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Accor Plus — Online booking rates

Booking made online, non refundable PUBLIC rate applied to the booking. Not the exclusive Accor Discounted...

Accor Plus — accor plus discovery

hi i am absolutely pissed off and mad right now i have been on the phone to you guys for days nearly a whole...

Accor Pluspoints not be allocated to my membership

I booked a reservation at the NovotelTwin Waters resort to stay the night of 7th September for one night with my family, I provided my membership number at the time of the booking and was assured the points will be allocated to my membership. I called a week after my stay and was informed I should wait a few days.Due to no points had been allocated, I emailed Twin Waters Resort, providing a copy of my reservation and did not get a reply. I phoned last week and was advised by one of your representatives that she will look into it and would call back last Tuesday and still no contact has been made. I am a very patient person but this is just not good Customer Service from the initial booking of the accommodation and and still nothing is . Please contact me as soon as possible to have this rectified. My phone number is [protected]

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    Accor Plus — so amazing chefs bangkok

    24 September 2019 Good afternoon We have just returned from the SO Amazing Chefs Bangkok. I draw to your...

    Accor Plusmembership fake promises

    Your sales person roopa is seriously out of her mind firstly secondly I would like you to remove or else you will loose many customers! She promised me many things when she sent the person to my house for money and she took 15750 from me for my membership and she didnt gave me the coupons which she promised me but before that also I told her that I want to cancel my membership but she said the process will take 7 days and i told her that I want it before going to Goa but She said that your membership will be cancelled And when I m in Goa she sends the membership to my place and she was very unethical and very ill mannered and no respect towards your customers at all. I want my money back or else I'll file a complaint against you guys in the court and even your online employ Mayank sharma said you will get your money back...!

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      Accor Plusbecoming a member

      Hi I don;t usually complain but I have got really stressed trying to resolve an issue so want you to know of this and actually resolve it for me. 5 days ago I got rung out of the blue and offered a membership for NZ$395. I a freind prevously said this was a useful thing when you are a regular traveller. I was told I would receive an email confirmation. I had no idea of what I had signed up to (ie not even the name of the programme) all I knew is that it was to do with Acor. No email arrived. I tried contacting the call centre and went to an answer phone and left a message. Over the last 5 days I have tried calling tried 9 times. Twice I left a message and have yet to get a reply. Twice I actually got to talk to a real person. Once (early on) someone rung me to say my email had bounced back. I gave the person my email again, plus an alternative and waited to get something. Still nothing. Seems like 3 x the email has not been correct at your end. Still don't have any confirmation of what I have paid for and what I need to do to activate it. One phone call answered the guy gave me a number 30840948797068AG Do I ultimately get something in the post that acknolwdges what I have purchased or is this a scam. If it isn't certainly not liking your view of how you value the cistomet experience and not actually that keen to use your services There are no categories in field below for poor customer service that i could see so picked a random one- assuming you contract out your call centre

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        Accor Plus — membership program

        I have taken Accor plus membership after lot of follow up from their team. My membership no. is ​3084094...

        Accor Pluscomplaint

        Dear sir,

        I tried to complaint in jakarta but nobody help me, therefore I try to contact you too, hopefully you can help us with this matter.

        On april 24th, 2019 I was contacted by nunie as your marketing to join accorplus and promised that I will get 2 nights free at sofitel bali on lebaran holiday.
        On april 25th, 2019 I dedided to join.
        Today, may 6th, I try to booked for this hotel and the accorplus complimentary cannot be used as promise.
        I contact nunie, she was very rude (so far from the time she was asking us to join) and blaming me for booking now.
        Now is more that 30 days from the date I was going to book.
        She said she told us to book far far further away to used the program but she did not say that!
        Even if she did, should we booked 2 months ahead???
        Last week I don't even have an id.
        If she told me that I have to booked a hotel more that 1 month before, I wouldn't want to join at the first place.
        I am a good member of hhonor and ihg with good record all over the world.
        This is my first time meeting marketing that so rude, giving false information and blaming the customer.
        I have record all the conversation with her in whatsapp and I believe you record my phone conversation with her.
        I would like to cancel my membership!

        More than my complaint above, just now she whatsapp me and said that she studied psychology, and she said that I was a bad person, and she swore that god will punish me and so on and so on. She keep sending me bad message and really annoy me. We have all proof on my phone.

        I cannot email your customer care more that 256 character.
        All your customer care phone said they will talk to nunie - which not solving any problems.
        Is this how accorplus works?

        I need information asap


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          • Je
            Jessy Chia Sep 18, 2019

            Hi, i am facing the same problem too.

            To be honest i face twice of this bad experience.
            Firstly (2018) i was decided to sign on membership, and i did not receive my card and any voucher. Marketing only told me that the card has been received. But to who? Guess what, they pass the card to someone who i don’t even know.
            They pass it to other people that the name is not same as stated on the card. Not my name.
            And i was charged for re print (accorplus member card) and the delivery fee. They resend it after i paid both of this fee, and the card was sent without any voucher.
            I’m very disappointed, i think accorplus in Indonesia is not professional enough, it is really shameful.

            Secondly, this year (2019) i face the same problem again. i have told my experience to the new marketing which is promise me that i won’t face the same experience like before.
            But, the fact says different.
            Same thing happened, it is already pass 1 month. and i did not receive anything from accorplus Indonesia yet.

            Email = no response
            Call centre = did not answer call

            I hope accorplus can solve this out too!

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          Accor Plus — accor plus membership

          In November 2018 I signed up for an Accor Plus membership. The salesman was very convincing over the phone...

          Accor Plus — accor plus

          I was mislead/scammed by the phone sales member called Nicholas promising we could stay at the properties I...

          Rakhi Vaid, who said she is customer service Manager for Accor plus sits in DelHI — accor plus membership certificates pack wrong location received

          We have opted for GOA Regional package after detailed mail from Ms.Rakhi Vaid.. After pursuance we received...


          Accor Plus — very very aggressive and annoying calls

          Hi, I'm writing to complain about the membership renewal team, I'm from Hong kong, got a membership sale...

          Accor Plusmembership and merging accounts...

          ACCOR Plus is a Trap – Hallo AGODA, I am back!

          “Booking engines like Booking.com and AGODA.com are taking too much from the hotels”. You might have heard about this. For me hotels should be fast and convenient and close to the places I am visiting. To be more fair to the hotels I decided to use ACCOR and used my existing (old Accor membership cards) instead of the booking engines. This was a big mistake. Accor mixed all up, and final they even deleted all my previous history. My conclusion: DON’T PREFER ACCOR MEMBERSHIP.

          Since I started with ACCOR hotels I asked the people in the reception when I enter: is my stay credited? They said “yes”. I knew that I had at least two (but very old) accounts and asked the staff to bring it together. They said: “we will forward it”. The system told me, when I booked online, that my card was expired, but they kept the status (silver) for the booking and I got the 10% membership allowance. So I started to ask for a new card at the reception when I had a minute. After a while I started to contacted the member service.

          It turns out that I had one Accor “Plus” membership, which is only available in SE/Asia. The “Plus” starts with a fee and some advantages, which however are complicated to use for me. I knew that I had one Accor “Le Club” membership but somehow the guy at the Member Service of Accor Plus found even two active accounts with points on it. I asked to merge all accounts. They refused. I asked to speak with his superior/department head. As a result I got a mail with the text: “…we cannot see any details and manage your account any more”. Same day all the existing bookings has been deleted. Also I can’t find the existing future booking in the system any more. I had to call the hotel in Germany and asked for the confirmation.

          Obviously, this was not what I expected. Hallo Booking.com/AGODA: I am back!

          Best Regards,
          Sebastian J Schmidt

          These booking has been made over the last few month with ACCOR direct:

          Confirmation Number: 1316192 (1Night)
          Arrival 19-10-16 Departure 20-10-16

          Confirmation No. FBVSCKKN (2Nights)
          Arrival Date/Time: 17 01 2017 to 19 01 2017

          Reservation number: FDFSCZCJ (1Night)
          Date of stay: From 13/02/2017 to 14/02/2017

          Reservation number: FDJSFLQC (1Night)
          Date of stay: From 16/02/2017 to 17/02/2017

          IBIS London City - Shoreditch
          Your booking: FFBDKTFT (1Night)
          from Friday 03/03/2017 to Saturday 04/03/2017

          Reservation number: FFCDKRTB (1Night)
          Date of stay: From 04/03/2017 to 05/03/2017

          Buchungsnummer: FFGDCJPS (2Nights)
          Aufenthaltsdatum: vom 14.03.2017 bis zum 16.03.2017

          Reservation number: FFWSCHMQ (1Night)
          Date of stay: From 20/03/2017 to 21/03/2017

          Reservation number: FGQSCTGZ (1Night)
          Date of stay: From 03/04/2017 to 04/04/2017

          Novotel Bangkok Impact
          Booking number FHDSDJPS
          From 03/05/2017 to 05/05/2017 (2 nights)

          Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square
          Booking number FJPSGFMR
          From 12/05/2017 to 13/05/2017 (1 night)

          Novotel Saint Petersburg Centre
          Booking number FJXDHCRD
          From 19/05/2017 to 20/05/2017 (1 night)

          Mercure Singapore Bugis
          Booking number FKFSGWXL
          From 24/05/2017 to 26/05/2017 (2 nights)

          Novotel Munich Messe (FUTURE)
          Reservation number: FGSDGVQS (4Nights)
          Date of stay: From 29/05/2017 to 02/06/2017

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            Accor Plus — membership

            I took the membership because I was planning to go to new zealand. While taking the membership, they tell you...


            Accor Advantage Plus — bad experience with accor plus

            I want to share my bad experience with Accor, hopefully others will stay away from them I & my husband...


            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Accor Advantage Plus — cheating by payment with creditcard and advantageplus card

            Grand Sukhumvit (ex Sofitel) managed by Accor Accor and AdvantagePlus they always find new ways to cheat the...