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Complaints & Reviews

being kept in dark by my own agent

This complaint is for the agent "Bill Pazdersky". This man is appointed as an agent from Long & Foster to facilitate the sale of my property in Grasonville, MD. I am...

Long and Foster / Property Management — security deposit refund

After 3 years of renting with maintaining and keeping the condo cleaned, we were treated like $hit during our last 2 month(Apr-May 2019) of our lease. While still living in the...


I was supposed to move from my apartment May 28 2019, contacted L&F agent to lease property starting June 1st Had misleading information as the responsible agent changed the...

home warranty

If you're thinking about getting one of these, don't bother. It's a scam. You'll pay them a bunch of money up front for the privilege of paying _more_ per incident in your deductible than what the service providers actually charge. As a bonus, when a major repair/replacement is required, they'll find a way to charge you for it.

It's cheaper to just pay service providers yourself when something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Long & Foster Home Warrantyhome warranty policy

I purchased a home in early 2018, at which time I also purchased the Long & Foster Home Warranty policy. My furnace started having issues at which time I placed a claim and and a licensed and insured technician came out to evaluate. It was found that the access panel had a loose door, which they denied due to the fact that it did not deal with the functionality of the furnace. Keep in mind they checked the heat exchanger and found it NOT to have any cracks.

Several weeks later I was having others issues with the furnace. I placed another claim and the technician came out to my home. At this time they determined that the heat exchanger cracked and would need to be replaced. They declined this claim as well, stating that it was their "belief" that it was cracked when I bought the home. Up to this point, they have continued to deny the claim even though they have both reports to prove the crack did not exist to begin with.

My most recent communication with customer service has been unfriendly, and that is putting it mildly.

Please, do not waste your money! I strongly urge you to go with a reputable company with good customer service.

Long and Foster HMS — warranty

There needs to be a negative 0 rating here to choose from. This company is a scam and something needs to be done about their lack of fulfilling their end of the contract, and the...

property management

The office (Mantua, nj) was previously hanco property management. Many years of terrible experiences with hanco, especially with owner (Eileen meyers) who was absolutely nasty. Would never provide financial info but once per year after money was spent. Never had anyone to take minutes at meetings so always questions about what was said, or promised to hoa members. When office was sold to long & foster, I had hoped for better things, but still same nasty treatment (Of paying customers). When inquiries are submitted or residents have issues, office manager (Donna wilson) ignores. If residents call, you are treated with total disrespect and absolutely no help with your issues. What the hell are we paying lnf for???

Long and Foster — vacation rental

We have recently had a very poor experience with Diane Holoka We rented a condo ar sea colony. At check in we were given the keys and info package. We were pointed out the window...

real estate buyer's agent for purchase of home

Buyer's Agent - Jefferson C. Knapp, St. Michaels, MD Corporate Leadership - Jeffrey S. Dettwiler, P. Wesley Foster Jr., Brian J. Evans, Chantilly, VA If you want a reputable...

Long & Foster — Property management

587978 I initially had a contract through a property mamagement agent that turned their business over to long and foster. Upon the tenants moved out I was told by l & f that the property...

Long and FosterBuyers Beware

I've read all of the complaints about Long and Foster and they are all personal and subject to "he said versus he said". Here is the big issue! Long and Foster charges BUYERS a 0.5% commission - most of the time not telling you and you find out at the closing. I've bought and sold four homes in my life and the seller pays all the commission fees. In the case of Long and Foster, not only do they get the 3% commission (again, obtained from seller) but they charge the BUYER a 0.5% fee (in my case $3, 000! on a $600K home purchase). They claim it represents loan document storage fees. B.S. Avoid them at all costs when buying a home. I have no comment or opinion about using them as a listing agent. The statements above are factual - I actually liked my Long and Foster realtor and he represented me well. It is the buyer's commission fee that is outrageous and no one should ever have to pay, period!!!

  • Do
    Donna Dillon Aug 05, 2016

    I have worked for long and foster in an administrative capacity for the past 18 years. I have never seen a buyer pay a commission, not 0.5% nor any amount, when using a long and foster agent for their buyer representation. I am not sure what area the buyer complaining is in nor why he was charged but I find it extremely strange when that has not been my experience ever. I suggest the buyer contact the manager of the office in which his agent is located for a further explanation.

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  • Us
    user1878938 Jul 29, 2018

    There needs to be a Negative 0 rating here to choose from. This company is a SCAM and something needs to be done about their lack of fulfilling THEIR end of the contract, and the customer service... lets just say i was foaming at the mouth by the end of the 6th phone call to these folks... On the advise of our realtor and mortgage company when we purchased our home on Valentines Day 2018, we took their words of advise and decided to go with Long & Foster home warranty as well as home insurance which is thru AGI (thru Long & Foster) because it was the company that the whole realtor/mortgage team uses. We also decided to pay extra and get the extended warranty to cover well and septic. Our air went out in May so we had to replace the outside unit as well as the air handler. The cost to have this done was $5200.00. They only said they would pay $2800.00!! I called to make the claim, temperatures were in the 80-90s (it was cooler outside than it was inside) explained the urgency that I had 4 kids and my 85 y.o. grandmother who is in a hospital bed upstairs and can't move without help. They told me it would be a "medical emergency" and would escalate the claim. Almost a week goes by of me calling every day, being told something different by all different people who had no clue what was going on, and then to finally be told 6 days later after my first call to them "Sorry but we don't have a service provider in your area". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? Never once were we told when you took our money for the warranty and extended warranty, and we actually got a welcome pack from Long and Foster with everything that we paid for that was covered. They told us we would have to find our own provider so we did. (needless to say by day 8 we had air again. We should of been told immediately when i made the claim, no service provider, we could of had it fixed sooner) We paid the $5200 out of pocket because we had no choice. it was an emergency. Long and Foster pulled the ol' "Check is the Mail" scam. It took 6 weeks from the time i made the claim to the time we actually got the check. My husband was on the phone daily going back and forth about what they were going to pay which they did pay the full reimbursement. (again 6 weeks for a check is unacceptable in an "emergency". It gets forward a month and a half, on a saturday, our well pump goes out, no water . (remind you we bought the extended warranty to specifically cover sewer and well.) Being told no one was in our service area, we found someone local to come out on that Monday and again paid out of pocket almost $1200.00. (2 days, no water, 85 y.o. grandma, 4 teenage kids) I was preparing meals with bottled water at this point. The plumber pulled the well pump that was 15 years old, replaced the pump, wiring, & hardware. New pump, new wiring, makes sense, why would you put 15 year old wiring on a new pump..right..??? WRONG by Long and Foster. Long and Foster now refuses to pay the claim and reimburse us because the plumber replaced the wires and says that means it was an electrical issue and our home warranty does not cover electrical!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY IF THEY HAD A GUN TO MY HEAD. SAVE YOUR SELF THE UNNECESSARY STRESS, TIME, PHONE CALLS, AND SANITY AND FIND ANOTHER COMPANY!! We are going to cancel this home warranty with them and find a new home owners insurance company. We are worried that if something happens to our home and have to go thru their underwriter AGI that we will have nothing but issues since we still have to go thru Long and Foster. I will be reporting this company to the BBB. This company is horrible and their non sense of screwing people over any way they can is totally unacceptable on so may levels.

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Long & Foster — Property Management Contract

I hired Long and Foster to manage my property as I embarked on a new journey in my life. FIRST off it took 6-months to get my property rented. As the 6 month approached i wa...

Long & Foster — Agent and Long & Foster CEO

[protected] I hope that with my complaint you will think 3 times before using Long & Foster. I hire agent from the Burtonsville MD, Long & Foster to sell my house and find me...

Long & Foster — False advertising & unethical behavior

587978 I rented a property for the 1st time through Long & Foster Realty. It was truly traumatizing. The property I rented was falsely advertised. There was no working oven and no air...

Long & Foster — Application fees

I wish I could rate this company 0 stars!!! They're very unprofessional and it's like pulling teeth to get in contact with someone. After finally getting in touch with them I went...

Long & Foster — Realtor Gary Lekkes

He came with his rude client to my home. First we thought it was couple waiting for the realtor. We sit in truck parked on cul de sac. Realtors never text me when the finish the...

Long & Foster — Bad advise, and did nothing except take a big commission

HARRIETT CHARKATZ was our selling agent for our lovely home in Owings Mills, Maryland beginning in January 2010. We were purchasing a Condo and moving to the Condo in Sept. 2010...

Long & Foster — Illegal Dealings

The following Violations are listed as a Buyer Beware if you are interested in purchasing a condo unit from Sanni Investments and / or using Hilda Lawrence (Long and Foster) as a...

Long & Foster — Poor performance-agent out of control

We were glad to finally sell our home but the agent, was horrible in many respects like including things in the sale that were specifically excluded, telling us lies or...

Long & Foster — I have lost thousands of dollars!

L&F surely made my house buying experience the worst of my life. Due to their inexperienced agents, unprofessionalism, I have lost thousands of dollars, many many hours.