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compalint against reliance mobile deactivation

Hi, I was using reliance postpaid mobile in Bangalore with the handset LG6130. I had taken new mobile and connection due to coverage problem of reliance.

So in the first week of August, I called up customer care and told that I want to disconnect my reliance connection and get my mobile relieved from the same number.

In two days they disconnected my connection so that I am not able to make any incoming or outgoing calls.

I told I want to use that mobile in Kerala with a different number for my father. So the customer care people asked me to fill an cancellation form from the web world. On 18th August, when I went to Brigade Road Web world, the executives were not that friendly and told us that server is down and they cant update then.

Actually I am not interested in mentioning their attitude in this mail. Finally we went to IndiraNagar Reliance Webworld on the same day, where also there was kept a board "SERVER DOWN".

But since I spoke very tiredly and all, he collected the balance amount I have to pay and updated in the server for the cancellation or the deactivation of the number from the handset on 18th August and told that the mobile can be used with any numbers within 10 days.

Since after 10 days also the mobile is not deactivated from that number, I called up customer care, they told to check with web world. I went to webworld at Forum, Koramangala. They told they cant do anything from their side, because the request is already placed and the deactivation has to be done from the top management side. If anything is there, asked me to contact the customer care people.

Again I called up customer care and they told they don’t have anything to do from their part, check with the webworld.

Till today, 14th September, the mobile is not deactivated with that number and is not able to use a new number in that.

The customer care and webworld people are playing pranks on me and nobody is deactivating the existing number also.

My father is not able to use that mobile also.
Now what shall I do?

While taking connections, executives will come behind us, but in order to deactivate a number, they are making fool of people.

If it was a GSM phone means, we could have thrown out the SIM and replace with a new one.

Reliance people are taking advantage of this.

Now where I have to go to get it deactivated and use my mobile.

Someone please help me.


incompetent, ill-informed franchisee!

Shiva Traders WWE,S.C.O 53 Madhya Marg,Near Pizza Hut,Sec 26,Chandigarh is a franchisee of Reliance Communications. In June this company had sold an USB datacard with a postpaid number of an area that did not come under their cluster. Due to this reason I was unable to connect for over a month... but still got a bill of over 2000, I have spent Rs 4000 to buy the USB, 1500 for the postpaid number... have not been able to connect till date, the owner Atul Sharma after making false promises to correct his mistake by changing my postpaid number into a prepaid now refuses to take my calls. I'm unable to change my number or use this Datacard. This amounts to swindling your customers.

internet service bill overcharge

I have reliance platinum unlimited plan 1500 Rs monthly my no is [protected] but i am getting bill 3000 rs and i contacted to all web world darya ganj and also in customer care but no response like web world is saying whatever we make bill you have to pay. It's terrible!

they are real #!

This reliance is really a un-professional (like their owners) company, totally SETHIYA type and lousy idiot...

indoor tower problem

This is bring to your kind notice that several times I have complaint over telephone to customer care regarding Indoor Tower problem. They note my complain and say that now after your complain this is our problem to how can it be solved. But a month after month past, no fruitfull result has yet been resolve.
So, you are requested to look into this matter and take suitable action as early as possible to solve my problem accordingly.

Kameshwar Sharma.

  • Sa
    sameer Mar 02, 2009

    Yes we do have poblems regarding network especially in cities like Bangalore.

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  • Sh
    Shashank Shukla Jun 26, 2009

    My 09300089997 CDMA Reliance India Mobile network service Not Proper in Adhertal Jabalpur M.P. So That So Many Problem in Communication.
    Indoor Tower Problem in Adhertal Jabalpur M.P.

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  • Mu
    mukesh_jai Jul 11, 2009

    in mumbai grant road aria also relaince mobile poor signal in offices but other service like vodafone, airtale working good power!!! so please keep notice relaince mobile menagement as soon as possible !!!

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non activation of my old number on new handset

I had a Reliance Handset Cell Phone Nokia 6225 with number [protected]. Due to water lodging my said hand set got non functional. Being beyond economical repair, I did not get my set repaired and decided a buy a new handset. I procured a new Reliance Classic 702 Hand Set (RSN Number : RLOHSC000562924) from Reliance webworld Gallery, Miraroad(E) on 25 August 2007, Saturday at 2000 hours. At that time, I was assured by the Reliance Communication Staff that you will get your number [protected] activated on new handset within two hours.

Till then today is the 6th day, but my number has not so far been activated on my new handset despite my repeated physical visits to Reliance Webworld, Miraroad (E) as well as repeated telephone calls to them. Each time they told me that there is a problem in their network. Due to non activation of my number I am facing a lot of inconveniences.

  • Sa
    Sarwat Chishti Aug 13, 2008

    I purchased a reliance postpaid connection with new classic handset on 22nd July'08 with one year warrenty, but next day charger stopped work .I back to reliance outlet and ask for charger, the dealer repaired the same charger instead of replace it and behaviour was so rude and rough. But after two days it agin stopped working, again I went to Reliance outlet and complaint for charger, the head of dealer named 'Adhision' behaved very abruptlty and rudely he gave me a print out and told me just go to services centre and get repaired it we do not have any responsibilty now. My bettary was about to empty I came out from outlet and caleed to customer care, executive named 'Zuber' replied me, 'no madam there is no need to go to service centre your handset is under warrenty and you have just buy it thaey only have to replaced it this is their duty'. I told to executive please tell this thing to your dealer i am just going back to outlet. I go to outlet but head in outlet deny to receive the call of customer care executive some other dealer named 'Sanjay ' talked took the call he went away from me and talked to executive and then came back and told me madam ytou have to go to service centre, the behaviour was very rough of both and they insulted me infront of all the people. Then I took leave from my officeand went to service centre. There I had to fill up a form and after 25mints somebody told me that ‘you have to come again to collect your charger, it can take 4-5days time’. I went again to service centre and get replaced charger.
    Now I want to know is this right that a person goes to purchase a new connection and get a faulty set and then get the answer we are not responsible that and you have run for service centre in your office working days. Who is responsible? Where should I make a complaint?

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  • Pi
    Pithadiya Deepak Rajanikant Aug 24, 2008

    I have purchased prepaid connection from Mira Road a week ago & submitted related at the same time but documents not reached to the your office yet due to that my services are barred by the customer support.

    Please check with Mira Road branch for documents & activate my services at earliest.


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Reliance fraud

Last month I had recharged my account with Rs 777 E-recharge which gave Rs 692 talk time and 1 year validity...

no service for hours!

The telephone service of Reliance india call has been shut off for the 4-5 hours on weekend (August 19 2007) on peak hours. The miserable thing is they also shut the services of the costumer service, its annoying that the call to costumer service number would automatically switches off after 10 seconds. What the hell is this? I had to make an emergency call tried desperately for three hours. Finally i have to open another account to call india. I hate this service.

When i called the customer service after 8 hours, they have only sentence to say that the problem is now rectified. Its non-sense. Who cares if the service is rectified after a long time. I was really pissed off whole day.

  • Hi
    hidmyaddress Oct 21, 2007

    I am having the same problem today. Its Sunday 11.10 am on Oct 21. I have been trying to call the support number, but the call gets dropped, the actual number to 866-373-5426 is not responding at all. Looks like they are not able to deal with the peak hour load. Strangely enough, I can't even connect to their website.. keeps saying the authentication failed.

    This is nuts. I will try few more times and give up I guess.

    What is the alternate option?

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  • Nk
    nk Oct 21, 2007

    Agreed same case here, I have gone through this several times. Sent couple of emails, but got the reply of issue rectified, which is totally meaning less. People need to think from service perspective, else this is not going to work for long time. I am planning to go back with the back old international cards.

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  • Jk
    JK Oct 21, 2007

    This happened again today, 10-21-2007. I have been trying for more than 3 hrs. Neither toll free to place call to India nor the Customer service number is working. This is happening second time within a month. Service is getting worse, now days. Reliance India call s*cks.

    Is there any other company that gives better service than Reliance..

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  • Xy
    xyz Oct 21, 2007

    I am facing the same issue here. This happened to me about 2 weeks back when reliance India call was not working. Need to switch to another service.

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getting unpaid bill reminder for terminated connection

I terminated my post-paid reliance base connection number [protected] on 06/12/2006. I returned the set and made the full and final settlement at 40,Community Center, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057.

Now, all of a sudden I am getting unpaid bill reminders from Reliance Infocom with even threats of show cause notice. Beware!

  • Mo
    Mohandas Sep 17, 2007

    Reliance Infocom's service assurance team in new delhi is behaving very badly(irresponsibly).

    Our company has taken over all 60 land lines along with a broadband connection from Reliance infocom and it is continuing from last 1 year.

    But whenever there is a porbelm occurs, no one from service assurance team's taking any immediate action to solve the same.

    3 days back, they removed std and isd facility from our 40 lines due to none payment whereas we did not recived the bill on time in the billing address.

    Surprising factor is they did not intimate us about this matter, without informing us, on a sudden moment they removed this facility.......

    Service assurance team's performance is too bad(especially in south delhi), pathetic........Hope some one from senior management side will see this and will do the needful on urgent basis........

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  • Ad
    Aditya Singh Mar 06, 2010

    I agreed with Shilpi Singh, i have also got terminated a deta card no 09310256728, A/C no .2397362122 in November 16 but still rel is sending me unpaid bills, and threatening me to take legal action against me...when I took the connection at that time they said to use that card free of cost till 2 months, and said to send me the bil for 3rd month whatever I'll used. bit they send me the bil from 1st month. RIM is cheater, bluffer, and completely fraud company...please guys beware of it..
    Aditya Singh

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Fake adds!

I had recharge my cell phone LG RD2690 with E recharge of Rs60. The 60 top up of INDEPENDENCE day offer in which Rs 60 talktime+60 local SMS is provided. But I got only Rs 45 as my talktime and no SMS.On contacting Customer care, they told that after 48 hrs, extra talktime+Sms will be included any how. But it is going to about 30+ hrs and nothing has happened.


harassment from reliance web world!

I had taken a reliance data card for inter net connection on 3/8/07 (paid two months adv rental for platinum...

disconnection of services against wrong address verification

I had taken a connection of reliance data card on date 19-07-07 from the Web world at Hari Nagar, Jail Road, New Delhi. As address proof I gave my copy of my UTI Bank account statement, ID proof - Copy of my PAN Card, Pass port size photograph and Rs 3380/- Only.

This data card was taken a under a scheme of Toshiba Laptop purchase. I have also submitted the e coupon for the same.

I was told that under this scheme I will have unlimited web access for TWO months from the date of starting the connection.

After using this card for just 3 Days I received a message on my card no from reliance services that my outgoing services are barred. On asking at the webworld I was told that this due to negative report of address verification.

To my knowledge no one has come to my residence for the address verification.
Now I am loosing my free usage time at my cost. not only that I am suffering alot of loss of my work as I am in an IT company and my job involves a lot of mailing work which is totally jammed because of this problem.

Now the executive of web world are saying that I have to submit my complete paper formalities again and this will take another 4-5 days time minimum.

Who will now pay for the loss I am incurring due to all this problem!!!

People beware!

  • Id
    idontknow Mar 05, 2009

    use less data card and their management nobody listens to the complaints.

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  • Vi
    Vijay Prabhakar Sep 18, 2009

    I am also victim same happen to me, I submitted all the requested documents after 3 days they deactivated my connection(i.e. 9310204063). I think Reliance Management is Sleeping in Deep ###.

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unauthorized charges for phone call!

I was using reliance Indian call for last 2 year and that time voice quality was very good and they use to be very fair in charging the amount for example in a different Calling card I have seen they charge even if your call was not successful, but now i am sorry to say their service has become poor so many time when I call India when call is also not through they started charging the amount. One time i called India my call was not through but they not only charged me for that call but my wholes prepaid card was used, showing that I have called for 20 min. When I complained this about company I got a reply that the call was mature.

  • Gi
    Gita Dutta Dec 18, 2007

    I am using Reliace Phone for more than 8 months but I feel service is very bad. Recently I recharge my phone twice for Rs. 25/- but everytime I found my balance nil. I therefore trying to talk with your customer care but every time I got answer that surver is down could not able to say my balance amount.

    So for the last 8 days I could not recharge my mobile.

    You are requested to please inform my pending account with you so that I can take proper step to recharge my mobile.

    my mobile no. is 9339826644

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no response from customer care!

I would to inform all of you that don't buy any reliance connection because they are cheating you. if you purchase Prepaid phone after 2 -3 days you mobile get disturb and Customer care Executive give no response (Web World or C.C. No.). other way when you get post paid Connection, They Send bogus bills and no response.

  • Sr
    sreekumar Sep 20, 2007

    No response from customer care at the available reliance web world tel numbers at trivandrum (vazhuthacaud). Frequent harassing for application/id proof even after submission at the time of purchase and subsequently. Is there any system for recording such details,so as avoid unnecessary harassing
    and dissatisfaction to customers?

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  • Lo
    Love Srivastava Aug 25, 2008

    I have purchased reliance mobile with SIM (09346552480). The number gets disconnected after 1 week stating 'Current Address Proof Required'.
    I have submitted address proof on 19th Aug 2008 & was assured that the number will be re activated in 48 hours. But till today 25th Aug 2008 my number is not activated. THIS IS THE SERVICE I AM GETTING FROM RELIANCE COMMUNIOCATION. i HAVE SPOKE TO THE FRANCHISEE MANY TIMES BUT NO PROPER RESPONSE RECEIVED.


    Love Srivastava

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  • Ck
    CKJain Feb 19, 2009

    Reliance Communication customer service is very very poor. I had taken their datacard service. They have disconnected my service, but keep on demanding monthly service charge since last four months. When you call their complain number they keep on giving excuses such as
    • Excuse 1 – you have dialed the wrong extension.
    • Excuse 2 – This is the pre-paid section you need to call post paid.
    • Excuse 3 – The systems are down for maintenance.
    • Excuse 4 – Systems are down due to technical problems, call after 30 minutes.
    • Excuse 5 – I am a trainee, my senior is on the other line, pl. hold. After long holds listening to the monotonous music one has no option but to hang-up the phone and start all over again.

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my service is resumed without any notification!

I am customer of RIM last 5 years. I cant hope that RIM customer care can treat so badly with me. Services of my RIM is resumed last 10 days without any information.

I contacted to my nearest Web World (Preet Vihar, New Delhi- 110092). Lady who entertaining customers told me that I have post your complain. Your complain will solve within 72 hours. When I revisited the Web World she told me " your ID prof and address is missing so your services is disconnected. Please resubmit documents." I submitted my ID prof and Address prof.

After submitting my documents I revisited to the Web World when my mobile services was not activated then she told me that there is problem with your mobile set please go Nokia Service Center to check.

I went there. they told me that your mobile phone is OK. Again I reported to the Web World that there is no problem in my hand set. They told me we cant do any thing cause with our end your service is working.

Result is that my mobile is still dead. Very rude, and irresponsible behavior of customer service!

  • Vi
    vidushi Jul 24, 2007

    Please... Don't ever buy a Reliance Phone.

    If you buy it you have too submit your some documents with photo every alternate month. Else they will Bard your mobile Services suddenly.

    I have submitted my details thrice but again they bard my phone services . And if u contact customer care they do not respond u properly. In fact they do not have the Contact No. of Reliance Web Worlds.

    So Please... Don't ever buy a Reliance Phone.

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  • Bh
    Bhupender Sihag Jan 12, 2008

    Reliance Groups

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  • Sa
    sanjay kumar raj Mar 25, 2008

    dear sir please see my resume

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    Thanking you SANJAY KUMAR

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  • So
    sonia_s Sep 15, 2009

    really Reliacne wale bahut irresponsible hai.
    They bard service without any notification or any communication.And customer faces the problm.
    So better do not buy reliance connection.

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  • Pr
    Prabhugod Nov 06, 2009

    All of a sudden the online portal interface is changed to "myservices" and Iam not able to login with my existing username and password. The forgot password option is also not working. Guys at customer support answer irresponsibly. For no fault of mine, Iam getting harassed, Worst experience

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faulty set

I have bought Reliance classic 261 model on Sunday 10th June at authorized exclusive Reliance mobile cell phone shop, Borivali (E), Carter Road. I have been told that it will be activated within half an hour. At home I found that others can here me and I could not here others voice. I took one day off from my office duty on Thursday (14th June) and requested the shop staff to attend to it.

Though it is new mobile set and found to be faulty the shop staff made me to wait from 12.00 to 1.30 pm and then asked me to visit a classic service center at LIC colony at Borivali (W). It is far away from my place and I have to in search of its location.

The approach would have been to request me to deposit my phone and come and collect after 3 - 4 days or give me a replacement immediately and send the faulty phone back to the company - giving the details about the faulty phone.

Now I have to take one more day off from my office and visit the LIC colony and wait for the feed back.

It is a case just making customer unhappy about buying a reliance classic model 261.

Nowadays there is a big competition in the mobile hone market and who attends to the customer problems immediately will be a successful company.

Dr. G Prakash Babu

  • He
    Hemant Namdeo Ugale Oct 27, 2007

    I perches classic 261 at 20 Oct 07 there is no any problem in handset bet charger is faulty after connect to charging it charge moail 2 or 3 second and hang handset stop charging process. If duplicate charger is connect it charge successfully.

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  • He
    Hemant Namdeo Ugale Oct 27, 2007

    I pierces classic 261 at 20 Oct 07 handset is ok, but there is problem in charger if connect to charging after switch on it get hang or charge two or three seconds and stop charging. If I connect duplicate charger it charge successfully.

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  • Yo
    Yogita Rajnani Nov 22, 2007

    Hi Team,
    Complaints to reliance

    Mobile number:9321040993
    This is a complaint regarding poor cust service received from 2 advisors and 1 supervisor in customer care.
    ISSUE: I wanted to set up a caller tune(Zindagi Ek Safar hai suhana- Code:5361116 from your internet but it did not work after 2 attempts. The first time I had sent this message(MT 536116 to 51234) I heard the song "aaya re aaya koi aaya re" on my phone and the second time" Zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar") I called up customer care and spoke to an executive and a supervisor who could not even speak proper english and claimed that i have sent an incorrect message. When i told them to do the same from their phone - they disconnected the call.I called up again and spoke to a 3rd person who again parroted the same thing.I then asked for a supervisor but Neither did they reimburse the incorrect charges nor did they even check it up. It is reaLLY SAD TO SEE SUCH A PATHETIC SERVICE TO LOYAL CUSTOMERS.Saurabh Bhatt/ Chhaya/ Yogesh and Rajesh are the 4 people whom I spoke to and all 4 of them were pathetic. They didnt even knew how to speak English and were just parotting the same thing. The end resolution was charges can be checked only once I get the bill and at that time they would dtermine if they can be reversed or not and for the correct song I can try calling the number if SMS does not work. If i wish to escalate it further I can call the next day and speak to someone else. There was no higher authority available. When i enquired bat complaints procedure- Saurabh asked me to send a letter as he didn't even knew abt e-mail procedure.

    I just want to make 1 point clear here that it is not the question of money but it is the question of principle. If there is something which has not worked in your service- I would not appreciate the company charging us for that. Also being loyal customers- This is the treatment that I received for a genuine issue which is highly frustrating and irritating.
    I would really appreciate if this can be looked into and if we can have the status.

    Yogita Rajnani.

    Reliance is a pathetic service and please don't go for it

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  • Yo
    Yogita Rajnani Nov 22, 2007

    Just to add on to things above. I've been with reliance for 4 years and they are just pathetic.

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  • Ni
    Nitin Ghodeswar Dec 07, 2007

    myreliance mobile sim invailid is massage on my mobile screen plz actived my mobile kindly .my mobile modle number is reliance classice 261.
    my mob no.-9373958548
    my sim no.-raxru2626863474

    Thank you

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  • Am
    amitchaurasya May 03, 2008

    dear sir i have reliance classic 261 mobile its battery getting discharge very fast sometime its does not get network and it take
    3-4 hours to charge the battery. The Microphone of this phone is
    also not good, Thank you.

    Your Customer

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  • Va
    vamsi May 05, 2008

    i am unable to swich on the phone

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  • Sa
    santhosh May 27, 2008

    very poor service

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  • Sa
    santhosh May 27, 2008

    customer satisfied & very very poor service &

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charging problems

I mr. Mahendra m nandola hv purchased lg cdma lsi - 110 frm reliance infocom ltd, which was activated on 24/08/06. Delivery challan no. Im - 0736545 dated - 03/08/06. I alloted phone no. 022 - [protected]. Charging problem started from december 2006. I have complaint 2 reliance webstores ltd. Ghatkopar. They advised me 2 contact lg service center code no ino18460mub00132. I had contact tis service center on 10/01/2007. The receipt no. R100107013. They informed me that handset serial no. 509hhcs972683 was purchased on 30/12/2005. So it was out of warranty.

I have purchased the same through reliance infocom on august 2006. Which was activated on 24/08/2006. So my warranty period will b valid upto 23/08/2007. Reliance webstores ltd. Ghatkopar, had given instruction in writing on 24/01/2007, that handset is under warranty period.

Reliance sending me 2 lg service center and they are not accepting my complaint. Not telling 2 contact reliance web stores so 2 whom I contact now.

Thanking you,
Mahendra m nandola

  • Ch
    Chaudhary Mohammad Atif Jul 20, 2007

    Within one year or so First the battery, then the charger, again the charger, then the 12 V adopter and now the mother board! Motherboard because of network problem has to be changed. The upkeep of the hardware is more than the total monthly charges of the service provider - Please help smb!

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complaint isn't resolved yet

I bought the new Reliance connection. Next day, I called up Reliance Customer Care and asked them whether I can recharge the 875 STD Calling card using ICICI Internet Banking. They told me that I can make the payment using ICICI Internet banking and recharge the 875 STS calling card, When I recharged the same, my recharge amount was credited to main account instead of STD Calling Card account. I logged a complaint. It is since 9 days, and the issue isn't resolved yet. I don't think Reliance is capable to provide valuable service to its customers. After all, at last customer suffers not the company. they are only interested in making money and not concerned about customers satisfaction.

I had called Reliance Customer Care Several times but they always say the issue is on SOLVING STATE. I will never recommend anyone for RELIANCE MOBILES.


Mukesh Kumar

  • Mo
    mohit kumar choudhary Jul 05, 2007

    Reliance did the same with me. I have recharged for Rs 280 for Reliance STD Card. But they instead gave me a 276 Rs plan with 1 month validity. What the hell and the customer care now says it can't be done with Icici internet banking and they are very rudely behaving. Not even registering my complaint.

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  • Vi
    vikas Jul 15, 2007

    Hi friends,

    I am vikas from Jamshedpur and I'm using realiance india mobile since 4 yrs from past 4 months i am getting a annoying message during making a call and i know this a little thing for reliance to solve in this regard i registered abt 20+ complains and sent about 10+ mails in these 4 moths but these f***ing reliance customer care exe. These themselves like god because no one can claim or make any difference in there jobs coz we are helpless.

    Below I am attaching my mail, just see how they are dealing with me any suggestion to make my complain solve or how to approach for seniors in this regard.

    I am vikash and my number is 93342*****.

    I am using India calling card of 875. From the past 4 months I’m not able to make calls to another reliance number after 11:00 pm. In this concern I already registered 20 complains to customer care. But no action taken yet. Without solving my problems customer care department close my complain as solved.

    For same problem I have to register 20+ complains. Instead of solving my complain, they just close my complain and mark it as solved. Actually when I make call to 93008***** after 11 pm I get messages like “your call could not be completed” “press 2 for Hindi”.

    Sometimes my call get connected after 100 retries. But this always happen after 2-am.
    When I call customer care, they just register a complain but no action will be taken yet. For one problem I have to register 4 complains.

    I am fade up by customer care behavior, that’s why I am mailing u my problem,I think you take my problem as urgent and solve my problem. Hope my problem get solved after your kind attention.


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  • Ji
    Jitubhat Aug 12, 2007

    Reliance Mobile/Comm is a Co.-once you are their customer-they don't care a two hoots for their customer as long as their bills are paid. They are COMPLETELY misleading the people through their Ad's.Customer service is designed to frustrate the complainant into giving up on his complaint and bearing mis service and poor quality.

    It is one of those type of companies that imprint on your mind NEVER NEVER to deal with them ever again. Such is the callous attitude towards their customers. I say it in plural because I know many other friends who have Reliance Mobiles are so frustrated that their language for the Reliance Co cannot be printed.

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  • Ni
    Nikhil Juneja Apr 04, 2008

    reliance got the worst network,
    they show advertisement that no water, no air ... bla bla
    and total network
    and my 50 % calls get dropped due to Network problems in pune
    they got the worst network
    and customer care guys dont know how to speak
    they think that only third grade people buy relaince since they gave reliance in 501/-
    cant normal people use reliance or what??
    the worst network in the whole world

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disturbing phone calls!

MY mobile no. is [protected] & no any bill pandig in fact i pay advance 600/- on dt 24-05-2006 company billing date is 12/06/2006 but from collection center continue call me in a day 6 to 7 calls for paid for bill evan local collection center also call me & i m paid my bill through credit card but company calling continue calling me. I don't know what can it is very panic i am disturb on my job also.
I am system administrator in mumbai education trust in nasik .

Please tell some suggestions!

Thanking You,
Amit Shah.

stucked in the smart connection!

I am using two smart numbers in shimla one is +[protected] and +[protected], i am sorry to say it is the worst, when i saw reliance brand name on smart i thought that it must be providing 3g service or at least edge but forget all these this company does not have their internet site and customer care people are hectic and stupid. They tell u their name wrong ask personal question and please don't be surprised they can shout on you also, signal quality is below poor, balance automatically deducts after 3 hours and no record of it even with customer care. Now you will definitely say that this is not our department but just tell where will a customer like me will go, he has no other option, i am just stucked in this connection called smart. If you people cant handle it then please shut down the company. I hope this e mail of mine will bring some light on smart issue. Please help all reliance smart customers. Save them from this smart!

  • Na
    NARESH KUMAR VERMA Sep 17, 2007

    I have taken a prepaid Reliance Smart connection one and half month ago. The number activated was 9817214717. But now I think that I have made a big mistake because during this short period my connection has been de-activated four times, without telling me the reasion and presently this is inactive for last eight days. When I ask to the shopkeeper, simply he says that your complaint already made but no action is made. As I am very much frusted with the service, kindly let me know the way to solve my problem.

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  • Vi
    vijeta Sep 29, 2007

    reliance lifetime connection is just worst ,,,n pathetic too---b'coz got that connection last year aug'06.

    till last month the charges were SMART TO SMART-19P. SMART TO OTHERS-59PAISE ,SMART TO S.T.D-99PAISE....these are just quite OK in previous but from last month the charges were increase without a single update or information , now the charges are ----


    its totally more then double,,unbelievable .
    that co. suddenly start to cheat the smart users like you & me.. wen i spoke with d customer care exe. abt dis circumstances --they said that this lifetime plans have changed & now if you want to decrease the charges of calls then you have to go thr. the power & all that ..then rechage with top-up & you can go with. & in coming days every old lifetime connection automatically come under this plan. without power d charges will be same as above mentioned.

    now, this co. only comes on the way to cheat.

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  • Na
    narottam Nov 13, 2007

    I too am victim of the same offer like Vijeta!

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  • As
    Ashis Kumar Das Oct 29, 2008

    For emergency Internet facility, I had connected Reliance Smart (my no is 09883405241) and had paid three hundred rupees with photocopy of my voter ID on 19th October 2008. I am using Samsung Mobile Hand Set and my model no is SGH- J210. The IMEI no is 35822101 0933731/7. From that day I had repeatedly requested (minimum 30 times I made calls) your Customer Care for sending GPRS settings. 19th Oct was a Saturday, On Sunday I had been asked to made a local call from my mobile and to send a SMS “ALL” to 55100. I did. But still now, after 11 days I had not received any setting or any Phone call from RELIANCE COMPANY!!! I have been cheated by saying that “We are going to send your settings”. Sometimes the person from Customer Care service said “ sending your setting within 30 mints”/ within 1 hour” or “ You will receive a call from our company within 30 minutes” some time they said “Some problem is there in your handset” Several times they wanted to say the process of setting the ‘GPRS setting’ manually. But it didn’t work out. Once, I thought it was true that there is some problem in my handset. But I have tried from another two mobile handsets NOKIA 6300 and SAMGSUN X 700, and have asked customer care for sending settings. But still it didn’t work out. I know that Reliance has charging me for the facility but I am unable to using Internet facility for your dam system.

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  • Pi
    pinaki paul Nov 21, 2008

    I Mr. Pinaki Paul Complaining against your unnecessary upload of
    Relainace Music station without my concern. The fact is that. Suddenly
    I got a sms on from 9827002226 on 12 nov. 2008 at 10:55:12 that "Your
    request for Reliance Music Station has been accepted and
    you soon will be able to listen thousands of songs on your phone".

    After a while I got another that is from 9827002226 on 12-nov-2008 at
    11:03:24 "You have subscribed the reliance music Station
    successfully, now just dial 57777 and enjoy thousands of latest and
    golden songs"

    After that I have call the Reliance Customer care. They taken my
    complain and give me a complain no 80159795. They ensure me that they
    will check the real fact.

    Then I got another sms from 9827002226 on 13-nov 2008 That "You have
    been unsubscribe from the Reliance Music station successfully"

    Today is 18-nov 2008 I have again call to Reliance Smart customer care
    they told that they have deactivated the music station on 17 nov 2008
    at 4:29 pm. And till date I got no refund against this unusual
    activities. Again I give a complain by complain no 80624797 for refund
    of this money.

    But after one day they told me that there is no way to refund this money.

    Sir how can I trust on this service where I am using this service from
    very long time. My trust is going out.

    Please do the needful as early as possible.


    pinaki paul.


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  • Sa
    saibal chatterjee Apr 17, 2009

    my phone no is 9883257704 on 12.4.2009 i checked my balance was rs.64and 14paisa.due to no charge of my battery my phone was off on 16.04.2009 after charging the battery i checked the balance, found that is only 14 paisa. i contacted to customer care asked for complaint no but refused.also said that no balance deducted in last 4 days. pl revert back my balance immediately. saibal chatterjee

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  • reliance smart is one of most bankrupt company in india, its customercare people dont know that they are working under reliance smart. It seems that the company is full of thives & robbers

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  • Ra
    rahul15.choudhary Nov 01, 2010

    hello sir,
    i m vijay choudhary. my mobile no. is 9098326545.
    i dont want any call from reliance company offers and the sms on the mobile
    of company.Because i dont no how to operat the mobile on your calls. And daily sms
    make me disturb and many times my balance get deducted on wrong pressing of mobile please stop the company sms and calls except the balance offers.

    Whether u stop the calls and sms of company or i change the operater services number.

    Thank you.

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  • Ra
    RAJEEV861 Nov 08, 2010


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  • Ra
    RAJEEV861 Nov 08, 2010


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