Samsung India Software Operationsemployees harassment from siso md.


Our MD at SISO in Bangalore has suddenly behaving like a Hitler, he has made mandatory log in time as 8:00 AM in the morning, how can we have BF, and he also has informed the cafeteria staff to stop providing BF at 8:15 AM, if we come late half day salary will be cut, this is really disgusting and we still cant believe whether we are in Independent India, he is from Korea and gives the answer that Indians are lazy so he is behaving like this, who the hell is he to criticize Indians, I urge the labor ministry to take serious action against this Hitler MD and provide relief to poor workers(slaves) like us.


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    Sensible Man Jan 15, 2010

    Where is the question of Indian/Korean Free India/Slaved India come in here. I am sure you would have signed an agreement to abide by the company rules and regulations. As long as the company does not ask you to work beyond stipulated hours (in some companies people even write job agreements saying "working beyond stipulated hours may be needed") I do not see any problem in this. It is all in a job agreement and if you do not like you always have the option of walking out. Your MD criticizing Indians is a fundamental right provided by any civilized society. I am sure many Indians comment about American society for not having family values.

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  • Ko
    korean_destroyer Jan 21, 2010

    Mr Sensible Man,
    Don't know why you were given the name "Sensible Man". Only crooked persons can comment about other civilizations publicly.Also you should be aware that Agreement shouldn't be one sided.(as per the surepeme court directives). If you love your korean please do it. However you are not supposed to support the satement "Indians are lazys"

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  • En
    enjoyurwork Feb 04, 2010

    If the MD believes that Indians are lazy, then its better for him & his organization to pack off bags & go back to Korea!! WHy have they come to India??? The MD needs a lecture or two in Organizational Behaviour, and how to sort cultural differnces. It seems he is ill-equipped to handle the current situation. In-effeciancy (if its there) can also be handle in some ther constructive ways as well!!

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  • Ro
    rohit Feb 04, 2010

    People are really slaves if they do agree to all the requirements of their employer. You should convince all the colleagues & come at the normal timings. If no one comes at 8, then no one can force you also.
    Finally it boils down to the greed of extra money, which makes an employee work extra hours for better ratings & hike.
    Indian IT industry has rating scale of 5, where is 3 is when you do 100% work, 4 is when you do 150% and 5 for exceptional >200%. Means a normal person being true to his work & finishing 100% is only a mediocre.
    You have to be extra efficient, spend extra hours, do away with your normal lives & get a maximum of 4 rating. And if you do 200% work means work of 2 people you only get extra hike of 50K or 1Lac. Company is only saving for your idioticity.
    Job is supposed to be for 8-9 hours, but who in IT really works only for 9 hrs?
    People spoil their health to run after money till age 45. After that they spend all the money to run after health.
    Soon will be the time when people in IT industry will stop marrying because relations will seem to be waste of time only...

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  • Sp
    springhood Feb 04, 2010

    Every coin has 2 sides. As it is always true that the intent and sole purpose of management is to get best out of employee and for employee it is to get best compensation by doing least possible work. So its a continuous fight going on, and if it were not then no manager would have ever needed at all :)
    To summarize and as told by management - The best part is - you come early and fresh, start ur day traffic hazel free and enjoy life after office hours.
    But the hidden intention is - you come early and as the pressure of work would always be there you end up looking at your watch and will think oh it is just 7 PM, I can work for more 2 Hrs and (may be more), as you have inherited this habit of working late night in IT industry from your environment, so you will keep on working late as usual, even your subconscious mind will never notice that you are working more now.
    1 stupid thing added - you will get lunch out of cost, that you can say a most common feel good factor among employees, and in 2nd sense management is paying employees for their 1 Hr extra work with a free lunch :). This way they can subside rising voices against their wrong intent (foot dalo n raj karo ).

    Again 1 more diamond - You will get free transport - but you have to reach company 15 mins before company time. Again trying to snatch each and every min from your already pity life. And that means 7:45 am sharp, by traveling all the way through city corners and for that wake up early morning 5 am, but do not worry management is there to take care of your healthy life :) they will provide you Apollo clinic free health check to check your bones ANNUALLY ;).

    Any ways my belief is that IT industry has a very nice hierarchy and if reporting managers are paying good attention to their subordinates then no need at all to put such policies in place.
    Because a happy and satisfied mind can do miracle, and a frustrated person can only derail the train.
    For SISO the need of hour is to improve skills of employees, more appreciation of hard work by managers and output based rewards to all.
    If you ask employees - none of them will say yes to these parameters.
    Duplicating Korean culture is not gonna serve any thing in India.
    Keep on discussing :)

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  • Tr
    truth.rockstar Feb 05, 2010

    Truly agree that Indians are Slaves... The work culture is horrible.. The employees are rated on the basis of "amount of hours worked".. As i worked here, no one needs to be technically competent. You just have to spend time in office..
    The company's earlier working hours were 9 to 6.. then it was changed to 8 to 5.. Instead of directly asking to work more, the management changed the time to 8:30 - 5:30 (but the cabs reach at 7:50 in the morning and leaves at 5:45... Effectively 10 HOURS work time).

    @rohit.. u mentioned a very valid point.. "If no one comes at 8, then no one can force you also."
    Again, these things don't happen here.. As we Indians have lot of fear about the consequences.. Job security, Family pressure, crap etc block from doing such things..

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  • Wo
    Work.Ethics Feb 08, 2010

    Trying to implement korean style of working here is such a ### idea (I don't know how MD got that idea...!!!) that it is never going to work and eventually they will see the results when the IT boom comes again..

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  • Wa
    Wake up MD Feb 11, 2010

    The problem seems to be with this new MD, earlier MD was also Korean but he did not do all this. At that time, one had the flexibility to come till 1o. Instead of thinking on what SISO can contribute more towards needs of Indian market etc, he is only focussed on to show his "MDness" to people. Recalling some talk, in which speaker mentioned about the power, it was mentioned everyone from all points wants to enjoy the power given, even a headmaster enjoys the power of managing his students, similarly this MD has the power of managing the people sitting in one building (SISO) and so he is doing that with the policies coming from his mind. His MDness would not work at any other samsung office in INDIA.
    Just consider the simple routine, the buses pick people at 7/7:10 AM on avearage, to be ready by that time one has to getup atleast by 6. For a fresh mind in the morning, one should get 8 hrs sleep. So to getup at 6 one should sleep by 10. In fact one should go to bed by 9:30, as it might take 30 mins to fall asleep. Now, the buses leave by 5:45, the traffic is high at this time in bangalore, and on an average one reaches home by 7:30PM. So the person has just 2 hrs of time left for his personal life. In that one has to play with their kids, talk with family have dinner, have snacks and what not...
    And what happens...people generally do not sleep by 9:30 as after playing with kid, talk with family gets to bed by 11, sleeps by 11:30 and get up by 6. What is the result, people feel lethargy in can see people yawning in office. No fresh mind, people sleep at their desk, in retiring rooms and all...
    Who is gaining from this, I feel only the instincts of MD is getting satisfied but neither individual or SISO is getting anything from this.
    A fresh person can do work fast, efficient and complete it fast, than a person who is lethargy sitting in office for 9 hours...yawning...sleeping n all.

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  • Br
    breakit Feb 13, 2010

    I do believe criticizing Korean MD not gonna fetch anything by any ways. One must not forget that companies from all over world have set up branches in India not because of our sheer intelligence but also as a part of cheap labour factor. We are free to switch if we don like policies by any means, nobody is stopping us to do so. As far as commenting on Indians as lazy is concerned i totally disagree .

    It's very easy to say that if the MD believes that Indians are lazy, then its better for him & his organization to pack off bags & go back to Korea, but think if this is the case with all companies then tomorrow for whom will Indian work. We still depend heavily on this foreign players for our daily bread and butter. We all have seen how recession has broken us to parts most recently.

    If you really wanna change do have little guts in your pocket and raise your concern to high level officials to sort this out, if still things does not change step ahead in life to some other xyx organization. All i want to say instead of criticizing, hop to some organization which makes you feel happier from within. Just mere making statements will not change the course of action from any organization. I pray for India for the days where we don have to rely on foreign players for A-Z stuffs of our life.

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  • Ti
    Timothy Grupper Apr 28, 2010

    India is full of slum dogs. A third-world country, which is a former British colony and presently an American virtual-colony. people from all over the world know that India is a favourite destination for hand-on-IT jobs and not for brain-on-IT jobs. A country, India, where education ministry and society are governed by maligned and myopic education policy, nothing better could come through in foreseeable future.

    I have heard in Europe that some sort of technology institutes, Indians call IIT, are over funded, where as, 300 or more Universities are underfunded. It is unbelievable in Western world because, Universities of such a large scale are the backbone of the education of any country. It seems some sort of social caste system in education sector of India, where Indians have severe caste system in society.

    After all, it appears that Indians are victim of their colonial history and slavery, which have transformed the social fabric into a clown-country. I just cannot deny that your MD is very right and that, please be informed, Indians are not looked upon very nicely all over the world because of manipulative, misbehaving and conflicting attitude of Indians in common.

    For example, ponder upon a simple question: does India has a face in international arena? The answer is no or bleak face of the country.

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  • In
    INDIA ROCKS May 12, 2010

    u [censor]ing idiot "Timothy Grupper", who the [censor] are you to comment on indians.. [censor] you americans who know only to [censor] cultureless brutes. if we wern't under [censor]ing british imgaine what india would be richest country in the world.. u all would be [censor]ed by us then.. you cultureless [censor]ers do not have any right to comment on indians... we are the most hard working multi cultured and down to earth people in the enitire world..coming to international arena don't you realize u [censor] hole that india i becoming one of the super power in the world.. in fact its already dominating in almost all of industrial sector.. ofcourse india is suffering from corruption as does any other country in the world.. but we people of various religions and cultures. are always united and will be forever ..and we.. are going to become super power in the world in very few years.. We will teach a lesson to u american [censor]ing terrorists.. u are a real threat to the world.. not islamic extremists.. YOU can do anything to the world at the expense of safetly of american people.. FOR THE WORLD TO BE AT PEACE AMERICA SHOULD BE DESTROYED AND ALL AMERICANS HANGED IN PUBLIC..

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  • Yo
    Yong-Back Lee May 29, 2010

    Hello all Indics, first of all remember that you are from India, a THIRD-WORLD country and that, your MD is Korean, from a FIRST-WORLD country. Remember, your per-capita income is $3000 and that of a Korean is $30, 000. So, India is way behind and impoverished and lagging in comparison to Korea. So, the question will be asked to you, Indians, that why your generation and your parent/grand-parent -generations did not work properly to develop your country to be developed after 1947. They and you (and your politicians and your social leaders) got more than 60 years to work hard and honestly.

    In addition, could you answer these questions:
    1. Why one Indian try to harm another Indian easily for own greed/self?
    Koreans do not do so, they are united for better for all Koreans.
    2. Why your IITs are Over-Funded to produce B.Techs, where as 300 Universities are Under-Funded, who are the backbone of your country?
    Korean govt. and social system does not do that discriminatory educational budget and models.
    3. Why are you not aware of Country-Face concept?
    Koreans are very aware of Country-Face and they have lifted it to highest possible level, being a small country but dedicated and honest country-loving people of Korea.

    So, Korea is better. India is not and hence, you, Indians are not.

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  • Sk
    skdf Jun 08, 2010

    I am not sure it has any thing to do with some one being korean or Indian. The fact is, your organization is "leaded" by a hippo crate. If you check the history, most of the organizations suffered(not benefited) by such management. Brand value, and bad culture is not healthy for any organization.

    Yong-Back Lee: Please do not put your comments about how korea is better and how generations were lazy. Then we can talk about how dumb koreans were humiliated by japanese in war. And how half the koreans do not know who their grand parents were. I respect your country, but please do not [censor] here.

    If you consider the facts, you would be amazed to see that korea lies nowhere in comparison when it comes to "space organization", military, intelligence, research. Korea stands no where when we talk about software. It is ugly fact that koreans are known to be unethical businessmen. Source forging, patent law breaking, copying, harassment is part of their work culture. Again, I respect what koreans achieved. But a dumb [censor] like you makes my blood boil.

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  • Bi
    Bi-Jun Kim Jun 11, 2010

    Hello all, please remember that India is traditionally a slave country for a very long time...first under mighty Mughals for 1500 years and next under bright British/French/Portuguese for 400 years.

    So, naturally today Indians does not have any concept of self-respect, naturally. So, why are you so angry to Korean MD, who is much superior to yours. Look at Korean economy, education, and international influences. It is much better than India because, India is still an AID-RECEIVER country and Korea is AID-GIVING country.

    And, most importantly, India is not very industrialized, it is basically a majority-village-farmer country (poors, no technology, lot of in-fighting and corruption, discrimination).

    So, it is better to accept Korean tradition of work and culture in India and keep on working. Possibly it will bring in good to Indians for their betterment. Just follow your Korean MD as you had followed Mughal, British earlier.

    And, why nobody answers questions pose by Mr. Timothy and Mr. Lee to you all. Please answer those questions.

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  • Re
    rebeleng Jun 18, 2010

    If you koreans are so competent then you people please stay back in your own country.Indians are leading in every field nowdays.
    Take an example of MR.Sanjay Jha(CEO of Motorola).
    Soon we indian's will overtake you korean, s in all fields.
    India has sent Spacecraft to moon, You korean's can neva think of that in your dreams also.

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  • Sh
    shskd Jun 26, 2010

    bi-jun-kim is a funny man. Pack your bags and go home. It makes us no difference to us. You are not here to give aid. Who wants your aid?
    India is not competing with Korea. There is nothing to compete with people who eat dogs, live in 8x8 apartment, destroy their own culture and have lost their own identity. Why Koreans talk about slavery, how did koreans average hight increased after japanese invasion? Please, take your "respect" and go home.

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  • Fo
    FO.Koreans Jun 28, 2010


    All fuzz, to begin with, i am an Indian. I want to say this because the reactions based on my comments will be a prejudiced reaction. And i want it to be that way.

    Koreans have a work culture of their own. Good for them that they have made a road to success because of that itself. If seen, samsung has made a remarkable progress in the area of Electronics and communication. Credit earned cannot be taken back.

    But Koreans, try and understand one thing, if this country is India. Employees working for you are Indian. We were happy to welcome you. But ask first yourself why you had to come here in India? You pay indian salary. You get the work quality that of what otherwise is paid in Korea.

    1st and 3rd world country are terms coined by nations who feel they are superior. We treat many nations equally. The korean MD may be good, but he isnt suitable for indians. If his policy are reason for frustration, then he being MD is supposed to address it in an appropriate manner and not just discriminate between indians and koreans. To be frank read all the comments made by korean writters, its they who feel that indians are slave. [censor] you and your attitude. U can pack this company and get lost. We didnt invite you.

    I have worked in Samsung. No matter how much you boast about your security, i know how to get the entire code set from your company to the outside world easily in a days time. What kind of 1st world nation are you talking about? Respect the job sincerity that an indian employee shows.

    Last but not the least, please check the photograph i took in SISO toilet. This clearly shows how ill-mannered an average Korean is that he needs tutorials in toilets about how to [censor].

    I love koreans, but I love Indians more.

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  • Je
    Jeong M. Guo Jun 29, 2010

    Somebody called my attention to this topic. First, why donot Indians understand that Samsung is providing food to their hungry mouth? why Indians donot understand that their own government do nothing better for them? why Indians donot accept that they are historically inferior to Europeans, Americans and East Asians (Japan and Korea). While I was in Bangalore Samsung, I found that most Indians are: (a) confused about their root and culture, (b) they try to highly copy all American but cannot copy properly, (c) Indians are not self-confident, they cannot stand high and face-to-face, Indians have lot of inferiority complex, (d) one Indian harm another to get favour of Korean mgmt. and lastly, (e) Indians do not respect their own culture, education, universities, food and songs/musics. I have seen Indians just worship any foreigner and we feel as kings in India. Indians deeply think that any thing foreign is superior than any thing Indian. It ofcourse show your inferiority, I mean you own self-inferiority. That is why we, Koreans are superior, because we believe that anything Korean is better than anything foreign. Amy be it is in Indian colonial slavery mentality present now.

    Finally, a word from a proud korean. To be respected, you Indians have to first practice self-respect and practice respect to your all Indian things, not foreign things. We are very proud to be Korean, ruling Koreans and we respect our all own Korean things.

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  • Ha
    Hae-Dong Kim Jun 30, 2010

    Dear Jeong, we should send some Korean ruler from HQ to India to rule. If they donot like our Korean culture and work then, we know too how to manage poor half-literate Indians. After all we all are here in HQ to treat them a lesion. MD will continue and they have to obey what we say, it is our Korean company, they are workers.

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  • Pr
    ProudIndian Jun 30, 2010

    Hi all
    Please stop abusing each others culture and values .Koreans dosent ve any rights to discriminate Indian, nor do Indians can do that to Koreans.
    Here the complaint is about Samsung Managment in India Headed by (unfortunately or fortunately) a Korean MD.Even if the MD is an Indian and if the same policies are implemented am sure that all employees would ve reatced the same way they are doing now.So please here its not the issue of being Korean or Indian .
    I ve vistied Korea and liked a lot about people culture and everything there .Am also PROUD to the maximum for being an INDIAN.Whn I was in Korea I ve heard many Koreans saying good things about Korea.
    One to be understood is whnever a compnay start a new overseas branch they have to have to follow a culture of that country and be a employee freidnly company .Thats all, if they do that everything would be fine .
    India is the biggest R&D unit outside Korean.You ve to respect it .

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  • Pr
    ProudIndian Jun 30, 2010

    Sorry typo error on the above comment .its

    Whn I was in Korea I ve heard many Koreans saying good things about India.

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  • We
    wearefriends Jun 30, 2010

    Hi all why all of you are humiliating each other. Different countries have different view points. Each country is superior in their own culture, technology etc. I think there should be a common dialogue between the people. I think we should unite as one world. Unity is diversity is the mantra in this globalized society. I think there is no point in humiliating just i feel some policies laid down are not in proper place. we need to find ways to sort this issue out.

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  • Pa
    PackOffSamsung Jul 01, 2010

    Idiots like Hae-Dong Kim, Jeong M. Guo, Bi-Jun Kim, Yong-Back Lee . "Pack Off your bags and go back to Korea".
    Who the hell will you sell your [censor] to? Do you know how much of the market share India is generating for Samsung in mobiles and consumer stuff? If this thread is brought into mainstream media, people ( who you are saying have no respect for their country) will ditch your [censor] and shift to some other company. If they ditch you, your [censor]ing company will ditch you guys. Already seen VRS and all for lazy koreans .

    And btw, please for God's sake don't compare Korea and India. Although I admire korea, India is a very complex thing, with population of 25 countries and more than 25 languages. If you were to manage such a thing, the country will collapse in less than a year.
    What the [censor] you know about India?
    And dont crab about Percapita and all. Do you even know there is something called purchasing power parity? Go and learn what it is and then talk about per capita.
    You [censor]ing idiots

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  • Me
    MenInBlue Jul 02, 2010

    Currently i am working with siso.
    I worked in an indian, american and now with samsung.
    And the way everyone works is different.

    Probably an average american will work on a particular field for
    a long time and so he ll gain an expertise and his productivity will be high.

    But for indians, they just jump between the companies and end
    of becoimg master jack of all, but its not our fault alone.
    Seeing the huge difference in salary between the ebtery and mid level,
    peopel tend to jump as soon as possible.

    And coming finally towars koreans, they are just hard working [censor] and nothing more.
    They work 20hrs a day and they dont plan anything and just follow
    what management says.
    In short they behave like slaves although they are not aware of it.
    Infact korean mode of working is like dictatorship, watver manage, ent
    says they just accept.
    Large amount of suicides in service industry is an example of it.
    In HQ i have seen engineers waiting for their maaners to leave so that
    they can go home after 1 or 2 am in the morning.

    And koreans are an expert copy cats, they just copy european and american things.
    They copy it to the extent that Kia motors logo resembles like Mercedez or BMW logo ;).

    So my conclusion is that koreans think they are superior, but infact
    they are hardworking copy cats with no personal life.
    And i dont think any south korean can explain their superiority when
    they take north korea into account who ate human flesh in draught.
    Also after the korean war, america dumped loads of aids to south korea to recover like what it is currently doing it in Afghanisthan.
    And some 3000 people in india are employed by samsung,
    but the revenue it gets from india is far more greater than what they get here.
    If they pack their bags from here, its them they are going to suffer more.

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  • Pa
    PackOffSamsung Jul 02, 2010

    @MenInBlue -
    Excellent points mate . Truly, they dont have a damn personal life and are slaves of their managers and the comedy is they do not even know that they are used as slaves

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  • Wi
    W_I_S_H_E_R Jul 02, 2010

    Common Guys...Why to complaint about any companies policies...Why to make ourselves dependant on company...If u think that company is harassing you...why u r getting harassed...Just change the company...Market is full of opportunities...

    JUst chill out...Always have a ttitude that U dont need company, Company needs you...

    For those who are in Samsung, u might be aware of the fact taht due to new policies attrition for SISO was more than 10% last year and if it goes like this it will be more than 20% this year...

    Dont worry policies will change and it has to change...All the best to you GUys ...Have Fun

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  • Ki
    Ki-Hoe Lin Jul 03, 2010

    Hello Indian software workers in SISO remember after all this is our Korean company. Remember your social discrimination. As Mr. Lee and Grupper said, why your IIT are over funded and government universities are beggars? This year when went to IIT to recruit professors are grabing our hands for placing their poor students. We say they do. Same in your universities and it is more pathetic situation. what a discriminating people and society in India and its government policy???? In same way, you guys earn from our company a lot but millions others in India cannot eat and burn their wifes for money. Even in TV channel in our Korea we have seen Indian wifes are selling their uterus and vagina for surrogacy and making money from American and European customers. Many Indian girls are very ready to marry American and Korean men for better life. So please do not take pride in your culture and society. It is all gone with colony. You earlier copies British and now you copy everything American. India has nothing left to take pride, no money, no technology, no self history and no own culture. All are copy, even your cinemma and education material. We Koreans are far superior and established. Even some day, we could economically rule you and your society in future in India. So now please earn as much as you can, for first time in your life and try to buy fridge, TV and car for first time in your life.

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  • Ki
    Ki-Hoe Lin Jul 03, 2010

    all koreans are tomato

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  • Ki
    Ki-Hoe Lin Jul 03, 2010

    ...meaning good looking Koreans, well mannered Koreans and on the other hand, all indians are idiotic slaves.

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  • Je
    Jeung B. Park Jul 03, 2010

    Hei Lin, just ask common Indians what their government did for them? Ho ho ho ho...poor common Indians are all suferers, you is like common Indians are still in the hand of their colonial British masters who try to make the life hell for common Indians...that is the situation in India...most Indians will thanks private companies like SISO for helpful, speedy and cooperative treatment...when Indians go to govt. then they will be delayed for ever for their job or will pay bribe to office people...govt. never helps common Indians...funny/strange is not is just opposite situation in Korea...our govt. is always on our we are so developed we are proud we have so many achievements...common Indians are actually still sufferers, victims of their own people...

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  • Me
    MenInBlue Jul 03, 2010

    @KiHoeLin and other chinky faced koreans

    first try to save your fellow ethnic koreans from your north who are eating dead humans
    and dogs to survive till now .. ( might be few fellow south korean still survive by taking dogs ;) ).

    and if you guys still think you have got the superior technology, then i like to remind you
    india launched its first satellite in mid 1970s, but koreans failed to do it even in 2010.
    better cut ur superior technology here itself ( no need to tell the technology that you
    guys own are the [censor] thrown by americans )..

    also i dont think any indian women willing to marry any chinky faced korean men,
    and if you guys think koreans are good looking then enlightne us by throwing some details abt how many
    korean beauties won the miss world or universe events ;)
    and please stop appending urself with americn for any argument, it shows how you guys
    are dependent on america.

    finally i like to point onething, india is a consuming country unlike korea..
    if korea packs from inida, its not indias loss.. indians will move towars indian or western products..
    but kore needs to find another market to find money to make food.

    and the religions they follow are either from india or from middle east which tels
    how they are influenced from india and not the opposite

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  • Mo
    monsoon1 Jul 04, 2010

    " We Koreans are far superior and established. Even some day, we could economically rule you and your society in future in India"

    Hahaha...yes u are !!!

    But why you sound so nervous and insecure?Please regain your confidence. Dont worry Americans will continue to dump.

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  • By
    Byong Jul 05, 2010

    Jeong and Lee, Please do not hurt Indians there because they are the source of our suck. Do you know that Samsung is controlling 40% of market share in India and LG is controlling 30% in India. We are taking away their GDP money from India and storing in our loving country. We are trade surplus. Their domestic electronics industries are in ruin and we systematically demolish Indian domestic industry, we done it already in consumer electronics sector, Indian industries are gone, nobody buys their products. Colonial mentality of Indians will favor us, Jeong. So please donot hurt them, Indians are actually helping us by giving away their income. Do you know, the old lady do business on SISO roof-top time to time by selling bags and jewellaries, and she did business last year USD %30000 last year on SISO roof-top sale. She bought a small house in Deagu, she will go this year too to do sale on SISO-roof top. That is good business too, Indian ladies bought whatever we offer. So, we are in advantage after all in business. Money is with us, we are taking it out carefully from society.

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  • Me
    MenInBlue Jul 05, 2010

    I have to agree with Byong.

    Indian electronics industry is crushed by samsung and lg.
    Infact korean companies control 90% of the worlds market share
    with high quality products better than chinese products ;)
    Anyway keep working 20hrs a day ( and meanwhile make ur womens yellow taxis ),
    and crush the whole worlds consumer industry.

    Also indians still have got some slave mentality, because the occupied British
    didnt treat indians like how Japanese treated koreans.

    Japanese raped approximately 20 lakh koreans during their occupation of korea in 19th century alone.
    So this makes koreans to think that they are the sons of japanese unlkie indians who
    think they are the slaves of british and now Americans.

    Anyway Byong i ahve a question for you,
    India was ruled by muslims from 1500 to 1750 and by british from 1750 to 1950.

    Ancient Indian kingdoms like mayuriya, gupta and cholas ruled the area 50 times
    the size of current day korea in their peak time.
    But did anytime korean kingdoms ruled anything outside korea ??
    Or atleast did your kingdoms ruled nearby japan or manchuria or chian atleast for a year??

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  • By
    Byong Jul 06, 2010

    Hello ManinBlue, SHUT UP. Remember you are another inferior indian than korean. we are aiding you food and everything, you poors. we are going to rule you. you just do what MD says, talk less, work hard. that is it. do not you know whole world do not respect your country, all mock your indian. shut up and listen what we say and work hard, follow MD.

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  • By
    Byong Jul 06, 2010

    All indians shut up. work harder, no more talking and follow what we say from HQ and follow MD. that is it.

    0 Votes
  • Yo
    YoungLee Jul 06, 2010

    well said Byong. all siso indian should shut up. follow my MD, see how we moved siso indians to SDS. it is our power. you just listen what we say and our MD say, work hard, we make siso r&d center. we move all testing work to SDS, no matter whitebox or blackbox, that is the power we have. see how we use indians for this. just follow our MD. if any one rise voice in between we will rule them to leave siso.

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  • Me
    MenInBlue Jul 06, 2010


    Copying Japanese design or American code is superior, no doubt Koreans are far more superior
    than anybody else in the world.
    Getting some other countries help to save your border is considered superior, again no doubt Koreans are
    superior than anybody else in the world.

    If you think korea is aiding food to India then probably you need 5 or 6 times the size of south korea to supply food to us.
    Probably its better to aid your fellow korenas in the north,
    we can supply all our street dogs, you can share it with your communist brothers ;).

    Also i dont need to tell you that you are the guys who pee in front of your manager,
    and your mangers pees in front of his manger and the hierarchy goes on.

    Anyway you dont need to ask anyone to leave siso, already 400 people are out
    and 300 are in the queue to move out of sick hypocrite siso.
    Open a factory for your communist brothers, aid them first and make them eat atleats twice a day.
    And dont worry abt the security of your factory, American will provide that ;)

    0 Votes
  • Me
    MenInBlue Jul 06, 2010


    please enlighten us by throwing some light on why Koreans are superior,
    rather than just shouting that you are superior without any reasons like a dog barking at the sun ( this dog is not for eating ) :)

    anyway i found out few reasons that why Koreans are superior, you can add more to this list

    1) for stationing a huge Korean army in America to protect them in case America is attached by its enemies
    2) for working 20hrs a day ( yeah otherwise you wont food or cant pay rent )
    3) for manufacturing cheap and quality products ( cheaper than Indian products anyway )
    4) for copying Japanese or western products
    5) for peeing in front of their managers
    6) for having Japanese genes
    7) for working so hard in concentration camps during Japanese rule
    8) for failing to launch a satellite by their own even in 2010 ( 60yrs behind America and 35yrs behind India )
    9) for thinking that they are superior

    anyway i am serving my notice period, once i am free we can have constructive argument about
    how to save India and your fellow communist neighbors ;)

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  • By
    Byong Jul 06, 2010

    Hey beggar MeninBlue, it is good that your are leaving and could not survive in SISO. We donot keep worthless chaps in SISO on easy money, that is our company policy. You have failed and the system is ejecting you out. That is how SISO is keeping excellence and competition advantages in India.

    It will not be a problem in India because there are a long line in front of recruitment offices at your indian universities and institutes for a job. They are plenty, they are poor and needy and they are more than we need. So we will pick up another worker for our company in short time.

    For the rest indian workers: work harder and smart otherwise you will be kicked out also by our system of excellence. Again, better follow your Korean MD and orders from HQ, Korea.

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