I had a cold call from a rogers sales rep 2 weeks ago,.. About upgrades to my phone and tv/internet.. My first question was "how much more per month for these upgrades??" I was told about $10 to $15 to my present bill, so I went for it... Well guess what... Last bill was $53.20 more then last month when I called they stated they don't know why the sales rep would say such a thing... Etc etc...$190 is a little heavy per month for me to pay so I told them to cancel the tv/internet and keep the phone... They said they wanted a $400 "early" cancellation fee... Early?? I've been a friggin customer for 7 years... What is this cancellation fee?? If I were moving do they hit those ppl with the same thing? Anyone else have a problem along these lines and what did you do to remedy it... (Besides paying the $400)???


  • RogersDarrell Jul 26, 2012

    Hi AngryLukas, my name is RogersDarrell and I'm from the Rogers Social Media Team.

    I've sent you a PM in order to better assist with your concern.

    [email protected]

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