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its a racket

Royal Holiday Club is not interested in giving you what you bought. They only want your money. In an attempt to get some contact with this outfit, I stopped paying the maintenance fees. Eventually I was contacted by a Debt Collection Agency in Arizona. This would have destroyed my credit rating and I could not let that happen, so I paid up.

I am now at the end of my contract with the robbers, but I bet that this will not be the last I hear from them. After 7 years of no joy, I have now started getting quite polite communications from them; I wonder why.

If you try to get short breaks in Europe, the web-site tells you that either the agreement is not yet operational, or “No Matches” comes up. The only places that seem to be available are in Bahamas or Mexico.

Avoid this racket at all costs for your own peace of mind.

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    SherriLee Jun 06, 2012
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    This company has lied to us right from the beginning. They promised us service, that we could book rooms anytime, that they would provide us with all the services needed, we paid initially 50k for so many points and then extra 17k for extra points to get first class service. I can send you many emails that I have sent to this company trying to book trips and getting information about our free promised vacations and they never respond. Please let me know if you think I should get a lawyer as I will do anything to put these people in their place. I can not believe the amount of complaints against this company. Is there anything you can do.

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scammed. lied and fraudulent information about the package sold

My husband and I purchased into Royal Holiday Club (RHC) vacation package at the Bavaro Princess Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic September 2008.

We were sold based on a points system, but were also told that we could go to the Bavaro Princess, or 6 other resorts including Caribe Princess, Melia and etc, anytime not using our points, and just pay the all-inclusive fee and the discounted air fare rates.

At the time of the sale, they did not have english catalogues and told us the catalogue of all available resorts/hotels will be mailed out to us. On the wall at the entrance were the 6 resorts in Punta Cana which they kept on advertising for free travel. But when we came back and tried to make reservations for Bavaro Princess (where we bought the package), we were told numerous times that it won't be available for the next 3-4 months. And to our shock we were informed that only other available resort in Punta Cana was Caribe Princess and for that we do have to use our points. Also, we were shown luxury jacuzzi suite mentioning that anywhere in the world we decide to make reservations, Royal Holiday Club members will only get rooms of this standard, such as ocean view and jacuzzi facilities. But during the reservations, I was told that only junior suites are available.

Numerous times that I have called RHC [protected]) I have been hung up on and transferred from department to department not being able to answer my questions. Each time I am assigned a different personal agent (attempting to make me feel special by assisgning my own agent at RHC) that is suppose to assist me but each time you call them they have no idea who you are.

We were also told that as Royal Club members that we will be treated with special care by getting picked up from the air port by Royal Club. But when I called reservations I was informed that I had to make arrangements for pick up by calling the hotel directly.

The discounted air fares they so harped on turned out to be fraudulent as well, as it turns out there's an agent they forward you to [protected]) which calls you back with rates higher than what you can get from a regular travel agent and the agent sounds very amateur and inexperienced.

Since I realized that the incentives sold to us at Bavaro Princess were not the true nature of the package we own, I decided to call and cancel the contract. Then they informed me that I am not able to cancel it and I can either sell it or transfer it. I was shocked and amazed as I was told by the agent in Punta Cana that I will be able to cancel the policy.

Then only that I went home and read the fine print on the contract. It doesn't state any of the incentives they kept on selling us in Punta Cana. Then we decided to google Royal Holiday Club and we came across many people that are going through similar issues as us. There was also a program done on ABC 20/20 about Royal Club Vacation Scam.

During the RHC presentation in Punta Cana they kept on showering us with alcohol (using the knowledge gained by us that we were celebrating our one year anniversary)..and when we decided to leave, they kept on showering us with incentives such as upgrading our room and free spa services etc. Then the final pitch was that we are able to cancel it later but the decision had to be made on the spot. The 45 minute promised presentation turned in to them locking us in the room for 6 hours with many alcohol beverages and us signing a contract that we had no idea had so much written in fine print.

Please help us to get out of this ridiculous and mislead contract!!!

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    Dinethra Feb 17, 2009

    As of February 17, 2009 we have still not heard back from Royal Holiday Club, with respect to the inwriting cancellation and the phone call cancellations. We are currently working with a lawyer in Toronto to bring this company to justice.

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    ken-hulya Oct 12, 2010
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    Verified customer

    We did the same mistake and we are looking for a way out.

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    den Dec 26, 2010
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    Hi my name is cathy.My husband and i went to punta canta in oct 2010.We sat down with a sales pitch on how much money we could save over the next 30 yrs.And we could save on flight.We were shown up granded rooms.Stating that we could go anywhere in the world with grand bahia princhipe resorts.My problem is we put 5 thousand down already.And we have 30 days to pay the rest.I'm very scared we have tried to call many times and we always get the run around.I keep reading on this being a scam.Please repond to this and give me some more information.Thank you so much...

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law suit

If there is ever a class action suit, I'll be the first one in line. I have detailed notes of every e-mail, telephone call, letter, and fax with this company. They just charged me $195 in October due to the poor economy, but the maintenance fee due in January is over $500! Of course they can guarantee that hotel prices never go up - they make up the money in maintenance fees! If you don't pay the maintenance fees, you can't use the resorts. So that means I purchased 20, 000 points per year for 30 years in Nassau, and that's $16, 000 out the window if I don't pay the maintenance fees. I've wanted out of this deal from the beginning.

  • Ro
    Rolando Dec 23, 2008

    Count on me too; in the mean time file a complaint against them with the consumer protection agency; federal trade commission at 1-877-FTC-Help

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    surreat Mar 08, 2009

    I agree, such scam artist. I have own for only 3 years, and I have had to pay extra for every year that I have owned. Once for losses in Mexico due to weather. The second time was for failing economic (an adddtional $195 +annual $500). I also lost points because I cancelled the hotel in a timely fashion. RH had not sent my reservation to Hotel. Hotel had no record that I was coming, I cancelled before they had reconciled their paper work, however, I was charged with points although the entire possess took place within a two-week span. I am paid up for life. Big mistake. If there is a lawsuit, I am waiting in line. Surreat

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  • Su
    surreat Mar 08, 2009

    I Agree

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    Junebug May 30, 2009

    We paid $16, 000 and didn't get a penny back. On top of that, they refused to let us cancel. This took place about 3 years ago. Now they are coming back and trying to get past dues even after taking our initital $16, 000. We've only ever taken one trip, in the beginning, and found out that it costs more to go with them than booking a trip ourselves not using the vacation club. They always had fees to add plus we never could go to the destination or in the timeframe we wanted. It was ridiculous. My main complaint now it that they are actually calling me at work, threatening and harrassing me. They are sending ugly collection notices as well. I just want them to leave me alone. I'd love to have our $16, 000 back but all I wanted was just to get it cancelled and I wasn't about to pay any more dues.

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  • Be
    becca54 Jan 23, 2010

    I wish we could start a class action law suit. When i bought my 30, 000 Gold membership six years ago for $20, 000 and some change in Nassau -- I was told I was buying someone's membership and could sell mine at any time. Well, guess what -- they don't sell them for you, they don't buy them back, and every word above about this being a SCAM operation is 100% true. I have had my membership listed with three 'timeshare sales companies'. The latest is REMAX -- and guess what, I believe they are SCAM operations, as well. Not one of them has every called me with an offer. You pay them good money to list the membership and then never hear from them again. And good luck getting to talk to the person who originally worked with you to list the property.

    So I am still paying my annual dues which this year went up to $725 -- which I think is ridiculous, since that means over the course of the 30 year term, you are spending as much on annual dues as you did to buy the membership originally -- SCAM, yes, my friends, that is exactly what is going on.

    I believe Royal Holiday should allow you to cancel your membership and pro-rate your money to give it back to you -- or buy it back from you. What a nice set-up for someone.

    Count me in if someone actually gets a class action suit arranged -- I will be happy to oblige. I too have tons of e-mails with these people -- and would love to see them pay for their shady operation.

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  • Hi
    Hindle Jan 28, 2010

    Wow! I just came back from Cancun 3 weeks ago where my wife and I went to a Royal Holiday Club presentation. They were tying to sell us the 30, 000 or 60, 000 points but we stuck to our guns and walked away not buying anything. The reason why we didn't purchase was because we are not the type to buy something right there and I wanted to do some research when we got home. I have found many websites selling the membership for very cheap, like $50 for 20, 000 points. We were considering purchasing but after reading so many negative comments, I think I should stay away.


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fraud and scam

Our sad story starts on our honeymoon in Ixtapa, Mexico. We were promised a $100 in cash and a great...

they lied about everything

Took vacation in 2017 to Nassau, Bahamas. Was lured into presentation for Royal Holiday Club at the Wyndham...

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Heavy Handed tactics - Collection Agency

Purchased a Royal Holiday Time share for $7500 in 2007.. Contract says if you do not pay the annual $320 fee.
We do not want to continue our enrollment in this timeshare.
You can buy rooms at their Hotels cheaper on the internet then what they charge the Timeshare nightly rate for all inclusive.

When I purchaed the time share, I asked "What if I do not want to continue?"
They said, look at paragraph 6, you just stop paying the annual fee and your out..

Our contract says: " if buyer is in default (by not paying the annual fee), all monies paid to SELLER (Royal Holidays} my by retained by SELLER as damages, administrative and cancellation expenses"

Now Royal Holiday has sent a COLLECTION agency after us to try to collect the $320! I told Royal Holiday that I wanted ALL my $7500 back as they have now violated the terms of the agreement.
So what they could not sell by benefits and features, they are now trying to extort money from me by threats.

They are not trustyworthy people.

contract cancellation denied

I bought a ROYAL-HOLIDAY dream vacations TIME SHARE in CANCUN-MEXICO on August 10 and I tried to cancel it 2 days later August 12. The contract say the cancellation has to be between 5 business days. Now, I'm trying to cancel it, and nobody answer the phones, because all phones numbers, and fax numbers are fake. Today.August 18, I finally could talk with somebody, his name is CARLOS GONZALEZ y another one, called ALEX.who make allegations telling me that I have to have a letter from HYATT HOTEL where they have the place to trap people from USA and lie and get money from Turists who go to take vacations in their country and help them with their economy. If somebody has the same problem, please contact inmediatly to PROFECO.They are the only one who can help the people, who were scamed in CANCUN-MEXICO. PROFECO is a Goverment Institution. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TAKE VACATIONS IN MEXICO, DO NOT ASSIST TO 90 minutes TIMESHARES CONFERENCES. All of that is a farse

  • Ca
    Carla Fowler May 19, 2009

    How did you find out about GonzalezGonzalez Law Firm? Did you cancel during the accepted cancellation time (5days) or was it longer than that? My husband and I are dealing with the same problem. We just returned from Mexico and it has just been horrible because of this. Was the attorney fee expensive?


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worth every dime

I lost my wife ten years ago to cancer and had to take a vacation with my two daughters to who were 3 and 5 at the time. Attended a presentation at Nassau Bahamas were I bought a Royal Holiday membership It is were my wife and I spent our Honeymoon. It has allowed my daughters and I to keep my wife's memory alive and build a great relationship.

  • Ar
    arminila Jun 02, 2009

    I agree with all the complaints, this company is a fraud and someone should stop them. They misinform and sell vacation packages with wrong information. Then thay will not cancel even after a day.

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  • Ve
    Vermonters Aug 06, 2009

    What do want to hear? They will say anything to sell their worthless vacations. The yearly "maintanence fee" costs more than the vacation is worth. Good rooms are never available when or where you want to go. If you try to reserve a room that you want, it's either too late or too early. You can't rerserve a room 9 months out because all of the "good" rooms have been reserved. If you try to reserve a room a year out, then it's too soon to reserve and you must call back closer to your desired vacation time. If you want to go to the Carribean or Mexico in the dead of the summer, then Royal (screwjob) Holidays is for you.

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signed promissory note

I have a signed promissory note that I signed in Acapulco, Mexico in February 2008. They debited my credit card that I left on file in March, April and May. In June there finance company Concord Services starts calling me telling me I'm delinquent on my payment. I tell them that there is a note on promissory note on file and they have been debiting all these months...they tell me the promissory is expired. I ask them how is it expired and I'm reading the information to them...then they tell me that it's because the credit card ws declined (which was a lie)...them they tell me if I want to set it up I can do it over the phone ...of course I refused and told them it's on file...they kept calling me until finally I asked for a supervisor and eventually hung up and to my surprise a supervisor did call me back about 1/2 hour later and without me getting a word out he said it's been taken care of and it won't happen again...WELL guess what it's July and they are calling me again... Honestly I don't even know what to do...everytime you call customer service for Royal you never get any help they are rude...nasty as can be the only service they are in is of ripping people off. I am so unhappy with this vacation for life a it's called I wish I never set eyes on any of this. All of it is a lie..ALL..Last year I tried to get to Punta Cana I called for months straight and to make matters worse they even went as far as adding me to waiting list and I'm still waiting to be called a year later...

refund of timeshare

To Whom It May Concern:
We are in desperate need of your help. Recently, there was segment on 20/20 about Royal Holiday Club Timeshare and how deceptive they are. My husband and I were victims of that whole scam. We purchased the timeshare in Cancun, Mexico in June 2006 and paid for it on our Amercan Express card. If you look back on our statements we were billed in July 2006 for the amount of $16, 400.00. Please help us get our money back. We don’t know where else to turn.
We purchased a timeshare with RHC in Cancun, Mexico in June 2006. We were lured in and lied to from the very beginning. Our salesman, Gabriel, lied to us about the caliber of hotels that participate with Royal Holiday. We were told that we could use any Marriott hotel which in fact is not true. When we asked if we could return the timeshare if we were unhappy with it for any reason, he told us that as long as we used it one time that we would be able to return it. We did sign the contract and paid $19, 400.00. When we returned home 3 days later my husband and I decided that we no longer wanted a part of this timeshare .We called their office and I spoke to a woman by the name of Sylvia. She told us that we could not return the timeshare and that we had to use it at least one time before returning it. We were never given a 5 day window to change our minds and return the timeshare which in fact is a law in Mexico now. We then decided to book a trip to Bahamas through them a few months later and when we returned from that vacation I again called RHC to cancel our membership since we now used it the one time. The woman I spoke to was nasty and told me that there is no way we could get our money refunded to us. She said that unless there was a clause in our contract stating that we could actually return the timeshare after one time use that we were stuck with it.
We are looking for HELP to get our money refunded to us. Can you notify us if there is some way we can get that money back and end our contract with RHC. We are desperate and need your help.Our names are Peter and Mariella Toscano and live at 59 Chaffee Avenue Albertson, NY 11507. My cell phone is [protected] and our email is [protected]
Thank you for your

  • Mi
    Michele Ressler Mar 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A complaint has been resolved by the company and removed.

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  • Be
    Bea Mar 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Michelle ,
    I am glad you wrote about your experience. We just came back from Mexico and dealt with Victor. We were promised the same as you, and we too are members with RCI.
    They were going to take our 2 timeshares from us and that was suppose to reduce the cost of the price. When we started looking further the points they were talking about would get us a studio. A far cry from our 2 bedroom units.
    Thank goodness due to a mix up with a car rental company we were unable to process the transfer.
    Good luck with your dealings with them. My husband and I can testify to their bad practices.

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  • Mi
    Mista Byron Dec 22, 2008

    To Whom May It Concern:

    My wife and I purchased a membership with Royal Holiday in July of this year in the Bahamas.

    David Sweeting our sales rep made us aware that he personally would rent our 5000 point this year(2008) for $1000-$1500 and one of our incentive week...Now we are in Dec and that is not the case. I been going back and forth with his manager. Their finance dept will not return my calls. In our contract it stated our annually fees for 2009 would be $335. I received a bill it is $350. We are beyond frustrated with the horrible customer experience and would like to get our money back.

    Since it is our words verse David Sweeting. I asked his manager to set up a conference call with the appriopiate parties and no luck. I find it hard to beleive as a customer I cannot be grant a conference call so our concerns are resolve.

    Thank you for your help in advance...

    Please contact me at [email protected]

    Thank you,

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never received product

I will qualify my statement with I am a known skeptic, it's my job, but I fell for the Royal Holiday Club experience in Ixtapa Mexico. So BEWARE!

Our last days relaxing in Ixtapa Mexico we were approached by a well dressed man to visit a newly remodeled hotel, Park Royal, and spend the day in a pool by the beach for just showing up to hear a presentation. This seemed nice since my boyfriend and I were lacking the luxury of a pool. When we arrived, we were approached by people selling the Royal Holiday Club experience, we only had to listen for an hour and get breakfast - that's all!

We listened and it sounded good, even legit and everyone around us was buying in. We had been there already 5 hours and had asked tons of questions to Dr. Victor (forgot his last name)that were answered with confidence and they kept adding "perks" like 245, 000 bonus credits and letting us join under Dr. Victor's special membership! We eventually handed over $4550 to Marisela Hernandez and Blanca Schauer Cue to "join" the Royal Holiday Club experience with little to no reservations - "the package was in the mail and would meet us at home." Now it is going on a month and a half and we still have nothing in the mail, my online account information shows no credits, and all of my phone calls are answered with the same response, "we sent the package but we'll send another." I am fed up, I feel scammed and I can't get anyone at Royal Holiday to explain how it takes so long to receive this offer of a lifetime in the mail or why I cannot use our account. I have requested to cancel the contract and get a refund but I am left holding credit card charge receipts for a "service" I have never received. I want to cancel the contract on the terms that Royal Holiday has never fulfilled their end of the contract.

  • Jo
    joe Apr 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do you read the other complaints before buying this thing?

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terrible everything!

While we were vacationing in Aruba on September 24, 2007 we entered in good faith into a contract with Royal Holiday Club with a purchase price of $ 9, 752.00 and a closing cost of $700.00. We were told that we would be given an additional 1500 points to the 20000 points that we had coming to us. Only to find after the closing of the contract that we had to pay $405 activation fee before we could use it.

When we looked on the back of the certification we we learned that it was the actual purchase cost. That made us investigate the program. We were told by the financial representative that our points was not use for cruises. We went over this a number of times to make sure we heard correctly, the answer was the same, 'no' it would be taken from the membership dues. She gave an example of how she sent her mother on a cruise vacation with a friend not having to spend additional money. Her sisters thought she was a rich person as she put it. She wanted to know if we had a cruise in mind which we did as we told her the Black Sea she advised us to go ahead and book it.

We requested private time and call her back twice to reassure us that the cruises would be taken from the dues each time it was 'yes'. Immediately started our investigation only to find out that we had been lied too. We notified American Express that we were holding our payment until our concerns were addressed they have not been address we asked that our contract be canceled but that was denied 4/24/08 but our concerns not addressed we were only reminded that we signed a contract. We are not denying we sign the contract but tricked into doing so by giving false information. A large book was given to us to read after the signing of the contract .

  • 20
    2009RHVictim Dec 20, 2010

    I got scammed when I was in honeymoon in Mexico. I paid the downpayment for trial membership. I cannot commented on the services provided by Royal Holiday but the salesperson was definitely liars. When I called the customer services to verify if the salesperson was telling lies, royal holiday customers services gave me another lies and tried to persuade me to upgrade my trial membership to full membership.

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  • Fo
    Fonny Nov 07, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Please is there a forum that governments actually hear?
    I would like to write all the details of my experience getting scammed by Royal Resorts
    What's the use of government if not to govern

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20/20 report reveals truth!

If you are scammed watch this. This was on 20/20. If your bank...

promises & mexican laws broken

Our story begins on a beautiful Mexican evening in Cozumel. It was shortly after dinner, and our family were enjoying the evening together walking around the town square in San Miguel (Cozumel). We were approached by sales representatives from Royal Holiday. We agreed to meet at the Park Royal the next day. We were not interested in purchasing a club membership, but we were interested in looking around the resort for future trips to Cozumel.
We arrived at the Park Royal on the morning of April 5, 2008. We were met by Nico. We went to breakfast with Nico. Our conversation over breakfast was pleasant. We then had a tour of the resort. The property is very beautiful, and has a lot to offer families. Finally, we went to the sales office. During our meeting we were promised:
 Five Years Unlimited usage of the Park Royal in Cozumel. We were told that this was to allow us to reserve any room in the resort, we could reserve as many rooms in the resort as we wanted, use the resort during any season (including prime because that is the only time Wendy can get off of work), and use the resort whenever we wanted with a 30 day notice.
 Ability to accumulate our member points during that five year period for a total of 50, 000 membership points.
 When we visited the Park Royal the only fee that we would have to pay is the all-inclusive fee. Which we were told was $38.00 for adults.
 Our “Membership Purchase and Sale Agreement” states that our maintenance fee for 2008 would be $375.00.

After and hour and a half we walked away, and decided that we wanted to talk without Nico or Gina Cordero (Royal Holiday Sales Manger) present. We should have kept walking. Instead we sat by the pool, and did the math. With the promises made, we felt the membership would have all of the amenities we require. We, however, did not intend to join.
Around mid-afternoon, Nico found us by the pool, and asked if we had any questions. We did. We followed Nico back to the sales office. We asked questions to make sure we understood what the membership included. The above points were intensively discussed. We were still not sold. Gina came back to the table and added another 30, 000 membership points as an incentive to sign. When we asked if we could think about it, we were told that this offer was only for the first one- hundred new members. Of these memberships only three were remaining. With much regret, we decided to join Royal Holiday Club.
The next day, we went back by the sales office and the number on the wall was now six. Meaning that there were six memberships left. We had a sinking feeling that we made a mistake.
After returning to the United States, we attempted to formally cancel our membership over the telephone on April 10, 2007. The Royal Holiday representative said that our contract was not entered into the Royal Holiday system yet and the contract information was needed to cancel, but would make note of our call and a representative would call when the contract was available. On April 17, 2007, another Royal Holiday Club representative called and left a message welcoming us to Royal Holiday (obviously our first message to cancel went unheard). When we returned the call, later that day, again in an attempt to cancel, we were told that our “Membership Purchase and Sale Agreement” states that the membership cannot be cancelled by either party. This agreement also states that “The buyer agrees with the legal effects of this agreement…for which there is no reconsideration period”.
We were completely embarrassed and angry about our mistake. We wondered, during many sleepless nights, how could we have overlooked that we had no right to cancel our contract and the verbal promises made by Gina and Nico were not binding? Over the next several months we found out that there were many discrepancies with what we were told and what we were entitled to under our contract. For example:
 Five Years Unlimited usage of the Park Royal in Cozumel cannot be used during the prime vacation season, and the only room available was a studio.
 Ability to accumulate our member points during that five year period for at total of 50, 000 membership points was not true. In fact we can only roll over 20% of our points per year (2, 000)
 In our sales presentation Gina and Nico stated that the all-inclusive fee per person each day was $38.00. When booking our first trip, to return to Cozumel to try to meet with Nico and Gina to get answers about the inconsistencies, the all-inclusive fee we were charged was $78.00 per person per day. This was over double of what we were promised. When we visited the RHC website the published price for the all-inclusive fee at the Park Royal is $60.00 per person per day.
 Our “Membership Purchase and Sale Agreement” states that our maintenance fee for 2008 would be $375.00. We were actually charged $395.00. When we questioned this we were told that the telephone representative could not make a credit to our VISA. So we were out another $20.00.
 Royal Holiday also charged an extra monthly payment to our credit card, but did not subtract it from our balance or the number of payments remaining. This was a two hour phone call to get resolved. The operator agreed that they would not charge us in January because of the extra payment taken in December, 2007. When January came we received a collection call. Another long call with the collection agency and Royal Holiday Club.

We were reserved to the fact that we made a very bad investment, but would work very hard in trying to get our problems resolved. After many stressful and unsuccessful telephone calls to Royal Holiday, we decided to return to Cozumel to meet with Nico and Gina personally to attempt to resolve our problems. Booking our first and only trip was a nightmare not to mention that it cost us $1, 230 more to use our membership than to book through a local travel agent for the same accommodations.
With that said, we were still optimistic that our trip would resolve our difficulties with Royal Holiday. However, to our surprise Gina and Nico were no longer employed at the Park Royal in Cozumel. Instead we met with Susana Nunez and Fernando Vazquez on March 21, 2008. Susana had us fill out a survey. We were honest about our stay and the major frustrations that we have had with our membership. Both Fernando and Susana took notes on the back of our questionnaire and on a Royal Holiday legal pad. Fernando said he would look into our concerns and requested that we return to meet with him the next day because he wanted to get this cleared up and he wanted us to be happy Royal Holiday customers.
Optimistically we returned at nine o’clock the next morning. Fernando did not come with solutions. He came with a plan for us to buy and additional 10, 000 membership points for $9, 995. He tried to persuade us to put it on our credit card with the incentive of up to five years of interest fee financing. He then said we could put it on our credit card, and if within five days we wanted to change our mind we could cancel. We shared with Fernando that we bought our membership last year on April 5th. We called RHC on April 10th and we were told that we could not cancel because our membership was not in the system yet. Fernando replied “you tried to cancel last year.” This quickly ended our twenty minute meeting, Fernando told us he would send us information by email so that we can think about updating our membership. We have not yet received his email or heard from him.
This year upon returning home (March 23, 2008) we were angry and determined to end our relationship with Royal Holiday once and for all. We have spoken to many Americans with fates similar to our own, and have since learned that Royal Holiday Club’s practices are unethical according to the American Resort Development Association, and violate Article 56 OF LEY Federal de Proteccion al Consumidor that states the following: “The contract will be perfected within five working days from the delivery of, or the signature of the contract, which ever occurs latest. Our first and second attempts to cancel were within the five day limit. We have also become aware that our right to cancel and to receive a full refund is not waivable. This right is guaranteed to all buyers even if the buyer signs a contract or form waiving this right. Such clauses in our “Membership Purchase and Sale Agreement” state “This Agreement cannot be canceled by either party, ” The buyer agrees with the legal effects of this agreement…for which there is no reconsideration period, ” and that my deposit and monthly payments are non-refundable are also invalid according to Mexican Law.

  • La
    Laura R. Ruiz Apr 18, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had the same experience with RHC at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We purchased a time share Marcjh 4th, 2007 to find out later that the contract cannot be found and not willing to give us opur money back. To make things worse Internationl Leisure Group calls that they are aware we have weeks available if we could sell all we needed was to activate 16 weeks and that we were to get a check within six weeks which would include activation fee and sale. To this date no money of sale or activation fee. I contacted my banking institution toa cancel and have had many problems.

    When we purchased time share we traded another time share valued by their agent at $12, 500. When we start investigating we still own our time share and have to pay maintance fee plus one month I still owed. We could have lost our time share at San Carlos which we have had a great time and no hidden costs or nothing.

    We decided to hire an attorney from Mexico. only one of us went to Mexico City with attorney.

    Per attorney no credit give for trade in, contract not in file, they wanted a copy of my contract but my attorney refused to give it to them. They were surprised to see the attorney in their officre filing a complaint and requesting to cancel contract.

    At the present time attorney is negotiating to cancel contract and to pay for damages such as: broken promises, incomplete contract. fraudulent contract, confidentiality law broken, harrazment and more.

    Please feel free to contact us we would like to have more of us file a law suit and my attorney knows mexican law and is very well informed.


    Richard and Laura Ruiz

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  • Nh
    nhuan (nathan) le Jul 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased a bronze membership on July 6, 2008 at the Hyatt in Cancun. But after reading all the complaints about RH, I checked the booklet that was given to upon and notice that for the 10, 000 annual points we purchased. It's only for 2 weekend nights instead of the full 7 day week the salesperson Brian told us. Today is the 4th day, It's so hard trying to get a hold of the right person to cancel our membership and we already mail out cancellation letters and emails, and will try to fax it tomorrow. We even called our credit card to asked to void the transaction. They even closed my current card and will issue a new one, but I worried that even after all this it will will not help us get our money back.

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  • Su
    susie Jul 18, 2008

    Could someone please tell us how to cancel our membership? My husband and I are both physically unable to travel, and we do not know what to do...please help!

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  • Su
    susie Jul 29, 2008

    can any one tell me how to cancel the membership and/or sell? My husband and I are not able and do not want the membership each year. fee is $500

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  • Ro
    Ron Thompson Aug 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My ex-wife and I got screwed out of 10, 000.00 by making the mistake of doing business with RHC. After 4 Bailey's, they had me to the point where they could sell me whatever they wanted. I even asked the sales guy face to face point blank "even for some reason this doesn't work out for us will RHC buy it back from us and he said YES!! In front of the female sales girl and my wife. Six months later, we tried making contact with them and eventually found out that we were not the only people in the Bahamas that had been conned by these people. I tried reaching the owner or manager Siegenthaler and of course he would not return phone calls nor would answer any requests from my attorney.RHC is a SCAM and they scammed me for 10, 000.00. Ron Thompson..

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  • Ri
    Richard Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We too have had significant trouble with Mexican Timeshares and personnel. The Mexican people per se are wonderful, even some sales people.But I feel some are afraid for their jobs, so when doing sales, they do what they are told and trained for. I believe they also rely on language differences to deny requests that have been made. We have business people in the U.S. that don't like to give money back. We have had acceleration clauses in our contracts and the Mexico City office said they were no longer valid.
    The maintenance fees, and membership fees are double what they are in the states, at least with ours. There is no reasonable reason for that except greed, by Mexican or foreign born managers, I don't know for sure. We had an assessment made due to Storm damage at Royal in Cancun, where we haven' gone in years and which we wouldn't go back too anyhow. If not paid a collection agency would be hired. Lately we received another assessment, now get this, due to the downturn in the economy! I'm afraid this one won't have me sitting down. The All-Inclusive is another farce, a money maker for the hotels and Travel Clubs, RHC and RCI. All pointing there finger at the other guy. This will eventually ruin their business, which will take a long time to recover, but as many big business CEO's in this country, they don't care as long as they get their immediate return which will last them long after the companies and hotels are defunk. An optional All-Inclusive would be O.K. so companies and 1st time travelers might feel more comfortable, but the seasoned traveler where the steady money comes from will go elsewhere. Members weren't told about All-inclusive when they purchased and some units already have kitchens, so Why would they want A-I? Besides, how many young and new travelers will be able to afford increasing airfare, membership- maintenance costs and unit purchase cost on top of mandatory All-Inclusive? At $60 a day per person minimum, it comes to an additonal $840 a week for two. Are they trying to kill me with the chef's choice and watered down tequila? Ridiculous to not see what kind of business that will lead to.
    By the way, I do have a Royal Unit in Ixtapa from Dec 27, 2008 thru Jan 3, 2009, New Years, I paid the All-Inclusive for two, it is a Ambassador and sleeps up to 8 personas. I will make a reasonable deal for the lucky renter, fun time.

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  • Sa
    SAUL MARTINEZ Jul 10, 2009

    I had also a fraud with Royal Holiday when attended a free breakfast as an opportunity to know the facility at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo in 2004. After hours of harassment they made me sign a contract for 17, 000 dollars. I will always regret this day in my whole live. I will contact hopping to get some of my money back.

    Attention: The Mexican Law allows "ANY" sale of anything can be cancel if it is claimed immediately 24hrs. You have to contact the PROFECO (Procuraduria Federal del Consumidor) which translates to Federal Agency for Consumers Protection in Mexico. I recommend to immediately contact the local office if you have any customer compliant.

    I would like to create a list of all of the customers that have a similar situation and are interested in joining me to a massive claim against Royal Holiday.

    Saul Martinez
    ([email protected])

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This company is a scam!! I am hoping that someone out there might be able to help. We were on vacation in mexico april 2007. We received this vip invite, and although we tried to turn it down, we were persuaded into attending. As always these presentations give you false hope and expectations, and I knew that. At the end we said we couldn't afford it and again, was pushed into a meeting room. After going over everything we thought well maybe if there was a trial package. We were given a smaller package but it wasn't a trial. We are now stuck with this for 30 years and will never be able to use it. We were told we could use rci, and I expressed no interest in rci because of the additional cost. They said they pay for the membership... Lie. They said you can put it for rent, well I tried that and before you can put it up for rent you have to have at least 300000 credits per year and have recently upgraded by 10000 credits... Deception!. These are only two of the lies and deceptions we have been subject to. I have written many emails to the company asking for some compensation, but of course no response. I have recently lost my job and we have to move 3000 miles to take care of elderly parents. We don't have the time, money or patience to use this. I don't care about the money lost so far, I just want to get rid of it. Does anybody have any words of advice?

  • Vi
    virginia canosa May 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are more than an scan, they are just thief.

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  • Vi
    Virginia Eldridge May 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been trying for the last 8 years to end this nightmare with RHC. I get phone calls weekly and they have even called my workplace wanting me to pay up on membership. I have written letters and tried desperately to get out of this contract & count the loss of $5, 000 a big life lesson. How can we get the word out (on a greater scale) to warn the American public of RHC lies and deception and terrible customer service?

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  • An
    Anne May 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try to read the terms and conditions to see if you can find any clause saying that you're able to cancel with a bit of penalty or something. If not, bring this to the BBB's attention as well as the state's attention, file a formal complaint. This does not take too long at all, make sure you cc' Royal Holiday Club so that they are well aware of your action. I am too being scammed into purchasing a vacation package which I work hard on disputing. Gosh, now I think about it, I wonder if they are the same company just different name. Don't fall into any trap SUMMER BAY vacation set up for all the innocent consumer out there.

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  • Ja
    Jack Dryja Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you have a Royal Holiday membership and just want to get from under it you might want to do what I did. First of all, don't even try to sell it or have someone else sell it for you. You'll just be scammed again. It's probably not worth anything. I tried to donate it to one of the on-line charities and they didn't want it if there weren't any paid up point value. I put it on craigslist under "free" stuff. All I was asking was for someone to pay the $500 transfer fee and take over the membership. I soon had several parties interested. Awoman in British Columbia, who already had Royal Holiday points, took it off my hands. Don't mention any dollar amounts in your craigslist ad as their software will pick that out and booth your add. You really are giving something for free----the buy-in price. Good luck. You will feel so much better once this monkey is off your back. Just have to forget about all the money you spent on the buy-in.

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class action lawsuit!

Are you all ready for a Class Action Law suit, we will reveal the details to all to who wish to sign up...

fraud and scam!

I used to work for Royal Holiday Club, in the corporate office in Mexico City, not Miami Fl, like they lead you to believe. Unfortunately I agree with all the complaints that are presented on this page. just to let you know, all of you guys that have that infamous "annuity certificate" that your sales rep said would return your money after 30 yrs, well... its not true, in the history of Royal Holiday there hasn't been one single "anuity certificate" been cashed and the "bank" that holds your investment doesn't even exist, If you don't believe me, just try calling someone from that "bank" (the tel number is in the back of your annuity cert) and i assure you will never get an answer, and if you are lucky and you do get a call back, is more than likely to be a reservations agent from Royal Holiday. I would suggest you either sell, rent or give away your membership before it eats you away. Oh... and to all those people that think of reporting Royal Holiday to any American/Canadian Agency, don't waste your time or any more of your money for that matter, it's not going to do you any good. The U.S government or law has no jurisdiction in Mexico or the Caribbean were all of the Royal Holiday sales take place, why do you think that they don't sell memberships in their U.S resorts? Anyhow, Royal Holiday is not THAT BAD, you can actually make business out of it, well if you are smart about it of course, you can sell vacations using your points to friends, family or co-workers, just advise them not to make your same mistake, you don't want to see them back home with a 5,000 point membership that is not even good to cover for a decent family vacation. oh... and to all of you guys that complain about availability, please take into considerations the following points:

1)the amount of points you have (having 5,000 points does not make you a v.i.p when there is someone else that has payed a membership for 100,000 point, yes, there are people that pay more than 100,000 usd and are happy with RH).
2) seasons (for more availability go during months no one else is vacationing).
3)locations (its not the same going to the bahamas than going to hawaii, therefore is not going to cost you the same).
4)amount of people vacationing (please don't try to squez a family of 10 if you only have 5,000 points and can only afford a room for four people).
5)room accommodation (again, with a petty membership of less than 30,000 points, you are never going to see what a presidential suite looks like, sorry... not happening).
I truly feel your frustration, i had to deal with all of your complaints for 2 yrs, as a former NEW MEMBERS agent, if you want things done, you have to be super persistent and super duper NICE, most of the sales and reservations agents that RH hires hate the gringo ego and gringos in general (AMERICAN/CANADIANS).

Currently I am located in the South Florida Area, if you need any more specific info on how to make your membership to good use, in other words, how to beat the monster known as ROYAL HOLIDAY, you can email me to[protected]

  • Ro
    RoyallyHad Sep 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have read MANY complaints about the company. I too was made to believe the "lies" during a very hot and muggy presentation in Ixtapa. When I started asking questions about credits and cost, etc., the rep. excused himself and deferred to a so-called Doctor so-and-so (he showed us his business card!) who convinced me that as a member of Club Intrawest I was getting a special deal. All I had to do was send in my membership number.
    Well, I did sign up for 15000 credits, which I chalk up to the heat and humidity (or perhaps stupidity!). Upon returning home, I contacted Intrawest and was told there was NO agreement between the two companies. Obviously, I was duped. While I have enjoyed stays at various Park Royal hotels, the fact that they became All Inclusive shortly after I signed makes them very expensive. Needless to say, I was not informed about the AI decision beforehand.
    To resume, I must admit I regret my decision to join and would very much like to sell my credits.

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  • Sa
    SariPa Dec 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    There has been many many people got into this the same way by giving them a wrong information. And according to any law as far as I'm considered (except laws of Meksiko I guess :)) it is a criminal action made by a seller. Misleding people to sign the contract by this information which is not true. And as you have seen already in contract it says that only information matters are writtenwords in contract, except when its fraudulent by itself . Then it's got to be against to even Mexican law.

    And its is against to (also Mexican) law to give wrong information... 'right to receive sufficient and truthful information about the products acquired (articles 32, 33 and 34 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law etc...

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misrepresented vacation club

Royal Holiday sold us a Dream vacation Club for $7000. They gave us a letter signed by the manager stating we were members of Platinum Rewards (Cruise program) at the following rates $65 per person perday for Mexico and Caribbean and $75 per day for Hawaii and europe. Royal does not answer the phone # in the literature. But Platinum Rewards (ICE) does I was informed bycalled Platinum Rewards @ [protected] at 3:03PM Feb.22, 2008 and talked to Steven Pesserillo.
Steven said there is no program that offers cruises at a guaranteed rate of $65 Mexico and $75 Europe. I asked him to send me a letter stating the policy but he refused. I asked to talk to a supervisor and he refused.
He said they the only program he had was a certificate for $1200 off on a cruise
I have asked for refund of down payment and aasked Credit card to stop payment.
credit card says I need letter from professional stating this is a scam.

Misleading and false presentation, empty promises, poor service!

During our vacation in Cozumel, Mexico, on 11/23/07, my wife and I agreed to view a presentation for a Royal Holiday vacation plan. A sales person gave us a tour through the resort which is pretty amazing in Cozumel, and offered to buy a timeshare from Royal Holiday. We liked what the company offered, but we had no plants to buy anything. Then another salesman (unfortunately, we don’t remember his name) took place and assured us that if we buy the timeshare in Royal Holiday, we will have opportunity to travel around the world spending very minimum using various discounts Royal Holiday offers. He showed us a catalog full of information about hotels and resorts in Europe, Asia and Americas – all belonging to Royal Holiday. He offered us to trade in the timeshares we own, pay difference of about $27,000 and have 30,000 vacation points annually for 30 years. We still were very reluctant to buy.

Finally, “Developer Representative” Victor Maldonado, presented us very lucrative offer: to pay $2,950 plus closing cost to a total of $3,945 and to have contract for seven years. According to him, we would have 30,000 vacation points per year for the next 7 years, plus many more goodies (discount for cruises, two-for-one airfares, bonus-certificates, easy booking, no cancellation fees, etc). There will be no annual maintenance fees, just some co-payment at the time of booking. He said that this program was specially designed to give people “taste” of the proposed plan and encourage them to buy a long-term contract. The best part was that Royal Holiday owns many properties in the countries we wanted to visit, so timeshare will make those visits very affordable. Also comparison of the value we have using our timeshare with that we would receive from Royal Holiday showed significant advantages of Royal Holiday. Everything sounded so tempting that we decided to buy this plan. After signing contract, we were given a kit (box with several brochures, coupons and certificates) and a promise that we can receive the remaining certificates during next years or as we need them. When we asked for the catalog they showed us, we were told that they don’t have it, but we can either order it for $40 or use Royal Holiday website that has all necessary information.

Problems began when we came home and tried to get this information from website – it took us almost two weeks to get our password. But even then we could see a lot of “offers” but were unable to either check availability or make reservation – for any destination and any time we got the same answer: NO RESULTS WERE FOUND. Please try a new search with a different date range or try another destination”.

Brochure from the kit listed just 14 destinations in Central and South America, but nothing in the places we really wanted to go to. And the worst part we discovered when began talking to various Customer Service representatives: we will not receive any additional annual certificates – the only one for 30,000 vacation points is that we have in the kit; we can’t make any reservations now – we have to wait until next year; there is no guarantee that we will be able to go to those nice places we were told – they will try to make booking for us. Even to get this information required a lot of time and patience – phone lines are either busy, or we got transferred to the voice mail, or just got disconnected.

Also, while browsing Internet, we discovered that just one name “Royal Holiday” brings to the screen many sites literally stuffed with extremely negative comments about this company. We understood that we became victims of untruthful liars.
Bottom line:
1. Sales presentation was misleading; promises are not supported by contract and following communication with Royal Holiday customer service
2. Instead of discussed timeshare we got just a highly paid booking agent with a very narrow choice of properties
3. Customer service is very poor.

Just recently we found information that it is illegal in Mexico to charge in foreign currency – our contract was in USD.
We sent a letter to Royal Holiday and PROFECO where we disputed the charges from Royal Holiday and requested cancellation of our contract. We also are going to contact as many organizations, web sites and groups as possible with the message – DO NOT TRUST ROYAL HOLIDAY, THEY ARE LIARS AND CROOKS.

  • Je
    Jennifer Turner Jun 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Similar experience with Royal Holiday. I also was lead to believe that the company, Royal Holiday was a good business. However, I have also found out that they're unprofesssional and unethical. They agreed to cancel my service, signed a letter and gave me verbal agreement - after shaking my hand and smiling - yet they still have not followed through on their word (although it has been over two months and dozen of calls, emails, letters, etc.). If anyone can offer any solution, let me know.

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  • Ro
    Roberta Smith Aug 24, 2010

    I am going through the similar experience. At 64 and 68 we were not interested and did not go into any detail on the first package - 30 years. As we were leaving a second salesperson stopped us and stated that he thought he might have a better option for us - a 7 year $4, 100 package - we listened and looked through the Royal Holdiay resort/hotel book. We saw nothing we would be interested in, got up to leave when he came back with another book for us to look at - a RCI Resorts book - he stated that with this 7 year package we would be entitled to swap Royal points with RCI points - no problem. We looked at the RCI book and liked the resorts that were offered and also my son is a RCI member and we would be able to travel with them. With the word of this salespersonand a handshake we signed the contract.

    Guess what - he lied - it was a scam - it is fraud. What he told us was what he needed to say and do to get us to sign. I have been fighting them through a dispute with my credit card company - as a fraud - as sales and services not provided as stated. Royal has offered me $0.00 refund to let me out of the contract - which of course totally unacceptable.

    I am glad I have found others that have had fraudulent tactics used against them - perhaps in numbers we can fight them. Were do we go from here? Any suggestions - my e-mail is: [email protected] please re: Royal so I do not delete - everything first goes to my junk mail. Maybe a class action suit if we can get others who have been scammed as we have - there must be hundreds if not thousands who are experiencing the same issue

    -1 Votes
  • Ll
    LLUIZ VLEZ Mar 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have just spent our vacation at the Cancun Caribbean hotel in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico and after refusing to be attend "a presentation" for the first four days of our vacation, we finally fell in the hands of a charming girl at the hotel's foyer who with almost tears in her eyes asked us please to attend " a presentation by ROYAL HOLIDAY" with no strings attached. In exchange for our kindness, she would be able to get her needed commission and we will be rewarded with a free 45 minutes massage at the hotel's spa. Happens that my wife and i were in a good mood with a few drinks cheering up our hearts and we felt like unnecessary to be uncourteous with Mexicans who in general had been really good to us, so far.
    By reading the prior complains everybody knows now the tricky mechanism the ROYAL HOLIDAY of ROYAL EXPERIENCE S.A. DE C.V. salespeople use to hook you into their offer... and we found opurselves signing a contract for 7 years just to have "a taste"! but after reviewing their starling material in our room lots of questions were generated and we found several contradiction between what was offered to us and what their literature was saying... obviously, the business was a real farce!
    So we read the contract again and found clause number 8 stating the right to reverse the whole business within 5 days of its signature. So I went to Sr. Cayetano Moctezuma Gomez -Sales Director Oasis- ([email protected]) and asked for the business to be canceled as stated by my right in clause 8 of the contract. He kindly took my letter of request for the contract cancellation and said to me "Esta bien, cancelado!" -ok canceled- but gave me no document to proof such cancellation, never answered the emails i send to his address in his presentation cards notifying our withdrawal from the ROYAL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE and all this cunning man did was to verbally assure me that my credit card will not be charged and if charged it will be reimburse withing 15 days, AND WE BELIEVED HIM. Well, it was all lies!
    Now, I have instructed my bank to stop any payments to this company and requested the reimbursement of my money by the bank denouncing ROYAL HOLIDAYS for unauthorized payment on my credit card...
    After reading the complains against this company there is no way we are going to waste time negotiating with such a bunch of crooks!
    My regret is to have wasted a precious sunny morning with these bunch charming vampires that chase you and everybody just entering the hotel in order to spend a relaxing time in the hands of the nice waiters and waitresses who serve you so willingly and well in the rest of activities offered by the hotel...

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I am a member of Royal Holiday travel points exchange, got membership 2 years ago and every time I want to travel there is nothing available. I have been lucky going to Europe for 2- 4 days at a time and pay hotels out of pocket the rest of the vacation time there; ,1 time 3 days to Cancun and obligated to take the all inclusive package that is $60 daily, gym not included. I have been collecting all these points to go away on a great vacation planned for 3 months this year and there is nothing available so I had to take whatever they offered or loose my points... I paid $30000.00 to be able to go away without restrictions and it hasn't been true. I called several times to complaint to the only number they have and all I get is very nice agents who are there to say 'sorry' but members plan 2 year ahead of you! I you get a higher priority membership it may be different.

So I go to Cancun 12/17/07 for 4 days.

I was invited to hear about 'The New benefits for members' available to me. So that I could go anywhere, anytime and not to have the problems I have been having. I need $10000 to have all the points to be a ' privilege member'. In fact The salesman offered me 5 years of all inclusive benefits to 4-5 different Caribbean Resorts if i bought into the 'upgrade'; and i didn't have to use my points for those 5 years... Wow what a deal! I said oh well... 7days all inclusive for free / unlimited times/not using my points/ 100% saving points every other year. He told me yes, just pay your air fare and I was sold... At the time I had no money but $500 credit card down payment. before I left Cancun the next day I read my new contract and there it was...

Another Lie, nothing was written about all the promises made by Bernardo about my privileges... Now even my all inclusive fees are higher $20. All these dealing was done in spanish so there was no room for misinterpretation I looked for help among all the salesman at the royal palace cancun hotel where I was and everyone told me Oh wait for him and clarify it. My time to leave Cancun came and he never showed up. I wrote an e mail to Royal-Holiday the next day to cancel upgrade and there is no response. I am out of the country on a Holiday now and cant do much until Jan 2nd. I don't know what to do about it. someone help. I will go to court and face them if necessary. Is all a Fraud!

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