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Sundance Vacations provides discount vacations and wholesale travel options. Sundance Vacations was founded in 1991 to provide quality discount vacations at a fraction of the retail rate. Wholesale travel choices are endless in this destination-based program that enables customers to enjoy discount vacations in many popular resort areas. We encourage the tens of thousands of Sundance Vacations clients to Explore, Dream and Discover.

Sundance Vacations Complaints & Reviews

Sundance Vacations / their false advertisement

Stephen Loke on Dec 3, 2017
Sundance Vacation, Take A Break Travel, Customer Service Network are all part of the same group in which I had a terrible experience with. I was originally called to be informed that I had won a "free" trip and a fire kindle and I would be able to pick up these prizes at a location in NJ...

Sundance Vacations / They pretended to be very helpful, but in reality they want only money

Reviewer23851 on Dec 3, 2015
I have visited the presentation of Sundance Vacations. The team was so friendly and was ready to do everything for you. I finally signed the contract with them, but when I asked if I didn’t have enough money to pay them, the rep said that they would figure something out. When I had some income...

Sundance Vacations / Vacations

critt on Sep 15, 2015
I am paying a company (Sundance) for vacations that have an additional charge and two separate monthly fees. I get nothing out of this vacation package except a headache and wasted money. Nothing that I have attempted to book is available, nothing!

Sundance Vacations / Material Misrepresentation

CQuiles on Aug 4, 2015
I signed up with Sundance Vacations back in November 2014 at their New Jersey branch. I had won a free trip at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey but they asked me to come in to see the presentation. After the presentation, which already wears you down as it is, they sit you down...

Sundance Vacations / Plan With Tan / Travel Advantage Network / Misrepresentation, manipulation, illegal business practice

amybc on May 9, 2014
Travel Advantage Network, part of Sundance Vacations, uses very manipulative and illegal business practices. In my case, they got me to go to their presentation by telling me I would get a free cruise. While there, they used many material misrepresentations to lure me in. I was told studio...

Sundance Vacations / Waste of money

P Quick on May 6, 2014
Was sold a vacation package for $5, 000 for 10 weeks of vacations at various locations. When you add on the yearly service fee of $350.00 plus the booking fees, a week of vacation ends up costing $1000 if you only do 1 a year. TAN sent me an offer for a "FREE" week which ended up costing...

Sundance Vacations / Fake nascar certificate

Julia and John on Apr 12, 2014
John was told on the phone he had won 2 tickets to the June Nascar race in Dover Delaware. This is a scam don'tbelieve a word Sundance Vacations tell you it is false. We went to the website to go to to claim our tickets. There is not a website found. It only comes up to the Sundance...

Sundance Vacations / Tri State Financial / Scam!

Emmi A on Aug 23, 2012
Do not fall for their "Win a Trip" scam. You do not win anything. A way for them to bypass the FCC DNC list and harass you. They get you to a high pressured sales pitch and start off by telling you it's not a high pressured sales pitch, lol! We should have went running out the door...

Sundance Vacations / Scam or Rip off

Terie on Jul 26, 2012
Has anyone tried to book a vacation through Sundance or Tan, and not been able to get a date or month because all reservations are booked from now until whenever. I tried booking a few day get away in 5 different locations and all were booked. I tried from Oct. thru March of next year...

Sundance Vacations / Tactics

Citizen warning on Jun 14, 2012
So the family went to a Globetrotters game and filled out a prize form. Interesting that my wife hand picked out of hundreds of forms. So much for being random. She got the call to come sit in on an hour presentation and then we would get a paid cruise (except for taxes). Catch was that we...

Sundance Vacations / Cancellation

sadinphilly on Jan 10, 2012
I you wind up sitting in the offices of this company listening to a presentation and you have second thoughts, get up and run outta there. It is a very high pressure pitch with very tiny writing. I have given up $1200 of my hard earned money for nothing. They offered me a trip to a place I...

Sundance Vacations / Tri State Finanical / Travel Advantage Network / Cancellation/Refund

ChantelleQ on Nov 22, 2011
In October 2009, I fell hook line and sinker for what was presented to me as a fabulous deal. Unfortunately, much to my dismay, here I am 2 years later and trying to cancel my contract and finding that this contract was misrepresented and had so many omissions to begin with some may...

Sundance Vacations / Brookfield, Wisconsin

jillhenderson on Nov 11, 2011
Sundance was holding a sweepstakes at a local fair the summer of 2010, to win a "free" cruise in which I signed up for. I received a phone call a few days later stating that I had won and would need to come in for one hour to sit through a "presentation" for one hour in order to receive...

Sundance Vacations / Misleading free cruise

18tfp291 on Jun 2, 2011
This "free" cruise is supposed to be valued at $1, 200 dollars for a basic, inside, bunkbed room??? I understand that taxes must legally be paid by the person cruising, but you can easily find an all-inclusive cruise package (airfare, ground transportation, etc.) for under $1000 (taxe...

Sundance Vacations / High Pressure Sales

World-Traveler on Apr 15, 2011
I went to the presentation, heard the schpeal for about 2 hours, I should have walked away immediately, but I have a really hard time telling "NO" to anybody. I ended up buying a bare minimum package, 7 weeks for $2500 and they let me trade in my "free" cruise for an 8th week. They will...

Sundance Vacations / Scam

Suzie Williams on Apr 6, 2011
I won a 'free vacation' from this outfit. Surprisingly, so did the other people I was with who also filled out entry forms. I did a quick look online, and good grief! This company is horrible! I called them back to tell them to give the 'free vacation' to someone else...

Sundance Vacations / SCAM HARRASSMENT

After being scammed into a vacation package deal with Tan Vacations, Sundance Vacations, now I am being harrassed at all hours of the day and night by their financer, TRI STATE FINANCIAL. They call me at least 5-6 times a day from an unknown number, and as long as they don't initially...

Sundance Vacations / FRAUD

I went to a computer show with my husband, and filled out a form for a contest to win a cruise/airline tickets. Of course, we won, I think everyone that enters wins, and got talked into this vacation deal (PLAN WITH TAN.) I followed all of the rules, and was told that EVERY FRIDAY AT...

Smart Travel Aka Sundance Vacations / Possible Scam

My boyfriend and I had gone to the Cincinnati beer festival several months ago and put our names in to either win a car or a cruise. He received a phone call from 800-501-0100 and spoke with 2 women, Kathleen and Yvonne, and they stated that we had won a cruise and gave him a confirmation...

Sundance Vacations / Vacation Plns

I recently went to a Sundance Vacation presentation and listened very thoroughly to what the presenter was saying. $15, 000 dollars for a 30 vacation package. A $500 dollar vacation sounds good door to door. I mean from the time you leave the house until you get home you only spend $500...

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