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phedra the gas station cashier is rude and a liar

Her name is Phedra the 76 gas station attendant made a mistake and gave me 20 dollare of somebody elses gas I...

quality of service

I went to the 76 gas staion on Werner rd last night and they had the rudest employees I have ever come...


the gas station on werner rd has many employees who stand outside and smoke their weed pens, they also have...

customer service

So I went pump gas at the local 76 gas station here in Alhambra and upon asking for receipt I was told by the...

both of the clerks where prejudice and racist

at about 828 PM wife called me saying to come pick her up because the clerks where picking on her and make...

rude customer service

Complaint against your rude staff Damian. The male customers were harassing and ridiculing me and he sided...


Let's discuss this group of [censored] running this gas station, shall we? 15900 tualatin Sherwood Rd...

service & invalid gift card I purchased

I went to purchase gas with a gift card that I purchased back in December 2014 & I still had the receipt that...

cancellation of credit card account.

After months of phone calls to "76", regarding a refused electronic payment of $45.00, the company closed my...

bad gas

I filled up my car with premium gas at 76 gas station in Patterson, CA. My car started to make ticking noise...

rip off

I went in to put gas on my card and paid with my card. When the tank was filled the pump stopped but that was not what happened the Total and gallon screen showed the numbers kept going up. I had the already placed the hose back in the pump. When I spoke to the attendant she and the manager told me that I was imagining things. Since every customer who buys gas there is being ripped off imagine the amount of money that TAREK BERRI:76 gas station is making buy stealing their customer's money.

  • Ta
    taylorm Apr 17, 2012

    I have never experienced such thing before. Neither am I generally a complainer but the gas station in Sacramento really pisses me off and I will make sure that my family, friends, nor I will ever get gas there again if they don't let go/fire their current manager Kat there. I don't care how cheap their gas is. The manager there is very unpleasant and unprofessional. I think her mother works there too and when I complaint to her mother she agrees that Kat is difficult to work with. How can anyone work in such place with such an unhappy person. I had just filed a complaint with the corporate office. Let's see if anything will change.

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  • Fr
    Fred Ureta Mar 19, 2014

    I was filling gas once awhile at AVA Petroleum in 6518 Butterfield Rd., Chino Hills, Ca. (no Zip code on receipts), and most of the time (95 percent) there's no receipt in al the machine(s) and I have to go inside the store always to get my receipt. and it's a hassle waste of time but I have to get my receipts. I always told the cashiers they have to fix the machines to print-out the receipts. Last Sunday (Mar. 9, 2014) I went inside the store to get my receipt, but I didn't get the number of the pump, I told the cashier it's behind the middle pump, and he (don't want to give his name) told me I have to go back and get the number. I ask him you should know the sequence of the pump numbers so I don't have to go back, but he told me you have to go back and get the pump number.. I told him every time I fill-up gas there's no receipts, but he said you have to go back and get the pump number. I was upset and just left without getting my receipt. My point is the cashier should know the sequence of the pumps, it's only 12 pumps and in descending orders and also waste of time specially if there's people in line and going inside the store.
    I hope the management will fix the pump receipt to print in the pump machines. I don't know how many times I complaint of this matter. I'm not going back there to fill-up again.
    Thank you.
    Fred Ureta
    [email protected]

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  • Da
    David L Condrey Apr 01, 2016

    76 Gas Station
    427 N Crescent Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    United States

    This is the first time ever I've gone to a gas station and the attendant refused to turn on the air machine so that I could put air in my flat bicycle tire. I mean how freakin stingy can you be? It's air! And might cost a fraction of a penny to turn it on for a couple minutes.

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  • Yo
    yourkeys Apr 26, 2016

    I swear one of these days I am going to go to the gas station that charges more for using a credit card that is not theirs get a gallon then pull around get another gallon then pull around get another, so on and so on till my tank is full. After all they get charged a fee for each transaction. Serve them right for having the cheap price up then small print price is more expensive...

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  • We
    wet an angry dallas Aug 31, 2017

    texas right now 8/31/17 is at a very dark time with harvey putting houston under water so dallas cant get the trucks up here that fast so right now every one is looking for gas and the 76 gas station on 1102 lavon dr in garland texas 972 272 2454 is charging 8, 02 a gallon on line it says 2, 40 a gallon texas people that work hard for there money to get back and forth to work will not forget this when all is said and done with. just crazy people trying to rip off people in there darkest hour.

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  • Ka
    Karleigh Jul 21, 2018

    The Osborne 76, allows there employees & managers to disrespect customers. They refuse service just because they have the right to do so. If I owned a business no matter what, there's no way I'd allow the crap they do. You should be fired for 90 percent of the stuff those ladies get a way with. Well there loss of customers, I won't ever go back!

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