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rude employee

The women who watches the fitting room at 8pm was being awfully obnoxious and rude. Makes me think "how in the world did she get this job?". If this is the person you want to represent your company, then you must have pretty low standards. Here is what happened: So, I was walking towards the fitting room carrying a pair of jeans when the women who worked at the fitting room (whose name I did not get) stopped me and asked for a ticket. I walked passed and overlooked the sign that said I needed a ticket number. So then, she said "is the sign not big enough for you? can you even read?" in an awfully obnoxious manner. I was quite angry when she said that but I kept my cool and I apologized for overlooking the sign, but she wouldn't forgive me or accommodate me with a ticket. I was like forget about it, if she is going to treat me like a second class citizen I am going to take my business elsewhere. So, I left without purchasing anything. I will never shop at this place ever again.

customers: give us a break

I have been working for Ross for just over 3 months. What I have seen from working at this company has astounded me. I understand we are a discount clothing store, but what I don't understand is the treatment we as employees receive. And it's not just from customers either, it's corporate as well. They expect stores to somehow manage off of 3% payroll, which is a number I have never seen before. My prior jobs used 10+% because they KNEW that anything lower would be problematic. Most stores are only allowed to have a handful of full-time employees, generally around 5 from what I've seen. Then what they do to is use the rest of the payroll budget on hiring part-time help. During Back to School, the store I worked at had 56 part-time employees, almost all of them receiving less than 20 hours a week. Managers are also required to use a corporate-mandated "Effective Scheduling" method, which my managers have called "worthless" and "laughable." Combine this with the fact that part-time help is not eligible for benefits, sick/vacation time, and usually start out at minimum wage, and you'll begin to see why a lot of employees aren't happy. When you only work 12-15 hours a week at minimum wage, you can't afford life. You can't afford to visit a doctor if you get sick. No one likes being in a situation like that, yet these companies are so focused on "the bottom line" that they refuse to change. I have actually been in touch with my zone's HR Manager and have asked them face-to-face why they think these policies are acceptable when it is toying with the livelihood of their workers. What it boils down to is that Ross Corporate could pay their people more, but they don't want to because it will cut into their executive bonuses. If anyone wants to suggest ways of fighting corporate further, please leave a comment.

And to customers who complain that the stores are messy, here's something you may want to consider: we clean the store on a nightly basis - sometimes even staying until 1 am. This being the case, the only way that the stores would get messy is because of people refusing to hang items back up properly, refusing to put items back where they found them, opening packages despite the fact that we have signs that say "Thank You for Not Opening Packaging, " people leaving their children unattended in the toys section, people breaking hangers and not telling an associate about it. Now admittedly, there are good customers. But a majority of those who come in and shop at our stores are rude, snot-nosed, egotistical jerks. Working in the fitting room one day, I actually had a customer assault me for asking them to retrieve their hangers from the fitting room. I've watched as customers purposely remove multiple items from their hangers, only to throw them on the floor or toss them over the racks. I've found wrappers from fast food restaurants with vomit in them, and dirty diapers in the gondolas. You yell at us for not being able to return your items without a receipt, completely ignorant of the fact that we have to answer to someone if we do process your return; we have to follow policy, it's nothing personal. But when you treat us the way you do, do you really expect us to treat you the same way in return? To those of you who are kind, put items back where you found them, keep your children with you and are understanding when we can't help, thank you. I will treat you nicely and most likely even compliment you for being kind. To the rest of you who constantly berate staff, cause scenes at the registers, become enraged over us asking you to do something simple, yell at us and leave your children unattended while you try clothes on, screw you. The only "customer service" you'll get from me is poor until you change your attitude.

  • Go
    gober10 Dec 14, 2010

    Do you know why ross dress for less use code 50 ? Right know im employee for ross at el centro, ca store, i been working for this company like 7 months i work 10 to 15 hours per week i always talk to manager about my hours he always said sorry we cant afford more hours so why they always hire new people, dont understan also i would like to know about code 50, it is a legar for them check us when we finish hour shift..Also after we clock out if thes no manager around we need to wait for them to do code 50 on us..

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  • La
    lalala.801 Nov 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have to check us when we leave to see if we are stealing anything. I think thats fair. Someone could easily be smuggling merchandise out of the store.

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  • La
    lalala.801 Nov 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And to insomniac4hire
    THANK YOU!! Your complaint is the best Ive read by far. You explain it to the T! I HATE customers that complain, say the store looks aweful, all that crap when generally they are the ones making the mess. We do not get paid nearly enough to take the crap we get, and to clean up after every single person, as they make a mess. I watched two Indian ladies come out of the fitting room with their clothes wadded all up, and hangers stuffed between them, and they just handed them to the attendant. He wouldn't take it and said, could you please hang those back up for me? And they just looked at each other like.. "uhmmm... whatever.." and slowly started to put them back on, finally decided they were going to keep them halfway through, and they took the clothes over to the Junior section and threw them ALL over the floor and tried to walk away. My coworker then got upset and said "excuse me? Ladies I need you to pick up the merchandise" and they started to scream at him and told him he was paid to clean up after them. They went home, told a husband, who came back and proceeded to chew us out, saying that the women said we told them to pick up the clothes, throw them on the ground, pick them up again, and put them all away where they found them. bahaha my coworker was like "no, I WISHED I would have done that though." The husband just laughed it off and left when he realized they had completely lied.

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rude and very unproffessional

I went into Ross today to look for some shoes. I found a pair I liked very much, but they ran a size too small. I went to the front desk and waited in line. The cashier was backed up and called for another assoicate to come and help her, and since I was next to be serviced I went to the next register with my question. I asked the cashier if there was a way to call another store to see if they had a bigger size of the shoe I wanted. She said "NO, we do not do that." I then asked her for a number to another Ross so I could call myself, and she said "No, we do not do that." I said your kidding me and she just stared at me. I put the shoe's down on the register and before I could ask another question the women yelled out "Next!" As an assistant manager at a different retail store I know that our store policy is that we contact nearby stores in order to determine if they carry the item a customer is requesting, and that has also been the policy with several other retail positions I have been in. I found her attitude and actions to be extremely unprofessional and inappropriate for a retail market which strives on customer satisfaction in order to retain their current clientelle. Unfortunately due to the way I was treated I was too frustrated to think to get the name of the cashier I spoke with, although I know that they were the backup cashier around 7:00-7:30 this evening (9/12/2010).

Jeanne Maraglia

disabilty discrimination

I worked at Ross Dress For Less in Memphis, TN on Summer Avenue for about 2 months as a stock room associate.I had been working there for I say about 2 days and my manager Angelique Montgomery was aware of my disabilty before she hired me, anyways she starts saying I have to speed things up.Okay I am like I am moving as fast I as can.So almost everyday she nagged at me saying I was not being productice I have eto move faster.One time she called me to the side and talked to me saying that if I can move fast enough then I am fired.I heard that almost everyday.Then she finally called 3 people to the back for a metting (thenewhires).And she stated to me that my hands does not have anything to do with my legs functioning to do my work.I sat there appaled like I know she did not just say that.To top that off she has a nasty attitude and cant even com municate with customers and here employees in the right manner.So I have choose to file a Discrimination Law Suite against her.


You people!!! You complain and complain and complain about the employees when you fail to realize that we don't make the policies!
I am always extremely polite with people. Even when they have completely unnecessary attitudes toward me. I go out of my way to help anyone who asks me for help, and if a customer walks away from me unhappy or dissatisfied its always, always because of a policy they don't agree with. We cannot return things that have been washed. Don't get pissed at me it's not my fault. We cannot help how long our lines are, i'm working as fast I can to ring you up, detach security tags, fold your clothes (Which I take the extra time to do even if it is not required of us) hang up returns, do price checks, answer phones and be polite to you. Not to mention that all our equipment is older than I am and half the time we're out of bags. Do you want to know how my training went? I had none. They threw me on a register the first day and said it's pretty much self-explanatory.

I'm sorry if we don't have a public restroom but you know what? It's not our fault. It's your fault. It costs money to have to unclog the toilet every time you people stuff it full with paper towels. It costs money to have someone come in and clean it every hour. And money is something the ceos can't let go of. That's right, they're the ones who tell us to close it off. We don't make the decisions. And they definitely won't keep it open when half the people who use the bathroom like to get human waste everywhere but the toilet. Someone has to clean it up.
Also? The shoplifting. Don't think we don't know. Don't think by any means that we haven't seen you switch those tags, stuff those purses or carry merchandise into the bathroom. I'm not stupid, just highly tolerant. I also feel bad for you. You must be extremely pathetic to be shoplifting 1.99 panties. Just know that every time you shoplift, you think your not hurting anyone but the big company, but think again. All the losses get cut out of our hours, and we've got bills to pay. It also raised the prices for honest citizens.

So the store is messy? Well how about you people start acting your age and start treating the place with respect. Why am I having to pick up after women twice my age? Why can't you follow simple etiquette? Drop it, pick it up. Pick it up, put it back. It really says a lot about you and your practices when you leave random crap you changed your mind about 6 aisles from where it's supposed to be. You people are neanderthals. Oh and guess what? We are not babysitters. Do not leave your disgusting offspring unattended! (I still can't believe you animals actually breed) because guess what? Not only do they tear apart merchandise that would've been sold to pay our pathetic wages but child predators actually come to ross because they view it as open buffet. It actually took 45 minutes once to find the mother of a 3 year old. And she hadn't even realized he was gone. Why do we have to come find you to tell you your child needs you? Why won't you watch your kids so they don't # all over our floors? And why don't you have the decency to pay for the crap your kids broke or opened? You'd do that anywhere else. What is it about ross that makes you forget how to behave morally?

Lastly, if you want to blame someone blame corporate. Go ahead I encourage you. They are the ones cutting corners however they can so they can rake in more profits. If anything you should pity us, the sales associate. We are the ones getting paid minimum wage to deal with you, get yelled at by you, stay 2 hours after close to clean up after you so it's presentable for you in the morning, and after that limp home to catch a few hours of rest only to repeat this hell in the morning. If I could, I would quit but the economy is not what it used to be.

Now i'm not saying all ross employees are as awesome as I am, neither am I saying that all ross customers are evil. But i'm sorry to say that a huge percentage of our customers make life a living hell. God bless a few of you. The ones who pick up after themselves or after the pigs. Or who greet my smile with a genuine one of their own. Thank you for responding to my greetings, and even asking how I was. It's comforting to know that some people still have a shred of decency. I apologize to you for any experience that might have caused you anything less then an enjoyable shopping trip at ross.

The rest of you pigs can go to hell.

  • Ly
    Lysh Jul 23, 2011

    YES. I couldn't have said it any better. The only thing I could add to that is don't blame the area supervisors for being mean. We were told to be this way, and it is smiled upon! When I was one, my entire life was miserable. I was constantly tired, angry and on the verge of tears. I would go up to the attic on my breaks and cry. Once a DM came to visit (we had stayed at the store the night before until 4am making it beautiful), the store was looking really awesome. The end caps were so pretty, it looked like they belonged in Macys. Sections were colorized, sized, organized and everything was clean. Stores can get ratings of 1-5, 1 being God-like, 5 being a total pit. It is customary for the DM to ask upon arrival what rating we thought we would get. Without hesitation I said a 2. He said almost nothing during the walk through. At the end, he informed me that this store was a 4, EASILY. Then I had to deal with the rest of the day. Which included a crack head screaming about how our LP sexually assualted her, cops called, customers yelling, books being thrown at me, people stealing stuff, people returning used merchandise... This is pretty much how 25% of my shifts at Ross went.

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  • La
    lalala.801 Nov 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You. Are. Amazing . Hit everything to the T!! How in the hell do we get ahold of corporate? I think they need to see this website. Asap. I wouldn't care if I lost my job over it. I'm not losing anything. These people are a joke. Selfish, bloodsucking fools. Karmas a ###, and it will find its way to the people who f*** our lives over.

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not a profssional place

Hi, I am a employee at your company. I have had some problems with your assistant manager, at 5932 Roswell...

incompleted notice

I turned in my two week notice 6/21/10. I go into work 6/28/10 because last i checked 6/25/10 I was supposed to work. I go in and the manager said " Your not supposed to be here I took you off the schedule and you need to turn in you name badge and discount card" I did so and the manager told me to leave. I never got a call that he took me off( this isn't the first I've been taken off and not called to let know hats going on). I'm not the first he has done this to and i deff. wont be the last. I have to go in sometime to get my last check stub. I know this is wrong and i know if im told to leave and my two weeks are not up i can get paid for that week because i was supposed to work. Ross really needs to get a hold on there managers because when the workers aren't happy the shoppers wont be happy. If shoppers aren't happy it could be the end to the businesses when something better comes along!

  • Un
    Union Now Apr 30, 2012

    I work for RDL in So Calif. Same here. They are systematically getting rid of tenured and higher paid employees. Then when you go to unemployment hearings (they always deny claims) they have all the nit pikey evidence with no real merit and the EDD agrees, with them!. Yes they missed a highlight and 1 initial. The EDD is the 1% lapdog. The 99% is lost. Any Class Action Lawsuits out there post the on the WEB. Ross Dress for Less NEEDS A UNION! If there is any UNIONs out there, HELP!

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awful customer service!

Dress for Less...that's their motto. It should really be Service for LESS! On May 25th, I went to purchase is a clothing item for my daughter. We've always shopped at Ross, but this is definitely be my very last time shopping in the Merced store.

We were waiting in a line of 5 customers. There were 3 registers opened. As soon as my daughter and I got up to the register, the clerk said she was closing and asked me to go to another register. I asked immediately why she waited until I came up? I was the last customer in this line and had been waiting for at least ten minutes. She said her register didn't have any change? What?!

Not wanting to cause a scene, I stepped to the next register. As soon as I got up to the register, the clerk asked if I was paying by cash or credit. I told her cash. Then she said that I had to go back to the same register I was at since she didn't have any cash! "What! No way! The other clerk told me to come over here and now you're telling me to go back!"

So I went back to the first register, and the rude clerk said to me, "Didn't I just tell you that I was closing." I told her that the other clerk didn't have cash. She told me to come back here! The clerk just said, "Well you have to wait because I'm closing." By this time the line of customers had grown to 10! So I just said "FINE! If you don't want my business anymore then that can be easily arranged." I slammed the items on the counter and left! I will never ever go back to this store ever again! I'd rather drive the 30 miles to the next county if I ever by anything from this store again!

everything! from working there to shopping there.

I shopped there and thought it was an alright store so why not apply. Well the store just kept going down...


My name is Sherein Mansour, I started working for ROss Dress For Less at 05/02/2010.
My manager 's name is Pam, she has been treating me very cruely, she didn't even answer my good morning.I was supposed to get trained, no body trained me, just step by step when i ask about something, I have been working for more than 3 weeks body told me there's anything called "start sheet" or "break sheet"
then one day she asked me did you sign your start & break sheets, so I didn't know what she's talking about, I told her nobody told me, she answered infront of everybody in a meeting "I don't believe you".I said really no one told me " & again she said I don't believe you .So I asked her to ask all the people ..most of them was in this meeting ...and no one said nothing...It really hurts me that when she even knew the truth she didn't appologize of accusing me of lying infront of everybody. The next day (which is today 05/25/2010) she told me check this lady's driver license to make sure she's above 55years old for the senior discount on tuesday. In the morning i asked aother manager about the age we should consider people seniors to give them the discount...she told me 50 years. So when Pam told me 55!! it crossed my mind that I was told something different so i told her "the other manager told me it's 50" I told her this so that they can work it out & tell which one to follow instead of acting positively she said " I don't believe you" simple too accuse me of lying ...hurting me ...just because she doesn't wana do the right thing.

1- didn't assign anyone to train me on anything ...just told me I have to ask.
2- didn't make sure what I knew or not because there's no one responsible for giving me the information.
3- Blaming for things I don't know & doesn't blame the others for not telling what I have to do.
4- Anything I tell her, she just said so simply "I don't believe you". without making any effort to know the truth.
5- when she finds out I'm saying the truth...she doesn't appologize or show any regret, instead she tries to pick up anything on me.6- threateneing me, instead of telling me you have a certain time to finish this project, she just don't give me a certain time, she just said if you don't finish very quickly I'll let you clock out & leave.
6-Doesn't say hello or good morning when she sees me, When I tell her good morning, she doesn't reply back.

I resigned beacause of her way of treating me which I think because of my racism or because I am pregnant. I lost my job because of her mentally abusing me & I want to have a compensation for I was made to leave cause I couldn't bear being treated so unfairly & abused by words or I am gona have to get my rights by law through filing a case against Ross Dress For Less company.

Sherein Mansour

  • Tx
    TxAgent May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Leaving was the best thing you could do. Try filing for discrimination if you think it'll do any good. Talk to a lawyer first of course.

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  • Do
    DooLooLoo Jun 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparently the training part is what I agree with the most. I had to rely on other employees to help me train on some basic and advanced steps of being on the register. I don't think any Ross management staff members like their job and they don't do it, but that's why they get paid a lot more than we do.

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  • Kr
    krojoa Jun 13, 2010

    I work at a Ross in Memphis my manager is the same way its no way to get around her because she is friends with the dm. At Ross managers believe they can treat you anyway they can because they hold your job in their hands. The best thing for you to do is contact hr and dept of labor.

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rude cashier

I had the misfortune of visiting your Smyrna location in GA and meeting your rude cashier Iris this morning. There was one person in front of us that was finishing payment but the cashier Iris told my wife and I "ya'll need to move over there" pointing to the waiting line which was set up in case there are long lines. Iris had the nastiest look on her face I have ever seen when she made this statement. The tone with which she said this was as if my wife and I were her dogs. When she finished ringing up the customer in front of us only a few seconds later, she waived us over to her register. Again, this is a very rude way to communicate with customers. When I asked her why she is so rude, she responded "I wasn't being rude at all" at which point your "loss prevention" guy stepped behind the counter with the purpose to intimidate us into being quiet. This is all very disturbing behavior...

My wife shops at your Hiram, GA location regularly where they have always been courteous but after this incident I can assure you she will never step another foot into any of your locations. You really should ensure you hire more appreciative and courteous employees at your Smyrna location. It's disgusting the way we were treated...

  • Mi
    midge87 Jun 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sounds like you're over reacting. There is a waiting area for a reason. Stay there.
    She also couldn't "waive" you over, /wave/ perhaps. Would you have prefered her to scream "YO! It's your turn!" ? It's SOP to motion for the next guest, you then approaching her with an attitude "Why are you so rude?" bs is indeed YOU being the rude one.
    I'm guessing you were either having a bad day and thus taking it out on the poor cashier or you were having your male PMS time, either way, stop being a drama queen, breathe, carry on.

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  • La
    LadyGagaFan Jul 29, 2010

    you have to understand we are busy people. its not out fault! we get hundreds of customers a day. its hard to keep up. if you dont like the service then suck it up. go somewhere else. we try our best.

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rude employees and irresponsible dress room employees

On sunday I went to Ross with two dresses and receipts inside the Ross plastic bag for return. As I entered...

manager yielme

yesterday me and my 3 years old nefew shopin in ross and my nefew take a toy and star playing on the floor...

bad store employees

I went to return some items I bought from previous week. Cashier accused me of returning worn items. I have not worn it and it was returned in the condition that was bought. They basically called me a liar and refused to do the return. At this point, I don't care about returning the clothes and I'm for sure not a returning customer at that store. Ross need to do a better job at hiring friendly, customer oriented employees. They also need to reassess their workforce and see who it fitted to represent the store. Else, they risk losing loyal or new customers. I walked away unsatisfied and will not recommend the store to anyone.

  • Ma
    Matie-Lua Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone has either had good experiences with employees at Ross at all locations. However, just because someone has had a good experience doesn't mean that goes on at all of their stores.

    I had a bad experience where I purchase 14kt gold earrings at Ross in Hilo, Hawaii and they broke. 14kt gold earrings shouldn't break no matter how many times they are put on - taken off (as I later found out when I called jewellery stores with much better reputations, but much higher prices--I wanted to know if 14kt gold earrings were that soft). So, I took the earrings back with receipt and tags only a couple of days after I purchased them. I was told that I had them longer than I did-I had the receipt!-and then I was told that I switched them. I have read several other complaints and positive reviews of Ross from around the country just to find out if I was just one who had a bad experience. Well, many people from different parts of the country seem to have had the same experience when returning items with all the tags and receipts (the ones who took time to write a complaint online).

    I won't shop at any Ross Dress for Less no matter the convinence. Before that experience I was a frequent shopper. Now I'll save my money alot longer for better quality jewellery from a store that means customer service and satisfaction.

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  • I went to Ross in Kingsport tennessee yesterday and when trying to check out the other cashier in the customer serv box was not doinh anything. She finally turned around and waived at a woman she knew and told her to come over there and she would get her. Well assuming on my part she was going to help assist the rest of us I went to Ms. Marshalls line only to be told "i will not check you out you can go back to the other line" Ok i tossed a shirt on the counter which was five feet from her. She then accused me of trying to hit her, lol. I advised her that was not so and If that were my intentions I was not that bad of a shot. She then told me we would take it outside. CAn you all believe this? I told her ok come on I was not gonna put up with her [censor]. She wouldnt come out from behind the counter. She threantened me! The manager heard her and came up front when she was yelling at me. After telling the manager she lied and said that she did not say that. Everyone in the store heard the woman and really got mad because she was lieing and the other cusotmers told her she was a liar. I called the Dist. Manager Tim White, well he is as big a joke as she was because he lied to me, said he reviewed the tapes and he had not he was out of town! Wow this must be the requirement for a job there you have to be a liar. As with anything not everyone wil agreee with anything. Mr white never called me back i had to call his sorry azz back. Then he takes up for the beligerent, uneducated, rude and obnoxious employee he has !!! Wow I have to keep reminding my self and this is America, huh, right) I did not do anything to deserve this and am intending on filing a lawsuit this is ridiculous. I go to a store to shop and am threatened by a store employee? The worst part is that the district manager is just as sorry as she is!!! He had not even seen the tapes and he was out of town so how could he have seen them but he said he did. I adivsed him there was no way he had seen those tapes and to stop his lieing. he did not disagree with this. I will never ever spend a dime there again!!! not ever!!! I will tell everyone just what Ross is all about!!!

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dressing rooms, not enough big rooms!

I am writing in complaint to the dressing rooms not having enough space for those of us who have strollers or...

former employee cant get w-2

Im a former ross employee and i still havent gotten my w-2 form for 2009. they will not give me info to...

unbagged merchandise

I used to "adore" shopping at ross for great deals on brand names, but that notion has since been tainted. I...

class action law suite

The Attorney for Ross tried to call a witness in a Class Action case and change his story before the trial...


back in the begining of the year the manager had a miscarriage i found out a couple weeks later that i wa...


On September 17, 2009 there was a purchase from Ross Dress For Less, Fairfield California for $438.97 thatwas not my purchase. I live in Michigan. I am currently working with GE MOney Bank to help resolve this problem. I have recieved the sales slip and it is not my signature. Please tell me how to correct this problem. Jan Longo

  • Ma
    Mark Sharp Dec 23, 2009

    Ross has 23 Vice Presidents, does a small clothing discount store really need that many. Waste of money.

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  • Im
    importantperson Feb 10, 2010

    sounds like someone stole your idenity or credit card information. all you can do is work with your bank and cancel your credit card, start over... i had lost a thousand dollars one time, i live in florida and someone in maine cashed a check against my account. all i could do is work with the bank to prove that something was wrong.
    hope everything works out for you, but it is not the store's fault.

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  • Rn
    RnR Sanctified Feb 21, 2011

    Definitely sounds like Identity theft. Keep working with your financial institutions and if necessary get some legal advice.

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