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conduct unbecoming of the store manager named michael

Gentlemen, This incident of harrassment by a Safeway Store Manager happened today, June 9, 2008 at around...

employee reeks of patchouli

I am a regular shopper at the Safeway on the westside of Bend, Oregon. After shopping I often buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks and sit in the lounge area for awhile. Unfortunately, Safeway has one employee who's choice of perfume is so overwhelming, you can smell her coming. I have many friends that have mentioned this person. They refer to her as "the patchouli woman" and she has made more than one person cover their faces and run for the door.
As for me, my time sitting at Starbucks with a cup of coffee ends as soon as she walks by. I will not check out food in any lane that she is near because I know I'll feel ill for awhile after being near her. Its that bad. I don't understand how her supervisors overlook this problem. They should be aware, though, that even if they overlook it, their customers do not. Their store is getting a reputation around Bend because of this employee's overwhelming smell.

  • Bl
    blondie707 Dec 12, 2008

    I can't believe that store allows someone like that! I have been a Safeway employee for almost 7 years here in Northern California. I live in Humboldt County and we have MANY hippies. I feel your pain! Does this employee have dredlocks too? That would be disgusting. I'm trying not to laugh right now because I know your upset about this issue but I can't believe they would allow someone like that to work and STAY working. Good luck:(

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  • Kd
    KDS08 May 04, 2013

    I have worked at Safeway a long time. I have brought to the managers attention about how unsanitary the washrooms are because they don't hire a janitor. They make employees clean it which most refuse to do because its not their job. All of the employees including myself are overworked because they dont give out enough hours and don't schedule enough people to work. They make one person do the job of 4 people and the customers suffer for it. Employees page for help if its busy in the store but no one comes because not enough people were scheduled and not enough hours were given out. Employees are not paid overtime if they work over there shift to finish helping a customer. Employees are underpaid for the job they do. It's not fair that we work as hard as we do to get underpaid with very little benefits. This needs to change.

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awful company

This is a regular theme with Safeway. For starters some twenty years ago we got pregnant and my woman she worked full time and went to school regularly and commutes upwards of an hour at a time. I worked in town so I did the food shopping. I was continually harassed about anything that came to mind by the employees and security. Car, clothes, just anything. Taunted with school children words that I would expect from a sixth grader. for instance 'you the woman in the house, is he a she... huh huh huh...'

One time I worked late and didn't have time to wash and change from an all day shift cleaning up other people messes {I was a property managers assistant handyman guy on a gov. supported welfare housing complexes section 8 housing) apparently the offspring of Safeway employee's)} and was arrested for being 'drunk' but the thing was I was not intoxicated. And I had to be back to work in about 9 hours.

They will do things such as spend ten minutes talking to some ancient woman about her hair in line in front of me. and then she takes her sweet time writing the check and checks the balance also. But when I show up its as soon as the drug addict checker is done tallying up my bill its as if I can't get the cash out of my pocket fast enough and they make a bunch of offending hostile noises. One time this female redneck checker insinuated I was selling drugs because I did not have my check book or credit card.

Today was the same as always I live within walking distance of a Safeway and needed a quarter to do my laundry because it takes 8 quarters to run the washing machine and I only had 7 quarters and a bunch of dimes and nickles so i walked down to the Safeway and I was telling myself don't do it but I went anyways I am apparently an optimist and wouldn't you know it I think because I was not dressed in a sport coat wing tips and slathered with all manner of makeup they immediately called up security I heard on the intercom and then I walked over to the customer service counter and they refused to serve me.there was maybe twenty five people in the store and not one of them would move their papered ### and change two dimes and a nickel for a quarter so I could do my laundry. Maybe I should have went and bought a $6 hallmark card for the Mentally handicapped checker with the attitude So that it could 'FEEL' like moving in a manner that makes one appear as though there is a brain inside it's head. I have come to the conclusion that Safeway hires these people who behave as if they are on stage because there is nothing inside their heads to cause the management of the operations any kind of trauma from actually having him or herself having to think.

I remember back in the late 80's there was a fire in the Oakland warehouse I can still smell the fire ###ant in the ice cream they sold me I can actually taste it sometimes. And this store I was just in I can smell the refrigerant all over me and its been at least two hours since I was there. I have ate food there that has given me worse diarrhea than what i got on a campout with my drinking buddies.

I gave up on them a bunch of years back and just started using them to purchase canned, sealed goods from name brand manufactures. only when its on sale. beer in cans, cheap wine, soda pop, candy thats about it maybe a little hamburger if I know who the butcher is who made it but thats about it.

worst treatment

At approximately 11:30am, I went to Safeway located on 196st Lynnwood, WA this morning, to purchase the steak which is on sale. After a short searching, I could not the find the item that I want, so I asked a lady who was working in that area. Then she asked the guy who was working inside the department through the window. The guy told us they don’t have that now but it's coming soon. Therefore, the lady told me it would come out in 15 minutes and told me to do other shopping first. After 20 minutes, I got back there but still could not find the steak. So I asked the guy again. This time I got the worst treatment that I have ever had at Safeway. The guy had a really bad attitude and said “We don't have that right now!!!” When I asked him how long I should wait, he told me “an hour” this time with the cold attitude and word, and he also pointed his working area and trying to show me that he was busy for other things. He also said “I already told you, ok???”

I feel so bad about Safeway’s customer service. I’m a Safeway’s regular customer, and I think they did really good job on customer service until this Morning. That guy’s attitude made me so angry! I was wondering “why you treat your customer that bad especially when you short on the item they need???” I really DO NOT APPRECIATE it. I will not be shopping there again!!!

  • Mi
    minnesota2009 Feb 01, 2009

    I never been treated in life, I went to Sunnyside Safeway and I don't lived in Oregon but I was returned my candy and the lady at customer service desk gave me ### and told me that I couldn't return them, well I'm not a happy camp and she was totally being a really ### ### lady, I thought customer come first but I guess not, I wasn't even a Safeway person, I don't like them using my ID or name I think that totally lame but, I never will shop there every again, they just lost me some business. I'm shouldn't have be treated so ### like today, one should be treated like that before, she was so mean and very rude 5 people were stand by me and saying that to her, she was just rude and plus she need to have a talk. I think her customers service is suck hole, I can't stand Safeway! I never want you to use my name for anything no thanks you.

    I'm not happy!

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  • Mi
    minnesota2009 Feb 01, 2009

    Safeway you can go to ### hell/ You just lost me a good customers. I'm going to be going to a different store because the price out costly, I couldn't get a simple question with this lady, I sweared to god, She was a ### hole person. She can't treat people very kind or nice she has to be a ###!

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  • gesserfan Jul 31, 2010

    no minnesota. [censor] you.

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gas rewards

Why does my Safeway in Annapolis tell me that I'm entitled to gas rewards but never give you any...

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terrible company

It's bad enough that every time I go Safeway and use the 15 item or less line that one or more of their...

safeway fish has worms

If is was not enough that all the fish at safeway look rotten even though they are not past their expiration...

terrible experience!

Safeway's in calgary. Why do they bother to hold these contests. The store cashiers never hand you a...

online delivery service!

I just recently finally gave up on using Safeway's online delivery service. After appx. 6 uses, I haven't had a single one arrive with more than 80% of what I had ordered. Produce is uniformly of poor quality (although the meat is average). Delivery delays, overcharging, and unauthorized substitutions are all addition problems that I've had to deal with every time. The service would be a good one if they could actually fill their orders, but it seems that Safeway is incapable of that for now.

buying visa card

On 12/29/2007 at approximately 2:38pm, I went to Safeway located on Argonaut Drive in Fremont, CA, to...

very rude employees!

I am a single mother on a fixed income and patronize this particular safeway store because I do not have a...

insurance fraud

My truck was totaled in my driveway by someone insured by safeway insurance company. After ignoring my calls for almost 3 weeks,now they are lying about the value of my truck and will only pay for 50 % of my fence that was destroyed. The agent handling this is Sylvia Gomez. Phone Number is [protected]. The case number is 0050335-il-ppcl . Sylvia Gomez told me she was using the NADA Guide for the price of my truck. She said they had to deduct 700.00 for the miles on the truck it is really 500.00. The price she gave me is the base price for my truck in poor condition. My truck was in excellent condition,has 4-wheel drive,air.and aluminum wheels that she did not allow for. All I want is to be able to replace my truck and fence with the same as what I had. I told them I needed this to be settled, so I guess this is why they figure they can cheat me. Please help to resolve this. Thanks, Rollin Kenning

poor service!

This is America, isn't it? Why should I have to go into a Safeway store and not be greeted by someone who knows how to speak english. I went into a Safeway Store and tried to get fresh hot French bread. To no avail, I had to try to speak tp 2 people who could not get a normal sentence out. I don't care what the ethnic background is, but if you want the american dream, then become an American. Until we as a people decide to something about this it will continue. Mcdonalds is not better and absolutely worse. We need to stop changing who and what our forefathers believed in and where. We need to act as one and not as African American, Asian American, Native American or Even Norweigian American. The great people who created this country believed that the mixture of culture is what made this country what it is. The idea was to become one not what the few are. To learn the laws and abide by those laws. To assimilate and yet be different at the same time. Please help all of us in this troubling and ongoing problem. Stand up for what your ancestors believed and lived for. Please don't shop at places where they allow this to happen and definitely not Safeway!

  • So
    sonia stanfield Jun 16, 2008

    safe way staff need to lift their game if they want my bussiness as they are extremley rude they need to relaize that the public buy shopping their pay there wages and not to treat people like ###s as they do the manager at kerang vic needs to do her job by opening up aisles instead of telling people safeway dosen't hire enough people to do the job but they can stand around all the time gas bagging instead of puting people throu quickley

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  • Ca
    Catherine Oct 04, 2008

    There is a shortage of people who want to work such jobs. If you moved to a new country would you understand the language in 6 months? English is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. harder when people like you are rude and obnoxious and won;t give them a chance. What is your heritage. Did they have difficulty when they arrived or were the immediately as arrogant as you are?

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  • Cr
    crystal Dec 27, 2008

    dumb broad who da fuk u think u iz..people that dont speak english have less ignorant ### ideas as ur "american" ###. If u so unsatisfied with THESE PEOPLE then why dont u do their job? if u wanna get paid minimum wage that is? Which ur lazy "american" self wouldnt want. On top of that i have gotten worse service from a fluent english speaker. Id really like to see you say a comment like this with minorities around. You wouldnt dare cuz no1 wud tolerate some ### like that. People that come from foreign countries for 1 made this country work. They have the shitest jobs no1 wants to do. They do it for their families here and back home. They are no different from you yet you talking like you superior. I hate idiots like you!

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  • Ma
    Mark Feb 10, 2009

    Wow!!! What a foul, disgusting bit of tripe. Since when is it that others need to conform to your stupid ideology? "To no avail, I had to try to speak to 2 people who could not get a normal sentence out." It must be disturbing for you to have hard working people trying to make ends meet by working in a new country and learning a new language instead of asking for a handout or stealing. God forbid if you came across someone that had a learning disabilities; can't speak and/or hear. What then? Place a neon sign on their person stating they can't talk or "get a normal sentence out"? They should all be rounded up, sent back where they came from or worse, right?

    What is apparent is you have a sick and twisted sense of how people should conform to what you think is "American". And who are you? You're free to reasonably express your opinion, but no one really cares. I thank God that this country keeps people like you in check.

    PS, a bit of free advice. You should seek counseling, change your medication and never breed. Find a place where you will never have contact with other people. You are a vile and disturbed individual. I pity you.

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  • Iv
    IvyGarcia99 May 11, 2010

    [censor]ing racist. I'm a minority and I learned English. Come say that to my face, [censor] and you'll find yourself in a world of pain.

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  • gesserfan Jul 31, 2010

    What an [censor]. i seriously hope you never come into my store.

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  • La
    lawsuitsagainstsafeway Oct 14, 2011

    Caught on Camera HOME FOR RATS INSECTS, RUSTY DIRTY SHOPPING CARTS ..SAFEWAY AT 116 University Blvd., Silver Spring Maryland 20901 (301) 593-7526
    send your complaint to these top safeway managers we are working on a class action save your emails

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Safeway Pharmacy is under investigation for the use of sub-standard generics, mislabeling pharmaceuticals, negligence, professional misconduct, incompetence, prescription errors and HIPPA violations. If you have concerns or complaints a

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  • Is
    Islandcat13 Jul 02, 2013

    The last 5 times I've been in the Safeway at 80th and wadsworth there has been one line open and the self service line. No matter how many people or how much you have in your cart you have to go thru express. They discontinued the skim milk supreme at this store and apparently the deli seafood salad. They haven't had it the last 5 times I've been there either and deli people didnt know if they would have it anymore. Since those were the two things I mainly went there to get, I guess I am done with them.

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  • Fo
    foxygrandma Jul 02, 2013

    There isn't a store around that will carry a product just for one person. They have to sell enough of a product to make it worthwhile.

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  • Di
    Diane Tomkins Jan 25, 2016

    What happened to those great salads? One was called Royal Parisian. There were others I can't remember. I don't think there is much variety now. All chopped salads. I'm tired of those. I found a dead fly once in Fresh Express salads. Why were the best salads taken off the inventory? They were great. Dole salads are good too. Bring back those salads!

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can't get my order

I recently got on line to the Safeway Online order site. I hate to buy a 12 pack of seltzer every time I go to the store. I decided to order 100 cases for the summer. This was on a Monday and was told it would be delivered on a Friday between 10 and 12. I cancelled everything I had to do in order to be there for my delivery. I get a call Friday morning at about 10 minutes to 10 telling me they don't have enough to bring my order that I can get 20 not 100. I was told to talk to a manager at a main store and they could have 100 ordered but I would have to move them myself. The whole idea was to have someone bring them to me and stack them. I would have liked to have been told upfront I couldn't get them. I will have to continue to buy one at time. :o(

crv charge for meat!

Do you ever look at you receipt from the grocery store? i usually don't. I will look at the prices of...

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