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Coldwell Banker Real Estate Complaints & Reviews

Nov 19, 2020

Coldwell Banker Real Estate — Breach of contract and poor professionalism

Just a terrible experience with the Coldwell Bankers Realty Office located at 60 Adams St. in Milton, MA...

Jul 06, 2020

Coldwell Banker Real Estate — Have not answered any of my calls

My lease is up next month. So i've been texting them and calling them. No one will get back to me, so I...

Apr 22, 2020

Coldwell Banker Real Estate — Mendacious lies from everyone

I entered into a standard contract to sell my home on 299 Tortoise Lane in Franklin Lakes NJ, after listing...

Apr 15, 2020

Coldwell Banker Real Estate — Unethical behaviour

I hired Luis Miranda to list a rental unit I had in Paterson, New Jersey. Luis provided me one tenant to...

Jan 30, 2020

Coldwell Banker Real Estate — customer service

move out representative was extremely degrading and sarcastic . I asked for help as I did not understand, my...

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Coldwell Banker Real Estatereal estate agent linda o'brien

She is currently on socially media speaking vulgar and harassing various people along with sharing both public and private information! Any person willing to attack others in this manor (and she attacks new various people every day) is not fit to represent any business. I'd NEVER use Coldwell Banker real estate if these are the type of agents they employ! Linda should NOT have a real estate license at all and should not be working with the public and having access to private information from customers. We have ample proof I am willing to send to you of her attacks and embarrassing actions while she represents your company.

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    Dec 24, 2019

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate — refused to show properties due to skin color

    Realtor adam greer, reached out to me by email due to my online search for a home to purchase in the columbu...

    Dec 07, 2019

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate — denied request for release from buyer's representative contract

    I have requested multiple times to both my agent and broker to be released from my Buyer's Representative...

    Detroit Lakes
    Dec 04, 2019

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate — unethical behavior

    After a couple of prior text messages, I met with Francisco Perez on December 3, 2019, in order to view a...

    Oct 28, 2019

    Coldwell Banker Real Estate — agent matthews

    The agent that "helped" us really didn't seem to know much about the job he was doing and most of the time...

    Sep 12, 2019

    Linda Semon, Coldwell Banker — scam real estate services

    Linda Semon of and Coldwell Banker scammed us. She drafted an illegal and rip off contract...

    Coldwell Banker Real Estatedissatisfied service

    Letter of Complaint
    My name is Gao Yan, I send this email to make a strong complaint about your employee Michelle Chen (Runjing Chen)whose license number is [protected]. During the sale of my house in L.A., she was very inefficient、unprofessional and extremely irresponsible, which caused me suffering a lot of time and great losses. Even more seriously, she has deceived me for several times and has been trying to embezzle my property just because I am in China. Yesterday she was still telling the lie. After being revealed by my lawyer, she disappeared and refused to deal with the remaining affair. My patience has gone out.
    I signed the agency contract with your company in Jan. 2017 and Michelle Chen was instructed by your company to responsible for selling my house located at 2923 Venezia Ter, chino hills. I also signed a contract with Michelle Chen herself to maintain my house at the cost of 200$ per month which lasts for more than 2.5 years. With receiving 200$ per month, she should be responsible for maintaining the house and collecting letters &mails for me. However, during the maintenance, a lot of valuable property were lost which I didn't want to care about and look into. One important thing I care about is as follows. There was a fine from the HOA of the community in about Jan. 2018 because of the garden of my house, which was only 7000$ at the beginning. However, In Oct.2018, the fine became 100000$ just because no one made any response to the notices of the HOA. Neither did she make any response to the HOA, nor did she give any notice to me about the fine. I have paid her 200$ one month for more than 2.5 years, but she did nothing. The fine became 100, 000$ just because of her irresponsibility and negligence. Furthermore, There was a buyer who was willing to offer 1900, 000$ to buy my house in Oct.2018. But when we entered into the registration of transfer process, Michelle Chen told me the house should not be transferred without paying the fine first, which made the deal failed directly. Later, I required Michelle Chen to confirm the nature of the fine seriously and whether it affects the transfer of the title on earth. Then she told me the fine doesn't affect the registration of transfer at all! I missed a good chance to sell my house, just because she is so unprofessional and irresponsible! After that, I had to reduce the selling price over and over, and the final transaction price is 1760000$ in Jun. 2019. Almost 200, 000$ was lost!
    During the selling process, the glasses on the door of my house was broken by someone for 3 times. I had to pay 10, 000$ as the deposit to guarantee the repair of the glasses. But when settling the account on July 18, She told me there were still several other repair cost which I should bear. One of the repair is the change of the lock of the door, which is 1500$! She told me that the lock was broken exactly on the date of delivering the house. What a coincidence! The date of delivering the house is June 19. She should ask for my permit in advance or at least inform me on that day. But she hasn't told me for almost 1 month! How irresponsible she is!
    There are a lot of furnitures in my house which were bought in 2014.No one was living in the house, so the furnitures are almost brand-new. The brands of the furnitures are Century, Marge Carson and Maitland Smith which cost me over 200, 000 dollars. Because I am in China, the selling of the house and the dealing with the furnitures are deemed as a whole task which cannot be separated. If Michelle Chen was unwilling to be responsible for dealing with the furnitures, I won't entrust her as my agent to selling the house. So she promised me she would move all the furnitures out before the delivering date which is June 19 and she would be responsible for selling them. She also took all the original invoices of the furnitures away. However, she failed to keep her promise. The reason she gave me is that the buyer detained my furnitures, which I cannot accept. I have paid 10, 000$ as the deposit to guarantee the repair of the glasses, why did the buyer detain my furnitures? I asked her for the telephone number of the buyer in order to communicate with the buyer myself, but she refused. Then in the next one month, I have communicated with her for several times to urge her to deal with the affair quickly. But she never replied me in time. Every time after I sent the message to her on the WeChat, she replied me in at least 3-5days!Everytime! She is so irresponsible! I had no choice but to ask my friend in L.A. to call her for several times. Finally on July 21, she told me that all the furnitures were moved out, so I should confirm the repair fee. The fact later proved that she has deceived me.
    Because she is so inefficient and irresponsible, she failed to sell the furnitures at a proper price in almost 2 months, during which she only offered me 10, 000$ for all the furnitures, which is ridiculous. I found a buyer myself in L.A., who offered a higher price. But he wanted to go to see the furnitures to make a assessment first. But Michelle Chen refused with the reason that the warehouse didn't permit! I asked why I can't see my own property? She said she found a shared storage in order to save the storage fee. My furnitures were put together with other people's. I put up with this [censored]. She has moved my furnitures into the storage for almost 2 months. I asked her where did she put my furnitures into for at least 5 times before, but she refused to tell me the address of the storage. Now when I want to see my property, She told me that I was not permitted! The buyer then asked me for the list and the photos of the furnitures, otherwise he can't decide the final price to offer. So I asked her to give me the list and the photos which she has taken already. Thanks to God, She agreed. However, My goodness, she gave me the list and the photos after almost one week! I asked her every two days, but she always had kinds of excuses! Sending an email only take a few minutes! I got very angry because the buyer was waiting! Finally she gave me the list and photos. Then I was shocked and I finally understood why she delayed on purpose and behaved like that, Because only half of my furnitures were on the list! I asked her where were the remaining furnitures, Then she began her play. Under my pressure, On August 8, she told me the remaining furnitures were still in the house. My lawyer then queried her why she told me all the furnitures were already moved out on July 21. I see, she told the lie on July 21 just to deceive me to confirm the repair fee. Of course she couldn't answer that question, because she deceived me. Then she just disappeared and let her assistant to communicate with me. How irresponsible she is! On August 9, her assistant told me that all the remaining furnitures were sent to a rubbish recycling company long since. Oh MY GOD! Is this a suspense film? Where are my furnitures on earth? Those are my property!Your company is a famous chain corporation, why do you have employee like her? Her assistant also asked me to take the furnitures right away with the storage charge exceeding 1000$! Oh, My God, The reason I can't visit my furnitures is that she found a shared warehouse in order to save the storage fee. Why the final storage fee is still so high? She said 500$ is due to that the buyer of my house didn't cooperate to move the furnitures, so the moving company has gone to the house for 5 times, each time cost 100$!My question is since the buyer didn't cooperate, why did she still arrange the moving company to go to the house, and for 5 times? If the moving company came to the house for 10 times, should I pay 1000$ for this too? Moreover, she never told me that charging fee of the carriage can be calculated like this before. Now she asked me to bear the cost owing to her incapacity and irresponsibility, is this fair or up to the working standard of your company?
    Until today, she still tried to pass the buck! I believe this is not just a civil dispute, it's a case suspected of constituting a crime! All the losses I suffered should be borne by her and your company! I request your company to intervene this affair and resolve the problem right away! All my legal rights are reserved.

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      Aug 01, 2019

      Coldwell Banker Real Estate — agent attacked us

      Good morning. Last night, one of your agents attacked my husband and I. I'm currently 8 months pregnant and...

      Jul 21, 2019

      Coldwell Banker Real Estate — unethical behavior/from manager

      I was to start as a new signed realtor under the management of Tom Dunlap on July 11, 2019. On the morning of...

      Coldwell Banker Real Estateunprofessional and disrespectful service

      We are selling our catamaran company on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We understand that every Coldwell Banker office is independent but still. With the name of the company comes a reputation. We are very disappointed with the service (the least we can say) from the office situated in Tamarindo. It is very unprofessional and disrespectful. Many people in the area told us that the service from the office in Tamarindo was poor. And we are now able to say that it is true. We will never recommend that company to anyone. We have attached below the emails that were exchanged with one of your representatives.
      We had had a meeting with a first representative a while back. She wanted us to fill a Coldwell Banker form describing what we were selling. I appears to me that the office in Tamarindo expects the clients to do their job by filling out all the paperwork. In any case the person quit and the new representative was expecting us to redo the work. The way this situation has been handled is totally shameful. Hope something will be done to correct the situation.
      Emails that were exchanged:

      Christina Essabba
      Lun [protected]:41
      Forgive me Valerie, but I had communicated with you immediately upon our introduction, even while I am on vacation then, and now. Both Joe and I asked for just a little information/business description from you before we schedule a meeting. Which you did not send either of us. Asking for this information is standard so we that we know what we're working with - what we're going to discuss, so we can gather some comps prior to our meeting.

      I am actually on vacation since June 25th. But I am still communicating with you while being with my family, aren't I?

      All I've asked for is a description of your business. And I'm with my family celebrating a personal event here, at home and I am in communication with you. In addition, these last four days have been a holiday in the United States and so at this time I am checking emails, but without any information sent to me, from you there is not a lot to discuss at least at this time.

      On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 12:32 PM Valerie et Benoit Houde wrote:
      Hi all,

      Thank you for responding 8 days after our email.

      It appears to me that you are not very interested in our business. One thing you need to understand is that you are not doing us a favor by selling our business but we are doing you the favor by approaching you.

      It is obvious that you do not have confidence in your ability to sell the business. There is clearly a lack of competence from your side.

      It is a shame that a renown company such as Coldwell Bankers would hire someone who is not interested in a commission around $50000.

      We clearly understand and it is our pleasure for us not to give you our business. You do not deserve our business. I strongly believe that you would not know what to do with it.

      All the best selling houses.

      Valerie and Benoit Houde

      Guanacaste - Costa Rica
      TEL 8406 8819

      De : Christina Essabba
      Envoyé : 8 juillet 2019 11:50
      À : Valerie et Benoit Houde
      Objet : Re: Your Boating Business for Sale

      Hello Valerie,
      I'm currently spending time in the states visiting family. We can meet when I return, of course. but first I would ask you to send me a brief summary of what you are selling, and what you have though about on price to be sure that it will work in our inventory and if it is a business that we would like to learn more about. At this time we are not taking listings that are open, as it take a lot more work to sell a business then a home and requires a lot of effort. Without commitment on both end, it doesnt work.

      Let me know what you are selling and something I can review for you~

      On Mon, Jul 1, 2019 at 10:14 AM Valerie et Benoit Houde wrote:
      Hi Christina,

      Nice to meet you.

      Just to clarify, we already gave all the details to Charlotte. Does that mean that we need to start all over again??

      If it is the case, we would like to know if it is possible to meet you.

      Please let us know your availability for this week.

      Best regards

      Valerie and Benoit Houde

      Guanacaste - Costa Rica
      TEL 8406 8819

      De : Christina Essabba
      Envoyé : 1 juillet 2019 07:02
      À : [protected]
      Objet : Your Boating Business for Sale

      Hello Valerie,
      I am an agent at Coldwell Banker and I work with Charlotte and Joe, who you have been in touch with. I sell residential and business.

      Can you send me a summary of the your business for sale, details, asking price, what is included etc? Are you looking for exclusive representation with all the advantages in the sale of your business or no?

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      Coldwell Banker Tamarindo Costa Rica
      Christina Essabba | Sales Agent
      Mobile Whatsapp +[protected] | Office +[protected]
      Skype Cessabba |

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        Coldwell Banker Real Estateagent

        I live in a rental that is being sold and ricardo estime texted my fiance about a viewing he scheduled without our permission without 24 hours notice. The clients walked in to my rental without permission and during this time i was naked from coming out of the shower. Please pick better and more proffesional agents i am highly upset.
        Address 908 n 5th st reading pa 19604

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          Jun 17, 2019

          Coldwell Banker Real Estate — agent dawn hough

          Agent Dawn Hough out of New Milford CT rented a property in the same town where the house caused mold and...

          Jun 10, 2019

          Coldwell Banker Real Estate — agent treatment, unethical behavior

          I started Coldwell Banker Weir Manual Hoppough in February of 2018 as a new agent with high hopes. I did not...

          Coldwell Banker Real Estatemy clearance insurance amount

          I rent a 2 bedrooms from them for 5 years. at the last 6 months it happened that the window glass is broken as it is effected by temperature between inside and outside.
          they deduct 1000 AED for that from the insurance amount .
          i tried to meet the manager, he refused, when I send and email no one reply .
          I send them the reason making the glass broken, here is the link to understand :

          and they said that no way.
          one more thing the Manager didn't want even to reply my calls, or even reply my email

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            Apr 13, 2019

            Coldwell Banker Real Estate — realtor agent

            April 13, 2019 Coldwell Banker Complaint Department To whom it May Concern: Notice of complaint against...

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