[Resolved] Sears Kenmore Elite French Door RefrigeratorDept of energy agreement does not compensate me properly


The us department of energy reached an agreement with lg electronicis in reference to sears trio & elite french door refrigerator / freezers with through the door ice / water, with model numbers starting with 795, manufactured by lg.
The above described units have lost their energy star rating, are not energy efficient, and if you 'google' doe agreement lg refrigerator energy, you will find that; lg manufactured the sears french door refrigerator / freezer, and that lg knew of the us dept. Of energy's procedures for confirming claims made by the manufacturer (Lg) in order to obtain the energy star rating (This is also the monetary amounts shown on the yellow tag that advise you as the amount of money this unit should cost to operate for one year) , and with that knowledge, lg maliciously and intentionally inserted a circuit board, that would recognize the fact that doe testing was occuring, and would shut down certain operations of the product, so that a false reading would show the utilization of less electricity than the unit would really utilize in your home or during testing.
Lg being aware that the seal on the doors are not keeping in the cold, and the front doors are insulated improperly, especially in the area of the ice maker (This is why if you touch the font doors, they are cold, the sides are not) , hence, a refrigerator that is statically giving off too much cold air, and not keeping the cold inside the refrigerator, and doubling the cost of the operation of the unit.
Lg knowing all of this, placed in the circuit board, an ap that when certain criteria was met (As in testing, and during your your personal use, etc.) the unit would shut down the operation of the refrigerator / freezer, thus falsely reporting a lower energy useage. The ap shuts down the part of the unit that keeps the humidiy low (Frost free) in the refrigerator and freezer, thus when a certain ambient temperture in a certain area of the refrigerator / freezer unit is reached, the unit shuts down, resulting in food & drink in the refrigerator being covered in condensation, uneven cooling, foods not being kept at 40 degrees or less (As required when refrigeration is required of a food) , and now the need of your residence's hvac system to compensate for the energy loss from the refrigerator into your kitchen, etc.
This now explains why i must set the thermostat temps far below 40 degrees in the refrigerator and far below zero in the freezer, to keep food cold and or frozen. It explains why the inside of my refrigerator is always full of condensation, and different areas are different temperatures.
Lg agreed with doe that they are willling to send a tech out to replace the circuit board, so that your energy consumption doubles, while it is alledged that inside the refrigerator and freezer the humidity will be kept low and free of frost, while not fixing the front doors problem.
Lg is will to send the consumer 7 - 30 dollars, per year, for a period up to 14 years as compensation for additional energy uesage of the unit.
Why has no one sued sears & lg yet? This would be a class, and the circuit board, already caught by doe, which lg has admitted to fraudulently placing in the unit, is evidence against lg, proving intentional fraud. The amount to make me whole again is much more than $4 a year.
Sears has made no attempt to contact me in this matter. Calls to sears are fruitless, as they claim to not know anything about this matter. Calls to lg result in being told that since i didn't send my registration card in, they could not find me to notify me, even though i paid for it through my sears account.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.


  • Ro
    rob Feb 09, 2009

    Are you willing to join a class action suit? I have this refrigerator, have replaced the icemaker 4 times and Sears is unwilling to do anything about it. I got LG's check, with no explanation of what it was for, and I finally found out today about this. Sick and wrong! Sears has not given the American public the service they deserve. They no longer want to back the products they sell.

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  • Ro
    rob Feb 09, 2009

    Sears Sucks and their lack of customer services says it all. Shame on everyone one of the board members too. Here's another one of America's Stores that has sold out to the almighty dollar and could care less about customer service. Just try to buy me off by sending us a check...If it was just that easy.

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  • Rl
    RLR Feb 14, 2009

    This is the worst refrigerator we've ever owned, and we 've always bought Sears apliances for over 40 years. 3 months after the purchase the interior light stayed on and melted the plastic housing resulting in all the food stored in the refrigerator section, and partially in the freezer being ruined. Sears replaced the light panel, but the repairman had no clue as to why it happened. Of course they didn't pay for the ruined food, but did replace the light, since we thankfully had a $400 maintenance aggreement. We'll never buy a Sears appliance again.

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  • Gw
    gws Feb 18, 2009

    I am so dissatisfied with LG products. We own an LG Washer and Dryer, which there is a class-action lawsuit being considered right now. At the same time we bought an LG dishwasher which has given us nothing but grief - having been completely rebuilt once and is still having issues along with the rollers on the trays breaking - what a disaster! So we have enough of LG and decide to purchase from Sears a new refrigerator and out of the magic hat comes another LG product. L(ifes)G(ood)!!! Now it appears that they along with Sears have duped the consumer again. Our frig (the most expensive we have ever had) has been a nighmare - cannot regulate the proper temp - is either freezing in the fresh food drawers and not keeping the freezer portion cold enough - the doors are cold on the outside. And they - LG (and apparently supported by Sears) want to compensate me a meager amount of cash each year??? Read Sears website on this at www.kenmoretriorefrigeratoroffer.com. And please notice this is an "offer" NOT a recall on a knowingly defect product intentionally manufactured by LG and marketed through Sears.

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  • Da
    DAR Feb 18, 2009

    I have had many of the same problems, including the interior light staying on and melting the plastic housing (luckily I smelled a burning odor before the food went bad), the food freezing in the fresh food drawers, and the ice maker breaking on multiple occasions over the 2 years we have had this particular refrigerator. I say 'this particular refrigerator' because Sears had to replace our original refrigerator (same model) because the interior lining was coming out. In the 6 mos we owned the first refrigerator, we also replaced the ice maker as well as one of the door latches. With both, the ice maker tends to con't to make ice until it overflows, shuts down the mechanism, and causes the ice to melt! And items in the freezer build-up a great deal of frost, but the repairman can find no problem. Our most recent problem involved significant ice build-up around the circulation fan behind the freezer section. Sears apparently was award of the problem as they have a special kit (essentially a template and some screws) to reattach the lining of the freezer.

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  • Le
    Leslie Simmons Feb 20, 2009

    I favor a class action lawsuit on these LG Trio refrigerators regarding the energy lfalse advertisement. This is by far the worse refrig. I have ever purchased. Tried to send it back after a few months and I would had to pay a 30% stocking fee. Well hopefully they will regret this offer to me. Anyone interested in starting a classaction????

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  • Do
    Donna Feb 21, 2009

    We have had nothing but problems with the Sears Elite Trio refrigerator - mainly the ice-maker. It functions when it feels like it - we can have a full complement of ice one day and none the next - and it doesn't start again for 1-3 days. I had a repairman out and he took the bottom section apart. He showed me the ice build-up
    around the circulation fan behind the freezer section - took him over an hour to melt all the accumulated ice using the sink faucet. I also purchased a new service contract so I wouldn't have to pay for this service call separately (and I figured the problems were not over). - Right again - The problem has occurred twice more since the service call.
    We didn't know the appliance was made by LG, but knowing that, I will never buy another LG or Sears appliance (and we have had Sears appliances for 35 years).
    The appliance is defective and now it seems the energy rating was intentionally misrepresented - We would
    be interested in joining a class action lawsuit - I don't want a few dollars a year - I want a NEW REFRIGERATOR!

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  • Ka
    kathleen Proctor Mar 01, 2009

    Amen to that Donna! I want a new refrigerator also, I purchased my refrigerator the last of Aug. 2008 and my electric bill jumped, my ice maker throws ice everywhere when you try to get cubes, repairman says nothing he can do about it. Sears used to care about what people thought about there products, but that is not the case anymore. You
    can be sure I will join in a class action lawsuit.

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  • Jo
    John Mar 01, 2009

    Have had to defrost fridge manually several times, have ice maker turned off, Just found out about notice. Has any repair actually fixed the problem? Very interested in new fridge that works. John

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Mar 03, 2009

    I, too, have had problems with my ice maker many times since I purchased it a year ago. It has been replaced once. I also have gotten the notice about the energy savings. It seems to me that they have gotten off pretty easy on that deal. I believe they had to know they were marketing a product that didn't meet the standards. I think they know the icemaker is defective and haven't done much about it. I never buy an after purchase warranty but thought I should because of the icemaker and that makes me mad. I was 1 day late in calling in for the warranty and they wanted to charge me another $20 for 1 year. They were even snippy about it. I am willing to join a class action suit if there is one.

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  • Fe
    FEL Mar 04, 2009

    LG sent a tech. out to replace the main board in my side by side, bottom freezer fridge.. It now runs all the time. Before it cycled as it should. But now the only time the fridge shuts down, is in defrost mode. LOL. What a piece of junk. They also put a foam strip behind the door gaskets to make it seal better.What a jerry rig way of fixing a problem . Never again will I buy anything from LG .

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  • Fe
    FEL Mar 04, 2009

    The reason the interior light stays on and melts the plastic, is due to LG not installing the thermostat that turns the light off if it gets too hot. The tech told me when they repaced one of these lights that melted, the new light has a sensor that turns the light off so it will not get too hot. He said that the light they installed at the factory also had a place for this safety device but LG did not install them. This was probably done to save LG money.

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  • Qt
    qteepie702 Mar 19, 2009

    I am in foavor of a class action laswuit. Contace me if you a interested. I am going to contact an attorney. Karen [email protected]

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  • Qt
    qteepie702 Mar 19, 2009

    Lets get a class action going. I am so mad I cant even spell right!

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  • Ir
    Irate_Mike Mar 21, 2009

    There is definitely a class action brewing. Check out the lgfridgefury.org website. I've already sent in my contact information to join the class action lawsuit. Looks like the media could get involved to help us all. I told the guy I was willing to speak with the media about this too.

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  • Ne
    Neight Mar 24, 2009

    I too am in this same boat and and agree that the best course of action here would be to file a class action lawsuit against LG or get the media involved and maybe put the pressure on Sears to allow us to exchange the fridge for a different one. If anyone can get the ball rolling please contact me... [email protected]

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  • Ga
    Gary Mar 27, 2009

    I too want my money back and to send a message to LG and Sears that they have to pay for their deception to the public. I can not believe we are going to accept their quick fix with some foam and the small check every year; I want an energy savings refrigerator that I thought I was paying for. LG and Sears you SUCK and you owe me a new refrigerator. Gary [email protected]

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  • Te
    Teresa Apr 01, 2009

    I guess we aren't alone. We've had problems with the ice maker freezing up. The newest thing is that one of the door latches has broken off...no way to repair w/out replacing the ENTIRE DOOR SYSTEM, at our expense.
    Where do we sign up for the class action suit?

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  • Pu
    punkus Apr 06, 2009

    I would be leery of cashing that check. These refrigerators have so many problems, some of which are very serious. There are numerous message boards detailing how the the fan and the light bulb issues mentioned above have caused fires. The ice makers and freezers break repeatedly - they are basically unfixable. Repairmen in my area won't service LG's any longer and my repairman's "fix" was to "get a new fridge." He said these are the worst, and they can't be fixed permanently.

    By cashing the check, you can't benefit from any future lawsuit, and I could see one coming. I cashed my check; and two weeks later I experienced my first (of many) ERR FF errors in which the fan breaks down and the refrigerator stops working. Two year old, $2500 fridge. I remember my parents had their Frigidaire (sp?) for ~25 years with not a day of maintenance.

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  • Mn
    mnh Apr 07, 2009

    We have had our LG French Door Refrigerator 15 months, three months past the warranty. My lights and everything pertaining to the door sensors have just gone out. We were lucky they stayed off instead of staying on and melting their housing. I don't want to pay for repairs for a refrigerator that is continually going to have problems, in addition to the engergy rating fiasco. I refused the "fix" and check. Please post any information about a class action suit. These refrigerators are nothing but problems and I want my money back so I can buy a something reliable.

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  • Mi
    Mike B Apr 08, 2009

    This damn refrigerator runs ALL THE TIME! I can hear it over the T.V. Our old Whirlpool gold was silent compared to this. I am going to return it if this "fix" does not fix it. I don't care if they tell me I can't bring it back, I did the interest free financing. I haven't paid a dime.

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  • Ga
    Gary Apr 15, 2009

    This is my second post and I have the same exact problems as most of you and am just as pissed off at LG, but my opinion is that whoever sold the product is responsible for correcting it. For example, I bought mine from Sears and I trusted Sears on making sure that they have their own checks and balances in place.
    Sears should do the right thing and come out and say that they were mislead by LG’s claims as well and will accept back any refrigerator that was made by LG and sell the customer another one of their refrigerator and then go back to LG and force them to buy back the bad refrigerator. In the end Sears looks good by doing the right thing, they still made the sale, and I, as a customer would go back to Sears to buy other crap.
    Sears if you are reading this “Do the right thing before you lose”.

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  • Cl
    clc08 Apr 23, 2009

    I favor a class action suit. This is the worst appliance I have ever owned. Since we got it:
    1. Interior light stayed on melting the light housing and door to butter compartment,
    2. Icemaker quit working.
    3. Food in the vegetable drawer (bottom left) continues to freeze the contents of the drawer.

    This week a repairman came to replace the board...he told my husband there wasn't anything he could do about the fridge freezing our food except to look into a class action suit.

    Off-topic but we also have the Washer Kenmore HE3T. The clothes actually smell.

    Sears has gotten my last dollar. Never again.

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  • Da
    Dan in Arkansas May 01, 2009

    I am having the same problems with Sears/LG/One Source. No one wants to own up to the problem.

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  • Lo
    Loyalty in Jeopardy May 13, 2009

    After two years, my Kenmore Elite (manufactured by LG) ice maker was damaged. A new one was installed and I thought the problem was fixed. A month later, the panel read ERR FF. In addition the gasket between both doors (French door model with bottom freezer) have friction and has ripped them apart.

    I paid $500.00 up front for the maintenance agreement and now I am stuck with this defective product. I have not dealt with Sears yet, but feel based on the comments posted that SEARS will not live up to its promise.

    If I do not get a new refrigerator, SEARS will never see another dime from me. Enjoy the first and last $3500 purchase (fridge, washer and dryer, agreement) from this very frustrated customer.

    SEARS used to be a "safe bet" I can't believe they are destroying their reputation so quickly and carelessly.

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  • Mw
    MWiggins Jun 30, 2009

    We have a Kenmore Trio purchased in July 2008 and have had so many problems with the ice maker. I have quit calling repair and just purchase ice from McDonalds when it quits which is usually once a week. I have found that I can turn it off over night and then back on in the morning and it might make ice for a day or two. It is a pain to deal with. Every part of the ice maker has been replaced. Sears doesn't want to do anything and ever time we call, we just get disconnected in the fiasco that they call customer service. We will not be purchasing any Kenmore or LG products or anything else from Sears.

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  • Le
    leannenk Jul 29, 2009

    We too have had a problem with our Kenmore Elite (model# 795.77559600). The light bulbs in the refrigerator stay on and have melted the plastic cover. As a temporary solution, I have unscrewed the light bulbs. I'm afraid it would start a fire. I have reported this problem to the CPSC because this has a potential of being a SERIOUS fire hazard. If any of you are having the same problem, I would suggest reporting it so that maybe they can be recalled and we can all get a new refrigerator!

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  • Ce
    C. Edelman Aug 02, 2009

    I purchased a French Door LG refrigerator in June, 2009 - Have been encountering a heat build up on the right door (facing inward) and also have had mold occurring on many foods. I have reported this and, hopefully, LG will investigate same. I bought it through Home Depot. I was not aware of the energy rating and will pursue that also.

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  • Ca
    cai Aug 04, 2009

    Nothing but trouble from our beautiful, yet worthless, Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator. We've spent mega bucks repairing it and replacing the cheap plastic insides. The entire motor went out and the ice maker has been repaired twice The ice maker has never gotten anywhere near to meeting our needs (and there are only 2 of us). sv

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  • Kr
    Krazy_Larry Aug 07, 2009

    I had the freezing in the vegetable compartment too. I replaced the whole frig and still had the same thing happening. Three sears techs knew nothing the forth knew that the factory forgot to pull the thermostate sensor down into the sensor holder at the top of the refrigerator. It was freezing because the sensor was stuck up in the insulation. That was four service calls.

    I got scared of this frig and bought a service contract.

    Now I am having the light staying on in the frig with the door closed problem. I just lost all my food in the upper frig Sears won't come out for five days. I sloved the problem by unscrewing the bulbs.

    I ask for a new frig but they told me I had to wait for one more service call.
    I too got a check for $3.60 for the year. after reading the fine print they can keep the money because I 'm not giving up my rights.

    model 795.77573 manufactured 2006-04

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  • Gr
    Gregbear Aug 27, 2009

    Lets get the class action lawsuit going! I'm tired of the run around Sears gives me!

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  • Un
    unsung hereo Sep 16, 2009

    Sears did not manufacturer these refrigerators, why would you be mad at them? It is true they sold the refrigerator but the manufacturer is ultimately responsible for a products performance. The DOE just this last year changed on how they measure a products energy effeciency. These refrigerator have been made the last several years using the DOE energy guidelines which were obselete. If you check any 3 door unit manuafactured in the last 5 years they probably do not meet the requirement. I work for a competitor in the buying office and we have known this was not true for several years...no one talks about it...

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  • Dw
    D Wheeler Nov 03, 2009

    Last night I was faced with the melting light cover, burning bulb sockets, and hot food on the two top shelves and doors of my Kenmore Elite mod# 795.77242601. I'm trying now to see about getting it repaired (no longer warrantied), but Sears will charge me $140 to come out and take a look. This really makes me mad! If any of you (in the older posts) have had yours repaired, how is it working now?

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  • Ji
    Jim and Holly Feb 03, 2010

    I have an LG model LFD22860SW with the "light issue" as many have noted. I have been told my model is not one of those affected. When presented with photos they authorized out-of-warranty repairs. But as mentioned in another post, no repair person will even touch these.

    One thing I would like to point out, about the "repairs" by adding an inline "thermostat" to the lights, they are creating a situation, where the circuit board could fail and we as the consumers would never know it. The safety device which is designed and implmented as a SAFETY is now working as a primary switch always breaking contact under load (DESIGNED FOR FAILURE, in my humble opinion). This would allow the lights to stay on, with the doors closed until the temperature rises to the shutoff point for the lights. During this time the compressor would continue to run. The thermostat on the lights would cool off and make again, turning the lights back on. This would result in a continually running compressor... SOUND FAMILIAR??

    disclaimer: The above opinion, is just that... and in no way represents proven fact. just what would APPEAR to be common sense.

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  • Md
    mdalbaugh Mar 27, 2010

    Has there been any updates on this refrigator from Sears? Our light is staying on when the doors are closed and it melted the plastic cover. the buttons are clean and there seems no reason for it to not go off. So when looking up a soltion I came across the energy checks and such from LG and Sears. We bought this frig in 2006 when it first came out and I HATE it. prior to our recent light issue, we had issues with it running really loud which was caused by ice build up. in order to correct it Sears tech told me to unplug it for a day to let it thaw. Well thank goodness I have a frig in our basement (not from sears and is running perfectly for over 15 years) I also noticed that the one I purchased is now discontinued. How convient for them. What happen to Sears standing behind their products. if there is an update please email me [email protected]

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  • Cl
    clc08 Mar 27, 2010


    Don't give up. We had nothing but problems from day 1.

    Ours also had the light stay on melting/scorching the light housing and melting the cover on the butter dish. It also froze the vegetables in the bin behind the icemaker door and had loss of cooling both upper and in freezer. After repeated attempts to fix it, Sears deemed it unrepairable and gave us a credit in full for the purchase of a new unit. We chose a Samsung, and it is fabulous. I hadn't realized how poorly, overall, the Sears Elite French door model was performing. Our food is cold, has a longer shelf life...the Sears was absolutely not performing.

    Keep track of each visit. I can't remember now, but there needs to be a certain amount of visits within a certain time frame, then you can proceed with getting a new one.

    At first we met resistance from the customer service rep...she said our service agreement did not include a "lemon clause." My husband asked to speak to her supervisor...told him all that had been done over the various visits (new circuit board, moving insulation, etc.) but the unit continued to freeze our fresh food, we'd had nothing but problems from day 1, and it simply wasn't acceptable.

    Originally before this whole mess started, a rep called us to renew our maintenance agreement. I laughed and told her I new I would need it and then proceeded to tell her the dates and times of all the service calls we'd had. She actually could see these from some computer access she had. Her words to me: "You don't need a new service agreement, you need a new refrigerator." She mentioned some kind of recall "in April." That would have been April of 2009. I never did check on that. Ours was replaced, and that was good enough for me.

    Good luck.

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  • Ba
    BayonneFrank Mar 30, 2010

    Has anyone had the modification done to their Kenmore Elite or LG fridge? I'm scheduled to have it done this Friday. The Sears representatives informed me that seals and hinges would be replaced and a new circuit board would be installed that would require a wiring change. Supposedly this will lower energy consumption by 25% without an adverse effect on the food. This sounds too good to be true.

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  • Ne
    nelson 1045 May 21, 2010

    I have a kenmore elite frech door refrigerator.hadarepairman come out to install extra insulation arounddoor to make more energy efficent.recievedasmall check for 2 years was supposeto be 14 years to compensate for not being as energy efficent asclaimed.I will never buy from Sears again.The ice maker hasa mind of it, s own, either none or you open thecompartment and you, re kneedeep in ice cubes.I can, t believe they would do thisto people without even giving you a kiss first or at least buying uslunch.It, s so wrong it, s laughable.Yes I would love to be included in a lawsuit.Part of their punishment should be to have their junky appliancesin their homes. nelson 1045

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  • Ka
    Karina M. Jul 04, 2010

    This is the worst refrigerator we ever owned (Kenmore Elite French Doors) . Whenever the ambient room temperature gets warm (we libe in Northeast), it stops making ice and the all the food in the freezer gets soft, ice melts, etc. It then takes a couple of days to make ice, assuming the room We have had Sears repair it several times (we have a service contract) and every time they come, they change a part but the fact remains that the refrigarator is ill-designed and no "repair" will fix it. We know that under warm room temperature conditions, the compressor overheats and shuts down causing the above issues. Of course Sears pretends that there's no basic design flaw. We would love to participate in a class action suit.

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  • Sb
    sébastien forgues Aug 10, 2010

    I have an LFD25870ST LG fridge and life is far from good... first of all they have changed the door gasket twice already and they are tearing again, 5 days after being installed by a certified LG techncian. The doors are not closing properly, strangely a friend of mine as the previous model of the same fridge and has a different door gasket that operates just fine.My gaskets are grey and his are black. the service people are quite unfriendly and rude and calling the actual LG customer service is quite an experiment. they barely speak english let alone french and can not keep records. I had to supply my bill of sales three times so far, and they actually asked my retailler to fax their copy as well. they do not have on record that they came to my place 4 times already, and keep asking me my new address even though I have not moved since i got the said fridge.I am highly unimpressed by the initial quality of my unit as well as from the so-called customer service provided by LG. My initial 1 year warranty as a month left to it and the fridge is still deffective, it as even started to condensate at the top of the doors so that everytime you open it it leaks all over the doors and from the "ceilling" as you pul out stuff from the fridge. 3000.00$ for that... life is not good with LG

    Sebastien in Canada

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