Sam's Clubemployees rights

E Nov 21, 2017

Store location Meridian, Ms

Angela manager
Quanita cos

These two individuals should not have these positions.
On 10-28-17 my son called. He asked where we were. At first i didn't understand his question. I then ask why he wasn't at work. He said "my sugar is HIGH and i thought my pump needed changing" then he says "Mrs Angela gave me 1 hour to get it straight " he was back with in that hour, but was still unable to work due to him still throwing up, because of his sugar being high. Which i did not agree with.

Now let me say as his mother. Someone should have called his emergency contact. My son should have never been sent home driving a car. He has type 1 diabetes. I will not go into what could have happened to my son.

On 11-18-17 he came home very upset on this night. He said "quanita/cos" came out and said he was prompt on a buggy as he was pushing a line of buggies. He ask "what do you mean" quanita answered "go ahead keep on we're looking for a f__cking reason to fire your f__ing a__"

I've worked a couple different jobs at my age. Not one of those jobs has ever allowed someone in authority to speak to anyone like that. Of course, i ask my son why didn't he speak to someone above her. He said it wouldn't help. The other few employees that was working with him, have told him numerous of times that Angela and quanita are being racist towards him. Only because they do not treat them in that manner.
I have never raised my child to be racist, because i do not agree with it.
However, as a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes's i draw the line.
They have wrote him up when he wasn't even there. When i ask why didn't he say anything he said "it wouldn't do any good"

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Emily Barrier

Sam's club
Meridian, MS

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