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International House of PancakesService

This evening [protected]) my family and I went to IHOP in Austin on north IH 35 around 9:15. There was only about 14 people in the place and it still took 40 min to get or food. We waited 35 min without seeing our waitress, we were in need of refills so I had to ask another waitress to get her. Of course she stayed by the coffee talking and laughing until I had to yell for her. When are food comes my order was wrong, I ordered plain French toast and that's not what I got, the waitress just laughed and asked if I wanted what she brought me . To end this, I did not have anything to eat I was just so disappointed. My parents sausage was cooked on the outside but cold in the middle so we had to send it back . Again only about 14 people in the restaurant and more than half were sending their plates back. Our waitress acted like she could care less about our wait, so discussed with the whole service . And so were the people sitting behind us, and what's more disappointing is that we love going to that IHOP at least 2 or 3 times a month but never again .

International House of PancakesService

I decided to come to IHOP when I got off work me and my boyfriend. We went to the one in homewood Al. When we arrived the host did not greet us just looked crazy and said you can come on. She just slid the menus on the table and walked off. Then they are short staff and all the servers are just talking and playing around using profanity around me especially the hostess. Nobody is doing their job but maybe one. I was not pleased plus I waited almost fifteen minutes before someone came. Something needs to be done about staff asap. Thank you!!

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    Quita33 Nov 05, 2016

    Needs improvement badly. They need to get more staff and retrain the ones they have. Poor service not satisfied at all.

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Resolved International House of PancakesHorrible situation

I ordered a steak omlette and when i had consumed about 1/4 of the omlette i discovered a small piece of hair in the omlette. I complained that there was hair in my food and the manager charge me half price because i didn't have hair in the pancakes that came with the omlette. And i had eatened 1/4 of the omlette. This is the I HOP in williamsburg Rochambeau. I was very upset and i felt like he was calling me a liar.I love the International House of pancakes and i have always had good experiences. I felt insulted and humiliated. I understand that it is easy for hair to accidently fall into anyones food. I just felt like he handled the situation horribly.

International House of Pancakespoor service/sanitation/lack of items

On Sunday April 5th after the evening service, a group (22 people)from our church went to IHOP at 7609 Mountain Grove in South Knoxville (as we usually do) at 7:30 pm. We have noticed over the past three weeks that the quality of service has been declining, but it was usually something small that we would just overlooked.

This past Sunday, we noticed that the business sign out front was not on, the parking lot lights were not on but saw people inside and decided to go in anyway. Big mistake.

Six of us were led to a booth only large enough for four people. When we asked for a larger table we were seated at a dirty table that was then wiped off by our waitress using a soured towel
with a bleach solution that left the table stinking, and even she commented about the odor. We then had to ask for napkins to wipe off the wet table to prevent the bleach from damaging our clothes.

We then proceeded to order, or tried to. Five of the first six things ordered were not available. No beef tips, sourdough bread, Belgian
waffles (but we were told by our servers that they had some frozen waffles that were ("better than our own"), lemon for iced tea, roasted potatoes, ... Then our coffee was brought out in styrofoam cups because they had " no clean coffee cups". Then half way through the meal the waitress informed us that if we were going to be paying with credit cards she needed to get them early since the "machine is acting up, and may take a while to work".

We have patronized this IHOP almost every week since it opened because of the lack of restaurants in South Knoxville. We have come to the conclusion that this one must be closing soon as well.
If that isn't their intention, something needs to happen soon, because people will not only stop patronizing this location, but the reputation of every IHOP will suffer as well.

International House of PancakesHair in food, rude manager!

I visited Ihop on 11/17/2006. Im not a big fast food eater. I probably dine out a good 10-15 times a year. The problem began when I found a piece of hair in my food. The waitress notified the manager of this incident. He told her to tell me that he could only take 10% off my bill. I personally think that that was insulting . i asked if i could speak w/the manager. The manger came to my table and told me that he was willing to bet that the hair did not belong to any of his employee's and that he was quit sure that it had come from either myself or my daughters hair. I was totally offended. I asked for my check so that I could leave. As I was leaving one of the other customers in the restaurant stopped me and told me that she could not believe his response. She gave me her contact information just in case I would need a witness. As I was leaving the store I decided to call and friend for legal advise regarding leaving and refusing to pay. The manager called the police on me and told me that I needed hurry up and leave his store. So i decided to wait on the police in my car. In the end the officer suggested that i pay the bill and file a complaint. In the presence of the officer the rudeness continued. For some reason the manager did not want to give me my receipt. After asking for it a second time he finally gave it to me and told me to get out of his store and to never come back because I was not welcome. I could not believe the humiliation that id gone through because I found hair in my food.

This incident took place at the Ihop 10910 New Halls Ferry Road in Ferguson, Mo 63136

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