Rent A Centerrac driver

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On Tuesday 10-25-2016 at 6:14pm I was driving on my way home on Centerville Rd when a maniac in a white van stayed literally on bumper. I turned left on Duck creek and driver stayed right behind me till I finally moved out of his way. He sped up so my daughter and I were able to get the Rent A Center Driver # E0737. This unacceptable driving for a professional business. Rush or no rush the person behind the wheel should have not been driving the way he did. This person should be disciplined or talked to regarding his driving.


  •   Nov 01, 2016

    No, you should have gotten over and let the traffic go by you. There is a reason that the right lane is the slow lane. People like you get my horn, by front end on you lights in your eyes.

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