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Re/max Alberton, unethical and still signs of racism within the company.
Never deal with John de melo, narcissist and racist. And you get treated like a criminal because of ethnical group and question legitimacy of your funds as though you can't afford to have money.
They currently selling to another client which can make 2 payments of R600000 in a month???
And they are not questioned about the funds. Something fishy going on aswell.

Can never close a deal and cant accept that you better than they are.

A real estate broker missguided regarding a closing attorney in roatan

Good day, my name is Susy Bell,
I am an American Citizen that recently contacted Remax Real Estate broker Annie Miles from the Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras Remax Office located in Jackson Plaza, Mt. Pleasant, Roatan 34101 in the Bay Islands of Honduras. She recommended I use a closing attorney of the name Jorge Lafosse and fortunately another broker from another brand informed me he does not have a very high Law Degree of "Lawyer Exequatur Notary" from the supreme court of Honduras, only Lawyer Exequatur Notaries of the supreme court of Honduras can draft, handle and authorize real estate closings in Roatan Honduras, any simple attorney like the one Mrs. Annie Miles recommended is actually prohibited by Honduran Criminal Law and the transaction can be annulled. My potential investment was jeopardized, I have been put at a huge risk. This is extremely unethical and ilegal and irresponsable by Remax Roatan .I will not use Remax for my Investment in Roatan as now I do not trust the information they provide regarding closing attorneys in Honduras. Apparently they have agreements with this attorneys that do not have the academics nor supreme court authorization to handle a real estate transaction in Roatan
Susy Bell

Rental agency

Absolute 0 stars!!! Usman Shaikh is the most horrible agent ever. I feel bad for the owners at 117 E camden...

Westampton Real Estate

[Resolved] they are recommending closing attorneys that do not have a notary degree from the supreme court of honduras.

Good day Dear Remax International, I am an investor in Latin America, I contacted Mr. Larry Schlesser (I...

complaint against remax and realtor

My name is Tamara Keith and I am active duty military (Navy) stationed on Ford Island (Hawaii) I file a...

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showing me the wrong property before conclusion of contract

The agent of Remax (Sao Miguel, Azores) showed me the wrong property before the conclusion of the contract. He already admitted his mistake and I have it on camera. It was clear that I only wanted the land shown to me and not the one which is mistakenly in the contract. I already payed a down-payment and want my money back. But the director of Remax Sao Miguel is not reacting to the claim. I consulted a lawyer and will proceed with legal steps if I don't get my down-payment back soon.

selling of home

To Whom It May Concern: I have sold my home through Remax and I am very sorry that I did. The agent I had...

Flanders Other

realtor michael lops

Hello my name is Cherelle mason and I currently reside at 123 bradleyville rd north Augusta Sc 29841 I am...

keys to our new house

We bought a property in protea ext28 and we still haven't received the key to our house. We advised the agent that we are moving in today as we have given the seller enough time to move out but he is missing in action, not taking our calls. The property is locked and nobody knows where this person is. We need urgent response we have nowhere to go with two kids.

unethical behavior

In 2013, my Father fell outside his home the night before his closing date. He lay on the ground for hour...

unsolicited real estate agent was deceitful, lied, unprofessional, and cost me a sale

As a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) I entered into a real estate contract with a buyer. Prior to signing the...

"red carpet runner" quality and horrible service

AWFUL. Ordered a "red carpet runner" for a classy corporate event. They sent us a thin, horrible, crappy piece of of material. It looked NOTHING like the photo.
Then, their TERRIBLE customer service- wow. They will not send return label but we will pay more in returning then the item itself! I've asked for Management to call me SEVERAL times- at least 6 times- and still have not received a call.
Cheap, crappy products and just awful service all around.

ryan homes / buyers need to be represented by licensed realtor

Buyers should be represented when doing business with Ryan Homes in Harrisburg PA. I'm a licensed agent with...

they weren't able to fix the problem

We rented the unit from ReMax Ocean Surf and sun Costa Rica Ocean Lyrics. We stayed there for 5 days and on the second day the toilet wasn’t flushing. The office of this company was on the same street, so we went there, but it was closed. However, it was 10 a.m. and their office worked from 9 a.m. -5 p.m. We also called them, but there was only one lady, who said that no one was in the office. She promised that someone would come and fix it, but the manager hasn’t even called us back. Don’t rent through this company.

  • Is
    Isabelle Emond Martin Seguin Feb 02, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Re/Max does not own the rental company. Ocean Lyrics, the rental company, is separately owned. We only share space.
    Isabelle, Owner/Broker of Remax Ocean Surf and Sun

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  • Li
    Lisa Simmons Feb 02, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Lisa Simmons and I own the rental company Ocean Lyrics. I'm sorry to hear that you found the office closed. The office is open 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays. However, you can reach us 7 days per week by email or phone - the emergency contact numbers including after hours numbers are listed in the information book in each property - and we also respond to maintenance issues 7 days per week. You don't mention your name or the unit you rented. We take complaints and maintenance very seriously and would like to know so we can investigate the matter. Sincerely, Lisa

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  • Li
    Lisa Simmons Feb 02, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Lisa Simmons and I own the Ocean Lyrics Vacation Rental company. We have many five star reviews on VRBO and Trip Advisor and take complaints from clients very seriously. Our office is open 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays but in every condo there are several after-hours emergency contact numbers and emails listed. We respond to these 7 days per week. You don't mention your name or what property you rented? Please let us know as I will personally investigate the matter. We work hard to make sure all our clients have a top quality stay here in Costa Rica. Sincerely, Lisa

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  • Li
    Lisa Simmons Feb 02, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Lisa Simmons and I am the owner of the vacation rental company. We take all complaints seriously and work very hard to provide top quality services to our clients. You'll notice many five star reviews on VRBO and Flipkey for properties that we manage. Our office is open Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm. We respond to emails and phone calls 7 days per week. We have information books in every condo with emergency contact emails and phone numbers for after-hours and Sunday maintenance issues. You don't mention the property you stayed in or your name? If you provide those I will look into the matter immediately. Sincerely, Lisa

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unethical sales - horrible experience - yazen hadden

We recently bought a house through one of your Agents, Yazen Hadden, and were greatly unsatisfied with hi...

lies, deceit & disgraceful service

In August we submitted our offer to purchase. Accepted and the process started. On 1st view of the house it...


I had an excepted offer on a home in Boxford Mass but the house failed the home inspection needing at least $150, 000 work. The seller offered to reduce the price $100, 000 but at the advice of the inspector we walked. Our real estate agent knew the failed inspection results and got another buyer to but the house once the home owner patched up some of the problems. The agent then threatened us, called us frauds and liars. The agents husband told me he knows Greek gangsters who are gonna pay us a visit. The agents wife, who is a very large woman offered me oral sex on 2 visits to the home and once in her office. She told me her husband and her are having problems. She took 2 deposits from us and has not returned the money but claims she did. Andrea Anastas and Neil Anastas robbed us of $6000 and then have told lies about us. They are snakes. Do not trust REMAX IN TOPSFIELD OR ANY PLACE IN MASS

  • Mr
    MrMatt Oct 23, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dealt with Andrea and Neil as well. They were pushing me to buy a home I didnT like but it was their listing. The home I wanted was with Century 21 and they had nothing good to say about the selling agent and poor comments on the home. I was with my sister at an open house they had in Boxford and Neil kept checking out my sister making her feel uncomfortable so we left.

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florida timeshare scam

My wife and I purchased two florida timeshares, the first one in 2004 at westgate resorts in orlando, florida, the second one in 2005 called tempest resort now known as diamond resort international. When our children and nieces where younger we traveled between both timeshares between [protected]. When haven't used either one in 6 to 7 years and paying on the maintance fees every odd year now since out children and nieces are grown we decided to sell one of them to get out the maintance fee, a customer service representative named debbie sumpter with remax preferred choice properties, inc told us she can definitely sell our timeshare with westgate lakes resort & spa for $25, 000.00, market # 217791 that was four years ago, a few minutes ago I called [protected] to check on the status of our timeshare to see if their were any potential buyers their telephone number was turned off I went to check their website all listings were removed. I gave them $450.00 for what!!! It was a scam I called them three months ago a representative told me they are slowing down with sales because of the economy in essence they were closing up shop! How do we get our money back!!! These time share companies have know problem selling you the properties but they won't buy them back and you can't even sell them or give them away! Min. Frank neeley jr.

home buyers worst nightmare

Think 4 times before having Wendy Hulkowich as your Realtor. She works for the Remax DFW Associates broker...

mauricio pereira

Good afternoon, I am a licensed Realtor in Florida and when my sister decided to sell her home in Union NJ she asked me to reach out to a local Broker. I reached out to The Broker/Owner RE/MAX New Millennium Group and he accepted my referral. I sent him a form to sign and when I spoke to him to confirm if he had received the firm I gave him the sellers information. After a long conversation we had mutual friends. Recently I spoke to my sister and she informed me that she had accepted an offer on her home. My sister informed me that the Broker/Owner would discount his commission from 6% to 4% if I agreed to cancel my referral request. When I reached out to the Broker/Owner with an email and mentioned that I was surprised that he was willing to reduce his commission. I asked him to send me an email of exactly what he was asking of me to present to my Broker. I was shocked to receive this type of response.

From: Mauricio Pereira <[protected]>
Date: June 18, 2013, 11:33:12 AM EDT
To: Adriano Gabriel <[protected]>
Subject: Re: Fwd: Referral from Weichert Realtors Best Beach RE
Reply-To: Mauricio Pereira <[protected]>

Good morning

You DO NOT Have any right. You never told me the name of the seller/buyer you want to referral to me. This client Francisco and Maria Figueiredo it was not necessary because I know them for long time, over 30 years and is not the first time we do business together. Your sister was surprised you would receive money from her. What bothers me more is your arrogance to tell me how much I should charge and how to split the commission. You should be ashamed. You said you have a referral form signed buy me, this is NOT TRUE. ANY DISCONT I MAY GIVE TO RELLERS IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS

Mauricio Pereira
RE/MAX New Millennium Group
1042 N. Broad Street
Hillside, New Jersey 07205
Office Tel: [protected] Cell: [protected]
Fax: [protected] Direct: [protected]