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Lennar / Home

LParks on Dec 15, 2016
We moved into our home 16 months ago. The home is 12 years old. A couple of months ago I noticed a spot on the celling in our garage near our hot water heater. I had various service technicians out to determine the root cause as the spot slowly grew larger. Ultimately, three plumber...

Lennar Homes / Poor quality no care attitude

Reviewer86941 on Nov 15, 2015
I would not recommend buying a home from Lennar Homes in Tampa. I have had nothing but problems from the time I agreed to purchase a townhome in Meadow Pointe North to now (6 months later). The sales consultant was only there to get the sale. After signing all necessary paperwork for the...

Lennar / Poor quality

Reviewer66004 on Aug 20, 2015
To make short I bought my home in 4/1/2015 in mays landing Nj. After twenty days I had a major leak from the bathroom, after two month mold in the ceiling caused by a different leak in the main bathroom After 75 days another leak caused by the poor quality of tiles and grout. Now I have a big...

Lennar Homes / AC

Pissed Home Owner on Jul 21, 2015
I have been fighting with the AC company that services Lennar in Bay River Colony "Big Tex AC" for almost two months. My home is less than 8 months old and my AC isn't working properly. I figured when I spent over 200K on a home I would get quality service and products. My home will...

Lennar Homes / Rusted Bathtub

JKWheeler on Jul 20, 2015
We chose a Lennar home and were fairly happy with our purchase. They compensated us when we woke up to a waterfall in the downstairs den when a nail that had pierced a water pipe upstairs rusted out. It took almost a year and rebricking our bay window to finally realize the flashing wa...

Lennar Tampa / Misked

anniewil on Mar 14, 2015
We were convinced by a sales consultant to purchase a new home (she called us to stop by and look at one). We knew our credit was shaky and wanted to wait a while longer. During the visit, their mortgage consultant told us we were good buyers and it would go trhough. We left a deposit and...

Lennar / workmanship

Shakedown14 on Dec 28, 2014
After careful inspection of the kitchen area, the following concerns exist and have been acknowledged by all parties above. 1. The kitchen tile in the foyer, main powder room, hallway and kitchen is not laid correctly and on an angle. 2. The kitchen upper cabinets have been installed incorrectly...

Lennar / air condition to small for unit

sad sad builders on Aug 31, 2014
WE brought out home in 2008 and my husband who is a HVAC tech noticed the air was not circulating thru out the house correctly and after some reserarch he also foung that our home should have a had two untis. He took his complaint to Lennar and 2 different companies came out but issue...

Lennar / Mold

wilson26 on Jul 31, 2014
I am purchasing a new home with Lennar Homes and on my pre-dry wall inspection meeting with the foreman, the home inspector found gaps in the foundation, mold on trustling in the Master Bed Room. I requested that the builder replaced the area where the mold was found; however, the builder...

Lennar Homes / New home hoa's

Jack Stawski on Mar 28, 2014
Lennar Homes has developed three new communities in the Myrtle Beach area. In each development they have established a HOA/POA, which is mandatory for new residents to be a member. The Board of Directors are Lennar personnel. The issue is the Lennar Board has imposed Transfer Fee to any...


BEWARE of Lennar new home consultants. Husband and I had an AWFUL experience when trying to purchase a new home in Waterford Enclave. New home sales consultant was caught in several lies and acted as if he was selling used cars. Lennar homes appeared as if they were solid well made home...

Lennar Veranda Condos / Mold

RJ Dominic on Sep 14, 2013
First floor Veranda condos being built by Lennar in the River Strand Community in Bradenton are developing mold in their first summer. Lennar is aware of the issue and continues to build Veranda's with the HVAC units and no dehumidifier to correct the problem. The first two building...

Lennar Home Lakeville MN / Aweful Construction

Unhappy in Lakeville on Sep 12, 2013
7 year old townhouse has major construction defects. Driveway sinking in, bathroom electrical does not work, sub floors squeak more then 80 year old house and have dips and sections coming up that can visually see through layer of pad and carpet. Leaking roofs due to bad insulation in the...

Lennar Homes / 'Smart' fence and backyard

mavlax20 on Apr 3, 2013
So I bought my house in 2010, and at first I was confused as to why they built my foundation so high...I mean it was almost my height in the back of the house (I'm about 5'9'') but the front was about 1 ft high. I understand that natural slope. They dropped a lot of...

Lennar Homes / Garbage Homes

L.Mathers on May 7, 2012
We purchased this brand new home 2 years ago (2010) and paid cash for it. Then we started finding all that was wrong with it. All of the electrical was bad, along with all of the smoke & co2 alarms. Just changing out a light bulb in the ceiling and the whole fixture fell apart. Fifteen...

Lennar Homes - Bay Area / Poor Construction, Defects, Defects, and more Defects

Bill Kearney on Nov 19, 2011
I was a Lennar employee until I was let go after buying what we call “My Lennar Lemon”. In March 2006 we closed escrow on our new Lennar Home. 5 years of litigation later we are left with $100k in documented construction defects. Lennar’s realtor, Jody Evans did nothing...


POOR QUALITY HOME on Aug 21, 2011
I know people who bought homes in a gated community LENNAR developed. Lennar was approved by the city to build 80 homes, but wanted to squeeze 20 more. And sure enough, the city council voted in favor of Lennar - I wonder how? As a result, the parking is atorcious! In the begining, the...

Lennar Homes Maryland / poor quaility

DO NOT BUY A HOME FROM LENNAR!!! They have poor quaility work and poor warrenties to back them up. i had pipes that cracked, or have busted. i have yard is so screwed up from all the "extras" in it like pieces of siding, rocks beyond rocks. u cant even plant anything without spending $ on...

Lennar / Trash Build-Up & Trespassing

BYE123 on May 13, 2011
We have had trash thrown in our yard almost everyday since the construction workers started building the houses on our street. Not only us, but the rest of the people who live on the same street are experiencing the same problems. I understand there's wind that may blow trash around...

Loan Modifications Mark Mairone & Lennard Mucci Attorney / Bad Business & Horrible Experience As A Homeowner

AnonymousHomeOwner on May 5, 2011
Homeowners Counseling has brought me to the point of crying. Mark Mairone refuses to give me a money back and will not return any of my calls. Not only am I about to loose my house because this company did NOTHING but now this Mark Mairone will not give me back any of my money that I paid...

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