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Resolved unfairness to employee

I have been with ross for over a year now and i had been getting 20 to25 hours a week till now. I am only getting 10 hours a week and i dont think its fair that my hours be taken away from me and given to a kid that doesnt take their job serious in the first place. All these kids that you hire think that ross is just a place to hang out cause they have nothing else better to do. We end up having to pick up the slack cause all they want to do is sneak around on their cell phones and text people or just goof off, and its not right to take hours away from me when i have been very dependable and loyal to you guys. I cant work for 10 hours a week! it doesnt even pay me in gas for that little bit of hours. Please let me have my hours back!Thank you, and God Bless, TAMMY RENEE MATHISON, ( employee of ross of cartersville ga., #582)

Resolved unpleasant situation

I went to this location during my lunch hour - I found several dresses but when I went to the dressing room I was told that a 2 piece dress/skirt was counted as 2 pieces (total of 8 pieces can be brought into the dressing room). I told the girl she must have misunderstood as that didn't make sense. Anything on 1 clothes hanger should be counted as 1 piece. She said she was just following the rules. A loss prevention guy overheard our conversation and was quick to put me in my place stating that that was the rule and he wasn't professional about it. I tried on the clothes and had to go out of the dressing room 3 times to try everything I had pulled from the rack. Very inconvenient as you have to redress each time you have to return clothes and get some more. I had a total of 8 hangers but because most of them were 2 pieces I had the problem. I then proceeded to check out which was a nightmare! 2 registers open with none of the cashiers in a hurry. Lines were long. I was very happy this store opened on my end of town, but if this is how they take care of their customers and run their stores, I don't know how many more times I will visit.

  • Do
    Dori Apr 20, 2009

    I hate when customers assume that they know store policy better than we associates do. It's not like we make up the rules, we are expects to follow them though. And no, just because you are a customer does not mean that we will bend rules just to make you happy.

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  • Je
    Jennifer in San Jose Apr 29, 2010

    My incident occured in San Jose, Ca located on Curtner in the Willow Glen location.

    On sunday I went to Ross with two dresses and receipts inside the Ross plastic bag for return. As I entered, there was a super long line. So I decided that I don't wan to stand in line once for the return and then another time if I decided to buy something. I saw some dresses that I would like to try on. I went to the dressing room and the rude fat woman (between 20's to early 30's) told me I cannot bring my bag into the dressing room. I told her she need to make sure no one touches my stuff and she said okay. But I can tell that look on her face that she didn't like what I just said to her.

    As I came out, she was no where to be found and there was only one bag there, so I assumed it is mine cuz there is no other bag outside of the dress room. I ended up not buying anyting and decided to return my two dresses during the weekdays since it is always quiet and no line. I am a stay home mom. Today, I decided to go and return my dresses and I opened up the bag which was tied in a knot. I was shocked to find out that the items inside the bag wasn't mind. There was a pair of children jeans size 14 with brand name tag but no Ross tag and a super huge polyster cheap pair of short with a ross mark down tage of $5. My gutt feeling is someone must heard what I told the dress room lady that it is two really nice dresses and she must look after it cuz I don't want anyone stealing them.

    My worst fear happened on sunday. Someone stole my bag and walked out of the store since there is no sensor on them. Or my other hutch is the store dress room employee got pissed off at me and switched the items to get back at me.

    I called to the store today and no one seem to care enough to help me. They told me that the store manager isn't there. I guess I have to take that big lost and return the polyester shorts for $5 store credit since it is not my item and I don't have the receipt to it.

    This happen like around 2 p.m. at Ross. If you are corporate, you should make your employees are accountable for things like this cuz if it happen too many times, you will lose your good customers and attract only the bad customers. Deep in my heart is that I stil think that the Ross Employee switched my stuff to get even with me. I spend hundreds of dollars at Ross already. You wouldn't want all your customers to go to Marshall and TJMAXX. They carry identical products for similar prices. I am just a loyal customer and only putting up this complaint so higher mangement know about these kinds of issues at Ross.

    If some Target can help friendly and polite employees, you can too do that!!!

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Resolved bad customer service/discrimination

I have visited this store twice in the last month and the black employees there mistreat ethnic people and I...

Resolved unfair employee practices

I was a Store Manager for a Ross store in Region 3 under Steve Reed. Ross allocates only 3% payroll to their...

Resolved return policy not followed

I am so mad at the experience I just had in the California Novato store that I can barely type. I bought a...

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Resolved mistreated employee

Last week I learned of a Ross District Manager in the Dallas area calling an employee, "The cancer of the store." I realize that term is used among managers but never directly TO an employee. I feel that the employee has a legal grievance. This employee is being harassed because the employee is making more money than the company wants to pay. The money is well deserved. The term, "Cancer of the store" is a personal slur and is offensive to anyone of character.
If you have good advice regarding this offense, I would ask you to please leave it here on this website. Thanks for the input.

  • Ha
    HannahMontana Feb 16, 2009

    Employers have every right to gossip amongst themselves as you do. If they are not effect the wage, nor in some way slandering this person to the point of direct emotional distress or effecting his/her job, then no you cannot do anything.

    Is it tacky?

    But people gossiping is not something punishable by law.

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  • Pi
    piper1 Jun 07, 2009

    If there is no law being violated - sex, age, religious, etc. then you can address it through channels such as filing an unprofessional or uncomfortable environment. If you want your complaint to be taken seriously then don't do it locally. Send it directly to the CEO Michael Balmuth. His phone is 212-819-9189 and his address is 1372 Broadway, New york, NY 10018.

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  • Ma
    Mark Sharp Dec 23, 2009

    Ross has 23 Vice Presidents, does a small clothing discount store really need that many. Waste of money.

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Resolved customers are always right?

I always read the complaints on these complaint boards and listen to customers complain about poor service, horrible retail managers and unkempt stores. And there is no argument that many retailers do themselves no favors by allowing this to continue. However, I'm waiting for the numerous complaints about rude customers, about customers that drop merchandise on the floor, or anywhere they want. I'm waiting for complaints about customers who leave there kids in the toy department to destroy merchandise that another customer may want to buy, or the customers that drop and break merchandise and just walk away as if it didn't happen. The fact is, too many individuals feel that because they are spending their money it gives them the right to be discourteous, and operate by no rules. Before you rush to complain about any retailer, examine your own behaviour in public.

  • Sm
    SMM Mar 17, 2009


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  • Bi
    Big mickey Aug 19, 2009

    AMEN! Goes to prove that if your trash, your trash money or not. We spend 25% of payroll just on clean up. Belivev it or not we do not go in and trash a store before ungrateful customers come in, Oh heck, the one who do mess things up can, t speak let alone read english.

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  • Jm
    jmichelle Aug 24, 2009

    I work part time in a Ross Store, that recently opened in February, (Tulsa Hills Ross in Tulsa Oklahoma). Thus far the store is still in excellent condition, although we work hard to keep it that way! By now, it could easily look like other Ross stores in the area. Sometimes the calibur of your clientele and the attitude of the customer will and does determine how well your store will be kept up. This particular Ross is in a fairly new shopping center, and we are constantly complimented on the condition of the store. I always, always make it a point to thank them, and I also throw in a comment about the customer helping us keep this store in good shape. Now before we get the store in shape before the opening of the next day, we find merchandise all over the place. It would surprise you, or maybe not how disrespectful the customers can be to the merchandise and the store. I have all too many times seen shoppers drop their children off in the toy department while they shop, and the kids tear into the packages, and leave things all over the place! My mother taught me to put things back where you got them. It is the most simple rule to follow, and would go a loooong way towards helping the employees of Ross keep the stores looking nice. After all Ross isnt in the business of having a huge payroll, because as of late, management has been requiring us to be out of the store at night within a certain time period, and this makes it hard to keep the store up, when you have constant turn over and customers trashing the stores. It's not up to Ross employees alone to keep the stores nice, it is also helpful for the consumer to just simply put things back on the shelf or racks where they belong. Hopefully this new store dosent fall victim to the trashy store reputation that Ross has, because when it does, I will quit!

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  • St
    stud07 Sep 15, 2009

    Wow I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Ross customers seem to be the worst. You won't trash Macy's or hell even Wal-Mart the way you trash ross. It seems like the same customers come in everyday and piss and poop on the bathroom floors, throw clothes, toys, and food all over the floor. Until customers can respect the store then I don't want to hear complaints

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  • Ri
    Richardchap Dec 23, 2011

    Just made a purchase at Johnson City Tn, $246.12. For 40 minutes the cashier tried to run my debit card. Swipe it again it didnt take it. Then it was, you need to use another card that one was denied. Finally the card went threw and it printed a reciept. Got home and checked my account on line. My debit card was charged 4 times for the $246.12, also a credit card was charged $246.12. In total I was Charged aprox $1250.00 for the purchase. Contacted the store manager and in a very unconcerned mannner she informed me there was nothing she could do about it and gave me a 1-800 number to call. Stayed on hold until the office closed with noone answering the phone, I have to go to a lot of trouble to have these charges removed from my accounts. The store could care less if they have caused me to have to bother with this crap. Ross Dress For Less cost me one hell of a lot. Didnt save any money and it will cost me a lot of time for there screwup.

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Resolved big mess, great deals

Even though this store looks like a bomb exploded. They still have great deals. The mess comes from the customers who just dumb their stuff in random places. I know this. I use to work there.

  • Ba
    Bad Company to work for Dec 31, 2009

    Don't shop and don't work for Ross store. Most of the employees that work there are very unhappy for their work duties, salary and not enough hours given to them. Imagine you come to work for just 3 hours and recover and clean 1 to 2 department?
    Don't shop there because the merchandise you want to buy are not being treated with care. The fitting rooms are very nasty, because they have no restroom for customers, guess what becomes the restroom? Oh yes the fitting room becomes a restroom, imagine the janitor only works in the morning before the store open, there is no janitor during business day.
    Don't work there because you will not get enough respect, they will make you work like a horse for just less than 3 hours and they will even cut your hours even more. Some of the employees that worked there were illegal, just here in the Bay area they have lost 35 employees after working for them for 2-3 years because they were found illegal workers. This seems to be happening yearly to the company, losing people because they were hiring illegal then 2 years later they lose employees.
    Ross store is not a good place to shop and work for.

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  • 10
    100customer Mar 25, 2010

    Man I definitley know the Ross employees in the Bay Area are rude ### motha###as!!! They are ungreatful of their job & take it out on the innocent customers.

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  • Rn
    RnR Sanctified Feb 21, 2011

    It really sounds bad in the bay area... am I glad I live Hawaii. Its not that great but then again it could be that much worse from what you guys are putting up on screen. My condolences, really.

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management problems

I slipped on the waxed floor in the Ross dressing room yesterday. When I spoke to the manager about it, she laughed in my face and refused to look at the floor. This was the store manager! I complained to Tony Deplasco, Larry Bennett and Steve Reed, all Florida regional managers, about compensating me and reprimanding the store manager. I was told off and hung up on by all three men listed above.

cigarette smoking by employees

I work nearby and it is discussed all the time about employees and management smoking out front. Customers can't get into store without passing through cloud of 2nd hand smoke or come out into it. Cigarette butts are all scattered out front and carried into stores all around. Managers and employees should have a smoke room or smoke in back of store if that is how they choose to die.

  • Un
    unprose Nov 22, 2008

    You folks who have been so hell-bent for leather to get smoking out of the workplace will just have to understand what you created. Where there were once well ventilated and separated smoker friendly break rooms, there are none. Where once restaurants had well engineered and pricey smoking sections, there are none. Hold your breath for a few seconds while you approach the outside lounge YOU have created, and offer an ashtray, while you are at it. Most smokers prefer it to the ground.

    It's coming. Your rights will be the next to be taken away for the benefit of some other group of people. Take a lesson here and learn to adapt as smokers have had to do.

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  • Ro
    rossworker Dec 03, 2009

    you shouldnt trip about us ross employees smoking, all custumers get mad and cry like stupid kids they always say there neever coming back but two days later ther back. custumers think there to good but reality there shopping @ a outlet store;

    about the smoking you should trip if we die smoking because for every pack of cigerets i pay for your kids to have a better live, also pays for people in hospitals thats why theres a TAX on cigerets

    well have a good day and ill see you @ ross tomorrow

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I am an employee and have been at this store for a ffew years and already am tired.the assitant manager has worked everyones nerves.she (assit.mng)speaks unkindly to employees, has made employees cried.when she is left in charge of the stock room it never seems to stay 100%. Then at the end of the day she blaims the stock team and gives them an choice either move faster or get fired.One day she asked a stock person to stay and help in the stockroom and ended up leaving instead of staying. She is resposible for that stokroom and is not supppose to leave untill its a 100%. Today she came in on her day off during store hours in jeans to help.All she did was remove hardlines from boxes and dump trash..after that she was in the office and left..She did not help with staging at all..No help with stripping or hanging or running racks. She never does unless there is a visit.

She has walked away from customers when she feels she is done checking out customers. Customers do not like the way she speaks to them..I have had several customers who are regulars that complain about her. Customers complain about the way she speaks to them. How she is short with them. The assit. manager feels because she speaks in a nice tone that her words are not hurtfull or condesending. She belittles people with her words and always questions the way people do their jobs even though they have been there longer than her.

Hours are always being cut but managment never feels the voids and that is there job yet they want eveerything a 100%. The employees can only do so much when is managment going to kick it up a notch. Management is always pulling people from other areas to put them on register or stock room or the floor because of a visit yet will not be back up or stand in the fitting room for 30 min. or even 15 min.

This store is losing good people ude to lack of good managment skills and work habits. Assit. ng is black yet puts down other black employees. She only gets along with about 3 people...She will allow some toeat together all the time yet when someone else does it she is quick to end that. If someone else takes a paid 30 min. break she doesnt say a word someone else takes a 18 min. break she is all up in their butt and starts pagging them.

She will twist Ross rules to make them work for her. Noone is suppose to take a lunh 2 hours before they leave and she always does and since she doesnt have to clock in or out she aometimes takes longer than an hour. She walks around looking busy but everyone sees her doing nothing.I lnow paper work needs to be done but not all day...

DOnt think this complaint is for stupid reasons I have hada a couple of jobs where Iwas not happy so Imoved on to better pay and better work ethics... Here the pay is good the job is easy but management makes it uneasy, unpleasent, many people wanna leave, and that is not good work ethics. I do not work well with rude, stupid, igorrant people. What ever issues she has she also brings to work and she is the only one.

This needs to be confronted and taken care of. She has gone from onestore to another and issues are still the same. That should raise a red flag...


An unhappy employee

  • Ja
    ja Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    she( asst. magr ) left our store at 100 oaks to come to your store...I think she is going to be your next store manager since the Manager is gone now...Im sorry.

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  • Di
    Diane Cox Jul 26, 2009

    I was just at the Buena Park Ross, bought 5 items, came home. Noticed that I only had 4. Went back with my reciept. Was treated like a criminal!!The manager, for some odd reason wanted to watch the survallance camera. What does that have to do with being shorted?Then balled all of my nice neatly folded clothes up and threw them back into the bag. He told me that he wasn't going to give me my money back for the stated on the reciept item, because, he could only see 4, even though the regist er and my wallet counted 5.Then I told him that I was going to have every known agency on his tail.And the money isn't coming out of his pocket, so what does he care?To be awnery, he sent me to another really long line to collect my money. I will never step foot, in another tacky Ross store again.And I was a very good customer. July 26th2009

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  • Di
    Diane Cox Jul 26, 2009

    I was a really good customer, and now I will shop somewhere else.

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In the month of August 2008 I submitted a application for employment. A friend of mine told me to call in...

mistreatment of employees by managers

I just want to say the managers at Ross Store Inc. in Farmington, NM downgrade their employees where other...

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On March 10, I bought a set of four place mats and other stuffs at the Tukwila, Washington Ross Store (Store#...

poor customer service

I lost a hand-made Navajo bracelet in the Ross Dress for Less store on Almaden Blvd. in San Jose, California...

no customer service banner & rude ross employees

Yesterday, I walked in ross stores at the loop, kissmmee, fl to return my short which was small in size. When...

team leader (nicole guterriez)

team leader does not know how to treat her team, she calls her team stupid people and yells at them. when i was still working for ross in guam i asked her if we are gonna finish scanning the junior pants and she just gave an attitude to me and then said that i ask a stupid question so she gave me a stupid answer, the reason why i asked her if we still continue were we left off is because sometimes when she knows that she's not gonna finish her list in that two days she tells us to not scan everything so that we can finish off faster and when it comes to reticketing she tells us to just put any price on the tag and when she is not making her numbers(the 3000 items in a day) she sometimes double scan those i was just making sure if we still continue were we left off or go scan another department because sometimes she'll tell us "nevermind just go scan the other department that's on the list". and now she's saying that i am stupid, what kind of team leaders are they hiring for ross in guam? managers should check on their employees most often!

  • Ih
    IH8MarcieBonadonna Dec 22, 2009

    I remembered the days when Ross demanded that the markdown team must scan 12, 000 units a day. With four people in the markdown team, it was hard work with mininum pay.

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  • Im
    importantperson Feb 10, 2010

    yeah, that manager/team leader or whatever should be reported to your store manage, district manager or to hr personally. don't let your employeer treat you that way. let the higher ups know that she was telling you to do the work dishonestly.

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  • Co
    Cocoa2k Jul 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work in mark downs and this new way with for people ? I have to laugh I don't know who thought of this new way of doing markdowns ? They must of been bored while making this new program. Just remember to hit F4, other wise if you dont ? It shows your scanning even though your cleaning up and moving crap that's not suppose to be there.

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unfair labor paractices

Discrimination against age and race of employee. Of Russian origin and over 40 years of age, this store...

ross stores

I'm one of those proud employees of Ross Dress for Less. (heavy sarcasm) Everything I have read on this board...

costumer services/employee

Went to return some stuff that I purchased and there was two line for two register, I went to the line for...