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I would not have imagined how horrible this company has become. I have had 3 canceld appointments and missed 3 days of work for a repair that was given a guaranteed repair date and now you are asking me to miss a 4th day of work due to your error. I also lost food and additional money because of yor lack of honoring scheduled appointments. When I asked for a supervisor I was refused. Your employees are rude and show a lack of compassion. I have called several numbers for assistance and have received none.

Apr 19, 2019
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  • Dd
      Apr 23, 2019

    Yes!! I have had appointment given to me over the phone and then take off work and no show. I call and they tell me the appointment was never made or I refused to make one! This company should be ashamed of themselves and how they treat people. You can hardly understand their phone staff either. Never again!

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  • Tr
      Apr 23, 2019

    We purchased a Master Protection Agreement for a dishwasher. The dishwasher broke, they technician came to fix it and told me he need it to order some parts and schedule a second appointment. We received a box with parts, I took the day off from work to be here for the second time and there was NO SHOW. I called and they told me that not all the parts had been shipped because they were in back order. I explained that by this time I had taken 2 days to be home to take care of this issue and they said that someone was supposed to call me to reschedule and they estimated that the missing part will arrive in a month. I requested a manager call back, but no one called me. I am in the phone with them now and they said that they will escalate the issue and will try to get me the part in before the end of this week. they said I will have to call back to get a service appointment once I received the part... this will be my 3rd day I have to take from work to wait for this people...IS IT WORTH IT TO PURCHASE THIS PROTECTION AGREEMENT OR TO PURCHASE FROM SEAR??? I WILL THINK TWICE

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