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Reliance Communications complaints 465

3:38 am EDT

Reliance Communications worst staff... no words to explain

How reliance is hiring the employees in their Reliance digital. I waited for an hour in the queue for Jio sim and asked the employee that how many Sims he is having. He said he has only 2 Sims. Still 20 people in the queue. Atleast he has to inform. When we asking him about this, he is answering rudely. Really BadService and employees. What they are thinking about the people. Don't we have any works.

Bangalore, BTM 2nd Stage near Udipi garden branch

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1:07 am EDT

Reliance Communications broadband internet service & false info by reliance customer service

Customer id : [protected]
Name : kartik iyengar

Reliance team,

My internet is not working since 4th aug 2016 and I have raised multiple complaint nukbers [protected] - [protected] - [protected] - [protected]. As usual customer service promised a 24 hour tat for resolution. The customer service representative informed me that the ticket is closed. How can any complaint closed with user confirmation is beyond my understanding. This ticket was reopened again and assurance given on a call back and 24 hour resolution tat, again!

I have written to nodal officers @, their telephone lines go unanswered. I have been trying to reach out to nodal officer line @ 020 [protected] for past 4 days and no answer. So I believe like everythign else the number published is also false on the rcom website.

There is no ownership, customer service agents are rude and the last agent I spoke to informed me his supervisor is not available till 3 pm and I should call back after that time to speak to him and even supervisor would give same answer as the agent. This is the level of service agents you are hiring which is quite appalling.

Reminder 14... Day 16.. Internet still not working.. The only thing that reliance is doing right is sending me ticket numbers and closing them as duplicate ticket... But none of you people are bothered to resolve the actual issue.

Internet still not working.

I know this email will be converted to another email with a statement that my inconvenience is regretted and that issue witll be resolved in next 24 hours :)..
Please tell me there are actual humans reading this email and robots because there should be atleast 1% of collective empathy.

This is status of 2016

March - 7 days no connection
April - 13 days no connection
May - 8 days no connection
June - 16 days no connection
July - 9 days no connection
August - 15 days no connection. ;

Review the number of times I have called reliance service desk over the course of 5 years that I have been a customer and you will understand my frustration. I am using reliance broadband and datacard, but the only common factor is the standard of service which is getting poorer by the day. Some female from bill collection department starts threatening for delay in bill payment and the language used was absolutely trash. If such calls are recorded at your end, you should play it and ask yourself if this is valid for a customer who has not delayed any bills on 5 years and now doing so because of lack of service. Hope you understand that such harassment would hold in consumer court and not worth anyone’s time/money to pursue this.

Please let me know if internet is going to be recovered (Ever) for me and what are you doing to ensure that we have 30 days of non-stop service without any interruptions.

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, US
Oct 09, 2016 4:25 am EDT

I was using a Reliance Pro 3 modem ([protected]) months ago. It was been blacked during the launch of 4 G. I don't want to upgrade that and so I deactivated that modem with the help of a reliance dealer but still now I am receiving bill and fine amount for the modem that I am using now I have registered complaints through the customer care of Reliance ([protected]) for 2 times and have received a complaint conformation number([protected]), but still I am receiving bills for it. So, kindly take actions regarding the complaints and stop sending those extra bill amount to me.

9:40 am EDT
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Reliance Communications refund of my money

I have recharged my account of Rs 111 on [protected]. After 2 days i have found that my main balance was Rs 60.126 (approx). I thought that my power has deactivated so i have recharged my a/c with Rs 73.It does not worked so i called Customer care for the reason.I have talked to (1.)Trishna than she told that u have activated the Roaming pack of Rs 46 but i have not activated such type of Roaming pack. After that i called once again then (2.)Surf-ud-din was on line he argueed with me for around 45 minutes but he did not give the soution instead of he has argueed with the same topic that "your money cannot be refund" at last he send the call of "Shyamal Kr. Mandal" he also repetead the same thing and both of them behaved badly and ended the call by giving be the following site :- "Customer [protected]@Reliance".
I am very old customer of your's and i suppose that u would listen to my complan and refund by Rs 46.00 and activate by Rs 73.00 (power).

Thanking You,
Om Prakash Shaw ([protected], [protected])

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2:48 am EDT

Reliance Communications Education loan Inappropriate amount

State bank given amount statement for borrow 163151.16 INR only, But reliance told you must pay 361514 INR

This is forgery

Don't trust reliance

Reliance is a fraud

These company is growing with poverty people blood

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10:31 am EDT

Reliance Communications unprofessional behavior by company representative.

Today (05.08.16) i got a call from company representative regarding delay in payment of bill, he spoke very violently for not paying the bill at time, i never expected such a low level talk from a company representative. i demand apology from the person who is was involved in this cheap act. i expect company would take necessary steps, and will not support such acts to be repeated.
detail of representative Santhosh (company legal wing )[protected]

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7:20 pm EDT

Reliance Communications rate cutter not functioning. hence balance illegally deducted - [protected]

Illegal balance deduction
I have recharged my cell [protected] with rate cutter 33. Following is the proof: " Your last recharge amount is Rs. 33. Recharge date is 11/07/2016. You can also check this information by dialling *111*1*2# from your mobile. "
But reliance charges at rate more that normal rate. Therefore it is like I bought rate cutter to enhance my call rate. This is insane and customer care never responds. TRAI should take legal action against reliance for providing poor service, unresponsive customer care and showing never bother attitude towards customer

This is the worst service I have ever seen. Please resolve this problem immediately

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4:54 am EDT

Reliance Communications reliance netconnect +

Hi I am using Reliance Netconnect ++ Dongle, Its not working, Since 2 weeks i am making a call to Reliance they are not responding properly.Per day 5 to 10 times i am trying to communicate Reliance Customer Care, But no use.Now i can't Use my dongle.

Last month my usage is very low but i got 3000 Rs bill.My default bill is 570 Rs
i made a call to reliance CC they are telling that u r usage is high, i explained to many people and raised complaint about my issue but no use.

At last i paid the bill, after my bill payment me used 1 or two days after that the net is not connecting properly.Me trying to register a complaint about this with Reliance CC but connection is not connecting.

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8:01 pm EDT

Reliance Communications no action on complaint & false information

In Spite of my repeated communications and emails, there seems to be no action taken by any one sofar.. I continue to receive Bills month on month and Followup calls for payment of bills and messages.. This is really irritating and inspite of my explenation on every call, i continue to get calls almost every day..

I am putting one final attempt to convey my anger along with helplessness and recommend not to go for reliance products going forward.

Hope to receive a response and appropriate action.


On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 11:44 AM, kailash ivaturi wrote:
There seems to be no end for this issue...

Today again i got a call from the call center asking me to pay the bill. It is really frustrating experience that even appellate authority also does not respond and call center & collection agents continue to trouble for no fault of mine..

I will be left with no choice but to proceed Consumer forum for deficiency of services..


On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 7:42 AM, kailash ivaturi wrote:
I did not seem to have received any response for this mail.. may I consider that the complaint is closed snd I will not receive any more bills from reliance...?

Also wish to know the action taken by you for providing wrong commitment of replacement of dongle and plan change due to which I am still following up with u.



On 29 Apr 2016 14:05, "kailash ivaturi" wrote:

Thank you for your response and i appreciate the same.

I really appreciate your efforts for getting the bill waiver and i convey my sincere thanks for the same.

The expess payment of Rs. 109/- was paid to terminate the connection as on 23rd of March where as the bill was generated upto 19th of March.

The response was only to the extent of the 2nd complaint and the points written in my 1st mail are still unanswered. Can i expect someone go to through the entire complaint and revert with the solution.. If not, the customers like me will keep getting the false assurances ( like free replacement of dongle and activation of Plan 175/- etc) and will be wasting time like me to contact the customer care for months..

I got a call in the morning again asking to write a mail for termination to a different mail ID.. I had written multiple mails to customer care and you and no one seems to bother to respond to any of the emails.. Not even an acknowledgement of the mail.! It seems the bills will be keep generating and i fail to understand why no action is taken when i had reported my dongle was lost and i am not able to make use of the connection!

Hope to get an acknowledgement and proper response from Appellate Authority at least..



On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 12:34 PM, rcomappellate.karnataka wrote:
Dear Mr. Kailash,

We acknowledge your email dated April 24, 2016 for your Reliance number [protected] and regret the delay in response.

Kindly note that the waiver of Rs.1143.86/- has been posted in your account on April 25, 2016 and it is already adjusted in the bill period March 20 to April 19, 2016.

Also note that the excess payment of Rs.109.6/- is reflecting in your account and it will be adjusted in your subsequent bill.

Assuring you of our best services always.

Thank you for choosing Reliance.


Appellate Authority

You can contact us on [protected] from Monday to Saturday excluding National/ Public Holidays between 9.30 am to 6.30 pm or write to us at RCOMAppellateauthority.[protected], with case ID of previously registered complaint at Customer Care/ Touchpoint.

--- Original Message ---
On April 24, 2016 at 4:14 PM, "kailash ivaturi" wrote:


I really surprise that in spite of me calling the Reliance customer care for multiple times and sending a mail, i do not see even a single response / mail received from reliance for my complaints...

It has happened exactly the way i had anticipated and i have received another bill for Rs. 1143/- where as i have made my full and final settlement on 23rd March.

Reliance number


This Month's Charges (Rs.)


Relationship number


Total Due amount (Rs.)


Bill period

20-Mar-2016 to 19-Apr-2016

Payment Due date


It is really an irritating experience when the customer care executive asks you as an innocent person after you explaining the story to 20 different executives and there is nothing appearing as a registered complaint.. utterly frustrating experience to deal with the executives who do not understand the simple issues and very unfortunate that none of the team leads are available at any point of time.. A standard answer that all TLs are Busy...

Hope some one will look into and have a curtesy of acknowledging the complaint..



On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 4:07 PM, kailash ivaturi wrote:

I have obtained a reliance Data Card at Bangalore during March / April 2015. Recently i had relocated to Hyderabad and i had lost my dongle. My data card details are as under :

Reliance number


This Month's Charges (Rs.)


Relationship number


Total Due amount (Rs.)


Bill period

20-Jan-2016 to 19-Feb-2016

Payment Due date


On 23rd of March'2016, i had contacted the call center asking the procedure for surrendering the data card and they had mandated me to call them only after clearing the outstanding amount and informed that they will not be in a position to transfer teh call unless my bills are cleared..

Accordingly, i had visited a Reliance store and made the full and final settlement (outstanding amount as on that particular date) and asked them to surrender the connection. To my surprise, the store people asked me to contact the customer care and they do not have authority to surrender the connection..

On contacting the customer care, ( i was put on hold for period not less than about 30 minutes stating that they are not able to transferring the call to special desk) they had offered me a plan with Rs.200/- monthly rental with 1GM unlimited plan and offered a free dongle replacement.

I had accepted the same and provided all my revised contact details at Hyderabad. Now i had contacted your call center once again to find the status, and to my utter surprise, , another bill for amount Rs.1100/- is generated and i have not received any replacement dongle or the new rental plan is activated against my number..

It takes a month for customer care to provide a replacement dongle and activate a plan for a customer! Also, continue to charge the customer after surrendering the connection!

These are unfair practices followed by reliance and hope someone will look into this and revert with suitable response..

With regards,

I K Kailash

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1:53 am EDT

Reliance Communications network problem from about last 20 days

I holding +[protected] mobile no. From reliance communication was not getting any network or signal. For that i was about to complain their cust service rejected and not attending my call.I hope the complaint will rectify as soon as possible.

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7:12 am EDT

Reliance Communications Reliance Netconnect broadband

Hi, I had taken a Reliance Netconnect Broadband connection in 2013 with Reliance Netconnect Plan: Brdbnd8GDy15GNg500 which had an assigned credit limit of Rs 1600/-.
Although the speeds weren't as per what they had promised, I still continued with the connection until one day in August 2013, they sent me a bill of Rs 3071/-.
When I called up the customer care and asked them how could this be possible as my credit limit was only Rs 1600/- they simply said that my consumption of data for that month had exceeded the quota of my plan and hence such a high bill was generated. I explained to them that at the time of contracting the plan their sales representative had explained that my bill could never exceed Rs 1600/- since if I were to ever exceed that said amount of Rs 1600/- in any given billing cycle, my services for that month would automatically be disrupted until I make the payment. However in my case nor were the services barred and neither did I receive any intimation from Reliance Netconnect that I had passed by credit limit.
They were unable to give me a proper response to my question and kept insisting that I would have to make the payment in order to continue with the services. At that moment I told them that i would not make any payment as I was no longer interested to deal with such a dishonest company.
However they have been harassing me since then asking me to pay the bill.
I would like to know how can I put an end to this once and for all as they have cheated me and then continuously harassing me after that. This week I received an email from a company who claims that had been hired by Reliance Netconnect and that they are going to take legal action against me if I don't pay them the money.
I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has faced this issue before and hence I would like to know the best way to deal with such crooks.
Any help, guidance would be highly appreciated
Prakash Khemlani

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4:45 pm EDT

Reliance Communications 4g sim

My old coma sim([protected]) was not working after 1st june, i replaced new 4g lte sim no- [protected] (circle : mh & goa) on 09th june 2016 and activted on the same day but it is not showing network till now. I have also called on reliance care no on 13th june and was assured that it will be working soon but itis not working till now. Now i am unable to contact on rel care numb- [protected]. Pl start my number [protected] at the earliest.

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4:42 am EDT

Reliance Communications (1) charges for new sim card 4g (2) deducted from my prepaid a/c.

Mobile no:- [protected].
(1)Ur Chembur reliance shop have charged me Rs 100/- for issuing new SIM card for G4 change over from CDMA. MSG recd shows that SIM card is free of charge. Only regn chgs of Re1/- is payable which will be credited to my prepaid a/c. This happened on 31-05-2016 at 06-17 P.M.
Pl arrange to credit my prepaid a/c with Rs.100/- excess charged.
(2) my prepaid a/c balance was Rs.71.90 on 24-05-2016. On 06-06-2016 it has come down to 0.90paise.all on a sudden.
I have not made any call from 24-05-2016 till 06-06-2016..
Therefore pl arrange to reinstate this amount.
Pl ensure that I am charged for the calls i make only.
Pl block all other items which will reduce my prepaid amount.
I want the incoming & outgoing facility only.
Ur prompt action will be highly appreciated.
Since I am around 80 years old & a heart patient I can't stress myself.
Thanking u,
Awaiting ur favourable response soon.

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12:13 am EDT

Reliance Communications regarding disconnecting or closing of my data card number - [protected]

Dear Sir/Madame,

Relaince has been a name for many people in India and is seen as an international company with international standard.

But in my case, when I went forward for closing of data card number-[protected], I requested to close my account on 20/05/2016 with service request number -[protected].
It was assured initially that it will be closed within 7 days but when today i.e. 27/05/2016 I called up reliance coustomer care, initially the coustomer care executive simply refused that I have made any such request rather she informed that this requested id was generated for requesting the details regarding the new connection. When I insisted she kept my call on hold and retured with a sorry that the connection request was not initiated as due to some technical issues.
I want to ask who will be responsible for the bill for this 1 week when I have requested for the closure ? When I have requested to close my account then why should I pay the bill after requesting closure ?

Also, now she has provided me a different request i.d today and told that It will close in another 1 week.

Reliance is treating their customers as nothing. I faced the same problem while starting the connection and the same whil closing the connection.
Also your franchisee from which I communicated i.e. Turbo Telecom Pvt. limited in Mulund west Mumbai is superb, they just don't pick up the phone, you may also try on the number provided +91-22-[protected], +91-[protected], +91-[protected].
You can call as many time you want but they will not pick up the call.

I just want to request that in my case kindly help in disconnecting the data card at the earliest.

With regards

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12:47 am EDT

Reliance Communications complaint regarding reliance no. [protected]

This is to bring to your urgent attention. I haven't received any response yet on the below complaint. I contacted your help desk many times, my complaint # [protected] registered on 23rd March is not resolved till date.

This is a complaint about reliance no. [protected]. I called Reliance customer service center but it seems representatives are not trained to provide complete/correct information to customers!

I bought this CDMA wi-fi portal last year from Delhi. I was told that it will work fine while roaming and it was working fine till last month. However, issues have cropped up almost 40 days back where I am unable to use it.
I needed internet access urgently for a business requirement and tried using your wi-fi dongle in Rohtak (Haryana), which didn’t work! This resulted in a business loss to me! (all thanks to reliance).

When I contacted customer service center, the only thing representative kept repeating was: CDMA service is being shut down in Rohtak, thus you need to switch to GSM(4G) dongle (Do I have to? Isn't it the service provider’s responsibility).

Now, what I want your help to do is: upgrade my current reliance no. (mentioned above) and ensure its up and running without any additional cost.

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11:18 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Reliance Communications unauthorised termination of sim service connection.

My Reliance Mobile SIM vide, No- [protected] has illegali disconnected by the service provider company without providing any prior notice / intimation. The SIM was a pre paid SIM & nothing was due against of said SIM.
It was my one and only SIM and alive for last 10 (ten ) years which I had used for the stated period. I had provided that number to all my related persons, organisations, Govt. department. corporation, & semi Govt. organisation as well as abroad also. The service provider company has exercised a foul practice by deactivated the SIM service connection suddenly . I had made communication to the local Reliance Store and other related persons but nothing has adopt from there part to reactivate the connection & it is near about 6 (six ) months has been passing away after my first approach.
Now therefore, my humble approach to the authority to redress the grievances considering the facts of my inconveniences occured due to this foul practice.

Thanking You.

Madhabendra Bhattacharya
Nayapara, Dharmanagar, North Tripura
Pin- 799250, Ph, -[protected]
E.Mail- [protected]

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11:06 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Reliance Communications unauthorised termination or deactivation of mobile sim service connection after 10 (ten) years.

My Reliance Mobile SIM connection vide. No-[protected] has terminated / disconnected in an illegal manner without any prior notice or intimation. That the SIM was alive & under my operation since last 10 (ten ) years. It was my one & only SIM and I had provided that number to all of my related persons, Govt. Office & semi Govt. or non Govt. organisations in India & Abroad also. The service provider company has exercised a foul practice by deactivated the SIM service connection suddenly without any prior notice. I had made several communication with local reliance office & reliance customer care centre, but nothing has adopt for reactivated the SIM service connection since it is 6 (six ) months has been passing away from that deactivation .
Now my humble request to the Reliance Authority to take necessary step for reactivated the connection without any further delay considering the fact of inconveniences.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

(Madhabendra Bhattacharya)
Nayapara, Dharmanagar, North Tripura
email. [protected]
Pin-799250, Ph. [protected]

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4:44 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Reliance Communications no response for registered complaint


I called reliance customer care for asking help in choosing a plan for calling when I am in roaming on dated 17-04-2016 and asked for a unlimited pack for calling reliance. They suggested me to activate with 149 rs to get unlimited reliance to reliance and then I asked him that whether the offer will work or not when I am in roaming (reliance sim of kashmir and I am in gujarat and I need to call kashmir reliance sim) he replied yes it works then I activated

But now I got 1822 rs bill and now I contacted customer care for details and they said that you have used general plan to talk while on roaming so you have to pay 1822 rs

On 09-05-2016 I registered a complaint on bill amount
And they told me to wait for 2 days service request no is : [protected]

I didn't get any solution through a call or message or mail so after two days i. E on 12-05-2016 I contacted customer care again for solution they told me that we tried to contact you but your phone is not reachable so we cancelled complaint
Then I again registered a complaint they told me to wait for 2 days I again waited for 2 days service request no is [protected]

The problem is my sim has been deactivated by reliance from last night till 3 pm today
I called customer care from another reliance number and complained that my problematic number is deactivated and I requested to re activate it and they are saying that they tried to contact me for further details and I didn't respond so they cancelled the complaint and blocked my sim and saying till you pay the total amount the sim will not be activated and
After explaining about the total matter then they said pay 851 rs to reactivate and no need to pay the remaining amount I paid

When I called customer care now when my sim is activated they are saying that pay remaining 971 rs to continue services or register a new complaint again.
Please solve the problem

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8:46 pm EDT

Reliance Communications charged excess beyond the commitment

Dear Sir/ Madam
I am Reliance customer for last 10 years and frequent outroamer. My Moile number is [protected]. I recharged my mobile for roaming free with Rs. 46/- on 3rd May 2016 at 10:56 AM and got message at 10:56 am from 52811"RC Rs.46 Done, Enjoy FREE Roaming and all call at 40 ppmin for 28 days RC 148, RC 80, Enjoy Core Full TT of Rs. 80. RGSM" and also received the next message "Congratulation! PACK 46 has been activated on your phone. Thank you. Reliance"

On the same day a STD call ([protected]) was made at 12:15 PM for a stretch of 52 min. 46 sec. and for above call total Rs. 60.95 was decuted from my balance which should not exceed more than Rs 21.20 as per plan.
please let me know why triple amount dudected and request you to revert the excess charged amount into my account.
umesh lal

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1:02 pm EDT

Reliance Communications मेरे मोबाइल से कम्पनी ने 2250 रुपये गायब कर दिये है

मेरे रिलायंस जीएसएम् मोबाइल अकाउंट ([protected]) में दिनांकः 28-04-2016 को 3560 रुपये तथा 18000 Mb डाटा बैलेन्स था लेकिन जब कल दिनांकः 03-05-2016 को अपना अकाउंट बैलेन्स देखा तो 2250 रुपया गायब हो कर 1310 रुपया तथा 64 Kb डाटा बैलेन्स बचा था जिसके बाद मैंने 124 रुपये का इन्टरनेट पैक एक्टिवेट किया तथा गायब हुए पैसे की जानकारी करने के लिये कस्टमर केयर पर 50 पैसा कटा, जिसके वजह से मेरा बैलेन्स घट कर 1185 रुपया हो गया, लेकिन कस्टमर केयर तकनीकी खराबी बता कर दो-दो घंटे बाद करने हेतु कह-कह टालता रहा, लेकिन आज दिनांकः 04-05-2016 को बार-बार कस्टमर केयर पर लगाने पर कह रहे है कि हम केवल तीन दिन तक का ही रिकार्ड देख सकते है उससे पहले के रिकार्ड के बारे में हम नहीं बता सकते है जो कि मैंने यह भी कहा कि मै अपने पुरे आन लाइन रिचार्ज का रिकार्ड भी दिखा सकता हु और मै इस नम्बर से चार महिने के अन्दर केवल 124 रुपये के 28 दिन के इन्टरनेट पैक एक्टिवेट करने के अलावा कोई काल नहीं किया हूँ, लेकिन इसके बावजुद कस्टमर केयर तथा सीनियर कस्टमर केयर के यहाँ मेरा कोई भी सुनवाई नहीं हो रहा है और न ही कोई जवाब दे रहे है और न ही कोई कम्प्लेन लिख रहे है, इस विषय में क्या करूं

आसीफ खान पुत्र मु० अली खान
पोस्ट-बहादुरगंज, जिला-गाजीपुर(उ०प्र०ईस्ट)
रिलायंस जीएसएम् मोबाइल न०-[protected]

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12:51 pm EDT

Reliance Communications chit fund

Dear sir/madam,
I will started small shop, my shop at chrompet, chennai-44. I started chit fund account. Daily releance chit fund collection boy collouct the money from my shop collect valu rs.150.00/20 month. I will pay total rs 1 lake but that company not pay the money, daily same reason telling. More customer same problem. This company owner not attend phone call and not see. Daily any reason told that company employees. Pls help me. Please tracking this company owner and collect my money.

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Update by Maruthan
Apr 29, 2016 12:59 pm EDT

Releance chit fund mony more branch in chennai and Kerala.
This branch all same issues. This company owner daily one reasons told. Chrompet branch total 55 no of customer same problem. Please help me.

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    +91 223 033 3333
    +91 223 033 3333
    Click up if you have successfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 223 033 3333 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have successfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 223 033 3333 phone number Click up if you have UNsuccessfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 223 033 3333 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 223 033 3333 phone number
    +91 901 809 0180
    +91 901 809 0180
    Click up if you have successfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 901 809 0180 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have successfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 901 809 0180 phone number Click up if you have UNsuccessfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 901 809 0180 phone number 0 0 users reported that they have UNsuccessfully reached Reliance Communications by calling +91 901 809 0180 phone number
  3. Reliance Communications emails
  4. Reliance Communications address
    A Block, 2nd Floor, Reliance Communications Limited, DAKC, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, 400 710, India
  5. Reliance Communications social media
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