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I was shopping at Sears and saw a box with a hardwood floor cleaner inside. My daughter just bought a home and had asked for something to clean her hardwood floors. I obtained a salesperson and asked about the product. None were on display. He said it was not a vacuum. It dispensed a liquid on the floor and wiped it with a pad. Since I was buying the product for someone else I asked the salesperson if I could return it and he said yes. My daughter did not like the product and I brought the product back to Sears and was charged a restocking fee. No one ever disclosed the restocking fee when I asked if I could return the product nor were there any signs posted saying that Sears charges a restocking fee. I called the store manager the next day (he was not in that evening) and my phone call was unreturned. I called the Sears Home Office and they said they do not reimburse restocking fees. The only time that a customer finds out about the restocking fee is on the receipt which is AFTER the product is purchased and it is too late. They lost a 20 year customer.


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    ihatesearscustomers Jan 01, 2011

    It is not Sears job to teach you to read. It clearly states on the receipt that you can return the product, if new and unused for no penalty.

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