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3rd class servise provider

Every time when i call from Reliance India card, I'm not able to make any call. i face this problem many...

misuse of credit card

Someone in RELIANCE COMM NY is using my credit card to purchase services. I've tried to contact RELIANCE and the toll free number provided by the operator belongs to a trucking company in New York. Operator also provided me with a contact that has a voice mail of a Hindu guy asking to leave a message. If this is RELIANCE's practice, let's get them out of business.

  • Ja
    Janice Mewhinney Jun 18, 2007

    I was on the phone to Amex trying to figure out what these charges were and found this article while waiting... Thank You!

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mobile is not working!

Its been three days that my phone is not working. When I call up Customer Service on *333 the kind of response which I get is so bad that one can not even imagine. First of all, the adviser does not give me the complete information (I wonder if they have got proper Product Knowledge?) I wonder if they have got the complete Product Knowledge.) Every time I am being told that there is some congestion in the network which will be over by 6:00P.M; 7:00P.M; 8:00P.M; and so on. When my phone did not work even after they said time then, again, I called up the customer care service inquiring about the same and then the adviser (Named “Javed”) tells me that the problem has been rectified and I should not face any kind of problem. He starts giving me the INSTRUCTIONS that HOW SHOULD I USE MY OWN TELEPHONE.

Today, 29th May 2007, as well I called up the Customer Care Department and told them that its been the third day that my phone is not working then again they narrated me the old story, which was wait till 12:30 P.M. and the phone will start working. I asked to have a word with the Manager and the Supervisor warns me to disconnect my call.

I do not understand that why such a big company is being so UNPROFESSIONAL. This is the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL Service I have ever seen in my life. The most UNRELIABLE service I have ever seen in my life. The Customer Service which does not care about its Customers is not the Customer Service. Customer Service is a face of the Company and if the customer will get such a kind of response then you can wonder that what kind of impact you are giving to the Customers.

There is no care about:

1) Customer Satisfaction.
2) Do not know how to TALK to the customers.
3) NO Product Knowledge.
4) Tell lie to the customers, I do not know why?
5) Many more, which I can not even explain.

  • Ra
    rajkumar Oct 07, 2007

    iam raj from nagapattinam iwant details of 9360738287 please send the message to my number immedietly

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non refund of security deposit for fwp

Re: Reliance Communications

I had a Reliance Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) connection (No. 033-[protected]) which was installed on February 07, 2004 at my residential address 71 (Old 105 Dakhsin Para Road, Kolkata 700028) and at that time the they took Rs. 1800/- (Rs. 800/- for installation charge and Rs. 1000/- as security deposit). The telephone connection was taken through J.P. Traders, 569 Jessore Road, Kolkata 700074. After about two years I found that the service is not up to the mark and subsequently I surrendered the FWP in Reliance Web World Express, 18 Dum Dum Road, Nager Bazar, Kolkata 700074 on February 25, 2006. During the surrender process I paid Rs. 647/- in cash as due phone bill at pro rata basis up to February 25, 2006 along with handset with all its accessories (original receipt with me) and I was told that an additional Rs. 290/- (rental for following month, March, 2006) would be deducted from the security deposit. In April 05, 2006, some S. Sarkar of the same Web World Express gave me the receipt regarding the ‘submission of FWP in good condition with all its accessories’ (MDN: [protected]; RSN: RLGFW200657082).

Almost 15 months have already passed following the surrender of FWP but unfortunately, the Reliance people have neither contacted me (Resi. Phone No. was provided) nor returned my security deposit. Meanwhile, I have visited twice the same Web World Express but they could not be able to give any positive answer. I have last visited on April 04, 2007 and that time I have found a cheque of Rs. 588.00 in my name dated in August, 2006 is lying with them. They have been trying to deliver the lapsed cheque to me and asked me to revalidate the same from Reliance House, Chowringhee, Kolkata as the delivery man could not find residential address but I have refused to receive it.

I am now surprised that during the time of installation, the same Reliance people verified my residential address and get a paper signed at that time but this time they have failed to localize the same address. I believe that the amount printed in the lapsed cheque should not be Rs. 588.00 as I have surrendered everything in good condition.

The companies like this never bother the interest of customers. Whenever a customer fails to perform his formality, the company people do not forget to take steps in their favor but the reverse is very much not true. In the present case, they do not think of the customer as I am at the receiving end.

During the surrender of instrument I cleared all dues including rental up to April 25, 2006 and I do not understand why they had charged me another Rs. 290.00 as rental for the following month. What is the basis of charging like this? I had no phone connection in March, 2006 but I had to pay the rental for the said month as per their discretion. I claim the full security deposit (Rs. 1000.00) what is lying with them at the very earliest convenience.

With regards,

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Ranajit Karmakar
71 Dakhsin Para Road
Kolkata 700028

  • Na
    Nasib Singh Aug 01, 2007

    I was a Reliance Infocomm customer having Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) from 13/03.2005 to 09/01/2006. I got the FWP connection under Plan FW700 in March 2005 with handset code No. LP340E. The phone number allotted to was 0522-3959005. I paid all the bills regularly at stipulated dates. Due to some personal reasons, I offered to surrender the connection as well as handset/accessories on 09/01/2006 at at Reliance WebWorld situated at Kapoorthala crossing (near Sahara India Bhawan), Mahanagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (copy of receipt of Service Termination Request enclosed). I was assured by the concerned person that the security deposit (Rs. 2000/- only) of your FWP connection will be sent to you within 3 months of date of surrender.

    Upon not receiving the security refund within the above said period, I inquired in the Reliance WebWorld as well as at Reliance Main Office at BTC house, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (UP) in this regard. Inspite of repeated assurance from concerned officers, I am yet to receive the security refund of FWP connection 0522-3959005.

    I had communications with Reliance customer care at several time point but I am sorry to say that no conclusive explanation was received from that end.

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  • Da
    Daniyal Jul 03, 2009

    Sub.: Network Problem.

    I have a RGSM and a CDMA connection, I am having problem since No both network is available in my area for the past 1 month connection is available on roof top.

    Customer care is of no help as they claim that the network is o.k. I Think "The most Third class network in Lucknow U.P. East (CHOWK BAJAZA).

    Can you help me, Since other network (Idea 09795323556) have no problem.

    Reliance officials Visit This Site and they will take some serious actions.

    Thanking you,

    Mohd Daniyal

    # 09026027048 &

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delay in reactivation even after submission of credentials

To: Customer care Reliance communications

My wife Dr Mrs. Chitra Rao - subscriber to the Reliance Pre Paid connection No. [protected]. On 8 th May she had submitted her credentials at reliance Web world franchise located at Vanasthalipuram - Hyderabad on demand from Reliance communications when she had gone to recharge her phone.

Since last three days her outgoing calls have been disconnected and since 17th May even her incoming calls are not being routed through.

Her Application No. [protected] submitted at VSPM Office.

Her Complaint No. [protected].

Reliance Webworld No. [protected]
Mr Mahender Reddy.

Would request to restore the connection immediately as the staff at the above office say that they have done their part and they can't do anything more advised to contact your main Webworld center at Hyderabad.

I am making this mail from my office at Bhopal and would request
to restore the connection at the earliest.
G. V. Rao
Mobile No. [protected]
e-mail [protected]

Our BSNL Land line No.
040 [protected] on my wife's Name

  • Aj
    Ajit Singh Jun 25, 2007

    I bought a new reliance post paid connection on 16th may 2007 from reliance Web world franchise located at Mayfair office - Hyderabad. My number got activated on 20th may after much delays and request but i didn't get the STD activation from my phone even on 25th may 2007.

    I tried to call every concerned person for the getting my STD activated but i came to know that i got a old number which was deactivated 2 years back and now its coming back into the circle as per companies policy. All this was not told to me before i got the connection. It has been 10 days since i got my phone nothing has happened.

    Customer beware!!!

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cheating by rim

I recd an SMS with - "Dear Reliance Customer, New Year Special E-Recharge with Rs 2007, Get 1 year Validity, Rs1638 Talktime and 2007 Local SMS Free! Offer ends soon". With this message, it clearly states that the validity is for 1 yr. Recently, I came to know that 2007 SMS were free for 60 days only. On discussing this issue with the customer care for few times, they said that its their policy, but they had never mentioned about this. This is really ridiculous. Simply, they are worse than thief.

  • Pr
    Pratap Ray Jun 19, 2007

    It is 2nd time The Caller Tune is installed in my land line phone (03332960902) automatically.

    I have pay the extra cost in the 1st time when they have wrongly installed the Caller Tune in my phone.

    But this time I will not pay any extra cost for them 2nd time mistake. If they try to get the extra cost for this Caller Tune then I would take necessary action in border way.

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  • Ma
    MADHUSUDAN Mar 10, 2008

    sir i want the caller tune code of such songs such as film satyemev jayte (dil mai ho tum) and masti film (dil de diya hai) plz sir say to me what can i do plz help me

    madhusudan loyalka

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  • Se
    seema Mar 26, 2008

    i m tired to hello tune plz give suggestion's how stop this.i m try customer care from two days but there is no one.

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  • Yo
    yogesh May 29, 2008

    Me and My big brother using RIM postpaid connection,
    but now a days its conffrence system is fail...we r from jharkhand, also customer care number is only for formality... now we (800 customer of reliance india mobile pospaid user) decided to withdraw our connection.

    Yogesh kr.

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  • Sy
    syed farooq May 31, 2008

    dear sir/madam
    my request is to send hello tune code of
    lab pay aati hai dua any how i want it
    plzzzzzzzzz its my request with reliance co.
    im very thankful for it i hope u will send da code
    2 me

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  • Sy
    syed farooq May 31, 2008

    dear sir/madam

    im syed farooq sending this request 2 u
    i want da of lab pe aati hai dua i want da
    code of nthis naath any how i hope u will send this or
    set this tone on my number plzzzzzzzzzzzzz its my humble
    request to reliance co. my mobile no. is 9347849393

    thanking you

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  • Ma
    manish sahu Jun 18, 2008

    please send me the caller tune code for songs

    kyoki itna pyar tumse karte hai hum, kya jaan loge from movie kyoki


    ye tera mera milna from movie aapka suroor


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  • Sa
    sana Jun 19, 2008

    my request is to send hello tune code of
    lab pay aati hai dua any how i want it
    plzz its my request with reliance co.

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fraud sms being sent on various recharge schemes

I have a reliance prepaid mobile connection. The No. is [protected]. On 30 Mar at 06:35 pm I received a SMS from 1232 which read " Dear Reliance customer, now get full talktime and 45 days validity with Rs.360 recharge, HURRY! offer ends 31 Mar 07". On 31 mar 07 I got my prepaid account recharged for 360 rupees on a recharge voucher. But I was not given full talktime. Instead I got a message " Recharge successful. The balance after recharge is Rs. 151.60. Account Expiry date is 30/04/07". I called up the customer care regarding this non receipt of the talktime on recharge as per scheme. My SR No. was [protected]. On 05 Apr 07 I have received a SMS that there is no extra talktime ofer with paper RCV. This is cheating the customer by sending fraudulent messages and thereafter not honoring it. For the SMS did not specify any thing about paper RCV or any other issue. Reliance needs to be ashamed of this act which is not expected of company of such repute. Well the reputation has dipped to a low with me. Anil Ambani also needs to know about this fraudulence and if he knows of it needs to hang his head in shame.

fake statements, poor customer service!

I have recharge my Reliance mobile from HDFC Net Banking, said amount has been deducted from my bank account...

Poor customer service

I think Reliance Customer Service needs proper training, at least if they cannot help.. should not misguide...

inactivation of the outgoing calls and inefficient handling of the complaint!

This is regarding inactivation of outgoing calls on my cell (Reliance cdma) I was asked to submit the...

problem in calling if 2 different users registered

I am using Reliance India calling card for the past 5 months. But now i am unable to call from my hotel number. (I have shifted myself from one hotel to another hotel).

The reason why I am unable to call is, someone has registered the hotel number (from which I call)in their account so that they can call directly by dialing the PIN. So when i tried to call from this number, i was directly asked to dial the PIN, which i cannot do.

I talked to the customer care executive, and they said that they will release that number after January 31,2007, since there was some offer going on at that time.

But even after that, i faced the same issue and now the customer care executive is saying like, I have to wait till Feb 28,2007, since there is some more offer going on.

I don’t really understand, why they have promised that they will release that number on Jan,31,2007 and for no reason i have to suffer. I have recharged for 50$ and I am not able to use it now.

I am not really happy on this situation and if it still continues, I have no option other than going to some other calling card and I’ll quit from Reliance India call account.

  • An
    Anand Sharma Mar 02, 2007

    I am agree with you. Same is happened with. My home phone is registered by somebody six months back and it reallotted to me by AT&T.

    I am telling this fact and asking to help me out but nonsense talks from Reliance. I can't use their service even though I paid for it. This is pathetic.

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mobile phone exchange policy is a scam!

I bought the LG 7230 CDMA handset in June 2004 for ~Rs. 16,000 and when I approached the Reliance Communications office for upgrading to latest handset, I was surprised to find that I will be waived only Rs. 2000 for my old handset. The exchange policy must be based on the current market cost of the mobile and age of the mobile handset. This is clear case of freezing the customers in Reliance Communication as the service could not changed with CDMA phone.

  • Ma
    markrushworth Jan 14, 2011

    I think that as the 'quoting' process is done blind i.e. they cant see the condition of your phone, then theyre within their rights to offer a reduced amount.. this is perfectly understandable and i for one wouldnt pay any cash for anything without seeing it first. Do you get notification of the final price before they send money?

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poor service from reliance broadband

I wanted to have Internet connection from Reliance. One person Sanjeev from Reliance came to me for this. He...

relianceindiacall misleading / cheating customers!

The Fine Prints: How RelianceIndiaCall confused (read:cheated) customers. I have been using RelianceIndiaCall...

fake offers, double talk time!

To those who are going on and on about Reliance's offer to double the talktime, in response to...

Complete waste of money and time for an unworthy service

I had been transferred to Bangalore and hence had to change my number to local to avoid roaming.I had applied for an address proof to the company I worked in and they provided me with the same in a few days. During the process, I was not asked to submit the proof and had to pay Rs220/- for the process which had been rendered free till last month!! After a week,they discontinued the services of my mobile-no incoming,no outgoing,no customer care and no message from reliance stating the reason. On inquiry, I was told that I would have to submit the address proof or wait for 10 days..who the ...would wait for 10 days?? They suggested that I take a new number and pay them Rs224/- (all for the slip of responsibility from their side). The people in the web wold didn't warn me that I would be loosing all my balance amount (I had just recharged with Rs675/- coupon). After all that crap and loss of balance,the service was resumed only to be debarred in another week's time without any notice. There was a message this time after 12 hours saying that they haven't received my application form..wt the ...#$%$#%. After umpteen calls to the web world, the person still had the no new answers to give!!! A complete waste of money and time for an unworthy service.

  • Pa
    Pawan Mar 15, 2007

    A copy of email to Reliance web World - Powai Mumbai:

    I just want to tell you a serious concern ( Not me rather all customers at Powai Web world has the same experience). I took new connection from reliance in mid feb ( Due to high Credibility, and just wanted to propose to my HR for the corporate connection). I gave the docs at time and my previous hello bill was pending, a person came from SRM Parel and took away phone wd due amount.

    (1) After going min 10 times to powai center they did not help me even ppl were confused what to do.

    (2) I deposited 2000 rs for my ISD connection on 24 one updated my account and i suffered a lot as i had to make imp calls and i was out of bombay ..i told them veryu specifically that i needed that . And they were just careless.

    (3) Then i did my biggest mistake trusting once again on reliance. I took one more connection on that card as Jodi offer. They have still not started my connection from last 15 days as my fiancee is suffering and she has no phone...and i went to powai center min 15 times for this they took all my docs 2-3 times.

    (4) Then they sent me to Web world at Kurla road ( Prob Sagar tech) saying that this is Termination center go there and update ur status, that was not even a termination center i bunked my company again went to powai world, waisted 300 Rs in Auto and then they finally they told me that they even dont know what to do.

    (5) Finally i made a contact wd Shailesh Attrpura at SRM Yesterday he did some changes in my account and then i again went to Rel powai for the same and i dont know what will happen .

    Now listen my concerns ( as i have flooded already )

    (1) In this whole process i have faced a trauma and waisted around 700-800 Rs in Auto with bunking my company and going there so many times.

    (2) Shiny/Natesh they told me to call my fiancee from Aurangabad to Bombay to take the phone (As mobile cant be couriered) She came and they did not do anything.

    (3) Now i had told them i am going tomorrow 16 feb to Aurangabad to give her this cell, and still they did not do anything.

    Now i just request you to either take some action, if you are not the right person please forward this mail to right person as i have spent 7000 rs in phone and now no one is able to tell my status of phone?? Now where should i go?

    Is this the Credibility of reliance???

    I have been cheated in a Big way With a Highly Dissatisfied customer experience and i will ensure you that i will never take no further reliance move and no one in my contact will go for Reliance.
    Now its enough i think that Court is the last option....

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  • Sy
    Syed Liyaquat Ali Mar 24, 2007

    I bought a USB card/internet connection from Reliance. It turned out, from day one, the USB device was faulty, getting disconnected every 10 minutes. I called the Webworld and they gave it to the service center. Even after 10 days, I neither have the device, nor a replacement, nor a refund. It seems I have lost my money. I am ruing why I didn't go with Airtel.

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  • Ab
    Abraham Philip Apr 18, 2007

    I brought a cell phone from Reliance of Nokia make. On March 28, 2007, they barred my outgoing calls and a week after they barred my incoming calls too. I had brought this cell phone a year ago from Reliance Outlet in Changanacherry, Kerala. I went to them, and they asked me to submit my Photo Identity with two photographs of mine to the kottayam, Kerala outlet. To which i protested and said i had brought the mobile from this outlet. Then they accepted my photo identity card copy without giving any receipt for the same. Today it is the 18th of April, and still my cell is not working.

    Secondly, my cell number was put in through a software instead of a card, which i want the software removed, so that i can get rid of the Reliance and get a number from other service providers such as BSNL or Idea. I had asked them to do it and they refuse. Truly, i am fed of this so called Reliance Communications.

    Truly Yours,
    Abraham Philip

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  • Vi
    Vikas Nair Apr 06, 2008

    Even I have noticed this problem at too many of these web world centres. They are the most pathetic customer service centres ever. The Web worlds are filled with a bunch of nincompoops, especially the Powai center.

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  • Su
    Sunny Aug 10, 2008

    I took reliance netconnect datacard connnection of UNLIMITED access 5 months back of Rs.1500 rental charge. But every month I get a bill of 1800-1900 and when I call their customer service they keep on hold for 15-20 mins and then transfer my call to all useless duffer executives who even dont know to speak english & respect CUSTOMERS VOICE. Moreover they talk in very annoying tone and give useless reasons saying "Sorry for Inconvenience". Even after telling them to discontinue my VAS they don't follow the instructions and keep on charging me for the same...Im really frustrated with Reliance as a Telecom Service company, who doesn't know how to fairly deal with customer & dont have any knowledge about What customer service is all about...

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cell barred for no reasons

I will just copy - paste the mail I sent to reliance customer care regarding the deactivation of my cell...

double talk offer!

In their Ad they offered Double talk for the first two recharges. The denominations were $50 $25 $10 And $5. The Ad is there from 21st December until 15th January 2007 for first time registrants.I registered for the first time on December 23rd, and was able to charge $50 which they doubled. On the second day I tried recharging, they had removed $50 and $25 dollar denominations for recharge plus all the offer details. Incidentally few other people had copied on their web page all their offer details.

  • Ra
    Ramanath Bhat May 12, 2007

    When I registered for Reliance long distance the greeting was just reasonable. However, the current greeting is annoying in terms of content and length. It is a perfect advertisement to turn off customers.

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  • Ja
    jack Jul 30, 2007

    Comcast is waste cable service. It is waste service.

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  • Ak
    aks Oct 22, 2007

    I used to use the pre-paid service of to call India. For the past 3-4 days I just cannot get through to my destination number. On calling the helpdesk they say the destination network must be busy. I used 4-5 different destination numbers on different networks and yet I could not get through. The Reliance system keeps saying "Check your number". Very frustrating. I am able to reach my numbers via but not through Anyway, what's more frustrating is that after I call helpdesk they do some tweaking at their end due to which I can reach the destination numbers for a while before the problem re-surfaces. The agent pretends as if nothing is wrong with their network but the fact of the matter is that the network and technology they use is substandard and they mislead clients saying "there is nothing wrong please try again". Airtel offers much better service and I recommend it.

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  • Po
    poonam ahuja Nov 12, 2007

    I am not able to login to the reliance India call URl for the last one month.

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irresponsible action against customers!

I had one RIM prepaid connection since march 2005.One day it stopped functioning.When I contacted there...

cheating by reliance!

We purchased data card [protected] to be used for laptop for usage of internet from Reliance Communication...