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Reviews and Complaints

RaceTractemporarily closed

Second time I've been here and there has been a sign on the site saying they were temporarily closed. This time I got an explanation that the computers are down. As I'm talking to the person, they let an employee run in. Seems more that they were short staffed and waiting for reinforcements to arrive. It really looks like there's only one or two people in there.

RaceTracpublic humiliation

My wife and I went to this store for the third time ever and were first told my wife has been put on no trespass or something. We told them they were confused. We proceeded to fill our mug and were approached again by the same lady who decided to get more rude and tell her she isn't allowed in the store. I finally spoke up and told them they have her confused with someone else and was then told that she wasn't talking to me and I need to mind my own business by the lady behind the register. We ignored them and paid for our drink and left. I am very unhappy with the service we were provided and would like to speak with someone about this. I feel that before you go humiliating random people you should make sure your facts are right. We have only been in ocala a few days and that's one hell of a way to be treated. I am looking forward to speaking with someone asap. If nothing else I will look into an attorney for counsel on what I have to do to make sure we are never treated so badly again.