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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Las Vegas
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Plot № 230 , Udyog Vihar, Phase-I, Gurgaon - 122001 (Haryana), India

MyFlightSearch Complaints & Reviews

MyFlightSearch / my flight search website and customer service

Oct 04, 2019

FRAUDS!!! We booked our flights to Cancun on 9/13 for flights on 11/3-11-6 to visit our hotel that we are having our wedding at. They charged me $407 and then apparently the fare changed so they canceled our booking. And no one told us. At all. So here I am, a month before we leave paying...

MyFlightSearch / credit card fraud

Sep 13, 2019

initially called and got a quote. Told me the price was higher than I saw online Quoted me a price of $366. I declined confirmation and did not accept the offer. Four days later I get a fraud alert from my credit card company and for a attempted charge of $966. Why are you attempting to...

MyFlighSearch.Com and Avion Travel / plane tickets

Sep 11, 2019

Fraud, fraud and fraud. I book plane tickets for Interjet Airline through I was sent a confirmation and then soon after an e-mail saying that per my request the tickets had been cancelled. I called to an Indian call center and the lady was extremely pushy and rushed and...

MyFlightSearch / flight agency

Sep 05, 2019

RUN! RUN! RUN! AS FAR AS YOU CAN! This company is the most terrible flight company I'v ever had to deal with. I stumbled upon this site through my work because they offered discounts and I thought it was a good deal at the time. So I booked my flight about a week ago and was sent the...

MyFlightSearch / card charged/ was not refunded

Aug 26, 2019

MyFlightSearch is fraudulent. Please be aware and book your flight tickets through the OFFICIAL AIRLINE COMPANY. I recently booked my flight to London and as a typed my Credit info, the booking was completed. Moments later, I received an email saying that my payment was declined and my... / the service we received from

Aug 20, 2019 ​​Booking No #224627 On April 26th, 2019 I booked a return flight for myself and 2 other adults from from Calgary to Winnipeg to attend a family reunion departing on August 9th return August 12th at a cost of $715.44 (US). After a long 8 hour drive to...

MyFlightSearch / my flight search

Jul 03, 2019

MyFlightSearchI booked a ticket through this service booking number 244091 reference zhgwclmy flight my wife's flight that I booked for was delayed because the information they sent was incorrect supposed to be bored in jackson mississippi mega evers international at 0539am arr in charlotte 083 5 am my...

MyFlightSearch / deceptive, predatory practice

Jun 02, 2019

My mother missed a flight (directly booked with United). She googled United to call and reschedule, and MyFlightSearch came up first in the google search. She called the number, thinking she was calling United, and told them she wanted to rebook her flight she had missed. "George" (x5041...

MyFlightSearch / my flight search

May 30, 2019

Issue handled by Dexter ID # 5083 extension 2034 (these were the numbers he provided) Incident occurred on May 30th, 2019 PNR # DGDRBI ref # 233799 Booked a flight with this third party on May 10th. I required a flight change 1 month prior to my RSVP date, so I called MyFlightSearch...

MyFlightSearch / flight booking and changing without notice

May 23, 2019

Hi there, After talking to at least 5 different people over the span of four hours I am left feeling defeated and cheated. A few friends and I booked flights from Vancouver to New York in January. We received a confirmation email with the flight itinerary on it after booking. We arrived at...

MyFlightSearch / promised refund not received

Jan 16, 2019

We booked a trip to Italy Oct 2018 through MyFlightSearch, received a confirmation email with etickets and dates of travel. Had a great vacation until we got notification from Air Canada to get our boarding passes one day early??? After 3 hrs of arguing with MyFlightSearch, they admitted...

MyFlightSearch / layovers and flight release

Oct 14, 2018

When checking in at Alaska Airlines we asked if there was a way to get an earlier flight ro Dallas from LAX. The assistant said she could not do anything until myflightsearch released the flight so she could accomodate us. We called myflight and was told in order to release the flight it...

MyFlightSearch / inept service no refund

Sep 26, 2018

My wife booked a flight. She arrived at the airport and found out it was never booked. Have sent 3 emails which were not responded to. Have called multiple times over 3 months. The refund was "processed" in June. I have yet to receive it. After reading so many other bad reviews it i... / booking a flight

Aug 14, 2018

Wife booked a flight from Milwaukee to Dallas for September 21, 2018 last Friday. Received an email tonight (August 14th) from them stating that they cxl'd her booking based on "an agreement that was reached through a conversation they had" and gave her a phone number to call. There was no...

MyFlightSearch / I booked flight tickets from chicago to orlando

Jun 17, 2018

MyFlightSearchWe cancelled right away. Our flights tickets and we have told that we are getting our money back between 7 and 14 days and they double charge us after we canceled and then we have a negative overdraft for $376 so they supposed to give us $957 back, but theycharged an extra $529 . I think...

MyFlightSearch / overcharged me on my existing booking that I changed to be earlier and put through 3 times the amount

Apr 05, 2018

I had a already booked flight from Lubbock to Houston and then to London and then to South Africa, I am using United airways, I have to go back earlier, I don't know how I got hold of them, I googled the number for United Airlines and got the number, but now when I google, there is no...

MyFlightSearch / scam!

Nov 09, 2017

I was trying to book a flight to Florida, Had checked the box that I was flexible on dates/ times, but chose a flight for the dates I had originally wanted. When the booking was complete the dates had completely changed and it was going to send me to florida only to return the next day...

MyFlightSearch / my flight search

Sep 19, 2017

They charge my card 115.00 without my authorizing them to do so now they refusing to return my $115 back to my card the always lie and saying wait one or two days and then then say check with your banking Institute then I say it takes 14 days excuse after excuse then I tell you they don't have a corporate office and I don't have supervisors over them

MyFlightSearch / stay away!

Sep 19, 2017

This is a bad website, so please stay away and choose other places for booking. The fact that you booked the tickets doesn't mean you control the situation. What I mean is that they can set the wrong dates or simply cancel your order without notifying you. And if you find it out long before the...

MyFlightSearch / Bogus booking fee charged

Sep 07, 2017

I called what I thought was JetBlue to search fares for a flight for my son to come back from Florida before IRMA hits. When I told the rep "Ricky" I was going to call Southwest to check fares he insisted he could do that for me. He basically quoted the same price but because I use... / booking problems - sketchy practices

Sep 04, 2017

9/4/2017 Booking Reference No.: 78872 This site is the single worst booking experience we have ever had... Watch them because they search the cheapest flights anywhere near the dates you enter and then you get booked on the WRONG DATES without knowing it... Then when you call them, they...

MyFlightSearch / reservation

Jul 26, 2017

You ruined my vacation. Gave the wrong date for my vacation to American Airlines which cost me 700. I had no idea this company was a fraud until I tried to check in with my etickets, they informed me that I was scheduled to leave the next day. Could not get help on the phone, which left me...

MyFlightSearch / false pretense for flight confirmations

Jun 23, 2017

On June 20th I decided to go online to locate a great deal for an airline company. After going online I stumbled onto the company, That was the biggest mistake of my life. The company makes false accusations and never delivers on their promise. I was promised a price of...

MyFlightSearch / Flight

Mar 17, 2017

My flight was cancelled and MyFlightSearch promised me a refund. I bought a ticket via their service and they assured me that there was nothing to worry about. First they said that it can take up to two weeks, but when that time came there was still no money. Then one month later I received the...

MyFlightSearch / I need a refund for an over-charge for shuttle services.

Jan 06, 2017

MyFlightSearchWe ordered all our flight and shuttle reservations for 4 people. When we arrived in Las Vegas we went to SHowtime shuttle service to catch our ride to Westgate. We were told that our reservation was for 8 people. There has only been 4. We asked for a refund and that was a nightmare and i...

MyFlightSearch / Disappointed

Jan 04, 2017

I booked a flight and three days later they charged extra $50 from my card! When I contacted MyFlightSearch customer service they said that price had changed so they charged more. Are you kidding me? That was a total mistake and even if price really increased that had nothing to do with my...

MyFlightSearch / Don't do business with this company!!

Nov 04, 2016

I bought a flight ticket from MyFlightSearch and must say that these guys gave me nothing but headache! They are the most unprofessional, beyond ridiculous, terrible company I have ever dealt with! When I got my ticket it was full of mistakes! My name was written with a mistake, my date of...

MyFlightSearch / Fees

Jul 25, 2016

These people are very well trained liars and scammers! When I booked my flight I had no idea that most of the things they said were just lies. So I booked a flight via MyFlightSearch and they took the money. The next day I noticed another charge of $100 and contacted them immediately to...