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Samsung India Software Operationsemployees harassment from siso md.

Our MD at SISO in Bangalore has suddenly behaving like a Hitler, he has made mandatory log in time as 8:00 AM in the morning, how can we have BF, and he also has informed the cafeteria staff to stop providing BF at 8:15 AM, if we come late half day salary will be cut, this is really disgusting and we still cant believe whether we are in Independent India, he is from Korea and gives the answer that Indians are lazy so he is behaving like this, who the hell is he to criticize Indians, I urge the labor ministry to take serious action against this Hitler MD and provide relief to poor workers(slaves) like us.


  • Mk
    MKhalid Jun 16, 2011

    Come on guys grow up, enough of hatred, office timing need to be adhered no choice in that aspect, if you are not comfortable change your job, in india thats easily possible huge number of opportunities. now for you koreans rem we can any time screw ur ### off.
    the best reply will be to stop buying products manufactured by korean companies, mostly their products are really lousy in terms of product quality and aftersales service.
    and you koreans dont u forget how the japs really kicked ur ### off, do i remind u that most of your wifes are sleeping with your bosses? you also knw tht japs really hate you and consider u really low caste.
    no need to reply guys just be mature. a few points mentioned are really worth accepting, we indians unfortunately have a tendency to look at foreigners as god plz stop dng it and develop self respect till then stop buying LG and Samsung white goods buy Voltas, Videocon etc you do hav a choice

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  • Ad
    Adarsh. Feb 02, 2011

    Hey, Poor beggar South Koreans, the savage tribals, your another ship is arrested by Chennai High Court due to non-payment of dues (send your South Korean girls to India to pay your debt, we will be happy to enjoy your girls and forgive your debt):

    CHENNAI: The Madras high court on Wednesday ordered the arrest of a Korean ship on the outer anchorage of Chennai port.
    Times Of India, 2 February, 2011.
    The 14-member crew of MV OSM Arena, including its Korean captain had approached the court petitioning against non-payment of their salaries since the ship anchored off the Chennai coast in February 2010. The crew members, nine Koreans and five Myanmarese, had been supplies from the land with the help of Madras Port Trust Employees Union. Two Koreans and two Myanmar nationals, however, left for their native lands in September last year.

    A Korean Consulate official visited the Chennai port last Friday to hear out the Korean crew members. International Transport Workers' Federation inspector and Madras Port Trust Employees' Union assistant secretary K Sreekumar said the ship could not move out of Chennai's outer anchorage since February last year following a Kolkata court order after the cargo owner complained of non-discharge of cargo.

    More than 80 sailors have been stranded on board five vessels on the outer anchorage of Chennai port for several months due to disputes.

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  • Ad
    Adarsh. Feb 02, 2011

    Hello idiot, inferior, cheating and poor beggar South Koreans, see what your shipment (export) is getting bankrupt and you are arrested at Chennai by court order (remember, you will not get dog meat and nasty savage kimchi, your tribal food, in Chennai jail):

    Ship declares bankruptcy, stranded in Chennai
    21 Jan 2009, 0126 hrs IST, Jaya Menon
    CHENNAI: The global recession and economic meltdown have hit the high seas. A South Korean vessel, flying a Panamanian flag, with 25 crew
    members, is stranded in waters close to the Chennai harbour after declaring bankruptcy and pleading inability to pay port, pilotage and bunkering charges running to a few lakhs of rupees. The ship has been prevented from leaving the Chennai port jurisdiction until it paid the charges to its agent. Negotiations are on between the agents and shipping company, First Shipping, for settling the dues.

    The vessel, Golden Freesia, had arrived in Chennai on December 15 last year and discharged its cargo of palmolein. It had entered the port twice, to discharge the cargo to two different clients, sources in the port's marine department said. But when the ship's agent, James Mackintosh & Co, demanded the port and pilotage charges, ship owners declared they had no funds to clear their dues. Golden Freesia was then moved to the outer anchorage, about three kms from the harbour, and asked to wait until they paid up.

    "Recession has hit the shipping industry as well. Such instances of ships declaring bankruptcy on the high seas is now getting common around the world. But this is the first time it is happening in Chennai, " said K Sreekumar, an inspector with the London-based International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), representing transport workers around the world. The ITF officials have been negotiating with the Korean owners to ensure that the crew, including south Koreans, are paid their wages and given their air tickets to fly back home.

    While First Shipping owners refused to receive telephone calls from the ITF's London staff, a recent e-mail from the company admitted that its finances were in a disarray and that eight to 10 ships owned by it were stranded' across the world. Sources in James Mackintosh here said they were "waiting to hear" from the ship's owners.

    The ship has been held captive' along with its crew members for more than three weeks. Even the payment to the agent for food and bunkering had not been paid yet, said Sreekumar, the ITF's representative in Chennai. "Our concern is for the crew. We want to avoid a situation where we are forced to move the High Court for arresting the ship (an interim relief towards recovery of dues), " he said.

    The situation reached a crisis point after the agents, which offers food and bunkering facilities, refused to serve Golden Freesia. "We had to intervene and make sure that the crew was taken care of. The company has not paid the crew members their wages for the last four months, " said Sreekumar.

    Procedures demand that an advance payment be made by the ships to port authorities as soon as they dock at the harbour. Port officials too operate on the trust that the vessels would stick to their financial commitments through the agents before they leave the harbour.

    Port Trust chairman, K Suresh insisted that every ship calling at the port paid its dues before it discharged its cargo. "We have an effective e-payment system where the shipping company has to show the bank guarantee. The dues are automatically deducted and transferred into our account, " he told The Times of India, admitting that the worldwide recession had hit the shipping industry badly. He, however, claimed that the agent had already paid the dues that Golden Freesia owed it.

    Meanwhile, Tuticorin port is also facing a similar problem with a Vietnamese vessel, M V Vinashin Island. The owners of the ship, which arrived on October 27, 2008, with tonnes of urea cargo for the state government, declared their inability to pay up the port dues. "The 23 crew members, mostly Myanmarese, have not been paid their salaries for several months, " said Stephen Fernando, ITF's inspector based in Tuticorin. The crew has arrested the ship demanding that their wages be cleared. EOM

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  • Pr
    prtyush Jan 28, 2011

    Hi... Regarding the Working Timings policy ... Now the timins have become FLEXIBLE... i.e. we need to complete 9 hours (including lunch) between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. U can come till 11:00 AM.

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  • Sr
    Sridhar.S Jan 13, 2011

    MD got fired and he is back to his dog eating country which tells the whole story.

    And for all dog eating koreans her, dont speculate that India is US colony today,
    you are actually in a US colony, 40000 US soldiers protecting you tells the story.
    ( It took some 2 weeks for Japan to occupy Korea and another 30 years to rape all korean women ) :p

    Korea is bit developed now because of some of the genes left by mighty Japanase
    and this topic should be RIP .

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  • To
    To Slumdogs Jan 11, 2011

    Hello slumdogs,

    Do you want to sell your country to us? You will get lot of money.
    Do you want our excreation to feed your population? It is free for you.
    Do you want to send your mom/daughetr/sister to us for good money? We will pay a lot for their Kamasutra.

    You slumdogs will be rich. Let is know.

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  • In
    Indian Curry Jan 03, 2011

    Good to point out several question without thinking too much (korean style). I am trying to resolve those. Hope you will still not understand those because you are that type of man/women (I am sure you are not woman, because so far I know they are more intelligent than man in korea, may be because you spend two years in army after 12+ and then join the university, so already you got a blant head, exceptions are there also)
    1. Are you not poor and beggar type people and poor beggar type India country?
    According to statistics 38% of Indian people are poor, since it is a large country so if you visit, you will find beggers. Korea is a small country and beggers are there if you visit seoul or pusan and since it is a tiny country visibility is poor. So you may be very proud of your country but truth is percent wise it may be same. And also there are huge difference in the social system. Some are very rich and some are very poor. And above all you all depend on your credit system which already make your country vulnarable. So many youth did sucide when they could not find any option. So you can judge which country is better.
    2. Are not your people inferior type.
    What makes you think that Indians are inferior type? If you analyze the gene pool you will find that you people are close to chineese (chineese sperm/japaneese sperm may be). In india even after our long colonization we have a separate gene pool (recent papers will help u to understand if you study genetics in any time). So we are better than any other sects. And remember in science we had set a very high standerds (just do a search in google). Not only in science in ancient medicine, astronomy, even in teaching others for eg, several scholars from other country used to study in Nalanda University long time ago. Now we are superior in nuclear research, software, astrophysics, Economics, literature ans so on. We have several nobel laureates in several domins of our sciences and arts.
    Do u have any? What is your own history...just let me know in your next blog.
    3. Are not your country developing poor inferior?
    Yes we are developing country, so many country respect that, soon we will have a seat in G7, already we have support from other country. Now our countrys economy is very stable. We will transform our country. Don't worry. We don't need to help from your country dear. Just do buisness in India. If all enployees in samsung make an agitation, your samsung India will vanish oneday. Just take some precaution.
    4. Are not your government horrible and feudal type?
    In what aspects it is horrible? yes there are some political person who is corrupted but what else every country have simillar type of person. Otherwise, they are working fine. Govt can not improve our life, it is up to us to eradicate our mess from our system. Soon that will happen...wait for 10 years, you can see the difference.
    5. Are not your culture discriminatory and feudal type?
    Ha ha dear friend, it is multicultural don't understand that because you people follow the same syle because of your size. And our culture is such a rich type so many western and european used to come and stay here long time just for the shake of love (they are not like you).
    6. Is it not true that Indians want to come out to developed country and Korea for good life?
    Yes but it is also true that in ur country the young generation don't want to do the darty job in your country. so you people import illigally people from pakisthan, bangladesh and too some extent India. I feel Indians are not too many there. Even for prostitution your govt gave a safe passage for russian, thai and filipino girls.
    7. Is it not true that many country donate India money (including our Korea).
    Not at may donate somemoney in some NGOs but not our govt interested to take money from your country, read some article man...don't make any comment without knowing anything. You just do buisness here to earn money . Therefore your economy would grow. India is a huge market, you know that and you are trying to explore that. But oneday will come you will become "white elephant". China is growing better than your country, beware of that.
    So my friend you understand what we are and it is better if you are in India beheave yourself, that will be better for your stay. Just separating cafeteria from Indian one will not help you to earn anything, you will loose so many things.
    Try to understand the culture without drinking soju.
    Just have a cupof tea in a remote villege where may be poor people stay, they will give you the respect that you could hardly find in your country (i am sure your children will not respect you, if you are always critisizing them).
    Have a better life in India, my dear.

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  • Mi
    MinJi Jan 01, 2011

    hello inferior indians:

    1. Are you not poor and beggar type people and poor beggar type India country? It is true.
    2. Are not your people inferior type? Is it true.
    3. Are not your country developing poor inferior? It is true.
    4. Are not your government horrible and feudal type? It is true.
    5. Are not your culture discriminatory and feudal type? It is true.
    6. Is it not true that Indians want to come out to developed country and Korea for good life? It is true.
    7. Is it not true that many country donate India money (including our Korea). It is true.

    You and your country, culture, economy is poor, beggar, inferior, feudal low type.
    Everybody mock you and sympathy you.
    We donate to india to feed your family, we do business in India and pay you good money.
    But unfortunately, you never develop because you are inferior in front of us and developed world.
    Nobody in world respect you. Everybody show sympathy.

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  • Or
    Original Kimchi Dec 31, 2010

    I think you are another frustrated Korean who feels pleasure in using derogatory language for an ancient culture and country like India. Using such language only shows your poor mentality and thinking, my dear friend.
    For your information, in korea 40000 american soldiers are staying at base camp in Itewon. And my dear friend the most paradox is, if an american soldier rapes a korean girl, the girl has to go to the american court to sue that person. What a pityful situation you are living. Are you really independent in mind and body both? As for us I would like to visit India, not in the metros but come to our small town and villeges (that is where the true India is, I assure you there will be no copycats from any other country). I promise I will give you all the hospitality.
    Best of luck, dear.

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  • Mi
    MinJi Dec 31, 2010

    Another Indian colonized residue is very very strange that Indians donot accept that they are colonized absolutely...look at your indian language, food, dress, movies...IT IS ABSOLUTE COPY OF USA India is a USA colony...get your Indo girls/women raped by least your brown skin will be your adopted colony language your adopted colony your colony styles...

    Anybosy can see India is a colonized country you are USA colony in your mind, habits, desire...

    So nobody respect India...because India has no own identity...India is a Europe-raped, Islam-raped country, now USA-raped country India.

    Bloody, Indo people are colonized raped own identity remaining...all copying inferiors in india.

    Remember Europe, USA are your MASTERS (you are Indian SLAVES)...possibly China will rape you as your inferior indo saram.

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  • Vi
    Views Dec 31, 2010

    I have read all the comments posted in this blog. Surprising enough I have learnt some wrong impression that you have about Indians.
    1. India was colonized by not only British but also by others for more than 600 years (do some homework, wikipedia will help). Now the question is " why India was targeted?" Answer was very simple "because we were rich then", after 600 years still India come out from the trauma and do its best (despite there are problems of proverty and corruption which is not very abserd because every country has its own eg. Korean president in the past, one korean multinational company etc)
    2. Regarding discrimination...I have visited Korea quite a long, and found that their women are treated like slaves, they want their women for their enjoyment. You can hardly find any women professor or women in a very high govt. official post. So Please don't discuss the discrimination and so on...every country has its own problem. No body is perfect in the world-----remember that.
    3. Regarding colonization again in India, no one can do this again, the reason behind this is, India is not a Industry oriented country, It is Agriculture based country where approx 70% people depends on Agriculture. May be some of you visited some metros and got some impression about India which is not is a large country...take a holiday for 2 months and visit here and there to find out the truth. Now, what I am saying is we are independent about our food (korea is not), we don't need to import any food materials. Suppose there will be a situation like 3rd world war, what will happen...r we going to starve? no but what will happen to Korea? Ask yourself. Now you may ask how could you defend your enemy? Don't you know we have atomic power? do you want to dare us to provoke? But our policy is not to harm anybody because we are very tolarent people and we respect our old culture of Buddha (you also do, don't you?).
    4. Somebody told that all the market share will be captured by korean company replacing our own indigenous company. Really? in my childhood, I was facinated by Japaneese company and their products . But right now japaneese company are not getting its market share, so their economy getting worse day by day. Some economist called that economy as "white elephant". But now it is time for Korean company. But history repeats, so think about it.
    5. Now some people told what India teaches to the world...I'll say everything, the value of life, tolarence, peace of, what do you want to learn.
    Therefore, I request you all don't make any loose comment for India, we are developing but our growth is slow and remember that old proverb "slow and steady win the race".
    One of the Korean (my very good old friend who is highly qualified and have a very good analytical power) told me oneday during our discussion that "our new generation does not know how we grew up from 1972. They have no idea about our past, they only think that they are great. But they should know that when other people say that you are great then only it matters. I respect him very much, because I have seen in his face the trauma which he had faced during their old days.
    So, don't pull the legs each other, try to respect each others cultural values, then you can learn what is right and what is wrong.
    My best wishes to all for this comming new year.

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  • An
    Anjima Dec 29, 2010

    Hi, actually Indians are born slaves because their colonial history and behaviour. If you are white from developed western country (USA, Australia, Europe, Canada etc.) or from developed Asian countries (China, Japan South Korea) then you can treat Indians as slaves and order them. Indians will follow our order. I have experienced in India this when travelling. Many Indian people were my servants and they will obey your any order if you pay some money. So nobody should respect Indo people. They are slaves, India is inferior country.

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  • In
    IndiansAreGreat Dec 29, 2010

    You [censor]in Koreans... Samsung is not the only company present in India.. there are millions of companies in India... For u... samsung might be the world.. but for us Indians... its just another [censor] company present in some corner of our country...
    Just remember tat ur country.. the so called sount korea is a tiny country... If we Indians stand around it and piss.. ur whole country will be drowned in our piss...

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  • Pa
    Patriotic INDIAN Dec 27, 2010


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  • Ba
    Bang Dec 21, 2010

    All, you should feel sympathy to all Indo people, because, their [censor] government actually did nothing for improve quality-of-life of common Indo people since 1947. We are happy and developed today because our Korean government improved quality-of-life of common people very rapidly.

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  • Bi
    BigBen. Dec 20, 2010

    Well, all know India is developing/under-developed country and most corrupt country in world. And Human Development Index (HDI) in India is like saharan Africa (that means common Indian live a low quality of life having bad infratsructure and medical treatments/instruments).

    It is system in Indo for long long time, look at their history.

    So, Indo people migrated to UK (British masters of Indians) and to France (French masters of Indians) for better living and to do any low-end jobs (sweeper/taxi driver/restaurant cooking like that). You will find a lot of low-end people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are low-head modern slaves to their masters, traeted accordingly in UK and France.

    Now, whole India is crazy for AMERICA, their new master. Because USA is rich country many Indo people migrate to USA at any cost to do any job (including prostitution by Indo women in USA). Indians are cheap labour and treated badly in USA doing low-end jobs (majority).

    After I travelled India on a tour-travel, I say India has no identity today, India need some master country to follow. Now Indians following USA in every aspects of life (dress, food, songs, movies, celebrities, language use, attitude etc.).

    So, India is USA colony today surely.

    May be tomorrow, China will be master of Indians in future, because China is now super-power and rich. I think India will become China colony after few decades.

    SISO is a Korean system inside.

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  • Je
    jejuba Dec 19, 2010

    Lee, good said and true..that is why and how we treat our Indian workers at SISO as slaves...Indo workers deserve it...they should be happy with our money given to then (a lot) and work for us. After all our Korea is developed country, India is underdeveloped.

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  • Le
    LeeBaku Dec 18, 2010

    Hello inferior Indians, you are same as Pikistanis and Bangladesis. You all are same kind people. Indians are educated clerks, they are poor beggar (India is a beggar country), 1/3 poors of world live in India (more than Africa). India is also highly colonized country. Even today all Indians (from their president to ganitor) are colonized in mind and habits.

    How come 7 different countries ruled your country for last 2000years (right from Greeks (Alexander), Pathans and Mughals to British and now China/America)? No other country in world were ruled and colonized by so many foreigners for so long time.

    Why do you never develop? Why are you so poor and beggar?

    Why your government never do any good for your common Indian people?

    Why do you still study to become a clerk in office/coolie in spftware company?

    Why are you so cheap?

    Why your country and you Indo people are not respected any where in world?

    Why whole world mock at your slavish attitude and inferior behaviour?

    India today is a colonized-residue, floating-attitude, inferior, beggar clerk country giving service to others in world as cheap labour (clerk jobs/low-end jobs).

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  • De
    Devlop4india Dec 18, 2010

    Why people comparing S Korea with India? India is third most powerful nation in the world. Where South Korea exists. North Korea is more powerful than S Korea. Just south Korean are slaves of US. Drawback of India is only corruption else India will be reaching top most powerful country in the world .

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  • Su
    suryam Dec 16, 2010

    U Junk koreans your god Budha is an Indian...This is enough to prove your inferiority...hehehehhehe

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  • Ko
    koreansAresPsychos. Dec 16, 2010

    Country totalwealth Population Duration WelthDistributedTo
    S.Korea [protected] Buks to 10 people
    India [protected] Buks to 100 people,
    in India 900 ppl need to wait for some more time to get their 100 bucks...
    So This Does not mean is S.Korea is superior than India..
    Any persons with little quantitative aptitude (expect some psycho s.koreans) can easyly find out that Indiais faar superior than S.Korea.

    All figures mentioned above are only indicative..

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  • Ko
    koreansAresPsychos. Dec 16, 2010

    1 U.S. dollar = 45.3494173 Indian rupees

    1 U.S. dollar = 1 152.07373 South Korean won

    decide which is inferior..


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  • Ye
    Yeppuni Dec 15, 2010

    Yun, Indians have no characeter and national identity...India is a [censor]ed-up country, India is a raped country...a colonized country...that is reason Indians have no face and no national identity...Indians try hard to mimick European and USA is easy to rule Indians...because Indians float around and seek sympathy from foreigners for their distress...I know many Indo girls who want to migrate to Korea by marriage...But, we are Koreans, we have build our Korea is developed country...India is inferior

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  • Yu
    YunLi Dec 15, 2010

    Hello cow-worshipping Indo, AhamBrahmasmi, you are another colonized residue in India or Pakistan. This area was ruled and severely colonized by Huns, Mughals, British, Portugues, Franch and Dutch. You are step-son of colonized and raped Indo people, your fore-mothers. Do not talk rubbish and religion, go and tell your corrupt feudal government to improve life of common Indo people. You are still an uneducated, poor beggar country in front of developed South Korea. South Koreans are superior than Indian people because we have achieved a lot in 20 years and you have failed in all. Tell your government to construct infrastructure for all, educate all, give food to all, give good medical-treatment to all your Indo people.

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  • Ah
    AhamBrahmasmi Dec 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My dear Brothers and Sisters,

    let us stop this fighting..and behave like human.

    “As long as we remain illusioned by the bodily conception of life, thinking we are these bodies, one man thinking "I am Irish, " another thinking "I am Italian, " "... American, " "... Indian, " and so on - as long as this goes on, the fighting will go on. You cannot stop fighting between dogs and cats. Why do they fight? The dog simply thinks, "I am a big dog." And the cat thinks, "I am a big cat." In the same way, if we think, "I am an Irishman" or "I am an Englishman, " then we are no better than the cats and dogs. As long as people remain in a bodily conception of life, there will be fighting. […]
    There is no difference. A dog thinks, "I am a dog, " because he has the body of a dog. If I am thinking that I am Indian because this body was born on Indian soil, then how am I different from the dog? The bodily conception of life is simply animalism. When we understand that we are not these bodies but are spirit souls, there will be peace. There cannot be any peace otherwise.”

    After all, we all are chindern of the universal father-the Supreme God and the mother-The Nature.

    we shall show the diffrence between the man and animal..

    I am not Indian, I am not Korean, I am not this Body, I am spirit soul

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  • Ex
    ex-emp Dec 13, 2010

    Time for all koreans who took the thread off-topic to realize that, SISO and samsung korea managment have been keeping a watch on this thread, they have realized the impact of this thread on the employees who were/are working in SISO and who got offer letters but never joined SISO. Time for change has to come, and koreans have to accept the change they cannot run buisiness in other coutries like they do in tiny korea, they have to respect and bind to local laws and people, else you know it now... MD butt is kicked back to his native :)

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  • Ex
    ex-emp Dec 13, 2010

    Finally, the wierdo has been kicked out... Very Good News.

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  • Sr
    Sridhar.S Dec 10, 2010


    My SISO friends told me that the current MD got fired and he will be getting back to work in Korea ;).
    SISC MD will be taking charge of SISO in the near future.

    Anyway Credit should go to the outgoing MD for bringing the 3000 employee company to a 1500 odd employee company.
    Its a long way ahead for SISO to rebuild its lost value and respect when companies like Dell, Motorola are competing with SISO in hiring the bright minds.

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  • Em
    employee2010 Dec 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As these koreans are feared about North Koreans...

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  • Em
    employee2010 Dec 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Guys please note that whenever old MD was there these issues was not there. He was a nice chap.

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  • Em
    employee2010 Dec 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In SISO there are lot of junk managers who are working for their own benifits tooo... The Koreans are cowards & they are feared...

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  • Le
    Lee Key Bum Nov 22, 2010

    Hah! I love how a complaint about absurd working hours and the ways in which it has been enforced has been turned into a racial debate.
    I just have one question to ask here, do koreans love coming to office by 8 and leaving by 5:30 or whatever or would they prefer to get to work at their own convenience?

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  • Ex
    ex-emp Nov 19, 2010

    SISO strenth has come down by half of what it was a year ago. Time to shutdown SISO ?

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  • Su
    SureshS. Nov 15, 2010

    Hello inferior South Koreans (South Koreans are genetically inferior, South Korea is inferior country and American Colony today), remember that India is very powerful and superior than South Korea, an American COLONY even today. And, STOP your oriental Korean medicine system you use still today alike a savage and underdeveloped country South Korea. Learn from India to use modern medicine and surgical techniques as other European nations are learning from AIIMS, India. See the report below, you Korean idiots, low-class cheap people of korea.

    The Times of India, Risha Chitlangia, TNN, Nov 15, 2010, 03.09am IST
    Doctors from abroad make beeline for training at AIIMS

    NEW DELHI: All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is fast becoming a training centre for foreign doctors. Ever year about four or five doctors from other countries come here to get training at its various departments, especially neurosciences and paediatric surgery.

    ''Ours is one of the main centres of paediatric surgery in the world. Super-specialists from across the world come here for short-duration courses. Recently, we have had paediatric surgeons from Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Romania, Bangladesh, Austria, etc. Some of them visit the country at their own expense just to get training at the institute, '' said Dr D K Gupta, head of the department, paediatric surgery, AIIMS.

    At present, a doctor from Germany is undergoing training in Dr Gupta's department.

    Doctors say that it is the latest advancement in surgical techniques and the expertise of Indian doctors that attracts these specialists to India. ''There are certain surgeries which are commonly performed at AIIMS but are rare in other parts of the world. These foreign doctors just observe us while we are in the operating room. Most of them, come for three-four months of training, '' said Dr Gupta.

    According to Dr Sarat P Chandra, associate professor of neurosurgery, AIIMS, it is the experience of institute's doctors that attracts foreign doctors, especially from developed nations. ''We get several applications every year, but only four or five applicants are selected for the training. We only select super-specialists, as they can understand what we do, '' said Dr Chandra.

    In the last couple of years, AIIMS has provided training to nearly 30 medical professionals from developing as well as developed nations. ''Some of our centres are approved by the WHO. Recently, doctors from Myanmar visited AIIMS, " said Dr Rani Kumar, dean, AIIMS.

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  • Ra
    Raghu. Nov 14, 2010

    Dear SISO employees, here is the example outcome (2 cases) when any management misbehaves/exploits/oppress the employees and employees hit back to misbehaving management-people accordingly and possibly justifiably, please read the report below.

    Lalit Kumar, TNN, Nov 14, 2010, 01.26am IST
    Workers' anger leaves senior co official battling for life - The Times of India

    GHAZIABAD: Two years after the managing director of Graziano Trasmissioni in Greater Noida was virtually hammered to death by dismissed workers, Joginder Singh, human resource manager of Indo-Japanese company Allied Nippon at Site IV Industrial Area here, was critically injured when senior staff members and workers clashed on Saturday afternoon. He is battling for his life in hospital. Singh received severe injuries on his head and chest and has slipped into coma. He has been placed on life support. The others who were injured include the president, vice-president and additional general manager, all from the HR department.

    No arrests had been made and no FIR filed by either side till late on Saturday night. Ghaziabad SSP Raghuvir Lal said he was expecting a complaint from the management after which action will be taken. He, however, confirmed that some of the managers had opened fire and that the trouble could have been avoided had these officials handled the situation differently.

    According to Lal, seven contract workers had been laid off by the company recently. This had provoked the factory labour union to announce a strike on Tuesday. The management had already informed the police about this and had requested heavy deployment. ''But some factory officials decided to take things into their own hands and went to the shop floor to take on the labour leaders, '' said Lal.

    According to police officer the trouble at Allied Nippon in Ghaziabad began when a few factory officials went to shop floor to "take on labour leaders".

    Senior staff members and workers clashed on Saturday afternoon at the factory and a human resource manager was critically injured. Company officials were tight-lipped about the issues that might have led to clashes. Reached on phone, an official said, ''I cannot say much on this. But the trouble will soon be over, I assure you.''

    ''Three top human resource officials of the company, accompanied by some other managers, walked to the shop floor around 2.15 pm. There, they had a heated exchange with the workers. Suddenly, some officials opened fire. I am not sure whether any bullets hit any worker because I was not there at the time. But, the firing and the misbehaviour by the three HR officials and some others angered the workers and there was some trouble, '' said Ajay Chowdhary, who heads the Allied Nippon labour union.

    A private security supervisor said he had no idea what happened.''We learnt later that some workers turned violent. They smashed furniture, windowpanes and other items and attacked the factory officials with steel rods, bricks and heavy clutch plates manufactured by the unit, '' he said. ''At least 300 clutch plates were strewn all over the site. I and two other securitymen were also injured.''

    On September 22, 2008, the MD of Greater Noida's Italian gears unit Graziano Trasmissioni, was bludgeoned to death by dismissed workers. About 50 factory workers and 10 senior officials were also hurt.

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  • Da
    DaeHan Nov 13, 2010

    Daehan mingkuk...dear fellow Core (Korean) brothers, soon India will become Colony of America. Now Indians are pointing to us for future USA will colonize will be unlike British (hard colony)...USA will make India a soft-colony (that is people of India will love it and India will never know that it is colonized by USA culture/education/business/product system in Indian market)...India is on that path already. Even today youth of India shout America America America in chorus...I have seen this in Pune and Bangalore this year when visiting India. It will be more in future.

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  • Do
    DongHa. Nov 13, 2010

    JeongM, you are correct and also not correct because, India also has 5000 years history and culture, education but today India is failed country and Korea is successful country. I think we Korean people is dedicated, honest, country-loving and strategic people. Our Government of Korea did many things good for our motherland and for us. Today WE ARE SUCCESSFUL in education, research, sports, business, economics and infrastructure INTERNATIONALLY and Korea ACHIEVED respect and recognition today INTERNATIONALLY.

    But, India has FAILED for long long time. Many foreigners including Mongolians, our forefathers (Hun people) ruled India+Pakistan+Bangladesh in past. Indians did not defend their own country or region. Today, their government of India did nothing for common people, they are corrupt, selfish and colonized. So, today Indians/Pakis/Bangladesis go out of country for good living and in India many Indians work as SLAVES in foreign companies such as Samsung, Hyundai and other national companies of Europe and USA. Their own home-companies are dead and people of India buy our SUPERIOR products and feel proud. Educationally India is also very CLARK type and no research. In sports India is no where internationally. Infrastructure in India is HORRIBLE and SAVAGE type.

    Indians are NOT dedicated and honest people. That is the problem. Indians are liars and very very very selfish.

    Can you believe that Indians can sell their country, if possible? We cannot imagine it in Korea.

    So, Korea is today superior and India is inferior. Nobody respect India. Korea is respected. See, G-20 economic meeting happened in Korea, Olympic happened in Korea 1982, winter olympics will come to Korea too. Korea is member of OECD countries and sit with Europe and USA in same row. Many many students are coming from India to Korean universities today for better studies and they are learning our language to stay here for good life. A large number of PhD people from India (IITs and other IIsc and universities) are coming to our Korea as post-docs. I know one Indian professor who came to Korea as post-doc after resigning his teaching job in India. So, it is our benefit for our country because that Indo professor is now working for our country, Korea.

    In this way, all good Indo saram have left India.

    Today India is a backward and failed country.

    Today Korea is respected and successful country. Whole world knows it.

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  • Je
    JeongM Nov 12, 2010

    Why indians donot accept thay they are inferior to Koreans. Korea has 5000 years history of literature, education, rich culture and now we are rich industrial and scientific country doing charity to poors and uneducated to other country. India do not have such rich tradition of educated history and science, we have. Today we are donors and high-science country with hi-tech society and modern technology. India is a cow-worship country today, no technology, no science, no engineering, no medicine and no research. We export so many good things to India today. I think our Korean obligation is to spread education in India in science, engineering, technology and teaching them how to do research. We must help them to improve their capabilities and can teach them management, art and doing business.

    MD of SISO is trying to do that. good. SISO workers should learn from us.

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  • Seisan Nov 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nice ! Once again RandyChow has proved that S.Koreans posting in this thread are too much frustrated in life.

    FACT: According to WHO data(2008), S.Korea is rank 2 in number of suicides per 100, 000 people per year. Check the internet to verify the fact.

    REASON: They lack a good life. They lack the warmth of relationships. They don't know anything outside their monotonous life.

    CURE: They need to learn from India. First of all, they should stop sucking the d*** of USA to get technology and protection. Be independent in thoughts and actions. Be humane.

    DANGER: If you S.Koreans don't follow the cure prescribed above, one day most of the S.Korean men will commit suicide and you will again need Japanese soldiers to increase your population(just as it happened in world war). This time, your "friendly" NATO soldiers may also help you in increasing population.

    You all don't even know what is India. You just imagin bad things in your head(which is already filthy) about India and come here to post it. Get a life dude otherwise you will commit suicide one day(as per the S.Korean custom)

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  • Ra
    RandyChow Nov 10, 2010

    Hey, all know India does not exist, it is a fragile concept, British kicked all illiterate-savage-unciviliged-poor brown bottoms (Indians) to form Indian geography you see today. India is a highly COLONIZED RESIDUE country, slaves of British, Americans, Portuguese, French, Dutch and now Koreans. It is good that Koreans will rule India again or China or USA for that matter.

    Somebody should rule India from foreign origine and Indians should obey the orders, that is it. It is their HISTORY.

    World wonders, how to rescue India from its filthy state of education, corruption, poverty, illiteracy, disaeses, ramshackeled infrastructure and prostitution.

    Possibly, China, Korea and USA will do in future.

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