Sams Clubmembers mark mixed nuts and whole cashews


On Thursday, Oct. 19th, 2017 I shopped the Bentonville, AR Sam's Club and was surprised to see the Planters large tubs of Mixed Nuts and Whole Cashews had been completely replaced by Members Mark versions. I no longer have the option to purchase the large Planters nuts, only a 18.5 oz smaller version (not the same variety) remains. I have been purchasing the Planters nuts every month and half for approximately 3 yrs for my office. I went ahead and purchased the MM versions, however there is a noticeable difference in the quality, taste, and freshness of these replacements, and it is not a favorable difference. I also noticed this switch to private label and eliminating the brands/sizes (i.e. Starkist Tuna) in a number of other food areas in the club. By taking away my choices of whether or not to purchase private label and forcing me to purchase it, you have also made my decision for membership re-enrollment for me. I will not be renewing in January. I can order the larger Planters items I want online at Amazon and have them here in days and they are also cheaper. I doubt I am the only member who feels this way. Sometimes when things are not broken, you shouldn't keep trying to fix them. Thank you for your time and attention.

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