any of the mentioned products from shelf's. They were very concerned about this situation

Found broken glass in vege
Found broken glass in vege
Found broken glass in vege
Found broken glass in vege
Found broken glass in vege
Found broken glass in vege

Filipino staff member from cigarette counter

At around 10am this morning Tuesday 24th March 2020
This staff member was absolutely rude to me,
I asked her if the store had hand sanitizer and she mentioned that she didn't have any, I then walked to the pharmacy next door to ask if they had some.
As I approached their counter,
whom I thought was their staff member, she had a uniform on and a mask, I politely asked the staff member the same question about hand sanitizer and she rudely told me to stop following her and that she didn't have any!

On that I realized it was the same staff member with which you employ to serve your customers!

I asked her why she is even here in the pharmacy then, if doesn't work there!
She quickly ran back to work
(your Bondi Junction store)
so that she didn't get caught out, I presume!

I was left feeling very angry as she was rude to me and gave me no respect as a person at all, her customer skills were non existent and she clear had no loyalty to her customers waiting in line for her at her place of work!

I appreciate that these are tough times,
I know I work 2 jobs both in nursing
(aged care)
And I just needed to get some hand sanitizer for myself and my children.

Dirty handles on Trolleys

With the Corona Virus spreading I thought I might remind you that the handlebars on the trolleys are used by everyone. Woolworths should have spray bottles and paper towels for customers to use as they enter the store free or pay a worker to keep the trolley handles clean. They are disgusting and prone to spreading the Corona Virus to customers.
Also Woolworths should be a leader in stopping bus loads of Asians stripping out rural stores of stock. IGA Portland are only selling to local customers to keep the locals supplied. My question is Why can't Woolworths do the same ?

None available

I have been to the Macarthur Square Campbelltown NSW store every day for a week. Including 2 trips at 7am
No toilet paper for a week. I find it hard to believe there has been no toilet paper deliveries for a week. I am now down to my last 2 rolls. Not happy. Also I was lucky to buy a small package of rice. Only needed a small packet so was pleased. When I opened it that night, there were weivels. Can't win!
Please tell me where the toilet paper is !!!

  • Zachary2001 Mar 18, 2020

    Please tell me where the toilet paper is !!!

    In the garages of those who stalked up thinking by those who think that the Cronia Virus will lead to an apocalypse.

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  • Zachary2001 Mar 18, 2020

    @Zachary2001 Stocked. I made that error. Not even going to blame autocorrect.

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Violated by store manager, embarrassed and insulted

I was shopping with my family and my daughter wanted to go to the toilet. So I left my partner to finish the shop while I took my daughter to the plaza toilet. As my daughter was washing her hands the store manager asked if I had anything in my bag? I replied saying no! She then grabbed my bag and had a look and then grabbed my chest, to see if I had anything in my bra? This all happened in front of my daughter. I then left the toilet to go see my partner and embarrassed that all the staff and customers were watching me.
I feel violated, embarrassed and insulted and what right does your staff have following people into toilets and search them? I will be taking this further.

no restrictions until now

What a disgrace coles and woolworths. Why the hell did it take so so long for these greedy organisations to...

Unethical behaviour

Even as late as last night, woolies were promoting their early opening hours for this morning [ 7 to 8 ] to help pensioners and others have a first go at shopping for their needs. We all know what that means, toilet paper, first and foremost.
I was at North Park Adelaide woolies, along with other elderly people, waiting for it to open.
When it was, Everybody headed for the toilet rolls shelf's. We could not believe it, the shelves were EMPTY!!!
People were getting angry, feeling that they have been conned, lied to, wasted their time. Some were calling for the manager, others decided they will call news stations.
I talked to the manager, telling her that everybody was very unhappy, feeling coned. While I wasn't whispering, she accused me of yelling at her and saying she will call security, which she did, I was not impressed and told her so. Next minute, another staff member walks up, saying its the governments fault. What?????
The manager asked me what should she do, its not her fault.
What she could have done is that as soon as she found out there will be no stock delivered, to stick A4 sheets of paper outside, explaining the situation. This would have stopped the agro and not wasted customers time.


customer service

We have witnessed a woolworths employee being rude to people for no reason. This employee by the name of Lisa...

Everyday Rewards not given for mobile

I purchased a mobile SIM and activated it on 13.3.20. I followed all instructions to link my everyday rewards card. I did my shop on 14.3.2020 and it cost $240. The ten percent discount was not applied. I am very disappointed. I rang to speak to everyday rewards about this problem. The phone cut off and said that it was outside call hours, even though it was during call hours. I would like my ten percent discount that I was promised when I purchased the mobile SIM to be applied to my grocery shop.


Online ordering system

I normally shop in store, but I currently have a cold so thought I would do the right thing and order on line so not to infect anyone else in the current climate. My order number [protected] ordered on Wed 11-03-20 was delivered on Friday 13-02-20 but no toilet roll was supplied. I find it amazing that your store is stating there are no issues with getting supplies and that you restock every day, I only ordered the allowable amount of one pack as per what is stated on your website and my order was submitted 2 days prior to delivery but still item was not available. I did not need the toilet rolls for stockpiling I needed my normal fortnightly supply. I will therefore now have to now go into the store and risk infecting other people with my cold so that I can get toilet roll. In this time when we are being asked not to stand close to people and stay at home when we have any infections I find this delivery issue quite ridiculous.

Online order for click and collect

Placed a click and collect order on Tuesday morning (10 March) as I was advised items were available so I assumed they would be set aside as I ordered and paid. Have now been told (5 hours prior to collection time on Wednesday 11 March) that items are out of stock and will not be made available at any time. This is completely unacceptable and misleading. This service should be shut down as it obviously exists for no reason if items are not being held when they are ordered and paid for. Resolution is that items are available for me to collect as promised.

Bullied by staff member

My wife and I as an elderly couple were absolutely bullied and humiliated by a staff member called Tracy at Kerang Supermarket this afternoon 10th March after 1300hrs . The issue was over the limit of two packs toilet paper per customer.My wife was with me packing for her had placed her two packs through the self-serve checkout when a staff member approached and stated that Tracy at the central console noticed that I Barry
had been through before and purchase store quota I explained that the store quota was clearly two per customer and this was my wife's quota.
At this time Tracy several meters away at the central console yelled in a loud voice stating that it wasnt fair as she had noticed that I Barry had purchased two packs earlier and I challenged that yes but these are my wife's.She then continued to berate us whilst the other staff member removed the disputed items from the register.We have never been more humiliated and were made to feel worthless. Would she treat a same-sex couple in this way if they made individual purchases a more obvious human rights violation?I reiterate that this was in front of other staff and customers in a small community where we are well known and trusted.The store manager Leigh was informed to make a formal complaint.Please respond,

Regards Barry Seipolt

Returning an item

I bought a product at Mona Vale which when I got home found was two weeks out of date, it was inconvenient to return it but I had to as I couldn't use it for dinner. So suffice to say that it caused me some annoyance and time I did not have. The girl who served me at Avalon where I returned the product was called Sana and she was very rude, firstly demanding to know what was wrong with it and then seeming to be annoyed at me that it had to be returned. Then when I said nicely maybe they should check the shelves more often she said in a voice that was quite aggressive - they do it just happens, mistakes happen - it was not the words, it was the tone and there was absolutely no apology. Just maybe a friendlier voice saying ‘sorry about this, they're usually very good but sometimes things get missed' I felt like I was a nuisance and that it was ok to talk to me in such an aggressive manner when in actual fact I was the one who had been inconvenienced. I understand mistakes happen and I also understand customer service which is not what I received in this instance. It may be a small thing but it's the principle


Leonie Scott

Online orders

Ordered online, for the first time ever, got my confirmation of my order and my order number, checked track my order before I left home, to ensure my purchase was ready to be collected, double checked because of the recent shortages. Arrived at the store to be told the product I had ordered was out of stock, that there was at least six other customers who did not receive their orders either, and that there was nothing they could do, the stock just was not there, told that I would receive a new email refunding me my purchase, not that it would be reordered or back ordered. That the was nothing they could do. Have screen shot my tracking details, to prove I was told it was there!

Online orders

Home delivery drivers

2 Sundays in a row I have been woken at 6.45am by 2 of your home delivery drivers. Sunday is meant to be a day of rest, a sleep in, the 1 day in a week I don't need to get up but sadly your drivers are extremely loud slamming their doors shut, banging the creates around and then knocking on my door. What makes it worse is I didn't order anything from you people. The guy knocked me out of bed frightening the hell out of me and my kids only to apologise that he had the wrong address. Your drivers need to be educated on being as quiet as possible at that hour of the morning and learn to read the number on the letter box before knocking. They also need to park out the front of the recipient of the delivery instead of my drive way. I'm extremely unhappy with this situation!!

discrimination against customers

I just been to Woolworths Endeavour Hills in Endevour Hills Shopping centre. All the toilet paper was out of...