Safewaycustomer service/online survey


I shop at Safeway (Shadle, Spokane, WA) 3-4 times a week, spending thousands of dollars a year. The customer service is awful, lines are ridiculously slow and other than a couple of long time checkers no one seems to know what they are doing. I have encountered rude checkers, I get overcharged on a regular basis, the store is poorly stocked, baggers put heavy items on top of eggs and bread and no one is EVER in a hurry to get people through the line. Today after returning from Safeway I decided to complete the survey per instructions on my receipt. After indicating that I had experience working at a grocery store I was immediately disqualified from the survey. care about getting feedback but you don't want feedback from someone who knows about good customer service in a grocery store? I am irritated and offended! I am a regular shopper at Safeway out of necessity alone- it is very close to my home. I definitely do not go there for the excellent, friendly service or great prices---I will be rethinking my choices. Shame on Safeway - hard working, paying customers deserve better ! Awful, just awful.

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