RaceTracyour employee is skimming

E Jul 23, 2019

Hi, it is now approximately 4:45 PM on July 23 and I just left your race track gas station on Roswell Road in Marietta Georgia.

I Purchased one hotdog and one bag of chips and one soda. I saw that the gentleman behind the counter, Jorge, charge me for two hotdogs. When I noticed and told him, he said he would refund for one and rather than refunding it on the credit card, he said it would be easier to give me cash. He only gave me $1.08 back. I chose not to make a big deal about it even though I knew it was wrong since I think this is a scam he's doing.

Having owned small businesses myself, I know this is one of We use that employees will skim. They will do a refund on a credit card and take the cash themselves.

I was also not offered a receipt.

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