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Re/Max - Service

I sold my house at a loss. My agent was Remax
Agent was Tom Toole in wayne pa.I hired an agent to sell my house he took the commission and forced me to sell the house at a loss so that he get his commission. Market is hot and it is seller's market . Instead of getting more money for my house I lost $100 000 . He misrepresented us he asked me to sign the agreement instead of bringing more offer he said if u don't sign u will loose the buyer. Instead of getting multiple offer he made me sign .

Desired outcome: Lost money

Re/Max - Lack of professionalism

I wasted a Saturday driving upstate to look at a property which unfortunately was listed through REMA X. First there was only one showing for an hour and on only one day because the agent was "too...

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Re/Max - Dishonesty

I'm really disappointed on the service that I received from your sales associate by the name of Thabo Ramasoga, I bought house at Slovoville the geyser was faulty and he promised me that it will be...

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Re/Max - Pinckney Michigan

I for one cannot believe that Rick Beaudin was fired for a post about ALL LIVES MATTER, it sickens me to know that this was done in a racist attack, what else would Re/max be willing to do during a business transaction like selling my home ? This is disappointing and disturbing and I for one will never use Re/max again and that's who I used 30 years ago to purchase my home ! I hope he wins the law suit he deserves it .
Tim Coon [protected]

Desired outcome: Re-hire & apologize

Re/Max - Unethical

I sold a house via a Remax franchise in Turkey (listing number 1362723). The broker lied and misguided both me and the buyer so they could make a 6% commission instead of 4 which is the legally...

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Re/Max - Gwen Foernsler ( selling agent/president of I85 board)

Ms Foernsler is the selling/showing agent of client, Mr Ronald Clack of Lawrenceville Ga. There was recently a terminated contract involving my home from her client, Mr. Clack. She represented herself in a very unprofessional manner by questioning me about a previous inspection report in front of her clients while bringing her client to my home to inspect the crawl space. Also she told my agent I had active termites in my home because she misread the inspection. She accused me and my agent Deborah Dodds of Land and lake realty of knowing about the termite report. Post termination, she sent an offer of 170k to my agent. In which I the seller declined. A few days later post termination from Mr. Clack, A potential client in the Atlanta area was interested in looking at my home and Ms. Foernsler stated that my house had major electrical issues and not to call inquiring my agent to show her the home. This is extremely unacceptable. This could have potentially ruined my chances of selling my home due to Ms Foernsler's gossiping conduct!! If you have any questions regarding this manner, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.


Jill Benfield [protected]

Desired outcome: License revoked

Re/Max - Selling home in Northampton, PA

Seller of property at 5281 Hillside road, Northampton PA 18067. Relax Agent Anthony Ramos was instructed to tell buyers that lawn equipment was excluded from the sale of the property. The seller (Edgar Roeser & Deborah Trippe) were able to remove a lawn tractor before the final walk-through. The seller informed Anthony that he would like him to post the remaining two items: a snowblower attachment and leaf vac for sale through the internet.
No evidence that this was done. Later, Anthony promised to move the lawn equipment to his office site for safe keeping. This action was never done. Finally, I called to pick up the equipment in PA. However, the buyer of the house reversed his original promises and decided to retain the equipment.
I lost an estimate of $1, 500 with of potential sale. I feel that Anthony was irresponsible toward the seller's interest. Unprofessional behavior of a Realtor.

Re/Max - Unfair pricing and possible collusion with appraiser

Beginning in July 2020 I listed my home with Re/Max Solutions through the office RE/MAX Solutions 99 Northfield Ave. Suite 8 West Orange, NJ 07052 The listing agent is Otis Baker. I...

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Re/Max - Sales and how they are handled

Re/max Alberton, unethical and still signs of racism within the company.
Never deal with John de melo, narcissist and racist. And you get treated like a criminal because of ethnical group and question legitimacy of your funds as though you can't afford to have money.
They currently selling to another client which can make 2 payments of R600000 in a month???
And they are not questioned about the funds. Something fishy going on aswell.

Can never close a deal and cant accept that you better than they are.

Re/Max - A real estate broker missguided regarding a closing attorney in roatan

Good day, my name is Susy Bell, I am an American Citizen that recently contacted Remax Real Estate broker Annie Miles from the Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras Remax Office located in Jackson Plaza...

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Re/Max - Rental agency

Absolute 0 stars!!! Usman Shaikh is the most horrible agent ever. I feel bad for the owners at 117 E camden ave, moorestown NJ. They trusted him with their home and to maintain it. Online it state...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Re/Max - they are recommending closing attorneys that do not have a notary degree from the supreme court of honduras.

Good day Dear Remax International, I am an investor in Latin America, I contacted Mr. Larry Schlesser (I have email proof) in REMAX Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras for advise and possibly a...

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Re/Max - complaint against remax and realtor

My name is Tamara Keith and I am active duty military (Navy) stationed on Ford Island (Hawaii) I file a complaint against Ko Olina Realty, LLC Associate Carolyn Stone, License # RS-44878 and home...

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Re/Max - showing me the wrong property before conclusion of contract

The agent of Remax (Sao Miguel, Azores) showed me the wrong property before the conclusion of the contract. He already admitted his mistake and I have it on camera. It was clear that I only wanted the land shown to me and not the one which is mistakenly in the contract. I already payed a down-payment and want my money back. But the director of Remax Sao Miguel is not reacting to the claim. I consulted a lawyer and will proceed with legal steps if I don't get my down-payment back soon.

Re/Max - selling of home

To Whom It May Concern: I have sold my home through Remax and I am very sorry that I did. The agent I had was more interested in closing the deal and then protecting my interest. She essentially...

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Re/Max - realtor michael lops

Hello my name is Cherelle mason and I currently reside at 123 bradleyville rd north Augusta Sc 29841 I am writing because I have been harassed by a realtor that works under your company's name I have...

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Re/Max - keys to our new house

We bought a property in protea ext28 and we still haven't received the key to our house. We advised the agent that we are moving in today as we have given the seller enough time to move out but he is missing in action, not taking our calls. The property is locked and nobody knows where this person is. We need urgent response we have nowhere to go with two kids.

Re/Max - unethical behavior

In 2013, my Father fell outside his home the night before his closing date. He lay on the ground for hours and was finally found by a neighbor. He was taken to hospital with broken hip and...

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Re/Max - unsolicited real estate agent was deceitful, lied, unprofessional, and cost me a sale

As a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) I entered into a real estate contract with a buyer. Prior to signing the contract I asked the buyer if they were working with a real estate agent, they said no. A few...

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Re/Max - "red carpet runner" quality and horrible service

AWFUL. Ordered a "red carpet runner" for a classy corporate event. They sent us a thin, horrible, crappy piece of of material. It looked NOTHING like the photo.
Then, their TERRIBLE customer service- wow. They will not send return label but we will pay more in returning then the item itself! I've asked for Management to call me SEVERAL times- at least 6 times- and still have not received a call.
Cheap, crappy products and just awful service all around.

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