Sears Brandskitchenaid dishwasher

I have a handicapped child with severe food allergies - I need a working dishwasher ASAP

9/14 - washer broke
9/16 - called sears warranty for appointment
9/20 - technician says needs control board & control panel
parts ordered for Oct 3
I asked for quicker resolution
technician says i need to contact Services
9/23 - was told parts were expedited was promised a call that never happened
9/26 - control board arrived - no control panel
escalated this on the chat line - was told it was escalated, part would ship in 24-28 hrs & I would receive a call - never happened
9/27 - chat line again confirmed part was escalated, part would ship in 24-28 hrs, that I would have the part today (9/30) & I would receive a call with confirmation and tracking - never happened
9/26 & 9/29 same results with shipping slipping each time
9/30 (today) was told the part was escalated again, would ship in 24-48 hrs

my appointment is Thursday Oct 3, if you can't get the parts do the honorable thing and replace the dishwasher

Sep 30, 2019

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