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Keller Williams Realty Complaints & Reviews

Keller Williams Realty / unethical behavior

jcb923 on Mar 19, 2019

My wife and I had been working with george shuypuk from keller williams in clark summit to find a house. Last night he showed us a house that we liked, right next to his house, and we wanted to make an immediate full price offer. We discussed terms and specific amount that we would want to...

Keller Williams / bad realtors

Terri Greatorex on Feb 28, 2019

We sold a house in Scottsdale a couple of years ago, and Kelly Cook was the realtor. He basically did nothing for the six months we had the listing with him, since he was too busy with his higher end listings. For six months, I repeatedly had negative and nasty comments on our house, from...

Keller Williams Realty / fake agent: alexis carter

Ashlee Jacobs on Jan 28, 2019

Keller Williams has unlicensed, unprofessional wanna be agents on the website. This girl is not even licensed. She is posing as a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina and she isn't. Anyone can take a real estate class. She isn't qualified and has never sold one property. She...

Keller Williams Realty / terry reitz, certified default resolution specialist

Fairnesstxxy on Dec 19, 2018

Terry Reitz is an disqualified realtor. While she's super profit driven, if you cherish your wealth, health, and happiness, you should never engage her. In managing a rental property in San Antonio, TX for her client, without reviewing the move-in inspection form, she maliciously and...

Keller Williams Realty / jeremiah jones /kathy wolfe/ carl stockwell

Melissa Irene Johnson on Dec 11, 2018

Went to purchase my first home. Used a "friend" Jeremiah Jones. New realtor at Keller Williams and seemed to be legit. Everything seemed okay. I trusted his process, his opinion, and believed him to be an honest man, boy was I ever wrong. He found my house off the market, mistake number...

Keller Williams Realty / real estate agent

Zoyla Romo on Nov 23, 2018

She did not provided me with any documens of support on time, she been so negative about my property, to much pressure and sicology manipulation to forced me to accept the first offer!!! Added information to a papers after I signed!!! And used of a bad works in Spanish in reference to me...

Keller Williams Realty / refusal to show property

Agentreaper on Nov 13, 2018

I had called Terri Ames of the Clark summit pa office to see a property near lake scranton pa I believe the address is 200 lake scranton road. Scranton pa. Before she would even let me look at the property she wanted an approved loan or a copy of my bank statement showing I had enough...

Keller Williams Realty / giving out my lockbox code to prospective tenants

I. Jackson on Nov 13, 2018

My experience with real estate agent Weyman Patterson was a bad experience. He had very little communication skills. He lack experience in his field as an agent. He gave out my lockbox code to his peers without consulting me first. He still owe me for allowing his clients to stay in my...

Keller Williams Realty / misrepresentation of listing and unprofessional behaviour

Ronld J. Johnson on Nov 5, 2018

The listing at 41869 Corte Selva in Temecula, CA has been requested to be cancelled. The cancellation request has been sent to both Ed Beaudet, the listing agent, and the office manager, Mahasa Khadir. Mahasa Khardir has not responded to any emails regarding this cancellation. This listing...

Keller Williams Realty / social media interaction

Stacy Grimaldi on Oct 28, 2018

I wanted to let you know the type of people/person you have representing the Keller Williams name in upstate New York. I was recently on a social media site and I saw my friend posted about looking for a house and mentioned Cristin Bishop. I commented stating not to go with her and I said...

Keller Williams Realty / complaint made toward jared bellard of lake charles

Killerrep3 on Oct 21, 2018

I was a resident of Calcasieu Parish and ran into some allegations steaming from the Sheriffs Office. I was sitting down Friday Night at Riken Jacks Bar off Ryan Street in Lake Charles Louisiana. Jared Bellard being a Real Estate Agent started yelling calling me a Scum Bag and a Phedofile...

Keller Williams Realty / poor communication with agent

Jenny Illetschko on Oct 17, 2018

I'm renting a townhouse. Went to see the place. Woley Faseru was the listing agent. He claimed he would send my info to the landlord before running my credit. He lied. After they ran my credit he began asking for more documents. I told him no. He kept saying then come pick up your security...

Keller Williams Realty / broker / emd

cpetitclerc73 on Sep 27, 2018

Who do I contact to file a complaint against a Keller Williams broker Caren Stauffer (724-933-8500) in Pittsburgh? It has been over 2 months since termination and we have not received our $500 EMD with no explanation. Our agent Elise Bickel is trying hard to communicate with them but there...

Keller Williams Realty / realtor and management

Melissa Irene Johnson on Sep 26, 2018

My realtor, jeremiah jones and carl stockwell pushed me to close before i had the items on the addendum fixed by a LICENSED professional. Main concern being the sub pump. Per the inspector, it needed serviced or replaced by a licensed professional due to float failure. It was never done by...

Keller Williams Realty / agent was substandard and then the entire brokerage abandonded me

Tluther on Sep 21, 2018

I hired an agent from the Port Orange Florida Partners office to list/sell our home. When it became apparent that she was not a good fit for us; she told us we could just cancel the listing even though we already had an open house scheduled and a showing scheduled. She said that we could...

Keller Williams Realty / 1111 lake louise dr, gretna

Scant on Sep 8, 2018

Four months ago I terminated a pending purchase based on the results of the inspection report. During that time frame I worked with a great agent(Erica Cann). On July 9th of this year, a refund check was mailed however, it was lost and the postal investigation failed to recover the item...

Keller Williams Realty / Real Estate


Fritz Francis of Keller Williams and Mahogany property's is a scam artist and rip off. He rents property out with the hopes of engaging in sexual favors in Fayetteville NC. Renters beware! I and others have rented from this man's alleged reality company. He has constantly ask me out on...

Keller Williams Realty / poor service on a short sale

James4321 on Aug 9, 2018

An agent by the name of David Young had been working on the short sale of my condo. I completed all the paperwork he requested of me. He led me to believe that he contacted the bank, canceled the trustee sale date, and that everything was going according to plan. He also led me to believe...

Keller Williams Realty / customer service

Hahnebach on Aug 5, 2018

I'm not sure if there is someone I can reach out to about a poor handling of business with your company in State College PA? I left a review on Facebook that wouldn't hold so I commented under it but basically - I will give a shortened version as I can't see my review. I apologize if thi...

Keller Williams Realty / realtor services

Jimenez23 on Jul 8, 2018

I'm currently working with Kristi kenney in arizona. As a co owner I'm experiencing a lack of communication and information being provided to me. Dates and time of the selling process not being reported to me but the co owner is being informed. Ive noticed this behavior more than 3 time...