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don't judge too fast

My wife and I purchased a membership from royal holiday club in cancun mexico in 2000 upon arriving home we checked them out and were afraid after we heard all the complaints about them. However being the optimistic people we are we decided to give them an opportunity. We have since been to several of their resorts nassau, australia, hawaii, orlando, aruba and mexico three times we are happy that we did we have some great memories we had to sit down and go over our plan to fully understand it but once we did we knew how to take full advantage of it. Our marriage was on the rocks but after some r and r and quality time seeing the world our bond is stronger than ever thanks royal holiday club my advice is dont judge these guys unless you take your first vacation with them it will be wort it.

  • Ba
    barb eisinger Feb 06, 2008

    I am wondering how we could get together and perhaps find a lawyer to deal with our complaints. I have had nothing but trouble with Royal Holiday and continue to do so. This has been going on for years.

    Maybe we could jointly write our problems and make sure they are known to the company. There must be someone in charge whom we can speak to.

    If anyone has some ideas, pls. advise.

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  • Ms
    ms calgal May 15, 2008

    I got the ROYAL screw, 80, 000 credits worth, in Feb 2007. I attended the owners breakfast, since I was an origional Los Tules, Week 7 owner since 1985. I had received an offer to buy all 5 of my timeshare weeks at Los Tules (2), Sheraton Hacienda del Mar in Cabo, Sol Mar (2) in Cabo. I was given 5 contracts to purchase all of my fixed weeks at my origional purchase prices which would exceed my purchase price of the Royal contract..

    Well, to date, the took over my Los Tules week 7 luxury townhouse, haven't paid me the contracted purchase price, and I was unable to use my time in 2008! I have not been paid off for the other timeshares yet either! This is truely devastating to me, since I not only must pay the yearly fees on the Royal contract, but also the maintenance fees on the other 4 timeshare units! The whole purpose oth the contract was to reduce my maintenance fee yearly outlay! Worse yet, I have been unable to schedule 2 weeks in Los Tules for January or February!

    I need to join a class action lawsuite against these crooks. Please contact me if anyone can help us in any respect.

    Thank you CAL

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  • Ba
    Barry Colburn Jul 22, 2008

    I have been a member since 2002 and was promised an annuity at signing and a reduced to fifteen year contract. Neither was granted. I just want to get out. BC

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  • Ca
    C A Jul 29, 2008

    Hi to all!! I'm from Mexico, and also have an horror story from RHC.
    I live in Matamoros, Mexico across the border from Brownsville, TX and in my case the people from RH contact people trough credit card usage and contact you to your home phone inviting you to a meal and a complementary week on a beach resort of you choice.

    After few hours of heavy brain wash of convincing, you finally sign the contract just to find out that all that you've heard previously is a lie.

    One item on the Mexican contract (I don't know if the English one is the same) is that there only two ways that the contract can be revoked:
    1. During the first five working days returning all the information received from them, and sending a letter asking for the cancellation to the local office, to the legal representant and to Mexico city.
    2. Only when the condemned I mean the client, fails to pay monthly/yearly the payments and the company has all the right to cancel the contract and KEEP all the money already spent.

    Of course I've tried the first option traveling to Monterrey, Mexico (the nearest city with RH Offices) and as you can guess they refuse to cancel the contract at that time telling me that it has to be checked first...

    By now I escalated the issue with profeco, waiting to fix this issue up, I'm sure that many persons are victims of this kind of ripoffs and the only thing that we can do in a future is be more careful and tell all our friends/family not to fall with this kind of fraud

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fraud & cheating!

I signed with Royal Holiday for a Platinum membership in September (2007). In spite of being Mexican, I write my complaint to this American web-site because, as far I understand Royal Holiday is an International company with headquarters in Miami.

I have not had time to "enjoy" the benefits of my membership but problems came first. Before the Platinum membership, I had signed another agreement in August 26 for a Bronze membership, but soon they convinced me that a Platinum membership was the better. Their offer seemed to be good and I signed the new agreement in September 17 (2007). The first line in the new contract explain: "Modification agreement" in reference to the first membership acquired in August 26 (quoting the number of the original agreement). And, of course, this new agreement canceled all the obligations of the original document signed in August 26 and described the new financial obligations.

I was happy and everybody was happy. But it was a lie. Royal Holiday took more than 9,000 dollars (91,000 pesos) for this new agreement and have continued charging me 750 dollars a month for the old agreement, which it means that they are collecting money from the two agreements. And that is illegal.

I have not received either the "certificate" of reimbursement from Granthix Capital Financial Services nor the "fabulous" platinum card. Instead, I have read horrors about ROYAL HOLIDAY. I WILL SUE against Royal Holiday, by fraud. And I sum my complain to thousands of scammed Canadian, American and Mexican people

  • Ma
    margaret wright Oct 14, 2007

    Royal Holiday made promises and lied about the contract.Our contract does not mention the five day cancellation policy. We paid with credit card using Citibank , thinking we had protection, but Citibank is not standing behind us... This was July of 2005, we are still fighting Royal Holiday and Citibank over the charges and fraudulent contract.


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  • Ga
    Gary McSparen Dec 12, 2007

    We understand your disappointment with RHC. We have been trying ( with NO success ) to get a copy of our contract from them for 2 yrs. My husband bought a membership from them in 1997. It was ONLY supposed to be for 10 yrs. NOW in 2007 they claim it is a 30 yr contract. My husband would have never agreed to a 30 yr contract at our age. RHC is deceitful and they lie. We now have to have our lawyer get involved to deal with this mess.

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  • La
    LAURA ZARATE Feb 25, 2008

    Royal Holiday Club from Los Tules in Puerto Vallarta sold us at time share contingent upon the purchase of our existing timeshare, we made it perfectly clear that would be the only reason we would purchase it.

    They guaranteed that our timeshare would be purchased in 180 days from the time we Signed, they (RHC employees) contacted International Leisure Group and produced a guarantee of purchase of our existing timeshare,(Royal Holiday employees evaluated the value) hence we believed them and opened an account RCI thru Bank of America, Tony Navarro and Javier Machado of Royal Holiday Club (sales personnel) assured us that it would be 6 months before B of A would send any account statement and that by that time the purchase of our existing time share would be completed, this occurred on 7/2/07.

    Upon thinking about the contract we went back Los Tules and tried to cancell the contract on 7/05/07, they told us not to worry and went on to re-assure us that we were only doing an exchange, we then asked why we had to open an account with RCI Bank of America they told us that many prospect buyers had change their minds after recieving the money from sales of their existing timeshare and this was only a precaution on their part.

    As soon as we got back from vacation we faxed proof of ownership of our existing time share like were asked to International Leisure Group, a few weeks went by and nothing happened by this time we had a bank statement from B of A we contacted Tony Navarro @ 011-52(322) 226-6200 Ext 107, he said he would contact Gene Cantrell and again re-assured us everything would be OK. Well nothing happened but on August 20th after numerous calls to Royal Holiday, Gene Cantrell called and said we had to pay closing cost & interest to Mexico in the amount of $ 2,619.00 (we paid) they promised (Gene Cantrell/Joe Harrison/Jack Lewis) that the deal would close on September 10th 2007. As you can seen we worked with them in good faith. I later had to dispute this charge because they failed to provide the service.

    This was now October 20th and nothing happened, we closed the accounts. Bank of America wants to open the account
    with Bank of America. We will continue to dispute these charges. Attached are similar cases against RCH.

    I have contacted the disputes department @ B of A.

    Leonardo Zarate/Guadalupe Tamayo
    Laura Zarate/Fernando Tamayo
    cc: BBB @ 5050 Murphy Canyon, Ste. 110
    San Diego CA 92123

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We were promised all kinds of stuff to lure us in. We were told that we would get our investment back after 30 years but if you read the small print on back of certificate it is not true. We did some comparison shoping and found that it was actually cheaper to book vacations though a travel agent or Expedia than it was through Holday Travel. The royal holdiay website is also a joke. When you try to book a vacation, it keeps telling you that it is unavailable. Also your annual membership can go up every year, they tell you that they need 70% of membership approval to do so but that is not true. They also can collect special fees for such things as hurricane damage. We were told by our sales rep in Cancun Mexico that if we were not satisfied or found that we did like the program we could cancel at anytime and get a full refund. I called to cancel and get a refund and was told that we cant cancel and can not get a refund. They keep telling you to call back at a certain time or they will call you and they never call back. We purchased our Royal-Holiday vacation in Cancun Mexico at the Grand Oasis Cancun The week of October 26, 2007. the high pressure sales there is unbelievable. We used to like going there but will never return to that hotel again.

  • Ev
    eve mendez Nov 20, 2007

    In 2005 they grudgingly asked me to write a letter to a Program director Mr. Gorgona ? for Premier Holiday Travel.
    My beef was the same , twice i tried to book a vacation and twice I could not get the Hotel I wanted which was the the same Hotel I was coaxed from The Real Chain of Hotels. Well I mailed that letter and never again heard from them till yesterday
    and it was someone on our end (somewhere in U.S.A.) trying to talk down to me and threaten me with damaging my credit.
    they did not let me get a word in, then at that time i was willing to take on my initial loss , but now I'm willing to fight and will seek legal action as well as trying to get the past monies , and from what I've read on other posts... it seems like they love pulling a quick members meeting for the newbies and writing back to you to tell you it was a complete success and you now owe an extra one time $499 fee ! for upgrades? shame on the Mexican Government for not taking a proactive stance and dissolving these cockroaches ! they must not understand that this will directly Impact future travel Dollars for them! Well hopefully we will get somewhere, I would love to inform Someone whom cares in Mexico respectfully and cordially but where would I start?

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60 day cancelation promised but not true

My name is Carmen Azevedo. My husband David and I stayed at the Oasis Cancun January 13-20/07 on our honeymoon. When we were checking in we were directed to the concierge to set up a honeymoon package, which we never received. The lady that helped us set up a meeting on Sunday January 14/07 with what we thought was the Nolitour representative as sit was at the same time as what we had on our package. When we arrived on the Sunday the meeting was in fact with a representative for Royal Holiday which has an office set up at the Grand Oasis Hotel.

We were given a tour of a suite, and then sat down with Art Martinez from Royal Holiday. We signed up for a package for just under $3000.00 that was for travel coupons good for 5 years. We were told we had 60 days to cancel this contract for a full refund. Upon signing these contracts it appeared that we were signing up for a package for $10,000.00 and there was no mention of the cancellation that he advised us about. Mr. Martinez assured us that we were not signing up for that. Mr. Martinez crossed off the portion of the monthly payments to prove to us that we were only signing up for the 5 year package. He also wrote on our contract that we could cancel and either keep the gifts in exchange for the payment we made on our Visa or cancel for full refund. He did not write 60 days on it however.

On Tuesday January 16/07 after having second thoughts about what we signed up for I went back to the Royal Holiday office at the Grand Oasis to cancel the contract and hand in the packages we were given. I was directed to speak with Mr. Octavio de la Canal – Sales Director. Who had me write a letter stating that I wanted to cancel and the reasons why. He advised me I had to take the packages home with me as they are to be returned once the amount was credited back to our credit card. I asked Mr. de la Canal for a copy of what I had given him stating our intent to cancel and he refused to do so. We would never have knowingly signed a contract committing us to a monthly charge of roughly $200.00 as we advised Mr. Martinez of our situation of having just gotten married , purchasing a new house and not having a full idea of what our monthly expenses were going to be. At this stage of our lives just starting out and potentially starting a family in the near future we would never commit to something like this.

Upon arriving home we received a statement from Royal Holiday asking for the first monthly installment of this contract. I contacted Royal Holiday to discuss this situation and spoke with Mr. Molina who advised me that we only had 5 days in which to cancel the contract, which we did within 2 days. He advised me that they did not receive a cancellation letter that Mr. da la Canal advised me he had sent in. Mr. Molina advised me that he would look into this and when he called me back he advised me that the resort advised him that we did go there to cancel the contract, but were resold on the package, which is absolutely not true. I tried to contact Mr. Martinez using the cell # that he wrote on our contract only to find it is not a valid number. I have also tried to email him using the email address he provided us and have not received any response.

Thank you

Carmen Rodrigues Azevedo

Royal Holiday Club is a fraud!

Harold R. & Barbara J. Bence
PMB #154, 41 E 400 N
Logan, UT 84321
Phone: [protected]
Email: [protected]

To Whom It May Concern: June 29, 2007

On December 1, 2005 we were vacationing in Puerto Vallarta and approached a vendor to purchase a couple of tours. The agent suggested he would discount our tour tickets if we would go listen to a sales promotion for Royal Holiday. Unfortunately, we accepted his offer and thus the beginning of a very disappointing adventure. Reference below is in regard to Contract 3-101419, Account #[protected]-3.

Needless to say we were “taken in” by the offers of an annuity, reservations anywhere at any time, two for one airfares, etc. Also we fell for the offer of the purchase of the time share we presently had. We have a signed statement from the agent that we would receive money for our time share within 180 days, payable 30 days after proof of ownership and deed. In this signed statement is also included the following statement. “We also guarantee to accept into our rental program 4 weeks per year from Royal Holiday Club at 1,100usd per week net to owner starting July 2006.”

The entire price was quoted at $20,950.00. We paid $10,475.00 down, closing costs of $402.50, Administrative fees of $496.50 and 15% sales tax of $3,142.00 totaling $14,516.00. This left a balance of $10,475.00. We were then called later in the month of January and told we needed to pay a “one-time service fee” of $599.00. After several telephone calls requesting this money we asked that it be submitted in writing. This was received so we sent the money. We had searched our papers trying to verify that this money was going to be requested but to no avail. We operated in good faith and trusted that ARS (travel service for Royal Holiday) would also.

January 28, 2007 a developer’s cash-out offer was received. A check in the amount of $8,100.66 was sent to Travel Experience (ARS) as Payment in Full of the above mentioned contract.

We have made numerous telephone calls, have many emails, but to date have received absolutely nothing from anybody. The last telephone call we made they requested that the signed copy of the agreement alluded to above be faxed to them. We did that and have received no response. We have paid the annual fee once because of their threats to turn us over to the Concord Servicing Corporation, their collection agency. We wrote to cancel the contract but to no avail. If anyone has any suggestions of anything further that can be done please advise.

Harold R. & Barbara J. Bence,

Copies were sent to the following:
Royal Holiday Club
Mexican Administration for Tourism
US State Department
Utah, Arizona, California and Florida Better Business Bureau
Attorney Generals of Utah, Arizona, California and Southeast Florida
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

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Poor service!

Like more than 500 others, with whom we are joined together in a Yahoo group, we were scammed by this "club/hotel" in Playa del Carmen, MX. We were promised everything but the moon, in a three-hour closed-door presentation at the hotel. We thought it was a fantastic way to travel and save some money. But after we signed up, it has been nothing but hell ever since. First, they never followed through on ANYTHING they promised. They lied, cheated and stole from us, promising WORLD CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS at THOUSANDS of great resorts, but never even sent "the book", not delivered on ANYTHING they promised. Within our group, there has been approximately $1-million lost to these thieves. If you visit in Mexico or the Bahamas, BEWARE of any group under the name of ROYAL HOLIDAY VACATION TRAVEL CLUB or PREMIER HOLIDAY VACATION CLUB and if you visit Playa del Carmen stay clear of a gorgeous hotel called HACIENDA VISTA REAL. It is little more than a FRONT for these SCAM ARTISTS.

  • Ev
    eve mendez Nov 20, 2007

    100 million percent!!

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  • Ja
    Jane78 Jun 03, 2013

    I've heard before about the scams being committed by Royal Holiday, it seems like Playa del Carmen is full of fraudulent timeshare companies. We purchased a Royal Elite timeshare with Sandos Playacar for a studio unit. One year later when we attempted to book the unit we were sold, we were told that unit does not actually exist at that resort. We can go to the "Superior" room, or pay extra weeks to be upgraded, IF they can accomodate us at the time. They are deceitful. Beware. This is a forum with more Royal Elite Timeshare Complaints:

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membership scam

My wife and I were in Ixtapa, Mexico on our vacation when we were introduced to Victor, a Royal Holiday salesman and he’s persuaded us to purchase a contract with Royal Holiday on June 4, 2007. We were promised by this guy that we could stay at any Royal Holiday's resort or any contracted hotels, such as Sheraton, Wyndham, Marriott, Hyatt, and Radisson at anytime in over 300 countries at some incredible membership points that we have purchased. We came back to the states two days later to find out that what was promised to us is not true so we contacted Victor by email to cancel our contract and demand for our refund. He asked us to send him a written request. He also stated in the email that we should be getting our member ID within 30 days and if we still are not satisfied with them, then we can cancel our contract anytime after. We overnight our written request for cancellation, and we were put in touch with Jaye, one of their customer service person. We told him that Victor has wrongfully lead and present us to purchase the contract, and we were very disappointed with Royal Holiday. Jaye told us to give him about a week to come up with some deal that will accommodate us. We did not get any respond from him over a week so we called him, and his respond was he still needs more time. We decided to give Royal Holiday another try since they already charged over $33,000 to our American Express account so we called the travel service department to book for a night at Sheraton hotel in San Diego, and the respond from them was "we do not have any contract with Sheraton hotel in San Diego". What about over 3000 hotels and resorts in over 300 countries that Royal Holiday promises, we asked. "We only have Wave Crest at Del Mar in San Diego and it's not available now" is the respond we got. Again, we contacted Jaye and Victor to let them know about their services and demand for refund; however we did not get any respond from them. We are trying to do everything we can to stop innocent travelers from getting scammed by Royal Holiday by getting our story to all news channels including local and national. We hope that no body will have to go through the nightmare we have gone through

  • Ga
    Gary McSparen Dec 12, 2007

    We wish you good luck in getting your money back. RHC is worthless. We are trying to get out of a contract too. Let us know what you find out if anything. We need all the help we can get. G and L McSparen.

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timeshare scam!

Hello Everyone!

Our Cancun vacation at the Oasis Cancun Resort - Booking Id # 357963:

We arrived on July 15th - went to our room there was 1 working elevator for the whole hotel. There were drunk people everywhere - trash all over - empty cups/ plates of food etc. When we got to our room it smelled so moldy and the only light switch that worked had a strobe light in it - flashed continuously. There were fire ants on the balcony and it was not ocean front(as promised) - then we found cum stains on the bed - I complained- nothing happened. The next morning (2 of us had nose bleeds probably from the mold) we went down to the lobby and asked for help they asked how we made our reservations and we said "" they told us to talk to Jesus our " Rep"- we complained about all of the above and he said he did not know if he had anything available but we needed to go to the Grand Oasis for our meeting and maybe they could do something. We went to the Grand and met a woman named Cecilia - she took us to breakfast and showed us a room where she said we could be staying - then she took us to a Lobby meeting room in the Grand, where they started explaining this package. We told her we wanted to think about it and she went and got her boss who told us if he let us walk out he knew we would not come back (That's when the promises and bonuses which proved to be untrue were given), they did not leave us alone at any time & they kept sending one then another over to talk to us to occupy our time (a private conversation was impossible!). He said they could upgrade our room(at the Oasis, not the Grand) and meal plan - After 4+ hours we signed up. They did get us a new room and a upgraded meal plan. The new room was better 1 king bed and we had to have 2 portable beds bought in for our boys, but still not what we expected. When we got home we started looking at the Royal Holiday book and found out that what they said in the meeting was different from the book. Because we took the bronze plan there is not enough points to even pay for 4 people for one week much less the airfare that they said we could use our points for. So we contacted them and told them we wanted to cancel - we were threatened and told we were beyond the 5 day grace period and they would come after us - take the money out of our checking accounts if they have to. We were never told we had 5 days to cancel but we did attempt to find the people we dealt with at the Grand on 3 occasions as we had questions and concerns & had decided to not join or participate in the "Club",, but there was no one in the Grand lobby meeting area where we had our initial meeting!

For A total list of problems with our room:

1 working elevator/ only went to 5th floor - we were moved to the 6th promised ocean front - ended up with lagoon view, strobe light, smell extremely bad - mold, Air Conditioning did not work properly and quit working completely in new room! New room had 1 king bed - my sons were on 2 portable beds trash everywhere - from night parties (cups/plates of food sitting in halls and stair wells) puke on the floor in the hallways, couple screwing in the pool in front of everyone-Witnessed by even small children-during the day - while this may be a turn on to some not what I wanted to see on vacation.

If you did not turn in your card for the beach towel - it cost you $50.00 - hidden charge! Huge cockroaches in the hotel at night! Refrigerator was missing from 1st room and the refrigerator did not work in our "new" room...
Advertised as a family resort - there were teenagers/young adults running around cursing/fighting/ being obnoxious and raising hell until early in the morning - this was every night!

We had a GREAT trip last year (other family members as well) staying at the JW Marriott, Visiting Tulum, Isla Mujeres, and Xel-ha etc. We anticipated another great trip and had already began planning a group trip with family & friends (20+ people including children) next year, an annual summer trip/vacation to Mexico for many years. Cancun, Isla Mujeres, the people and culture are awesome!!! All in all we made the best of a very bad trip and I doubt we will ever return to Cancun! Paradise lost to those who would enjoy!!!

  • Da
    D.amigo Jan 06, 2010

    I am frustrated to no end with Royal Holiday. I am writing this complaint in the hopes that everyone will wise up to this fraudulent company and avoid making the worst purchase of their life.

    I purchased a vacation plan with Royal holiday in 2006 based on the FALSE promises by the salesman of complete travel flexibility and locking in the cost of my vacations. During the sales presentation, I was promised that the 30, 000 points I purchased would be plenty for 2 weeks of holidays per year to anywhere in the world. When I read the catalog later that same night (after signing), I realized that most of the destinations cost well over 20, 000 points per week and with many restrictions. The two week vacation promised would be virtually impossible!!!

    The day after I purchased I called to cancel and was told by their staff that there were absolutely no refunds. I now know that it is the law in Mexico to have 5 days to rescind your contract, but unfortunately at the time I was unaware and of course they didn't tell me. Consequently, I tried to make the best of it and use the timeshare, but then I started having the following problems:

    1) I was told that there would be amazing flexibility when booking vacations. When I tried to book a trip in 2006, I was not able to book for the two times that I had wanted, even though I called well in advance. Instead, I was forced to book for my last choice of time, and I could only travel from Sunday to Sunday. I do not consider this tremendous flexibility!

    2) I booked a trip for August 2006 to the Bahamas. When booking this trip, I was advised about a 'resort fee' of $475.19 for my guest and me for one week. When I asked about the nature of this fee, I was told that my vacation points only apply to the room, and that I would have to pay this extra fee for the week. This was another example of something that was not explained to me or included in my contract upon purchasing the plan. All of a sudden, the vacation plan is getting increasingly expensive.

    3) I experienced a third example of misrepresentation for my trip in February 2007. I was booking a trip to Cancun, and was advised of an all-inclusive fee of $672 for me and my guest for the week. Again this was another fee that was never explained to me or included in my contract. With the cost of the flight and the all-inclusive trip, I could easily book a package online for cheaper. Why did I get charged $20, 000 to pay even more to take holidays???

    4) In 2009, I found it almost impossible to book vacation time anywhere outside of Mexico and the Caribbean. The plan is not flexible as I was promised it would be.

    5) I signed a contract with an annual fee of $570. They promised me that a timeshare would "lock in the cost of my vacation". Now I am being told that the annual fees have increased to $725! How high will they get in the future? When I inquired about the increase, I was told the fee increase was in the Operating Rules. I never received the operating rules, nor did I have any fee increases explained to me.

    In short, the lack of availability or resorts, the misrepresentation of value to the points, the increase in hidden fees, and the poor standard of the rooms are the reasons why I am demanding that they cancel my contract. This vacation plan was completely misrepresented to me in the sales presentation and I will no longer tolerate spending money for something that was not what I agreed to upon purchasing my plan with Royal Holiday.

    I have been contacting their staff since November, and just keep getting passed from person to person with no real response. I feel like a broken record having to repeat my story. I finally felt like I was getting somewhere with Mario Sanabria as he made an initial (low) offer, but when I rejected it, they put me back to the commentsquality email address with no name. They are too ashamed of their product to provide me with their name!

    I've read so many bad reviews of this company, and watched all the videos online now. I think all of us that have been scammed by this fraudulent organization need to get together to demand our money back and put this company out of business. Spread the word...DO NOT BUY ROYAL HOLIDAY UNLESS YOU HAVE MONEY TO BURN!

    Here are a few emails addresses of people I've been talking to...
    Comments Quality Royal Holiday - [email protected]
    Monica Espinosa - [email protected]
    Figarella Vazquez, Xiomara del Carmen - [email protected]
    Sanabria Ramirez, Mario Carlos - [email protected]

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  • Ms
    Ms.L Jan 08, 2010

    My husband and I just came back from Nassau Bahamas getaway, we met these people through sweet talking of their two representatives in front of their presentation room. Appointment made to make it short for the next day, the catch for you to go was the FREE BREAKFAST and prize drawing and free t-shirts to give away. We were not really attracted to the give aways, we were more interested on the presentation since we always love to travel, we thought this could be a beginning of something worth to spend money for future vacations!!!
    The day of the presentation people welcome you as if you are one of them, a lot of stories to tell and get down to the business, tour will make you more attracted. They will never give you a chance to ask questions or think of what they are trying to offer, instead they will tell you all the nice things of a DREAM VACATION without spending too much! they will force you to say YES or if you have DOUBTS that's a NO NO..they will give you options after options until you are LURED.
    Fortunately, my husband and I realized it was a total SCAM, all the acting and MS NICE ATTITUDE totally change after we are convinced that we are not getting it!!! We were LEFT alone on the table with the first representative like a piece of TRASH!~!!!
    The REALITY is even more obvious when a next guy came to lend a HELPING hand to the 1st one, ofcourse that was denied the man was shaking to death because his TACTIC was never effective...(so happened my husband is a graduate lawyer) he was becoming RUDE, ripping a piece of paper infront of us w/ a total FRUSTRATION!!!
    The last person came and still other words they all gave up on us.
    We are now back home and feeling more secured. It was an experienced we will never forget, and until now it's a TOPIC of discussion in my household.

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  • Me
    Mexican Timeshare Solutions Feb 16, 2011

    Dear Timeshare Owners,

    We invite you to get to know our services at G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are a Mexican based company that specializes in cancelling contracts purchased under fraudulent premises. We offer free consultations to anybody interested in our services to discuss the details of their case.

    We are empathetic to victimized consumers and we work on a contingency basis; which means no upfront fees, and if we don't achieve results, you don't pay us a cent.

    We look forward to helping you in your claim.

    Customer Service,

    [email protected]

    1 888 275-3595

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  • Rg
    Rglaude Mar 18, 2012

    unable to contact ANYONE by phone or email to cancel before 7 days and this has been since return to the states February 18th 2012 . I paid 500 dollars.
    I have alerted my bank because they were going to take out montly payments.
    I was given names and unable to reach any of them!
    Maria Navarro
    Yasmin Gomez
    Golden Tours
    Sheena Kemp
    There are no numbers that work.
    I want to cancel this contract and get my money back!!!

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Scam artistic at Royal Holiday Club and Hacienda Vista Real

I was scammed, lied to, falsely led, and denied service by scam artists at the Hacienda Vista Real on behalf of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Needless to say that I lost a very substantial amount of money and my vacation was ruined twice. I filed a complaint with Profeco but received no real help. Although a settlement with the "supplier" was reached in January 2007, I have received nothing to compensate for my losses. Profeco is going to close my case just because a Royal Holiday representative does not show up. You can see how simple it is to scam you in Mexico. My money is stolen, my time is wasted, and this is the end of the story. Do not buy anything and do not rely on Mexican governmental organizations - they will not protect you!

  • HUNTER Liars Feb 23, 2012

    HUNTER Liars, la división Legal de Travel Time puede gestionar para Ustedes un Acuerdo de Terminación Anticipada de Contrato de Membresia en un plazo máximo de 45 días hábiles.

    Los honorarios son bastante razonables, solo $1, 299.00 USD. Sin importar la situación en que se encuentre su cuenta (pagos vencidos de mensualidades, mantenimientos y/o cuotas extraordinarias).

    Adicionalmente ofrecemos una Garantía de Resultados por escrito, de tal suerte que si no obtenemos para Usted el Acuerdo de Terminación de Contrato: NO COBRAMOS.

    Siempre funciona, cuando se sabe lo que se hace.

    + info: 01 555 536-6997 * LADA sin costo: 01 800 558-8639 *

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they will lie about anything to sell useless memberships

On March 18, 2007, my boyfriend and I arrived in Cancun International Airport (CUN) where we were approached by a travel information representative to attend a 60-90 minute Royal Holiday Club presentation. In return, we would receive free tickets to two Cancun excursions, regardless of whether we sign up for a membership or not. We agreed to attend a presentation the following day at Hyatt Cancun Caribe. During the presentation, Royal Holiday Club explained that they are not a timeshare but a vacation club. Members are able to purchase points and exchange these points for vacation time, hotel stay, airfare, and other services. They began by showing us around the Hyatt hotel and their vacation suites. They explained that once members, we can stay in these suites as they are part of Royal Holiday’s vacation destinations.
We were offered a 15-year bronze membership for ~$15,000. We quickly declined this offer as it simply was too costly, and we are not prepared for such a significantly large commitment. The presenters were very persistent and continued to present other offers, lowering the membership length and price. We denied each successive offer and were about to leave when a Mr. Art Martinez, who claimed to be Director of marketing of Royal Holiday arrived. He presented us with a 5-year membership for $3095. We told him it seemed like a good offer, but we would like to sleep on it and first do some research on their company. He said the offer is only good for that day, and continued to give more explanation as to why this is the best offer there is. He assured us that once we were members, if we had any questions he would only be a phone call or e-mail away. He gave us his “personal cell phone number” [protected]) and his “personal e-mail address” ([protected], and he would be able to personally help us with any issues that might arise. He assured us during the presentation that he’s available anytime for any questions. He encouraged us to call and e-mail him anytime and even told us that he wants to be the first person we contact for any issues with our membership. To this day, Mr. Martinez has never returned one phone call or email.

Mr. Martinez explained that we have 90 days to decide if we want to upgrade to the Bronze 15-year membership. He showed us “examples” in the membership that showed samples of what monthly payments would look like if we decided to upgrade our membership. If they don’t hear from us within 90 days, then we can simply just keep our 5-year membership with no further obligation. We signed up for the 5-year membership, paid in full. To ensure we were on the same page, we reviewed with Mr. Martinez that our membership was for 5 years for $3095 which included the items listed in List A. We were all in agreement. We again triple checked with Mr. Martinez that the charge to my American Express card was for $3095 with no further charges. He said, “Absolutely, no other charges will be made because you are not authorizing future charges.” I also asked him to tell us of any fine prints or hidden fees within the membership. He assured us that there were none. Seven hours later, we were members. After we agreed to a 5-year membership, it was only then when he gave us a large bag that contained a 2-inch tri-fold portfolio which included a book of travel destinations and directories and a box that contained the travel certificates. When we went back to our hotel after the presentation, we went over the membership and the certificates. To our dismay, we realized the “examples” shown to us of sample payments for the Bronze 15-year membership plan was actually a promissory note to make those payments! We also discovered the value of the points was not what it was described to be. Many of the destinations were well over 20,000 points per week – with many restrictions – making the one week per year virtually impossible. You could do one week per year if you went to certain locations during non-peak times (but, this wasn’t how the plan was described). In the back of each travel certificate we found multiple fine prints. These fine prints were purposely not divulged to us even when presenter Mr. Martinez was specifically asked to disclose if there were any. We also found an alarming amount of discrepancies with the membership we agreed upon vs. the membership that they actually sold to us. The value of the plan was definitely not as described or as promised. We called Mr. Martinez’s personal cell phone the very next day to cancel our membership. There was no answer from Mr. Martinez. After multiple attempts, we were finally able to get a hold of someone at the Hyatt Cancun Caribe. We were swiftly and rudely told that there are absolutely no refunds or cancellations and that no one was currently there that would be authorized to help us with the matter.

We later discovered that this statement alone along with a clause written in the membership agreement is illegal according to Mexican law. (See There is a clause in the contract that states that I am not allowed to cancel the contract. This clause is illegal. Mexican law does not allow me to waive my right of cancellation. Mexican law also requires that I receive sufficient and truthful information about the products acquired
(Articles 32, 33 & 34 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law). Clearly this was not the case. Mexican law also gives me the right to rescind the contract when the products acquired are defective in manufacture or hidden defects (Article 82 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law).

After finding this out, we started online research on Royal Holiday Club and found yahoo and msn online groups that have been formed by people who were also scammed by Royal Holiday Club along with multiple sites with dozens of complaints against this company.

/URL removed/?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=

A week after returning from our Cancun trip and many unsuccessful call attempts to Royal Holiday Club, we finally received 2 voice messages from “John,” a representative from the Royal Holiday Guest Relations Department. He welcomed us to the club. He stated he is our contact person should we have any questions. We called him several times but no answer. A week later, we received two letters from Concord Servicing Corporation (CSC) stating that my American Express card will be charged monthly for our Royal Holiday membership. We immediately called CSC to explain that we have fully paid for our membership and that I did not authorize any further charges to my account. CSC suggested contacting Royal Holiday.

We again attempted to contact Mr. Art Martinez. This time, the cell phone number seems to be out of service and we never get a single response to our emails. After failed attempts to contact Mr. Martinez and “John”, we tried the toll-free number for Royal Holiday. Several more attempts were made to contact Royal Holiday, at least once a day since we received those CSC letters. Of these attempts, there were only 3 occasions when a live person answered the phone. We first spoke with “Alvin”, a customer service representative. We explained to him that our 5-year membership was paid in full and we don’t owe Royal Holiday anything. He said it is showing up in their database that we are members for 15 years and have a balance in our account. He said they may have made a mistake at the presentation. It’s possible that the presenter and the secretary who wrote up the membership may have miscommunicated. He then said he will inform our ‘personal advisor’, “Mike Mora”, of our situation and to make sure Mike Mora calls us back the next business day. Our phone calls were unreturned.

The second successful phone call, we finally spoke with John. John listened to our issues. However, said he could do nothing about it because he was unauthorized to make any changes. We asked to speak to our ‘personal advisor” Mike Mora, but John said Mike Mora was unavailable but will call us back the following business day. Again, there was no call back. When we finally were able to speak to Mr. Mora on May 11, 2007, we explained the same issues to him. He said he will call the Royal Holiday Cancun office to clear things up and will call us back the following business day. Once again, unreturned phone calls. Again, we continue to make calls to cancel our membership, but time and time again have no success getting a hold of a live person that can help or at the very least give us any definite answers.

Royal Holiday Club gave a presentation of deceitful lies. They purposely withheld important details and provided falsified information to lure us into signing up for a fraudulent membership to take our money.

  • Lu
    Luis Vega Oct 07, 2007

    I was contacted by Royal Holidy to go to his presentation and they show everything really nice and colorfull and they keep tring for you to join and just keep insisting and insisting and I kept saying that we would like to think about it and they just keep putting the numbers even nicer until you sign the contract. Finally after about 20, NOs they gave up and gave us a certificate for 3 nights here in Puerto Rico with about 20 disclaimers on the back that practically make it imposible for your to actuall go. Than the day after I searched the web and found all these complaints and stories that confirmed my gut feeling. I hope that other people read all these complaints. And before I go I would like to recap on two sayings or phrases.. "Nothing is for free" and "I'f it looks to good to be true, it probably is".

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  • Ce
    cee Oct 21, 2007

    Been there and was had even worse and lied to like a dog.

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  • Ca
    C A Jul 29, 2008

    Hi to all!! I'm from Mexico, and also have an horror story from RHC.
    I live in Matamoros, Mexico across the border from Brownsville, TX and in my case the people from RH contact people trough credit card usage and contact you to your home phone inviting you to a meal and a complementary week on a beach resort of you choice.

    After few hours of heavy brain wash of convincing, you finally sign the contract just to find out that all that you've heard previously is a lie.

    One item on the Mexican contract (I don't know if the English one is the same) is that there only two ways that the contract can be revoked:
    1. During the first five working days returning all the information received from them, and sending a letter asking for the cancellation to the local office, to the legal representant and to Mexico city.
    2. Only when the condemned I mean the client, fails to pay monthly/yearly the payments and the company has all the right to cancel the contract and KEEP all the money already spent.

    Of course I've tried the first option traveling to Monterrey, Mexico (the nearest city with RH Offices) and as you can guess they refuse to cancel the contract at that time telling me that it has to be checked first...

    By now I escalated the issue with profeco, waiting to fix this issue up, I'm sure that many persons are victims of this kind of ripoffs and the only thing that we can do in a future is be more careful and tell all our friends/family not to fall with this kind of fraud

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royal holiday scam visitor in nassau

On May 8 2007, we went to Nassau for 3 days vacation. I attended a seminar at the Wyndham Nassau Resort hotel which was arranged by an organization named as "Royal Holiday". A sale representative & sale Manager tried to sell us a holiday package. It should be an half an hour presentation with no obligation to purchase anything. However, the sale team hold us for 4 hours until we joined a trial member package. The sale representative told us that with this package, we will pay a fixed hotel price for 7 years everywhere around the world that we want to take our vacation. It sound good...
We did not see the package until I signed the contract agreement. When we returned to the hotel, we reviewed the package contents and realized that, the package did not indicate the same deal with the fixed hotel price as sale representative told us.

On next Morning(5/9/2007), I went to the sale office and tried to see the sale manager. No one let me to talk to the manager. I had to talk to a female clerk who did not want to identify her name. I requested to cancel the contract ( in the contract indicated that I have 30 days to cancel this contract with full refund). She was denied and ignore my request. I requested for a contract cancellation form and the requested her to put a cancellation on my contract. However, she told me the contract was already sent out to the main office. I had to put my request in a piece of paper with my signature. I requested her to put a time stamp with her signature to acknowledge my cancellation. She hesitated to do that. I was refused to leave the office until she did that. However, she refused to write her name along with her signature. I returned the whole package and asked her to check the content of the package and signed to accept my return package. I told her that since this package was cancelled, I denied to make any payment.

When I returned to US on 5/9/2007, I called my credit card company to dispute any charge that submit on the behave of Royal Holiday as part of this contract. When I received the credit card bill, the charge was on my bill with the posted date of 5/22/2007 for the amount $775.00 I also received another bill from "Monterey Financial Service in California in reference to this contract for the amount of $156.25.

I don't know if these group of people working at Wyndham Nassau Resort are really represent Royal Holiday. The contract did not have the Business address, phone number and the manager who signed the contract did not have his name on the contract. Anyone who plans to travel to Carribean. Please be aware of this scam. Do not waste your time to attend this seminar. It does not worth. Please think twice before you attend this seminar.

  • My husband and I were caught in this scam also in 2008. We have refused to pay them any more monies as their incentives have turned out to be utter lies and deception. We have indicated to our Bank to charge back any payments from them. They have called our home leaving threatening messages etc. and I have indicated to them that I would be visiting the Bahamas and advising every prospective client who enters the Wyndham Hotel about their trickery. That was last month and since then I have not heard from them again.
    Have you gotten anywhere with dealing with them?

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high pressure tactics, offers they don't keep

This video is about companies in general who sell vacation plans, timeshares, point systems. Video that shows how these scams are world wide. Different continent, same scam

Although this is not about Royal Holiday, Royal Holiday uses the same presentation tactics seen here. They tell you if you do not sign today, you will not get what they are offering. As you will see if you read the accounts that people post on the Internet about the experiences the same offers have been made for years. This is not the last day. They are only saying this because they know if you research the services they say they will give you will not sign.

Please, keep putting in Royal Holiday complaints, Royal Holiday scams, Park Royal complaints, etc. into Google, and Yahoo and read before you sign. If you have already signed, do what others have done to get out of this.

  • Jo
    Jorge Aug 20, 2008

    Has anyone heard of; Vacation Ownership Solutions, Inc. with a corporation in Nevada but operating out of Beaverton, Oregon?

    I was contacted by Tom Peters and he offered to sell my timeshare but wants $595.00 Deposit for marketing fees, refundable upon selling my unit.

    I have a 2 bedroom, red week, mostly with Puerto Vallarta resorts and he estimated the fair value @ $18000.00. Does not sound right to me.

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  • Pa
    Pacs92107 Nov 29, 2009

    We did this, too, and paid the $595. Tom Peters told us that he was working on selling out our weeks and even told us a couple times that it was in the works, but we have never seen the money. Now, we try to call, email, check the website and we get no response. The website has actually been shut down!

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list of all the thieves we dealt with at royal holiday

Beware of Royal Holiday! Royal Holiday will scam you out of your hard earned money! Here's a copy of the letter I sent to Profeco summarizing my experience with the crooks at Royal Holiday.

I am writing this letter to file a formal complaint against Royal Holiday a.k.a. TRAVEL EXPERIENCE, and to seek your help in reclaiming funds that were fraudulently charged to my account by this company currently based in the Hyatt Cancun Caribe Resort Hotel. My wife and I were accosted by one of their representatives as we exited customs and were lured with free tours and taxi fare into one of their vacation presentations. We met with them on Sunday May 6, 2007 and sat through over five hours of pushy sales tactics and incentives geared to lure us into a signing a contract. Their sales tactics are reprehensible if not downright illegal. They misrepresented the terms of the service that they claim to provide and used incentives and alcohol to coerce us into making a poor decision. We eventually agreed to sign the contract with the understanding that at any point later in our vacation we could simply call back or stop by and cancel with no ill effects. They also asked us to agree to a ‘pre-authorization’ of our American Express card, NOT a charge, for the down payment amount to lock in the incentives that they had promised. Our instructions were simply to determine how we would like to handle the real down payment and to contact them once we had made our decision. At no point did they inform us of the five-day Mexican right of cancellation nor did they indicate that a Notary Public was present during the signing of the contract. In fact, we have a copy of our contracting stating that "This agreement cannot be canceled by either party...". This is fraudulent according to Mexican Law. We left their office on Sunday with the understanding that nothing would be charged to us unless we called back to authorize it. Since neither my wife nor I speak Spanish and because we are novice travelers, we did not find an Internet connection until Wednesday May 9th, 2007. It was at this time that we realized that our American Express account had been fraudulently charged on two separate occasions for a total of 16904.07 US dollars. These charges were made on May 6th 2007. We immediately attempted to call the telephone number provided on the contract on 3 separate occasions on May 9th 2007 to cancel the contract and reverse the charges but no one answered. We also attempted to file a dispute for those charges with American Express but unfortunately the collect number on the Amex card did not work from the hotel phone. We kept getting a Spanish-speaking operator whom I could not understand. My mobile phone also did not work. We decided that we would head over to Hyatt hotel before we left on Saturday May 12th 2007 to resolve this issue in person since we had two remaining tours planned for Thursday and Friday. Our goal was not to delay but rather to try to make the best of the remainder of our vacation. My wife and I printed out a copy of our American Express bill on Thursday and attempted to contact them again via phone with no success. We finally went to the Hyatt hotel on Saturday May 12th to cancel the contract in person but none of the original three people we dealt with were there. We spoke to another manager who tried to appease us with an additional 15000 points but we turned him down and insisted that we wanted to cancel the contract. At this point he informed us that the 5-day cancellation period had expired and that there was nothing he could do. He then brought us to the on site director, Daniel Villa, who told us that he would explain the situation to the corporate office and they would contact us on Monday May 14th at my office in the US. They never did. We didn’t realize the extent of the fraud by this company until we returned home and were able to contact countless others via the Internet who have been similarly scammed by this company. I have included additional attempts to cancel the contract via email but I have received no replies. I am therefore hoping that you can help me resolve the fraudulent charges in the amount of 16904.07 US dollars.

All off these people are crooks! Please do not trust them and please don't fall for their scam! Also, please don't support the Hyatt Cancun Caribe resort. They know what's going on and do nothing to stop it!!

Here's a list of all the thieves we dealt with at Royal Holiday. Orlando??, Alex??, Hector Montalvo, Daniel Villa.

[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]

  • Rh
    R.H. Jun 14, 2007

    Arturo Martinez, he call himself Art Martinez and claimed as Dir of Marketing.

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  • Jo
    john valek Mar 02, 2008

    I also was scamed told points could be banked each year , told points could be used for airline tickets, all enclusive fees, vip member always get reservation the list go on & on &on.

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  • Ma
    Martha Corredor M. Jun 02, 2009

    This is amazing¡¡¡¡ you guys are complaining about timeshes and the advertisment above are from time share¡¡¡

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  • Ja
    jane richards Jan 16, 2010

    I too have been ripped off, lied to, and put on ignor by Royal Holiday Vacations Club. I recently purchased a package from "Victor", the manager of the vacation club located in the Grand Paradise Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Two days after making my downpayment and while reviewing my paperwork and the Royal Holiday binder that I was provided AFTER paying and signing, I discovered many discrepincies in what I was promised and what I had actually received. I tried seeing Victor before my vacation ended but since it was the xmas and boxing day, the office was closed. I had to leave without being able to see him again. I asked for his email address so I could contact him after returning home and I was given a bogus email address. I have since contacte customer service several times asking them to forward my email of complaints to him directly or help me in anyway that they could in getting me some information. I have also emailed my apparent "personal vaction representative" with the same request several times. I have not even received any type of response from anybody. After reading several complaints from many other people it is obvious that I will not get any response and that my money is just gone. I have been scamed! Royal Vacations is obviously out to rip off anybody that they can and take you for as much as they can suck you in for. They load you up with alcohol and then take full advantage of the situation. I did read in someones complaint that after several attempts at emailing to the company that they finally pasted a copy of their email directly onto Royal Holidays website. It was only after doing this that they finally were contacted by the company. If that is the only way to get a response then I suggest that we all try doing that (if they havn't found a way to block people from doing that). I am going to give it a try because it is obvious by what I have been reading that sending them countless emails is not going to get me anywhere. This is something that needs major media attention to bring awareness to people around the world to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by Royal Holiday Vacation Club. They are out to outright rip people off for what ever they can get out of them!!!

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  • Ju
    jufero Apr 12, 2011

    Well I was tricked to buy too since when i agreed to buy my bronze plus they promissed airline tickets plus all inclusive and on top of all that they told me i could sell my time shares and make money beside paying my annual fees so it sounded so good that i paid 10 000 .They gave me a paper where it says rentsure and when i tryed to do so they said they didnt know what i was talking about, I havent paid the annual in two years and im receiving numerus of treats saying they are going to ruin my credit and so on I really dont know what to do Im still paying for that loan and besides I havent even use the points that supposely I bought.

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  • Ch
    chiov70 Apr 13, 2011

    Allow me to ask you if you have on written the airfare tickets or if the rent sure is a permission to use the rentsure program?
    I'm akking because if you do, you have a good chance to cancel the contract and get part of your money back.
    Where do you purchase?
    Please feel fre to contact me chiovillegas13 hotmail

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business of customer care

I work for Royal Holiday in customer care. When someone signs a contract they are obligated to pay the amounts for the time period. We have contracts for thirty years, and members pay dues for this time. Because of the nature of the contract the members are obligated to pay the resorts operating expenses, and so if there is a problem, the dues go up. The terms of the membership vary depending on how much is put down initially. Until the full amount is paid, for example, for the premier package of 60,000 points, it is around $30,000,00, a member does not qualify to book a vacation. Also, we are not obliged to book vacations at resorts where travel agents are still selling vacations, until we know that no other guests are booking the room. For example, if needs the rooms for their clients they get the rooms. That is why so often members are told no availability.

I get tired of all the Americans crying and wanting to cancel the memberships. You should have researched the product and company before spending that kind of money. A fool and their money are soon parted. But, this is not my problem. The law is on our side. Anyone that is so stupid to sign a contract in a foreign country after being promised things that are too good to be true deserved to be screwed. I have read pages on the internet about problems members think they have, but they brought this on to them self. When we do cancel contracts and refund money it is because the person has taken the time to find the places to file complaints, and have documented the attempts to have services provided and that we have not done so. Also, the Mexican law that states there is a five day cancellation period is purposely not on the contracts so that you did not cancel on time, then you can not cancel. It is simple. You don't know your rights, you should have waited, and researched. Now it is too late.

  • Ri
    Richard Hunter May 28, 2007

    This is stupid. I saw a posting by this creep on other site, saying he was making good to a complainant, that proved to be a lie. What does he think he is doing, discouraging people from seeking refunds? This is a reason no to do business with them, they make fun of Americans.

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  • Cc
    C. Carballido May 31, 2007

    Yeah, this is just like them, believe they can degrade us Americans, and laugh all the way to the bank. One day we will get the U.S. State Department to give out the warning they have on their web site to Americans on the way to the Mexican resorts and then their racket will end. It is just a matter of time before the power of the Internet will get enough people to pressure our State Department to have airlines pass out the information that is on the web site instead of us finding it after the scam is over. I know some victims have printed it up and gone to airports near their houses and passed it out to passengers getting on Mexican bound flights.

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  • Sa
    Sally Stricklen Jun 09, 2007

    What a jerk, this is a voice of a sociopath. Anyone who works for them must be sociopaths.

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  • Je
    Jerry Attrick Jun 18, 2007

    This complaint should be removed as spam. This is obviously a thinly veiled attempt to salvage the reputation of this scam by the very perpetrators of the scam. Exactly what one would expect from this group of sharks.

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  • Ri
    Richard Sandell Aug 21, 2007

    This fellow is obviously a water carrier for Royal Holiday and is paid for.

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  • Jo
    joshua Forbes Jul 07, 2008

    There is no truth to this Comment. Royal Holiday get a bad rep. because of individual sales person who do not explain the concept properly to their clients.
    A member can begin to use the membership before the purchase price is paid in full.

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  • Lo
    Lori Mc Nov 24, 2008

    Is really sad to read from a Customer Service Representative, those comments, when their salaries, come from America size, don't be arrogant, would be from USA, your Cancun would be nothing.

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  • Sa
    SariPa Jun 02, 2015

    I dont believe this law -thing! RHC doesnt even seem to obey any law itself! I hope folk reads my complaints. Sorry my English though..

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got money back and contract cancelled!

I got an e-mail from a woman who was successful in getting her contract cancelled and all money back. Royal...

problems getting cancellation!

Many of us are not being allowed to cancel the contracts we were pressured into signing with Royal Holiday...

very bad deal, not worth the money!

I bought a vacation package for almost $28,000.00 in Mexico. This is for thirty years, and 60,000 points. My annual dues are $879.00. So, I am putting out around $1,800.00 a year for the ability to take a vacation. Now, if I go to an all inclusive resort, or cruise, I have to pay more money. The points don't cover it. I went to a couple of the hotels web sites and saw how much it would cost for one week if I pay cash, and compared to what the one weeks worth of points cost, and I see it cost a few hundred dollars less if I pay cash, and I can make the reservation NOW. It is easy, not trying to get a customer service person, etc. They told me they could not book my points vacation until a few weeks before I want to go, they can't put me in the system.

I need to get my money back, so I will do what I see on all these sites. I have joined the Yahoo Royal Holiday Group.

Thanks to all who have already put information up.

  • Su
    Sue Lovejoy May 25, 2007

    I had a similar experience, and I hope to Hell I am able to recover my money. This was a scam and based on falsehoods from the beginning. I feel like a fool.

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  • Ro
    Roxanne Mack May 26, 2007

    I have a worthless contract with these people too, and they are trying to make me pay my yearly dues.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Butler Nov 12, 2007

    I am very surprised to hear of all the complaints with Royal Holiday. I purchased my vacation plan for 30 years at a cost of $11,000 for 15,000 points. I pay $495.00 per year. I have stayed in the Bahamas for 7 days- great!! Miami - not so great, but when I complained I got a reply the next day and a free 5 day trip to Cancun ( no points) with a beautiful room on the beach. Also, my daughter paid the maintenance fee for the 30th year and her husband and she went to Cancun for 5 days for $495.00 for 10,000 points. We now have 5,000 points to add on to next year. I did find that all the "little extras" are pretty worthless - like the discounts at restaurants. Who wants free fries at MacDonalds? I have always been able to get someone on the phone,albeit, siesta time in Mexico City with people that speak heavily accented English is difficult. However, I am happy to say that I am quite pleased. (Knock on Wood) Am going to Puerto Vallarta in Feb. for $150.00 for four people - no points. Staying at the Holiday Inn - look it up it looks great. Will probably have to listen to someone try to sell me an island but I have learned to say no and get awfully sick when I get pushed. Just cough in someone's face and tell them you think your tuberculosis is back. I am so sorry to hear that so many people have had bad experiences. And some of the prices are outrageous. No wonder some mystery man called me to ask if I would sell him my timeshare. - maybe - for the right price.

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  • Li
    Linda LaBoy Jul 29, 2008


    Guess the joke is on us for we purchased a timeshare with Royal Holiday and its been a nightmare since we signed on the dotted line! We've attempted to off-load the property but given the bad reputation that Royal Holiday is building for itself, we cant even give it away!

    For all those out on the market to purchase a time share, especially with Royal Holiday: DONT DO IT! You will regret it. We have been paying on the unit for two years and have not used it once. Yet, the maintenance fees come due once a year!

    Again, Royal Holiday is truly a JOKE and they are good at scamming potential buyers.

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not able to use services

I can not get a vacation under my plan either. I have spent time online. I have been looking for anything that can help me get out of this mess. Here are some sites that I have been using to document my case.

This is a resource of accounts to help establish a pattern of fraudulent business practices by Royal Holiday:

other links to helpful sites:$com.main?p_lang_

Also, I have joined an online group through Yahoo.

Hope these sites help you fight your case.

  • Un
    Unsuspecting Vacationer May 19, 2007

    Thank you for the great list. The PROFECO page had an explanation of the Mexican law for five days to cancel. I liked seeing that.


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  • Sh
    Sheila Labanguar May 20, 2007

    I bought a vacation package without checking out this company first. I tried to book a vacation. Told, all booked. Today, I put in Royal Holiday in google, and I see this. I am shocked. I am going to work on this now, not to book a vacation, but to get out of this contract. Thanks. I have mixed feelings, I was so happy at the thought of my vacations, but now I don't think it would ever work. I better cancel.

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  • Su
    Sue Lovejoy May 25, 2007

    Thank you for the information. It sounded so good at the time, then I spent some time figuring out how much the points were actually costing me, what a vacation actually costs, and then I saw I could go on the same vacations for hundreds of dollars less for a week. It is amazing. The points are very expensive, and the annual fees. I have seen that other members have been given assessments for costs of hurricanes at the resorts where they originally purchased. That is even more expenses. And then, if they sell out all the rooms to non-members, members don't get their vacations. I am glad to see all this information here, it lets me know I need to get out now.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Treat May 26, 2007

    This is the same problem I am having.

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  • Jo
    Jose Ruiz May 28, 2007

    There is a United States State Department warning against buying Mexican Timeshares. Please be advised, banks and credit card companies should not be assisting companies like Royal Holiday in these purchases.

    REAL ESTATE AND TIME-SHARES: U.S. citizens should be aware of the risks inherent in purchasing real estate in Mexico, and should exercise extreme caution before entering into any form of commitment to invest in property there. Investors should hire competent Mexican legal counsel when contemplating any real estate investment. Mexican laws and practices regarding real estate differ substantially from those in the United States. Foreigners who purchase property in Mexico may find that property disputes with Mexican citizens may not be treated evenhandedly by Mexican criminal justice authorities and in the courts. Time-share companies cannot be sued in U.S. courts unless they have an office or other business presence in the U.S. Consumers should contact a Mexican attorney, the Mexican consumer protection agency PROFECO, or other consumer information agency for information on companies that operate outside of the U.S. Ownership Restrictions: The Mexican Constitution prohibits direct ownership by foreigners of real estate within 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) of any border, and within 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) of any coastline. In order to permit foreign investment in these areas, the Mexican government has created a trust mechanism in which a bank has title to the property but a trust beneficiary enjoys the benefits of ownership. However, U.S. citizens are vulnerable to title challenges that may result in years of litigation and possible eviction. Although title insurance is available in the Baja Peninsula and in other parts of Mexico, it is virtually unknown and remains untested in most of the country. In addition, Mexican law recognizes squatters' rights, and homeowners can spend thousands of dollars in legal fees and years of frustration in trying to remove squatters who occupy their property.

    Time-share Investments: U.S. citizens should exercise caution when considering time-share investments and be aware of the aggressive tactics used by some time-share sales representatives. Buyers should be fully informed and take sufficient time to consider their decisions before signing time-share contracts, ideally after consulting an independent attorney. Mexican law allows time-share purchasers five days to cancel the contract for unconditional and full reimbursement. U.S. citizens should never sign a contract that includes clauses penalizing the buyer who cancels within five days. The Department of State and the U.S. Mission in Mexico frequently receive complaints from U.S. citizens about extremely aggressive sales tactics, exaggerated claims of return on investment, lack of customer service and questionable business practices by time-share companies, resulting in substantial financial losses for time-share investors.

    A formal complaint against any merchant should be filed with PROFECO, Mexico's federal consumer protection agency. PROFECO has the power to mediate disputes, investigate consumer complaints, order hearings, levy fines and sanctions for not appearing at hearings, and do price-check inspections of merchants. All complaints by U.S. citizens are handled by PROFECO's English-speaking office in Mexico City at 011-52-55-5211-1723 (phone), 011-52-55-5211-2052 (fax), or via email at [email protected] For more information, please see the PROFECO "Attention to Foreigners” web page at Profeco (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor).

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  • Ol
    Olivia Hernandez May 30, 2007

    I saw this on another complaint board, this is a part of the clip that was taken from the U.S. State Department warning against doing business in Mexico, the full warning says not to sign contracts without taking the time to have an attorney look at it. These vacation clubs are time-shares, and the way the presentations go, they don't allow you to take advantage of the great offers, unless you sign then and now. Beware, there are thousands of Americans who have been scammed, that is why the State Department has issued the warning:

    American citizens should exercise caution when considering time-share investments and be aware of aggressive tactics used by some time-share sales representatives. Buyers should be fully informed and take sufficient time to consider their decisions before signing time-share contracts, ideally after consulting an independent attorney. Mexican law allows time-share purchasers five days to cancel the contract for unconditional and full reimbursement. U.S. citizens should never sign a contract that includes clauses penalizing the buyer who cancels within five days.

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  • He
    Helen Woodland Feb 08, 2008

    I'm a victim of the Royal Holiday Club scam. The problem is that people are vacationing every day and they get caught by the scam. Yes, there are hundreds, maybe thousands out there that's been scammed, but there are others that will get in the same predicament. This needs to be stopped. This is organized crime and our Government is doing absolutely nothing to help their citizens. I wrote to the Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney General in Arizona, Florida, Maryland, and the Florida Better Business Bureau. Absolutely nothing was done. Royal Holiday completely ruined my credit. I paid them $10,000 when I signed the contract and was not able to get one trip. Every time I tried to get a trip, there was some excuse, but they wanted me to continue sending them $700 monthly for a service and I could not get services. When I refused to continue sending them money, they sent my name to the credit bureaus. After 4 years of fighting them, they agreed to remove the deragatory information from my credit report. The refused to return any of the $10,000.00. They got $10,000 from me for absolutely nothing. This makes me so angry because they know that what they're doing is wrong, but this is what they do. I asked the representative if he thought what he was doing was ethically wrong and he said no. This is their way of making money and they use the Mexican law to hid behind their crimes. The only way to fix this is to expose Royal Holiday Club in the media and find a political representative to take them on.

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  • Ye
    Yellow Scout Jun 19, 2008

    After going back and reading the tragic experiences above I want to read more about how these good and kind American citizens are often treated abroad. Some of those stories are so tragic that one can hardly believe the test of the complaint.

    I have been hit with Time Share hustlers over the years but my wife and I stood together and we never let them divide us from each other. But I witnessed a trio of women in Mazatlan so pressure a little family to the point that the children were crying and the husband and wife were fighting over the legitimacy of such a purchase while, of all things, on vacation.

    I know of know one who goes on vacation to buy property of any kind. That is no vacation. No, a real estate purchase is the opposite of "vacation.'

    When a family goes to Mexico or any other foreign land, know that you are going to spend some vacation money. But to buy land! To buy a beach house! No. Never. To Buy a Time Share? You know nothing of Time Share. You came to Mexico to play, not to stress out, and end up fighting with each other. If you need to, get nasty with the bold and relentless salesman.

    Why not keep your credit card in your pocket. Your check book too. And the same goes for your cash on hand. Do not give them your room number so they can call you up early in the morning for a "Free Breakfast." If you attend, you will be in for one of the highest pressure sales pitches you will ever encounter. And you'll never forget the experience.

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action to royal holiday club scam

Hello all; I'm the victim of RHC scam too. I think we need do something to prevent someone else become...

please don't fall for the trap

In March 2007, I attended a Royal Holiday 90 minute presentation where I met with Art Martinez, the program director of the Cancun sales office set up in the Hyatt Cancun Caribe hotel. He gave us the option to sign up for a 30 year, 20,000 point per annum program for $20,000, but also gave us a 60 day window to cancel our 30 membership and keep the 5 year Unlimited package for the down payment I made of $5995. It has been over a month and I am still trying to get Art Martinez to resolve my issue. I have tape recorded conversations with him over the phone in which he confirms his promise to me that he would let me back out of the 30 year membership program if I canceled within 60 days.

Art Martinez even provided me with his email address and cell phone number, but he has never returned a phone call or an email. I have also tape recorded all my voicemails on his cell phone.

I have done exactly as he has told me. I sent him a cancellation letter at his request via Fedex. I have the Fedex tracking showing that he signed and received the letter. I have him on the phone confirming that he received the letter and was going to work with the Mexico City corporate office to make sure that everything would be corrected and that I would owe nothing additional and would be able to keep the Unlimited Package for 5 years for the down payment I made. He confirmed to me that "Carmen" was going to send the corporate headquarters instructions to correct my plan.

I spoke to Carmen in his office on May 10, 2007, who claims that what Art told me would never be allowed and she has never heard of such agreements being made. She didn't even know about my letter of cancellation, even though she is the one he said took care of everything.

I have also been in talks with my account rep at the corporate office, Migual Angel Juarez, who has been trying to help me, but says that Art Martinez has never contacted him.

Do not do business with these people. My next steps are to hand over all my recorded conversations to a lawyer. I have also written to:

Story Suggestions
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

I encourage others to do so, so we can gain support for this cause. I have send them the link to this website that shows the many complaints that exist for Royal Holiday.

I figure that this would be a great segment, especially since I have so much evidence against them. They love to play taped phone conversations on that show.

I am fed up with the lies and deception. I have over 20 phone calls recorded between myself and Royal Holiday, so you can see how much work I have been putting into this. Please don't fall for the trap. I am not even trying to get out of anything, I am trying to downgrade to the program that was given to me as an option in the very beginning.

  • Sa
    Sandra Treat May 11, 2007

    I don't understand why none of the news media have picked up on this in the U.S.A. I heard they did an expose on this in Canada. I also don't see how the credit card companies justify doing business with these companies that have a long history of selling contracts without providing services and under fraudulent means. The fact they lie and say there is "no reconsideration period" in their contracts is blatantly ILLEGAL!! I know I told Mastercard about the Mexican Law, I sent a copy of it with my fraud claim. Yet, Visa and MasterCard and others still do business with them. I was told if I put the full amount on my credit card they would give me over $2,000.00 off my thirty year premium plan, so it was around $27,000.00. They called my credit card company for me and waited for me to get an increase in my limit to do the deal. My credit card company should have told me there is an alert out against these types of contracts, do not sign until you investigate, research the company for complaints on the INTERNET. Instead, they gave me the increase, and never said a word. Now I know all the credit card companies have had fraud complaints because of Royal Holiday. I do not know why they are not responsible for protecting their card customers? Why don't the travel agents who book trips in the resorts where Royal Holiday have offices and are allowed to solicit business provide basic information about the history of this company, and the risks of signing long term contracts in a foreign country? We were in La La Land, on our dream vacation, not being scammers ourselves, never thinking people would lie to us to that extent. We are wiser now, but face it, BASICALLY HONEST, HARD WORKING, MORAL people don't think the way con artist do, and trust people. The businesses that are benefiting from our business with them should protect us.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Smith May 26, 2007

    This is an example of what can be done:

    I bought a package in Cozumel. When I decided to see what kinds of complaints might be on the Internet about your company, I put in Royal Holiday complaints in Yahoo and Google. When I saw what problems these people had I realized I did not want to be involved. I also saw that it is very important to move fast to get out. First, the lie on the contract, that there is no reconsideration period. The only reason to lie and to cover the Mexican law, is this is a fraud. The other thing, which I did have my financial advisor check out, your annuity is also fake. ABSOLUTELY FAKE!! The cost of the points and annual dues are not value, even IF you get a vacation booked, which I see is a big problem. So I was fortunate to get my money re-credited by your company to my credit card, which I have now cancelled completely, so you can not use that again. My concern is the fact your company destroys customers credit reports. This is why I need an official cancellation of the contract. If you write me and tell me you can do this for me, I will send you my number, for the contract. I read about the terrible HELL people are suffering because of the deception of the presentations and HIGH PRESSURE sales, and it is pure torture, human suffering. If you can really help them free themselves of this agony you are a good person. If you research and read the stories of these people, I am sure you will feel bad for them. Many of these have been going on for YEARS.

    Response from Royal Holiday Quality Assurance:

    Dear Mrs. Smith,

    Regarding your email I gladly inform you that in the next few days our Service Area will send you a Dissolution Agreement of your Royal Holiday contract.

    We want to thank you for providing us with comments related to your experiences while being part oh the club. We regret that you haven’t had a pleasant experience as the rest of our almost 60,000 members have.
    As soon as you receive the Dissolution Agreement, we kindly request you to remove any current complaint or dispute against Royal Holiday Services or Personnel as well as publishing or communicate any negative comments by any formal media in the future.

    Personal, I will take care of this matter; I request your patience and confidence that will be honoring our commitment.

    Receive my most sincere regards,
    Teresa Sandoval
    Quality Assurance Supervisor
    Royal Holiday
    Corporate Offices Mexico
    [email protected]

    This person has been told not to continue to share her experience, so I have, with her permission, changed her name and posted this to let others know that this is not hopeless. Fight with everything you have and use the Internet to be heard and you too can get your contract cancelled and money back.

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  • Je
    Jerry Attrick Jun 18, 2007

    I literally JUST returned from a week long vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico with my wife, and we made the mistake of even talking to these guys in the airport as we waited in line for our rental car.

    The guy seemed nice enough -- and it was only "90 minutes," right? How can this be bad? Since I am the happy owner of a Mariott Vacation Club deeded time share in Hawai'i, I thought it would be nice to hear about the other options available in case I wanted to buy another week.

    The next morning, we arrived for breakfast at Los Tules and spoke to a couple folks while we ate. Then a couple of very informed gentlemen began to talk to us about the club (both of which readily admitted owning Mariott Vacation Club properties and not Royal Holiday shares). At about 90 minutes, we stated our lack of interest in their "points-based" solution but thanked them for the enlightening presentation. -- Then, their tactics changed, and some shark rolled up and became argumentative and tried to get us to sell our MVC deeded time share -- which we had absolutely no interest in hearing about. He continued to be rude and argumentative and it got to the point that I insisted that he call over his supervisor. He insisted that he was the floor manager, and I insisted to talk to his supervisor. Finally, some shady-looking shark came over and asked what the problem was. Rude Shark became all smiles and explained that we were not letting him finish his "presentation" and I told Shady Shark that we had no intention to sell our timeshare to them and had no interest to do business with them. Shady Shark said to send over Javier and start the "exit process."

    Javier started to administer an "exit survey" which he filled out VERY slowly as though he was dragging his feet. He didn't even want to write down my comments about the presentation and Rude Shark -- I made sure that he wrote down my comments -- I doubt this survey made it out of that room, but it was a survey...

    Well, before long, Javier drops back into a sales mode like we had heard previously, only MUCH slower, and he stuttered as though he was new or mentally handicapped. Rude Shark dropped by a couple times to offer us drinks and offer Javier drinks. They found this amusing, but it only made me angry. I looked around for one of the first two gentlemen who were reasonable, but they were no longer on the sales floor, so my wife asked me to go find one of them. I got up and went back into the lobby: raising a ruckus and looking for help. Shady Shark came up and became VERY belligerent and I began to think there would be an altercation, and I was ready to leave. At this point, it had been over 2 hours, and my wife was determined to wait them out and not leave without our "incentives" just on principle.

    We were coaxed back to the table, where Javier began his painfully slow offer. We said, "No." Javier started another offer, and although we said, "No," he continued to fill out this offer at a pace that would make a snail blush. After that offer, he began his third offer. We said, "No" and he said he'd give us a few minutes to think about the offer and he got up and walked away. My wife and I took this opportunity to write down any contact information and any names that we could think of. Unfortunately, very few sharks were wearing name tags.

    When Javier came back, we told him "no" and he started a FOURTH offer. Rude Shark came over and recommended that he tell us about "deeds" that they had... I could tell that they were trying to wait US out -- on principle, so that they wouldn't have to honor their offer to us. We told them flat out that they would not get a single dollar from us, and Javier began on about how we could get a better deal if we had an International 01 or 02 credit rating and would we give him our credit card information: "NO!" how about our social security numbers? "HELL NO!!" That's right, he actually asked for credit card #s and our social security numbers!! Then, Javier got up and yet ANOTHER shark came over. This one was missing some teeth and talked as though he was drunk. He made little sense and after 10 minutes, Shady Shark finally came over and ended this awful treatment. He had been standing close by and finally realized he was wasting his time. A sucker wasn't born EVERY minute after all.

    Thankfully, we got out of there with our wallets and safety in tact. We were incredibly shaken, but the cruise that we got as an "incentive" was all the sweeter knowing it was on their peso.

    Lessons Learned:

    1) DO NOT even talk to these guys in the airport. We learned that starting in 2008, Mexican law is going to make it illegal for them even to approach you in the airports and on the streets.

    2) DO NOT attend a time-share sales meeting for a resort where you are not the guest. If you do, you will be a captive audience, and they tend not to treat you well if you're not a guest, and you have little available recourse. As a corollary, do not EVER allow them to arrange a car to pick you up. For you will be at their mercy as to when you leave. I've heard of people being there for upwards of 7 hours with this scenario.

    3) DO NOT buy from Royal Holiday. Use a well-known, reputable entity that does not undertake unfair business practices. If you're in the market for a time share, stay FAR away from Royal Holiday and instead investigate the options of the Marioitt Vacation Club.

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