RaceTracrefusing to selling a product

C Jul 23, 2019

To whom it may concern,
My name is Carmen. My roommate and I frequent this RaceTrac especially since it's not even a block down the street. We walked in the store looked at snacks to buy and realized it's almost 2 am and it was 1:57. So, I grabbed a case of beer and brought it to the counter to pay. By then it was 1:58 turned 1:59 and they would not ring our purchase. I am a server bartender and I usually get out of work late so I thought that in the state of Florida you serve beer till 2 am. The workers on the shift have seen us there multiple times, since we frequent the station. They should have told us that they would not sell beer before 2 as we walked in. Instead they watched us pick out our snacks and bring the beer to the counter still 2 minutes before 2 and refuse to sell to us. They continued to tell us that they switched the drawer over so they can't sell it... every gas station I've been to, you sell till 2. I left a birthday party early to get my beer at my local gas station seeing as they sell till 2 am usually.

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