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B Nov 25, 2018
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Approximately a month ago I was shopping at Safeway in Apache junction 253 *I think I was getting some meat sliced at the deli when I overheard the deli manager and a co-worker Dave Price talking about my wife who was also a worker in the deli Dave Price made the statement that my wife is either retarded or has a severe case of ADHD they did not realize I was her husband that they were slicing meat for so I told my wife my wife went to management and made it complaint what was done about it was nothing later that same evening Dave Price came up to my wife what came up behind my wife while she was alone in the deli put his arm around her and tried to start telling her to tell me not to be mad my wife tried to pull away he had snatched her back and held her tighter so she could not move and forced her to listen to what he was saying so my wife then filed a complaint with management and this is the outcome of it which I would be more than happy to explain to you and detail because it to me and everybody I know it is just unbelievable the final outcome of this is that my wife transferred to another store because it was too hostile for her to stay in that store a nothing was done to the store manager nor to the guy who physically put his hands on my wife the store manager and a human resources department totally took Dave prices word that what he did was meant to be friendly my wife was scared to death she still scared to death of him and they did absolutely nothing they didn't even take him away from the store while they were doing their so-called investigation their so-called investigation did not even include an interview with my wife nor did they contact me about what I heard them say I'd like to believe that this is not Safeways stance on unwanted touching in the workplace throughout the the last month while all this was going on and my wife was being harassed she was lied to buy Jonathan the store manager when she went and ask what was happening with her complaint he told her you may never hear nothing he had a meeting at one time and gave her an ultimatum to leave the department. The final outcome is that my wife now has to drive or I have to take her about 9 miles to work where she only had to drive one mile she was getting on average 33 to 36 hours a week this week she has 16 hours on the schedule and this all happened to her because she filed a complaint now I'm not real big on getting lawyers involved and lawsuits and all that but I got to believe that there is someone in Safeway who's willing to make this right by my wife one of the things that happened is my wife filed a complaint about them cutting her hours and giving them to Dave Price and this is what happened there the corporate Human Resources lady here had my wife on the phone and told her that they rehired a girl named Lorraine and what they were doing as they speak was reinstating her seniority so my wife didn't have a complaint that has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of do you all really condone doing something like that to solve a complaint I hope please call me at [protected] I really want to hear from you all and we'll gladly go into all the detail you would like to hear thank you Stephen Brockman

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