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property management dont..

I hire this realtor to manage my property, soon he took over he broke the contract, refused to answer my calls, charge me repairs unecessary, and always send me rent payment late and less money every month with not explaination, he is making treat that he is going to take my house if i keep filling complaint against him, i am trying to terminate contract with the realtor and he refuses. Please to anybody do not used this company or the Realtor they are crooks..

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    Crook Realtor Augusta GA Dec 10, 2010

    thank you for letting me know, but i hear about that company before.. DONT USED...

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    Complete Crooks Feb 08, 2011

    they did the same to my friend they are dishonest, and unprofesional anybody in augusta used another company. they go by Augusta Homes for sale, and Remax True Advantage. and to anybody dont give up just taking to court.

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[Resolved] real estate agent ripped me off

Jim Supples RE/MAX UNITED 10650 Scripps Ranch Blvd, Suite 112 San Diego, CA 92131 DRE LIC #: [protected] I...

ethical practice

My property manager recently placed a "For Rent" sign outside a house that I own on the west side of Los Angeles. The sign was replaced while my manager was on vacation for a few days with a "For SALE" sign from REMAX, listing The Williamson Team as the real estate agents. I called them and they denied knowledge of this, but said that they had lost a sign. REMAX has cost me income from this misplaced sign, plus the cost of having to replace the "For Rent" sign that was taken.

unreasonable business practices

"Listed my house with them. Agents (both 30 year vets) both tried to pigeon-hole an offer to me when they...

sheisty practices

Some friends and I rented home from Remax of the Poconos at Timber Trails/Lake Naomi, and they were a little unethical when it came to the deposit return.

They gave us a an instruction packet with the incorrect checkout time (NOON), which resulted in their cleaning service coming before we were gone. Because of this, they deducted a cleaning penalty from our deposit. The reason I was given was because our contract said 10am. While this may be true, the fact remains that they gave us the wrong information, and none of us thought to cross-reference the contract during our stay, because we were told that their info packet would have everything we needed.

We did contact them, but it let only to unprofessional/very not nice replies - the highlights of which included non-responses at first, then them admitting that they messed up but said that they're shouldn't be accountable; and finally them implying that we shouldn't be upset, because they only took a small amount from us. In the end we were penalized $35, which is not a big amount, but as with most things it's the principle. No amount of money is acceptable to wrongly take from people.

As renters, we leave ourselves pretty vulnerable with regards to paying everything upfront, and we can only trust that the realty agents will be honorable about it. This was definitely not the case with Re/Max of the Poconos. It was only $35 for us, but I'm sure there are many other clerical errors that they can make that could result in higher fines. I would highly caution against doing business with these folks.

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unlawful entry

This is a women that has abosolutely no regard for any other human being, and only cares about her commission. We have a land lord who was aboslutely incredible, but I don't think she realized who she was doing business with. The realitor our land lord chose, Cindy King, is a pitbull at best...There was no written notification for intent to sale, or 24 hour written notice of showing the home. She accused us of being unwilling to work with them on showing the house. When in fact my wife stayed home from work one day to be available to show the home, and the people didn't show up. Because we wanted to help our land lord, we allowed them to reschedule for the next morning, so then I had to miss work to be home for this. Cindy's problem is she looks at tenants as not important. I understand that this house is owned by someone else and they have the right to sale it. However this is and has been my families home for 2 years. Our son took his first steps here, and we brought our daughter home from the hospital to this house. To come in, on 3 days notice and demand full reign of how things were going to work was off putting and completely disrespectful of the situation at hand. Especially when we had already paid February's rent when we were notified this was all happening. There needs to be some sort of laws giving tenants the opportunity to move before they are put in the position to have strangers walk through there home consistantly. Realitors also need to realize that these homes they are trying to sale having people living there, that have feelings and memories that are precious. Handling things delicately would have gotten her a lot further with us.

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    Mikees Aug 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    REMAX of Silver City NM apparently likes to rip off college students for their cleaning deposit. Of a $600 cleaning deposit only $12 dollars was returned. The list of charges for the most part were bogus with the only legitmate charge of $130 for yard work. There was even a $35 charge for turning on the electricty which it was agreed was to be turned off. When the house was rented in August of 2017 the stove did not work and a new one was promised and promised for a year. When it came time for the students to move out the individual being delt with was not available (which ran into well over 45 days.) Since we are out of state suing is out of the question. Beware of this company.

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  • Li
    Lian Aug 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never seen two agents less interested in marketing a property on behalf of their client than Robbie and Graham of Burns Lake Remax office. Graham responded to my initial inquiry (give us your phone #) and ignored the 3 follow up emails I sent. Robbie didn't deign to reply at all, had her secretary(?) reply in abrupt one word replies to my questions. If I had contracted them to sell my place I would be very very angry.

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  • Gi
    giovanis Sep 09, 2014

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing you because I would like to file a report and complaint about REMAX company. More specifically, during the period 18 June 2017- 17 June 2017 I rent an apartment in Lucca of Italy through your agency. I was working on my Ph.d in England and I moved in Lucca the current year in order to work as a Post-doc Researcher. During the contract I paid one month rent in agency and two months deposit (1, 100 Euros) to landlord as it is expected and happens everywhere. In June 17 I left Lucca and went back to Greece and I asked the Landlord to give back the deposit (I gave him photocopy of the official bank account to put the money) after any damages caused. Since then until now there is no answer from him and the agency did nothing to help me. More specifically, I was sending him messages and calling him and I was asking him what happened and no answer. I started a round of email exchanges with the agency and they told me that they will solve the problem but actually they didn’t nothing they, just got my money. If there was a damage neither agency nor landlord said anything. And if there is I would like to see proofs (photos with dates and official documents that support this), because I took photos before I leave the house as I do not trust anyone including agencies, who do not support the customer and the only thing they know is to get the money (in my case). I have all the documents (agreement document with the fee payment to agency and the contract of the rent). Also I am sending you the email I have exchanged with two agents in Italian and I translated in English. I am sending you this report because I cannot find any solution and there is absolutely zero support to customers like me. In addition as you will see in the emails he said that we arranged a meeting in Lucca. Since one week ago I came to Bologna to stay for a year to work with some professors in University for Bologna and university of Verona. On Friday 5th of September I send him and message that I am coming the next day in Lucca for the deposit. When I went to Lucca I called him and to my surprise he answered my phone call (probably he did not see the number), he said he was busy and he will call me after a specific time to meet with me and give the deposit. He never called of course and I called him more than 6-7 times but no answer. I do not know how and to whom you give franchise to open and represent your company, but really I am so angry and tired of this entire situation. I am serious person working and I do not have the time to spend. In addition, I have many thinks to do and I spend also money to go to Lucca and go back to Bologna. Your professionalism really amazed me and impressed me and I do not know who these people are and who gets the permission to open branches and represent n your company and on which criteria this selection is based. You should be very proud. I would like to solve this problem in the following week otherwise I will proceed with any possible legal procedure. Furthermore, I know students in England and Italy and I will inform and tell them to avoid your company, which is not the best case in this period of financial and economic crisis. Finally, I will start posting on facebook and other social media the names of the agents and landlord and describing the entire story. Then I will ask for more money, for the time I waste and the I am not asking for additional money, but only what it deserves; the deposit. And if there is any damage why the agents and landlord did not say anything since 17th of June? The only thing the agents were telling me is “sorry we will solve the problem”, Never solved. I am congratulating you for your services. Also one of these emails was very rude it was like asking back money I did not give. Well done, god job.
    If you need additional information I would be very happy to provide it to you as links of my profile. I work in academia and I do not have the willing and time to spend the time with these things and for sure I am not the person who is going to lie. Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,
    Eleftherios Giovanis

    The first email I sent it was through Re/Max website to the following agent on 3rd of August:

    Agency: RE/MAX Viva
    License Number of Agency: 2064 LU
    Website of agency:

    Address of Agency: Piazzetta dell’Arancio 25
    Lucca, LU, Italy

    Name of agent: Barbara Guerrini
    License number of agent: 2324
    Website of agent profile:

    But I did not get response from the specific agent but from the manager Paola Mondello which was the following:
    Ciao Eleftherios,
    mi spiace leggere di questa cosa. Frediano è sempre stato un ottimo proprietario, molto corretto per quanto ne so.
    È la mia collega Barbara (ci legge in copia) che lo segue, lei tornerà lunedì dalle vacanze e si attiverà subito per risolvere.
    La cauzione serve per eventuali danni, se tu non ne hai fatti ti verrà restituita.


    Hello Eleftherios,
    I am sorry to read about this. Frediano (the name of the Landord is Frediano Sargentini) has always been a great owner, very correct as far as I know.
    It is my colleague Barbara (reads us a copy) that follows it, she will return Monday from vacation and will be activated immediately to resolve.
    The deposit is for any damage, if you do not have the facts you will be refunded.

    Thank you

    I replied to her as:

    Dear Paola,
    thank you very much, I know that the deposit is for any possible damage. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    After one week passed there was absolutely no answer, so I sent another email (on 10th of August) through again the website asking for news and again Paola Mondello answered as:

    Barbara è tornata solo a metà settimana, so che ha già parlato con Frediano e mi pare non ci siano problemi a renderti la cauzione, come dovuta. Non so di più, ti chiamerà Barbara

    Barbara returned only half-week ago, I know she has already spoken with Frediano and it seems to me there are no problems to make your deposit, as due. I do not know more, please call Barbara

    But I was writing to Barbara but nothing. Anyway I thanked her and waiting. Again no answer, but you really have amazing services. Therefore on 26th of August I sent another email to Mrs. Barbara Guerrini and she replied as:

    Buongiorno Giovanis, veramente ho parlato con Frediano circa 15 gg fa e mi ha detto che eravate d'accordo che il 27 Agosto, giorno in cui tu sarai a Lucca, vi sareste incontrati proprio per il discorso della cauzione. Forse non vi siete capiti?
    Comunque stamani vedro' Frediano e gli diro' di scriverti un sms per conferma.
    Hello Giovanis,
    truly I spoke with Frediano about 15 days ago and told me that you were in agreement that on August 27, the day when you will be in Lucca, you will meet him for the deposit. Maybe you did not understand?
    However, this morning I will see 'Frediano and tell' to write a text message to confirm.

    This is the email I was talking about, but I never agreed to meet him. Anyway on 6th of September I went to Lucca and call him and he avoided me after messages and callings. I couldn’t go before because I was looking for houses started working and I am really busy, and in the end We didn’t agree on meeting. I also kept all emails for proof. And not only that between period 10th-26th August nobody kept me update or informed me. I don’t write nobody responds. Amazing services, thank you for that. And if she spoke with him 15 days ago why she didn’t tell me anything? Probably they will share my money.

    At the same day Mrs. Paola Mondello wrote to me

    Frediano mi ha detto che avete già accordi, al tuo rientro vi incontrerete e avrai il deposito che ti spetta.
    Se così non fosse dimmelo!


    Frediano told me that you already have agreement, that you will meet him when you come back to Lucca and get the deposit that you deserve.
    If this is not the case, tell me!


    And I replied to her as on 29th of August, I couldn’t do it before because I was travelling and working:


    Mi dispiace ma non abbiamo fatto un dacordo con Frediano per un incontro. A Lui ho gia' dato il numero del
    mio conto corrente, doveva mandare la cauzione al mio conto corrente. Ho detto che io arrivero' in Italia il 28 Augusto per lavorare a Bologna
    Sono molto arrabiato che Lui non ha pagato niente e non ha mai risposto ai miei messaggi e non mi ha fatto sapere per un incontro.



    I'm sorry but I did not agree with Frediano for a meeting. I have him the number of
    my bank account, to send the deposit. I said that I will arrive 'in Italy on 28th of August to start working in Bologna I am very angry that he has not paid anything and he never responded to my messages and I do not know anything for a meeting.


    On 29th of August she replied
    Ci stiamo informando, e risolvendo 

    We are informing, and solving 
    Thank you

    From all this situation only was missing, how stupid.

    And as usually I thanked her

    Grazie mille,

    Cordiali saluti,

    No need for translation.

    That was the last email, I got no answer back so I decided to go to Lucca and spend additional 50 Euros for train etc and he never met with me as a described on the main text of my report.

    The website for Paola Mondello is:

    I like the fact that all of them are supporting people etc. I cannot say this is valid in my case.

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deceptive agent practice

On February 4, 2009, the original listing agreement for my house included a hot tub, valued at $8, 000.00.
On or about February 27, 2009, I discovered that the MLS property listing (R132568A) shown on the RE/MAX website did not show the hot tub or indicate the hot tub as part of the listing. At this time, I called RE/MAX and notified them that the hot tub was not shown as part of the listing. I spoke to RE/MAX agent TINA COVEY and she assured me that the hot tub was part of the property listing.
On February 27, 2009, I received an Email from RE/MAX (via TINA COVEY’s Email) that indicated “I added hot tub under exterior features. It was already noted in agent remarks with above ground pool.”
On January 8, 2010, I received an Email from TINA COVEY listing questions from a potential buyer. One of the questions asked was whether the hot tub was to remain with the property. I responded to TINA COVEY that the hot tub was part of the original listing.
On January 10, 2010, at 11:44 am, I received a telephone call from TINA COVEY. She stated that somebody asked her to take the hot tub off the listing. She admitted that she deceived me by removing the hot tub from the listing without my knowledge. She further stated that if I could not trust her then I should fire her.
On January 10, 2010, I received an Email from TINA COVEY with a new listing which includes the hot tub. However, the current listing on the RE/MAX website still showed no hot tub and no indication of a hot tub as part of the listing. It was not even listed in the exterior features at this point.
It is clear that the RE/MAX agent intentionally was trying to avoid listing the hot tub so that it could be deceptively removed from the property and not be part of the original sale.

  • Re
    Re-agent May 17, 2011

    Its often a good idea to file a complaint with the BBB as well. Best of luck with your issue. Always sad to hear about agent related problems.

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sold the home out from under us with no warning

My wife and I found a lovely home that we were really excited about. We went through the all the necessary paperwork with offer and counteroffers. We came to agreement with seller and went as far as having a formal inspection. My wife and were very excited about the premise of actually being able to move into this home. So we were in negotiations with seller just waiting on his end of the paper work. Unbeknown to us an associate of the seller was coming to look at the property. So in the time we were waiting for seller to return our paper work (which we were in negotiations with) sold the home out from under us with no warning what so ever. Not sure if that is legal and even if it is, it seems very shady. I am very angry and miffed and the idea that this can happen. Re-Max what a joke. Your realtor has tarnished your reputation with me and anyone with whom I associate with. I will not be using any of your services realtors basically anything having to do with Re-Max in the future. So thank you Re-Max for using discretion with hire and keeping upstanding employees.(this is sarcasm of course).

  • Pl
    Please Be Logical May 17, 2011

    sorry to hear about your disappointment in buying this home. one thing I can tell your from past experience is that if you contact the agent that has the property listed, you will never get full representation. And that is regardless of what company the agent represents. There is no way that one person can fully represent the interest of two competing parties: the buyer wanting the best deal and the seller wanting the most money. The owner of the property can legally continue to seek additional offers while they are considering an offer to purchase, and if a better one comes they are fully within their rights to accept it over the one they were originally considering. There may well have been some "shady" things going on (as you said) but then again, maybe not. The moral of the story is: DON'T WORK WITH THE LISTING AGENT! GET YOUR OWN AGENT AND WORK WITH ONLY ONE. They will represent YOU ALONE in the negotiations and will develop an understanding of your needs and circumstances so that you also get the best service.

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corporate fraud

Mark stevenson owner/broker of townsville real estate trading as remax excellence was an unlicensed financil adviser for storm financial which went bankrupt the losses total $3 billion mark stevenson conned his elderly clients some suffering from dementia into using equity in their homes to invest in the share market mark would have his elderly clients sign loan applications he would later falsify clients income details to obtain margin loans to purchase shares

corporate fraud

ponzi schemes scams

mark stevenson owner of remax excellence was an unlicensed financial adviser with storm financial which went...

Townsville Real Estate

ponzi scheme

mark stevenson principle of remax townsville was an unlicensed financial adviser for storm financial storm went bust with losses set to top more than $3 billion mark conned investors many of them were elderly in to using the equity in their homes to obtain equity loans to buy shares mark falsified the income details to obtain loans many elderly investors were on pensions and had no way of obtaining equity loans had their true incomes been known to the banks

ponzi scheme

  • Re
    Remax Scam Company Feb 04, 2010

    Mark stevenson an unlicensed financial adviser with storm financial which went bankrupt with losses set to total $3 billion mark falsified income details on loan documents and scammed elderly clients and retirees into using equity in their homes to obtain loans to buy shares with storm financial

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highway robbery

I rented from Re/Max in Wilmington, NC through an Agent named Karen and when we moved into the house it was disgusting. Nothing was cleaned like we were advised it would be. lights were blown and not all lighting fixtures had bulbs. So I took pictures of the place just in case. After a few months of dealing with there problems and not getting the help we needed for things to be taken care of we (roommate) decided to leave and move to a better place. Our deposit was taken away for a water bill that was so called not paid (we have proof of payment) and they power washed the house and redid the paint job all on our deposit. We asked for a paint job prior to moving in and the outside of the house was nasty. VERY crooked if you ask me.. Going through a legal battle now.. BE AWARE!!!

  • Ja
    JamesC81 Jan 19, 2010

    I have a question for you. Why didn't you have them clean and paint the house -before- you moved in or gave them any money?

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non-payment of referral commission check

I am a Realtor with RE/MAX Coastal properties in Wilmnington NC, . I did a referral with Kenneth Faustin in Aruba. My clients went down there and bought a condo from his office. Closed the deal aug. 2008 and to date I have not recieved my commission check. My Broker sent emials to him and he kept saying he was sending the money per wiring instructions we sent.. Never came ...Now he is gone from Remax and the buyers agent he gave my buyers too has RE/MAX and she got paid on the deal. She will not pay me the referral either. This is Bad practice in Aruba.. Please note that I called the international RE/MAX and because it is out of the States they could not do anything about this issue... Janice Hanna RE/MAX Coastal Properties

  • Ar
    Aruba Kenny Apr 14, 2010

    Attention Ms. Janice, Hanna
    This is Kenneth Faustin, I just noticed your complaint that you wrote on this site, regarding my company not paying you a commission that was due you in 2008. Could you send me the name of the client and the property that they bought?
    I was the broker for the RE/MAX real estate office from 2003 to Dec 2009 and in that period of time we made many sales via foreign brokers a lot of whom were RE/MAX agents themselves and they were always paid the corresponding commision that was due.
    The proper document that is used to send a referal to a RE/MAX office is a: "RE/MAX Referal Certificate" Even though I am no longer the broker for RE/MAX in Aruba, I have always honered and paid all legitimate referals as to my knowledge and therefore would like for you to send me the: Name of the client who bought: The property they bought in Aruba; The agent in Aruba at RE/MAX who handled them and copy of the official referal certificate you sent our office. If your claim is correct and real, I will make sure that you get paid for your referral as long as you provide the information requested and after I have verified this infomation in details.

    You can reach me at [email protected]
    Kenneth Faustin April, 2010

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unethical practices

Mr. Ballagh has a sour method to practicing real estate. After a contract was placed and agreed upon on a house he was selling, he pulled out to take a better offer. It put a single mom and 3 kids out of a home and placed a few more dollars in HIS pocket. He has no regard for morals.

  • Ma
    Marissa24 Oct 27, 2009

    Until escrow closes you can't bank on anything. Keep the "for sale" sign up until escrow closes.

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  • No
    Nothing123 Nov 15, 2009

    I rented from Re/Max in Wilmington, NC through an Agent named Karen and when we moved into the house it was disgusting. Nothing was cleaned like we were advised it would be. So I took pictures of the place just in case. After a few months of dealing with there problems and not getting the help we needed for things to be taken care of we (roommate) decided to leave and move to a better place. Our deposit was taken away for a water bill that was so called not paid (we have proof of payment) and they power washed the house and redid the paint job all on our deposit. VERY crooked if you ask me.. Going through a legal battle now.. BE AWARE!!!

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  • 21
    216er4life Nov 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Re/Max is by far the WORST company in history! We looked at houses for 3 years; in that time EVERY experience we ever had with a Re/Max agent was horrendous! At least three of them never even showe up when we had scheduled a showing! They also are (as stated above) UNETHICAL as heck!!! I can't believe they are still in business to be honest! We also looked at a house which was for rent. Ok we were willing to rent it, as advertised- we never got a response- we had to hire a seperate agent and STILL this idiot didn't respond!!! Her name is Linda, works out of the Pepper Pike office, in Ohio. Then we offered to buy the home (we offered 5 thousand under asking) and STILL had problems getting a response! The owners lived in Florida. I am fairly certain this was a racial discrimination case- but we didn't care enough to pursue it.oh, and the house was a stigmatized property! It had been on the market for years! Guess what? 2 years later, it is back on the market, listed with a different brokerage, for 50, 000 less!

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  • Br
    browin Mar 09, 2016

    i bought a house from them and they gave me bad service.

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took my money and did nothing

I paid $600 to this company with the agreement that they would sell my timehsare within one year, two year...

rude service

The experience started well : All smiles and courtesy was handed to us until we paid $ 8000.00 in advance and signed the contracts. After that, rudeness and arrogance replaced smiles and professional mannerisms.
As the following points required for us to visit Remax, it suddenly felt like we had brought with us a massive task for them to tend to. Rolling eyes and deep sighs was our most common welcome !!!
1- No keys to the letter box, (greatly needed to receive important documents from France)
2- Mold and dust on walls and doors (it was promised upon inspection that this would be taken care of!)- Cleaner did not ever come back
3- Dryer not working (5 weeks to get someone to come out and fix!!!)
4- Stains on carpets not mentioned on inspection report

*These are just the main problems encountered in the 1st 2 weeks
In the matter of the letter box keys, i went Remax every second day and kept getting the same answer :” We are still trying to reach the should show some patience”
Having reached my wit’s end, i contacted a friend who’s been in Australia for over 20 years and asked him to come in to their office and help me talk to them.
As we once more asked what progress have been made, he sat there quietly until he heard our property manager simply tell us that things like this” just happen this way in Australia”. The moment he started to talk in Australian, and not in a struggling “Frenglish”, demanding that a locksmith be called in straightaway etc, she changed her behaviour very quickly and started asking exactly who he was etc...
Magically, within the next 5 minutes, she had managed to finally contact the owner, got permission to send in a locksmith the next day!!! The next day, they, once more magically, found the original keys?!?!?!?!?
In mid January, we decided to extend our stay in beautiful Noosa and went in to Remax, asked to talk to the property manager to extend but she wasn’t available. I left my details with the receptionist. No one returned my call so i called a few days later, was transferred to our managers answering service and left a message...Still no response until a week later, on Friday 30th January.

I called her back on the following day, Saturday 31st. She made it clear that she was not happy to be disturbed on a Saturday but did tell me that she would contact the owner on the Monday and would call me back...I am still waiting for that call today!!!
In the meantime, I started to look for another place to rent for our last 6 weeks in Noosa, as my lease with Remax was almost over ( 3rd March) and found something close by with another agency(starting on the 5th March).
On the 25th of February I went in to Remax to see what i needed to do to finalise the unit and get the bond back, as the process is very different back home.

This is when she told me that i would have to pay rent until the 10th of March, making up a 14 day notice. Hmmmm, interesting but nevertheless written on our agreement.
So i contacted my friend again as the language barrier was too great once more. (Everybody i have met in Noosa is nice, patient, understanding and make efforts to speak a little slower so I can understand better; all except Remax staff who just seem to get so very irritated when they speak no slower and have to repeat themselves.)
The property manager came out and when my friend asked firstly why my messages had not been returned, all she could repeat (3 times!!!) was that the receptionists at Remax were not trained as property managers so what happened between the front desk and the property managers, she had no control over!?!?!? Sorry, even today i still cannot see the connection between her not calling me back over the period of 6 weeks and the receptionist not having any training for property management!!!
Anyway, i told her that my experience with Remax had been terrible from the start and she simply replied : Well, I can’t talk about previous events or the property manager who gave you the rental contract back in November because she is no longer working for us.(Mind you, my friend and did see the previous manager walk past twice in the corridor, wearing her Remax shirt) Another amazing Remax unsolved mystery
All in all. She didn’t have very much to say through this meeting, other than, in a very serious, suddenly informative yet quite threatening voice, she said that if I chose to contact the RTA or go as far as the tribunal to argue this extra 7 day payment, that I would quite certainly not see a cent from my bond for weeks if not months!
Well, we are certainly not desperate for this money at all but, out of principle, refuse to pay.
Had we been treated with professional mannerism and a little respect at any point through our dealings with Remax, instead of having to endure rudeness, arrogance, insults, incompetent service, endless sighs and eye rolling when we had to physically come in and attempt to get results for ourselves, we would certainly not be in this situation today...
Do the owners have any idea how their properties are being managed??? I wonder!!!
My friend’s work involves working with real estates and he says that it is by far the worst service he has come across in the 15 years of being in business.

  • Do
    dosomething Nov 08, 2009

    They are the most unorganised business i have ever had to deal with all they are trying to do is rip off ever tennant that goes through their realestate. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it over and over again like they do someone needs to do something about it!

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shady agent

he man is the wost person in all the real estate that I know of. What he is a broker then he turns around and collect by being the landlord also. Because the houses is in his name. He also sleep with women who have money so he can use some of their money for his purposes. sunil makes shady deals with people to get them approve for home loans so they can buy houses. The clients don't know until it's to late. basicly it's this he get someone to approve on a loan for a home, make a deal with the loan applicate to get a piece of the loan. then turn around money off of property that he sold because he 's the broker. If the home ends up back on the market he do the same process all over again. Now with his own property he get one of his buddies in his office to do the paper work for him. He puts the house on the market pull the equadity out still collect the attends rent make money off the sell as the home owner plus get a cut from the buddy that did the sale. This did'nt sound right to me the first time I heard it but to many people that delt with him that I came across says the same thing that SUNIL SIGNH can't be trusted.

  • Ma
    Madd Mike Aug 18, 2009

    Turn his ### into the local Realtor Association office. It is idiots like this that give the rest of us Realtors a bad name. Michael Keller, Windermere-South Regal of Spokane, WA

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lack of professionalism

RE/MAX HiNet - Team Athey – Remarkable Property Management is home to some of the most unprofessional...

racial steering

My husband and I were looking to purchase a home and we worked with FRED DIPRENDA owner/agent at Remax in Caldwell. We asked to view some specific properties and we refused. He said we were not right for the area and it or we werent suitable. At first we didnt say anything. But after time passed we became more and more enraged in this day and age he would do such a thing. He is unprofessional and deserves to be cited and fined for his behavior. We are now consulting with out lawyer and will be filing a formal grieveance.

  • To
    tomcat May 29, 2009



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  • To
    tomcat May 29, 2009

    I have been looking around for a relator with the market down I thought this would be a good time to make an investment. I went in there but don't remember seeing a Fred DiPrenda. Glad I didn't I wouldnt go back there.

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  • To
    tomcat May 29, 2009

    I was looking for infomation on a product but saw this recent posting. I didn't think that happened anymore. I am sorry for you. The guy is a jerk. I am thinking about a new place and I wouldn't use REMAX or Fred.


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  • To
    tomcat May 29, 2009


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  • Gi
    giants999 May 29, 2009



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  • In
    invtr May 29, 2009

    You can and should file a complaint with your local HUD office. The federal Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to discriminate in the buying, selling, leasing or offering to buy, sell or lease any residents on the basis of sex, national origin, religion, ethnicity, race, disability, race or familial status (families with children with a few exceptions for elder housing). Realtors are clearly covered by the act. HUD will investigate and if it determines there is probably cause, they will pursue the case on your behalf.

    New Jersey probably has a housing discrimination law that might include other protected classes. You can also file a complaint with the New Jersey Fair Housing Commission or its equivalent.

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  • Je
    jerseygirls Jul 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not only is this compaint FALSE but most of the comments are coming from the SAME user. If he was SO UNHAPPY with this office and realtor why did go BACK!

    This is a terrible site we're "losers" can make false comments about professional people and companies.

    As the indicated in the comment from invtr "if your so unhappy file a complaint" - don't make false remarks on a website.

    Also, the URL used by the person (s) making the complaint does NOT belong to Fredl.

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  • Je
    jerseygirls Jul 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In response to Tomcat - RE/MAX is a TERRIFIC company and #1 in New Jersey. Their agents are the BEST.

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bad service

Transaction Fee Today I went to the above broker to retrieve a paper called a Listing Agreement that seemed to be missing from my file. When all of these papers were signed, the real estate agent took them and dropped me off copies the next day. Anyway, when I got the Listing Agreement, much to my surprise, I had supposedly signed an agreement to pay the broker a "transaction fee" of $695 plus his commission. I truly do not believe that line was filled in when i signed the agreement, but if it was, it surely was never explained to me that I would be responsible for that charge. Strange thing is; there is no transaction between the broker and myself, they have never shown my house, advertised it ... no open house ... nothing. The buyer passed by and saw the sign. Is this transaction fee legal? What can I do about it?

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