Re / Max Complaints & Reviews

Re / Max / showing me the wrong property before conclusion of contract

Jun 11, 2019

The agent of Remax (Sao Miguel, Azores) showed me the wrong property before the conclusion of the contract. He already admitted his mistake and I have it on camera. It was clear that I only wanted the land shown to me and not the one which is mistakenly in the contract. I already payed a...

Remax / selling of home

Apr 14, 2019

To Whom It May Concern: I have sold my home through Remax and I am very sorry that I did. The agent I had was more interested in closing the deal and then protecting my interest. She essentially helped the buyers push me out of my home. The real estate agent I am referring to is Tara...

Re / Max / realtor michael lops

Apr 12, 2019

Hello my name is Cherelle mason and I currently reside at 123 bradleyville rd north Augusta Sc 29841 I am writing because I have been harassed by a realtor that works under your company's name I have been forced to leave my home in which was privately owned until remax took over 1 year ago...

Re / Max / keys to our new house

Oct 06, 2018

We bought a property in protea ext28 and we still haven't received the key to our house. We advised the agent that we are moving in today as we have given the seller enough time to move out but he is missing in action, not taking our calls. The property is locked and nobody knows where...

Remax of Mid Michigan / unethical behavior

Mar 21, 2017

In 2013, my Father fell outside his home the night before his closing date. He lay on the ground for hours and was finally found by a neighbor. He was taken to hospital with broken hip and hypothermia. 4 hours later his agent, Sharon Norton, failed to protect his rights or property by...

RE/MAX Realty 3941 Tamiami trail #3121 Punta Gorda, Fl 33950 / unsolicited real estate agent was deceitful, lied, unprofessional, and cost me a sale

Feb 23, 2017

As a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) I entered into a real estate contract with a buyer. Prior to signing the contract I asked the buyer if they were working with a real estate agent, they said no. A few days later a real estate agent who they had dealt with a few months earlier, wanted me to...

RE/MAX Fine Properties / "red carpet runner" quality and horrible service

Oct 04, 2016

AWFUL. Ordered a "red carpet runner" for a classy corporate event. They sent us a thin, horrible, crappy piece of of material. It looked NOTHING like the photo. Then, their TERRIBLE customer service- wow. They will not send return label but we will pay more in returning then the item itself! I've...

RE/MAX Realty Assoc., Inc. / ryan homes / buyers need to be represented by licensed realtor

Aug 25, 2016

Buyers should be represented when doing business with Ryan Homes in Harrisburg PA. I'm a licensed agent with RE/MAX in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, PA area, and referred a client I’ve been working with for 8 months to them in February 2016. I made the appointment, escorted them, and went through...

ReMax Ocean Surf and sun Costa Rica Ocean Lyrics / they weren't able to fix the problem

Jan 22, 2016

We rented the unit from ReMax Ocean Surf and sun Costa Rica Ocean Lyrics. We stayed there for 5 days and on the second day the toilet wasn’t flushing. The office of this company was on the same street, so we went there, but it was closed. However, it was 10 a.m. and their office worked from...

Re / Max / unethical sales - horrible experience - yazen hadden

Jul 24, 2015

We recently bought a house through one of your Agents, Yazen Hadden, and were greatly unsatisfied with his services. A good majority of the information he relayed to us turned out being false and, although we ended up getting a house through him, my wife and I were sickened by his sale...

Remax South Africa / lies, deceit & disgraceful service

Nov 29, 2013

In August we submitted our offer to purchase. Accepted and the process started. On 1st view of the house it was clean and all the damaged parts hidden. On 2nd view in Oct, most faults were visible. When asked about it, Ansie stated it's not her problem. We had to beg and plead to get...

ReMax Prestige Topsfield MA / fraud

Oct 22, 2013

I had an excepted offer on a home in Boxford Mass but the house failed the home inspection needing at least $150, 000 work. The seller offered to reduce the price $100, 000 but at the advice of the inspector we walked. Our real estate agent knew the failed inspection results and got...


Sep 26, 2013

My wife and I purchased two florida timeshares, the first one in 2004 at westgate resorts in orlando, florida, the second one in 2005 called tempest resort now known as diamond resort international. When our children and nieces where younger we traveled between both timeshares between...

Remax DFW Associates / home buyers worst nightmare

Jul 12, 2013

Think 4 times before having Wendy Hulkowich as your Realtor. She works for the Remax DFW Associates broker. She is the rudest and most arrogant person I have ever dealt with. She puts her monitory interest in front of the customer's wishes and likings about a certain house. She force...

RE/MAX New Millennium Group / mauricio pereira

Jun 20, 2013

Good afternoon, I am a licensed Realtor in Florida and when my sister decided to sell her home in Union NJ she asked me to reach out to a local Broker. I reached out to The Broker/Owner RE/MAX New Millennium Group and he accepted my referral. I sent him a form to sign and when I spoke to...

Remaxx Accord / rude & un-professional

Apr 27, 2013

While in the processing to buy a house i met this agent Rekha Chatwani. I still curse the day i met her. First of all she don't listen to your concerns at all, all she tell you is what she wanted to tell you. Then icing on cake is she is super rude in her talks, in fact she is the...

Remax Choice Properties/Timeshare / don't want to give my refund of $650.00

Feb 27, 2013

I paid this business a total of $650.00 they could advertise my timeshare in the market for sale, and up to now I have not hear from them anything, I been calling and calling and no respond what soever. The last time I spoke the them over the phone back on 12/2012 Since they have...

Remax -17/264 Old Cleveland Road / fraud and deception

Feb 15, 2013

I have dealt with REMAX and will never deal with them anymore, Daniel Brunes or the other staff are real URSSS, they are bunsh of liers, deceptive agents, they are a dishonest peoples, I advise everybody not to rent buy or let any proerties through them, .{DA81DC2C-B95F-4B43-B3E7-B7F96351ACD7} A person can...

Amir Jafari, Re/Max Unique / mortgage fraud - signature forgery

Nov 27, 2012

Fact: Amir Jafari alias Ali Attar Jafari forged signature, initials and date on a mortgage renewal document without consent and uttered the fraudulent document to TD Bank (see attached). He admitted to signature forgery on the mortgage renewal document when interrogated by Detective...

RE/MAX Unique Inc., Amir Jafari / fraud, forgery

Nov 12, 2012

Amir Jafari, also known as Ali Attar Jafari as his legal name, is a salesperson at RE/MAX Unique. He forged signature onto a mortgage renewal document without consent and uttered the fraudulent document to TD Bank in a financial transaction. As the fax ID information at the top of page...

Remax Diamond Field Properties / misrepresentation and breech of contract

Sep 12, 2012

I rented a property from Remax the lease was valid from 1 october 2011 to 31 september 2012. I gave my 2 months notice to move out at the end of september 2012. On the 16 August 2012 my agent delivered a contract for another property I wanted to rent but this contract was valid from 1...

Remax Avalon Park / extremely poor customer service

Sep 12, 2012

the agent who met us at the rental home was pleasant and answered all our questions the office was pleasant but poorly run the first time I went into the office, I entered a door with their signage and it was a break area with an office with the managers name on it - not one person was around -...

Re/Max Associates / consealment

Aug 24, 2012

Anthony Raffin while operating as the listing agent for Bank Of America concealed his relationship to the buyer ( his sister Marisa Ciraulo's company - NBS Capital LLC) From Bank of America whom he had a fiduciary responsibilty, for his own personal gain . The Sale of 4874 Kensington...

ReMax HiNet - ReMarkable Property Management - Team Athey / great management

Aug 03, 2012

I lived at a rental property managed by Remarkable Property Management (Team Athey) for almost 2 years. My husband and I had a special circumstance that required us to put down a large security deposit before we were able to move into the property. When our renewal period came up, Laura...

Bobbie Bahm - Remax / unprofessional

Jul 12, 2012

Bobbie Bahm is very unprofessional didn't follow up with my offers passed me on to coworker so she could take a week vacation only to find out the coworker can't do anything without Bobbie and I have to wait to a week to make any offers. Her coworker "Thomas Chadwick" was even...

Remax / broken promises

May 23, 2012

The official website of Remax real estate company advertised a 3 bedroom FULLY furnished apartment with 4 garages for 21500.00 rand a month. When we arrived there where only 2 bedrooms and 2 garages and very far from FULLY furnished. e.g. The refrigerators didn't work, no microwave...

Team Athey Remax Realtors / disrespectful and unprofessional

May 11, 2012

This is the most unprofessional and disrespectful real estate company I have ever used. Patty Allen met me to show a rental house (springing it on the current tenant who said no one called him to let him know we were barging in) and didn't get off her phone once or lead me around the...

re max agent / remax agent unprofessional

Mar 06, 2012

The first time I used a re max agent to represent me I got sued by owner of property I bought through them and some of property taken away from me., Stupidly I had her list another house for me and she decided to hold an open house. She did nto watch people going through my house and 2...

RE/MAX Affiliates N.E. / bogus fee taken

Feb 21, 2012

I recently inherited a house in Philadelphia. I found a buyer for the house myself. The buyer requested help in the closing from his Aunt who is a real estate agent for the business in question. I did not request any work from the realtor nor was I given any help at closing. After the...

Remax Property Agent / changing contract amount

Feb 13, 2012

We rented a Cluster house in Mooihof, Potchefstroom and the day the owner and agent came to meet with us, we agreed verbally on the amount we will pay for rent everything inclusive. The next day when the agent gave us the contract, the amount had been changed to R7000 (R500-00 for there...

Remax Property Agent / false information

Feb 13, 2012

My husband and I rented a property through Remax Potchefstroom last year for 6 months. The contract that was drawn up was a rental with option to buy IF WE GET A LOAN. We did apply for a loan and it was declined due to a few reasons. One of the agents at Remax told my husband and I that we...

Remax Hout Bay / Rainer Kloos / refusal to return 43000.00 rand deposit

Feb 07, 2012

The official website of Remax real estate company advertised a 3 bedroom FULLY furnished apartment with 4 garages for 21500.00 rand a month. When we arrived there where only 2 bedrooms and 2 garages and very far from FULLY furnished. e.g. The refrigerators didn't work, no microwave, no...

Remax / bad property management

Nov 15, 2011

I moved to Guam for work. First, I would work for a few months before bringing the family. After settling into this rental(house with yard), there began a series of problems that was never resolved by Remax . Water would be so low that it would drip out of the showerhead. The toilet...

Remax / horrible customer service

Nov 07, 2011

I am in the process of selling my home. Found Pat Swoope online and decided to give her a try. We scheduled our initial appointment for Saturday at 10:30AM. On that Saturday at 10:25AM received a call saying she would be here in 20 mins...After 40mins i called and asked if she would be...

Remax Real Estate / sneaky

Sep 02, 2011

I have used several real estate agents and most look out for your interest. When you tell remax that you want to spend $450, 000… they push you to spend $500, 000 and talks you into a bad loan. Also did you know some remax real estate agents – want you to overbid on a house...

RE/MAX Canada / bullying small community business

Aug 17, 2011

Lets just say that this year has been an “eye” opener. We are a small company that has been printing real estate folders for years. The products we print are our own products with all rights reserved and copyright. We are not a fortune 500 company by no means, just a small...

Remax 200 / stay away

Jul 27, 2011

Chelsea Nevius of Remax 200 in Orlando Florida was presented an offer in which at the time no other offers happened to be pending she delayed the offer time to the time the contract expired and instantly took our offer and shopped it, … to out bid us. Let me state this was an all...

Remax / terrible experience ever

Jul 26, 2011

In a hot selling market, I got the short end of the stick when I decided to list my home with Edith Chan. She seemingly looked professional, sporting a mercedez, that for my naive self seemed a sign of success. She made promises of potential and the hopes of many offers. I decided to see...

Remax victory / do not list with them

Jul 26, 2011

This realtor told people the wrong price than what it was listed, took AWFUL pictures that are still floating around cyberspace of the street sideways from when she dropped her camera, and a corner of our previous home 4 different ways! It was almost comical how bad these pictures were...

Remax Condo Plus / unprofessional agent

Jul 26, 2011

Remax Condo Plus has the worst agents. I was trying to find a new home in Toronto, I just moved into the country so was not very familiar with real estate agencies. I found Remax Condo Plus online, and figured it was pretty big company here in Toronto. I found some apartment listing...