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I bought a pair or black dress boots at the end of the season last year. They were not reduced for clearance so I paid the $35.99 price marked on the ticket. I didn't have an occasion to wear the boots until last week. I wore them to work with leggings and a long top. When I got home and was taking the boots off, I realized they were not alike. The buckles on the outside ankle of the boots were not alike and there is a slight but noticeable difference (now that I have looked closer) on the sole and heel of the boots. The two boots are different sizes as well. My left foot is a little larger than my right so I didn't notice that the left boot is a 7 1/2 and the right is a size 7.
I was really glad that no one noticed that my boots were not indeed a matching pair.
I took the boots back to the Mt Juliet, TN Ross Dress for Less store on Sunday (10/15/17) afternoon. I had the tag that came off the boots but I don't have the cash register receipt. The lady at the register said I would need to speak to the manager. The manager had gone shopping for toilet tissue as they were completely out in their restroom. When the manager came back, the employee explained to him what the situation was. He told her and then told me that there was nothing he could do. I told him that if his employee had done their job of checking the size of the boots, they would have noticed that at least the boots were not the same size. I told him I was in the predicament I was in now because his employee did not do their due diligence.
I would like to get a store credit for the amount that I paid for the boots. Although no one noticed that the boots were different last week, I don't want to wear them again and hope that no one notices.


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      Oct 19, 2017

    I understand why there is nothing they can do. Not only do you not have a receipt, but your return is well outside of a typical return policy. While the employees should have checked the product, you should have as well. In fact you had quite some time to merely look at them and/or try them on.

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