Safewayall laundry detergent pods

last week there was a sale on all laundry detergent pods when I went to purchase said item the store was out of stock and the sale was ending the following I got a rain check for that item and how to return to the store many times since then. I most recently went as soon as the store open this morning and they were all out of every single kind of all detergent pods I tried to speak with a manager but there wasn't one available at that time. previously when I had asked for a manager they told me to return to the store the one that had that item in stock. I don't see and item that I could get in place of the laundry detergent pods that I had in mind there's nothing quite as similar at the same price that I could exchange it for.I'm not sure why they have not been in stock all week and the store clerks have yet to help me solve my problem. I hope I can resolve this problem and it doesn't hurt my future patronage to your store. Thankyou.

Nov 08, 2019

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