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G Aug 13, 2018

I drove to Sams in Gainesville, GA to purchase a battery. I left Sams upset.

The location did not have the battery I needed and the female could not tell me when they would be getting the battery. Additionally, she could not tell me what batteries were on the next shipment and that she could not order me a battery.

The female wanted to sell me a lower grade battery and acted as if I should purchase what she was offering. The battery that I located through the online in-store site prior to arriving at Sams was not in stock. I would have purchased the upgraded battery that I located but I was not going to purchase the lower grade battery that the female tried to sell me. After learning Sams did not have the battery the female told me to go to Walmart to purchase a battery. I was very upset that I was instructed to go to Walmart to purchase a battery. I was at Sams to purchase a battery because that is where I wanted to make my purchase. Additionally, I am card paying member with Sams.

I asked to speak to the Store Manager and Juan LNU with the title of GCCM arrived to speak with me. Juan was no help and offended me. I made the statement maybe I should try Costco. Juan stated I could go to Costco. I did not need his permission to make a purchase at Costco, I was speaking out loud my options out.

I've never visited a store and the employees did everything they could to send the customer to another store for a purchase. Most employees would do everything within their power to assist the customer but that did not happen.

I tried to order the battery online but I could not locate the option for the car.

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