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The complaint has been investigated and
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Qatar Airways — rude staff behaviour

Me and my flew on Qatar airways last week from Chicago o'Hare airport to Seychelles for vacation. we...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Qatar Airwaysearly departure with out boarding us though we have online boarding pass

We had a very bad experience from Qatar airways and crew. we already complained to Qatar airways and the reply we got from them was really disappointing,
"our flight was supposed to be at 9.30am on basis of that we checked online 24 hours before and got the boarding pass. we reached the airport one hour prior ie:-8.24am by that time the counter was closed and the crew didn't allow us to check in, saying that counter is closed.we talked to all Qatar airways staffs there and the response and the reply was really arrogant. later we found in the airport timing board that the flight has departed at 9.15am ie 15 minutes earlier than the actual departure time, we have taken the photograph of the time which displayed in the airport timing board".
we informed this matter to duty manager Mr.Sam and other staff Susan who was in charge and the reply we got them from was go and complaint to any body or go to court for the rights
later on we went to the Qatar airways Cochin office and complained to manger (Mr. Manikandan) though he listened to all our grievances but no action was taken,
we had to spend other money to catch the next day flight in the mean time we also complained to the Qatar airways customer care centre, but the reply from there was also in favour of the Qatar airways staffs who closed the counter earlier,
This is our first time fly in Qatar airways and also will be the last, i am working in abroad from last forty years and a frequent passenger to India in different airlines, i have never experienced such a ignorance and worse treating from any other. complaint reference number of our complaint is Cc/Comp/DE413008/269918.

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    • Fn
      fnazare Jun 06, 2012

      I agree. Even I had the bad experience with AVIS. My son left the DVD in the back pocket of the driver seat. They are so rude, saying it is not their responsbility and if they have not found then that is the end.
      These car rental companies are rogues and they clean the car and pray that they find something... They don''t get tips, so if luck by chance they find something, they just keep it and never report.
      Long story short... Avoid low budget companies like AVIS and Hertz...Their customer service sucks! Avoid them at all cost..please..or you will just be another victim.

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    • Ma
      mary12345 Jun 06, 2012

      @ The Facts Only Please, request you to read it fully

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    • Ma
      mary12345 Jun 06, 2012

      @ The Facts Only Please i think you are not reading it properly, also please mind your language. Thanks

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    • Ka
      KaraK Jun 06, 2012

      I have a feeling that a little less than an hour lapsed between the time that you arrived at the airport and the time that the airplane departed. If you arrived an hour early, you shouldn't have had any problems unless you failed to go through security check in timely manner or decided to stop at a restaurant. Why did all the other passengers get to go on the flight and not you if you came early? I think there's more to the story...

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    Qatar Airwaysincompetence of qatar airways dhaka airport staff

    I would like to draw your attention towards a recent incident that happened between one of Regency Travels Ltd.’s corporate passengers and your esteemed airlines in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On 25th Jan our passenger was supposed to visit Teheran to attend a training arranged by Iranian Cultural Section of Iranian Embassy but due to incompetence of Qatar Airways’ Dhaka Airport personnel he could not travel on that day. According to the Dhaka Airport QR personnel (the passenger does not know his name) him was not holding a genuine visa of Iran & kept him waiting at the airport for two and half hours.

    After the flight departed, the QR staff informed him that his ticket has been cancelled & took him to QR Airport Office. When my passenger went there, the QR staff showed his visa to other people who assured him that the visa is original. After all this time, the QR staff asked the passenger to show him the invitation for the Training Program. Since the passenger could not provide any training program document instantly, QR staff refused to put him on a later flight by showing cause of not having “Training Program Paper”. Whereas, if the airport personnel had asked for the document in the first place he could have arranged it within thirty minutes or at least before flight departure.

    We complained to Qatar Airways sales staff and also to the Country Manager regarding this incident but did not receive any satisfactory reply. We also requested them to send him on a flight the next day without any charges. Since, they could not to do so we reissued the ticket for 1st Feb 2012. Then again, we requested them to waive the date change fee (as passenger himself changed 1st time the date of travel after issuing the ticket) & reissue charge. Even then Qatar Airways could not help us. In the end, Regency Travels Ltd paid for the charges and gave the new ticket to him.

    Regency Travels Ltd. has been doing business with Qatar Airways for the last 11 years and have usually received positive support until now. The above incident has been very unfortunate and has disappointed not only my company but my valued client as well. We thereby request your good self to kindly waive the date change fees and reissue charges for the above mentioned passenger. Hope to receive a positive response from your end and pray our business relation stays healthy in the future.

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      Qatar Airwaysqatar airways can't read arabic writing

      My wife was returning to Amman, Jordan from Peshawar through QR 347 on 14 January at Peshawar Airport. My wife has a special multiple entry visa emborsed on her passport from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Jordan because I have a full diplomatic status in Jordan being the country head of United Nations. She was refused boarding because the staff on the check-in counter could not read Arabic and misread the date of visa being granted [protected]) as the date of expiry of the visa whereas it was clearly written in Arabic that the visa is valid for one year.

      My wife had to go through severe mental stress because my children are alone in Amman (I am currently in Baghdad) and we planned as such that the day I leave for Baghdad, my wife will arrive in Amman to take care of my children. Because of this sheer negligence my children have to go through exemplary mental stress and I am planning to sue Qatar Airways through the UN system. My wife will be returning now on 19 Jan (I had to pay the penalty for pushing her date of return to 19 Jan). If you guys dont have somebody who understand Arabic on the check-in counter, whose fault is this?

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Qatar Airwaysworst service - zero star airline

        My parents aged 65 and 78 yesterday travelled from Houston to Karachi via Doha. They complained that food was not good and airline staff was not responding to their calls. In one incident my mother wanted water from long time she tried calling staff but nobody came as she had front economy seat and she cannot walk long as she is old and had wheelchair assistance. she walked passed business class to the service area and asked for water. The staff replied this is business class service area go back to the end of economy service area to get water. my mother told her that she is dying from thirst and you are not responding, then she gave her water in a glass she had drank 2 glass there (She did not even give her a bottle to take). I am very upset with this type of behavior.

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          • Jo
            John Kamoki Nov 29, 2012
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            Qatar airline is the worst airline I have ever traveled with so far. They have the worst customer service, extra fees which are never mentioned on the ticket and their customer representative say upfront "You have already bought the ticket and there is nothing you can do about it". These people are rip offs and they say it's apparently "The best airline" That's just crap!! Do NOT ever fly with Qatar

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          Qatar Airlinesnot a 5 stars airlines

          I had a number of problems on a flight from UK to Bangkok by Qatar Airlines. 1. The airport staff in Manchester were rude and unhelpful; I guess they were stressed out but the supervisor was too busy to even speak to us on the telephone when we checked in. 2. My family were 2.5 kg overweight (10kg in total) for which we were charged 433 UK Pounds. 3. I find this charge would have been expected on a budget airline, but not on one so called a 5 Star airline; as an expat I have often travelled with a few kg extra and never had a problem. 4. Fly by EMIRATES they are excellent, and they also offer a much bigger baggage allowance,

          5. On the flight from UK to Qatar, the seat was quite dirty, tons of dirt and stuff shoved in the magazine rack, dirty seats. I suspect that UK ground staff are too expensive so they do all the cleaning in Qatar or in cheaper countries. 6. I complained to Qatar Airlines, several times didnt get a reply when I did it was not helpful. 7. Dont fly by Qatar Airlines, there are much better companies out there.

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            Qatar Airwaysmissing luggage from flight

            I flew from Khartoun via flight no.QR-521 to Doha-Qatar on 22nd October since I have one hour and a half stop over in Doha .My bag was taged for Doha QR-521 and then to QR-624 Kuala Lumpur. Upon my arrival I can not find my bag and reported to Property Irregularity Report in Kuala Lumpur. After checking online staff find out the bags were detained in Doha-Qatar. Due to this irresponsible manner of Qatar Airways staff I have to bear a loss of time and money, have my apartments keys in the bag and have to pay for hotel one night plus still several items are missing i.e. a hard drive, a mouse, etc.

            Still waiting to received my lost objects in Kuala Lumpur and an explaination on this matter.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Qatar Airwaysstolen ipad from luggage bag

              First I have to say I remained loyal to this company for over 6 years despite my luggage was lost 3 times, other negative experince I have had and extremly poor service that is only getting worse with every year. This, I hope, was my last flight with qatar and I won't give it a chance again.
              So what made me reach this point is that my lugguge bag has been fitched during my last flight and ipad stolen from it.
              While waiting for boarding I have been approached by one of the company representative and asked to give my hand luggage bag to the luggage section instead of taking it to the cabin as ' it looked more then 7 kg that was allowed" without even checking the real weight. I have handed over it and didn't even think that I will receive it once I reach final destination opened, searched through by someone and missing something, my ipad.
              I am still waiting for responce and noone from the company who I have dealt with regarding my problem has shown any interest to help me or at least any attention. My mail which I have sent to customer complaint department did not have any reply yet and honestly I dont even hope. I have been told that qatar airways does't hold any responsabilities about valuable items loss from lugguge and that it is my responsability to take all my things with me.. Which I did and thats why I carry hand lugguge with me which I was told to give away. Extremly dissapointed.

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                • Jy
                  Jyothish Kumar Jul 08, 2012

                  The same thing happened with me also today. In Doha Airport, while waiting for boarding one of the airline representative has approached me and asked to shift my hand baggage to the luggage section. I have handed it over and on reaching Thiruvananthapuram Internation Airport (Kerala, India), at 04.00 AM today (9th July 2012), I found that a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and three wrist watches and my Rayban Sunglasses are MISSING.

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                • An
                  andyp123 Jan 01, 2013

                  I have just returned home from a Delhi to Kathmandu trip. On the outward journey the Qatar Airways 14:15 QR012 from LHR to DOH was delayed an hour, which reduced the DOH transfer from 2 hrs to 1hr. Even though the DOH to Delhi flight was delayed for approx 45 mins - to load baggage - my luggage did not arrive at Delhi. It subsequently arrived the next day, as was forwarded to Agra later that evening. Luggage was locked with a TSA aproved padlock, as it always is. On receipt of luggage it had been wrapped in plastic, which I am assuming was done by Baggage Service at Delhi prior to transporting by road to Agra. I found that my Leatherman was missing from the contents. Leatherman was packed in a pack it cube, along with some other items, so would not have been visible if the bag had been opened. Having now checked at home, to see if i had inadvertently not packed it, I am now certain that it was packed in main luggage. I can only assume that the overnight luggage delay at DOH allowed someone enough time to search through my luggage or security scanners to identify a Leatherman, and someone to remove it for their own personal use or gain.

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                • Ba
                  barnes william Dec 17, 2014
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  İ traveled from Doha to manchester on 5th Nov 2014 with Qatar airlines I was returning to England from Dubia to attend to my seriousy ill wife As İ did not know how long İ would be in the uk i took all my money with me (4 600 pounds) The money was inside an envelope and was in the middle section of my rucksack The rucksack never left my side until İ put it in the overhead locker on the plane İ had an aisle seat under the locker On arrival at my home in the uk İ found that the money inside the envelope had been stolen and replaced by an in flight magazine İ am still in contact with Qatar airlines but no success

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                • Lo
                  Louma Hallab Jan 04, 2020
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  @barnes william I had the same issue 4 years ago but they replaced the 115 pieces of USD 100 (Total sum USD 11500) with 80 pieces of USD 1, - (Total sum USD 80)
                  I didn't get any assistance from the company but informing me that they had many similar cases.
                  It's a shame.

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                Qatar Airwaysluggage

                Two days later now and still my son did not receive his luggage that was left behind in doha by qatar airline!. He is flying to uk tomorrow to play cricket for the next 6 months. In his luggageare cricket gear he bought here. Nombody answers the phone not in oman or south africa. Just voice recorders! He was promised a phone call by qatar airlines on the 15th of april. No call and no luggage. This is pathetic! And they call themself airline of the year. If I see al the complains about this airline and more spesific about luggage not returned in time I cannot belief that they are airline of the year. I will never book with this airline again and I hope that mor people will support mein this matter.

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                  • Mr
                    Mr Hozhabrolssadati Jul 21, 2010
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    we went to Iran for a memorial service of our sister when we arrived in Mashhad Iran airport after a while we were told by airport authority
                    our luggage and 10 other peoples was not on board and we would recive it on the next flight when we asked when will that be they told us in 2 days time we complained to staff at the time and was told that we would have to take this up with London eventually when we recived our baggage the two suitcases had the handles broken and were unzipped and the handles put inside. in the meantime because we had no clothes for the memorial service we had to buy some basic clothing
                    (underware, trousers, shirt, ) whitch was extra cost to our unhappy trip we fly with Qatar airways regularly .We are hoping to recover the extra cost which was caused by your comppany our flight details are 4yxdcc and 4x4flf on 24/06/2010

                    yours sincerly

                    Mr Hozhabrolssadati

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Qatar Airways — fraud

                  Susan bobsin, passenger for flight qr647 manila-doha-berlin, was fraudulenty forced by qatar employee...

                  Qatar Airwaysseating

                  10 feb 2012 flight number qr813 from hong kong to doha seat 30j. Unfortunately the seat I was sitting in was broken I lent back and my seat fell back rather fast the man in the seat behind me spilt hes drink in hes lap he was not very forgiving and made me feel rather foolish when I apologised to him, saying inform the staff. I let the steward know thay came and helped the man behind me puling and pushing at the seat I was sitting in, after staff left I fell asleep then I was woken and asked if I would move to another seat because the man in seat behind me didn't want my chair in recline chair was broken I had no option. I was not happy at this point I had been made to feel foolish woken from my sleep and now have to move I was traveling alone very tired I had to save for a very long time to visit my daughter in hong kong this was a holiday I may never be able to afford again very sad that a broken seat on your flight has caused me such distress I would how ever like to thank the steward who did find me an alternative seat and he was genuinely sorry he could see how distressed I was I am in my 50s and this is the first time I have ever sent a letter of complaint maureen scott

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                    Qatar Airwaysproblems claiming privilege miles

                    We are two sisters registered ourselves with Qatar Airways Privilege Club Member. We have taken a journey from Karachi-Doha-Dar Es Salaam and return Dar Es salaam-Doha-Karachi. Our Privilege Membership and my sister’s Ismat Rajabali Privilege Membership. We have faced enormous trouble to claim our Qmiles. For the first one way journey we have to lodge written complaint to get our claim mileage. Now for the return journey we are not getting the claim mileage. It has been rejected by simply a reason mismatching flight’s information or ticket. We would like to request the Qatar Airways authorities to check our issue and help us to get our true and genuine travelling Q-Mileage to be credited to our account.

                    Further we beg to kindly renew our Privilege Membership for the next year.

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                      Qatar Airwaysbug bites from the seat

                      Qatar airways 657
                      Economy class | airbus a332
                      7.753, 8 km | 10u 5min cebu-doha qatar airways reservation number: x55loq
                      this is my second flight with qatar airways, i'm on my way home from cebu to brussels. i'm seated on the last row at the back near the comfort rooms. I had a lot of bites maybe from mosquitoes or bugs in the seat. I didn't like them much because they are very itchy. its from the legs up to my hips. I asked the crew and they just said maybe its mosquitoes and try putting on some cream that is found in the comfort rooms and it didn't work at all. is this part of the 5 star airlines policy? getting bit off in a long journey. anybody here experience the same thing? when I arrived home I felt sick and itchy because of the bites. if they were mosquitoes, then people should be aware that they are deadly because they carry dengue and it causes death to people. what can be done here? I would tell my friends not to book with you anymore.

                      bug bites from the seat
                      bug bites from the seat
                      bug bites from the seat
                      bug bites from the seat
                      bug bites from the seat

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                        Qatar Airways — nudity and vulgarity

                        A cabin crew flying for qatar airways post pictures of her nude while having sexual intercourse. Aside from...

                        Qatar Airwaysinterdiction of the use of toilets

                        Dear Sir/Madam

                        Last July 21st, on my Doha-Paris QA 019 flight, I suddenly felt squeamish and on the verge of fainting and throwing up. I thus got up to go to the nearest toilet to my seat as its light showed green.

                        I had been up since 10pm Doha time, having just before taken a first QA flight from Chennai at 4.45 am local time.

                        A sleepless night, plus jetlag, all very ordinary.

                        I am not prone to air sickness, but I did feel particularly bad just then.

                        As it happened, the toilet closest to my seat 'belonged' to the VIPs... which I did not know.
                        As I proceeded behind the curtain, my way was blocked by a cabin attendant who said 'No, you may not come to this toilet, you belong in economy class, your toilets are over there, please go.'

                        I was stunned and argued a little, because I felt sicker and sicker, but complied and turned away.

                        At the other toilets down the aisle, there was a long queue... Two people said they had been waiting for twenty minutes !!! Resigned, I waited with them. Nothing happened. I really felt sick and I decided to have another go as there was NO-ONE queuing in the 'VIPs toilets'!!!

                        Again, a very sharp refusal, and very angry cabin attendants. Meanwhile, their boss had joined them and I was faced with several hostile faces. I said I felt very bad, that the plane was landing soon (we had all been called back to our seats) and that I didn't see the problem since I was bothering nobody. Another cabin attendant replied that the VIPs had paid extra for their 'own' toilets, that it was not my case, and (in so many words) could I please be sick in my own passenger class.

                        I realized they had LOCKED the toilets so I could not get in.

                        I have never seen anything so shameful in my life. A total disgrace. Are we, in economy class, just cattle relegated to their stables???????

                        I insisted, as I could foresee being sick just there and then.

                        Finally, yet another cabin attendant, extremely angrily, told me to follow her down the aisle, where half a dozen people were still waiting, and asked a man (rather rudely I thought) to let me pass.

                        Afterwards I still felt very bad, so a fourth cabin attendant, somewhat more sympathetic, handed me an ice cold napkin and a glass of water.

                        I have no words to qualify this 'I will stick to the rules' attitude towards someone who is overtired and squeamish.

                        Only in apartheid regimes are there any such things are 'reserved toilets'.

                        If I get no answer from you, I will file an official complaint to your company for mistreatment of customer.

                        In no way can I recommend your airline to any of my friends, acquaintances or family, even though everything else during my 4 QA flights was satisfactory.

                        Yours faithfully,

                        Mrs C Fremont

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                          • Re
                            Realistic_Reader Apr 04, 2012

                            Are you kidding me? They are right, those people paid extra to sit in the premium cabin with ALL the facilities that entailed.

                            Ok the crew could have done it sooner but the most they can do is as they did- let you jump the queue in your own cabin.

                            It'd be like you staying in a 5-star hotel, and guests coming from the 2 star hotel next door to use the facilities, because they don't like those facilities or the wait is too long. I bet you would be the first one complaining because you have p[aid good money to stay in that hotel and they have not.

                            First Class is for people who pay a first class fare. I am so sick of seeing my fellow passengers demanding something they have not paid for, who are you to be so 'special' and deserve something you're not entitled to?

                            Perhaps if you had asked the crew to assist you in your own cabin they would have done it right away, rather than you starting an argument because you wanted to use the toilets outside of your own cabin, which to me says a lot about you not feeling sick but just overtired and argumentative...

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                          Hrdeptsignfly-Qatarairways.comfake job scam

                          Qatar airways recruitment department!


                          Dear job applicant,

                          Job ref: q. A-uk-10/014

                          Vacancies: unlimited for those in the (Aviation industry, it,
                          Project management. Administration, hospitality, managerial openings)

                          1: aero engine jobs
                          2: aerodynamics/fluids jobs
                          3: air traffic control jobs
                          4: aircraft interiors jobs
                          5: airline/office jobs
                          6: accounting jobs
                          7: cabin crew jobs
                          8: cargo jobs
                          9: customer relations/pass. Service jobs
                          10: design jobs
                          11: sales & marketing
                          12: executive cabin crew jobs
                          13: finance jobs
                          14: fitters jobs
                          15: flight simulation jobs
                          16: freight jobs
                          17: front office jobs
                          18: grad. + apprentice jobs
                          19: hostess jobs
                          20: i. T. Jobs
                          21: landing gear jobs
                          22: licensed maint (Base) jobs
                          23: licensed maint. (Line) jobs
                          24: marketing jobs
                          25: pilots jobs
                          26: mechanics. Techs. Elecs jobs
                          27: quality / safety jobs
                          28: operations jobs
                          29: paint sprayers jobs
                          30: retail jobs
                          31: sales and purchasing jobs
                          32: ground staff
                          33: systems/softer/comms jobs
                          34: stewards
                          35: ticketing & reservation officer
                          36: flight stewards

                          Contract duration: 4 - 7 years (Renewable, prospects of securing
                          Permanent positions).

                          Contractor / employer: qatar airways.

                          Agent / recruiter: qatar airways career department.

                          Contract / job location: glasgow / u. K.

                          Sequel to the job advertisement made, we have reviewed your cv/resume
                          Sent by our labor consultants http://www.Naukri. com
                          For a possible job engagement with us and we also wish
                          To inform you that you are eligible for a job position in qatar
                          Airways group u. K

                          Please answer and return the official questionnaire attached to this mail
                          Alongside your credentials/photograph for qatar airways group u. K which will be
                          Used to ascertain your final eligibility for a job position in
                          Reference to your cv/resume as posted prior to this interview by http://www.Naukri. com

                          *note: only successful and short-listed applicants will be contacted
                          Either on phone or email!

                          Good luck!

                          ... ...

                          Compensations and benefit packages for these positions remain
                          Competitive and comparable with those available in leading aviation
                          Industries across the globe & negotiations are allowed.

                          Criteria for employment
                          Contract awards / employment will be based mostly on merit and will be
                          Considered on experience and profile.

                          Over the years, the best recruited expatriates have been selected via
                          The internet and the selection has proven to be unbiased & based on
                          Merit since our clients require the best expertise in various fields
                          To enable them deliver within specified frames of time and harness the
                          Opportunities in the operating environment.

                          Benefits available to short-listed job applicants

                          * free accommodation

                          * free feeding

                          * official vehicle with company driver for locomotion

                          * family status package + 75% for complete family welfare

                          * free to & fro travel ticket

                          * reimbursement for processing of travel paper (S) , visa etc * upfront
                          Payment of first month's salary + benefits before re-location to job location

                          Many more incomparable benefits...

                          Important instruction for job applicants

                          All completed online interview questions should be submitted to the
                          Human resources department of qatar airways at:
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                          For a job position and make possible considerations for job offer in
                          Their company.

                          Only successful and short-listed applicants will be contacted and
                          Invited for a job position and a mandatory orientation / training
                          Program scheduled 3 weeks on confirmation of job offer from
                          Qatar airways group u. K

                          Mr. Aaron sage
                          Human resources, assistant.
                          Qatar airways.
                          E-mail: [protected]@fly-qatarairways. com


                          Surname: ________ middle name: ________ last name: ________


                          1. Briefly describe your ideal job?

                          2. Why did you choose this career?

                          3. What goals do you have in your career?

                          4. How do you plan to achieve these goals?

                          5. Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?

                          6. Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?

                          7. Do you have reference list?

                          8. Why do you want to work here?

                          9. Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?

                          10. What is your current monthly salary package in us dollars?

                          11. How soon can you travel down to start your new job?

                          12. What job position (S) are you currently holding with your current employer?

                          13. What three specific job positions do you target from qatar airways group u. K?

                          14. Give us full details on the following;

                          (A. ) full name:
                          (B. ) permanent mailing address
                          (C. ) current mailing address
                          (D. ) tel/mobile number (S)

                          15. What is your country of nationality? Is it different from your
                          Present location? If yes please state your current resident country.

                          16. What is your future plans for qatar airways group u. K?

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Qatar Airways Copenhagenpoor customer service

                            My second encounter with Qatar Airways was no way near a pleasant experience. In fact I am appalled by their customer service and treatment of passengers. The rigidity and lack of knowledge by their airport staff was unbelievable. Having travelled around the globe and being a frequent flyer on Thai Air (Star alliance) I was facilitated by staff in many regions and countries. However arriving only 3 minutes after the closure of the counter and 57 minutes left for flight departure, I was denied boarding for flight QR 98 on Saturday the 9th of July 2011. Right in front of me was a business class passenger who was accepted. When I tried to plead with the woman in charge called Simona, she refused before even talking to the station manager. When she called, instead of requesting to facilitate a passenger, she told him, I told her so…. I told her I am going for condolences of a close family friend and will loose all my in country flights, she simply said sorry. I mentioned that I am 3 minutes late due to the fact that the train schedule was affected and all the trains were delayed several times, she mentioned that she is aware of it but will not be able to help me.
                            I was told that the ticket is not refundable and is cancelled. I tried frantically to call the reservation and support, it kept ringing and playing music without indicating that the office is closed on weekends and there is no hotline available for the five star airline. After this I called the Doha office where I was told that I should purchase another ticket worth $1200 if I wish to continue on my trip. On Monday the 11th when I called the reservation and support office the story changed and I was told that the dates of the travel can be changed since the ticket is valid for one year.
                            This experience left me traumatized and baffled. I was forced to think that for Qatar airways only Business class passengers matter. Their staff is devoured of any compassion for customers and therefore they should replace living human beings with robots. The lady in charge was not aware that all my official travels are indeed in business class since I work for a prestigious organisation. However after this experience I will insist using other options available from Copenhagen especially since Qatar Airways in its infancy has selected the wrong people to work for them.
                            I do wish that Qatar Airways management takes this story seriously to restore a tattered image in a world full of competition.

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                              Qatar Airways — I recive offer latter (its true)

                              Attention:, Greetings from qatar airways. This is an affirmation that you have emerged successful and...

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                              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                              Qatar Airwaysdouble charging policy

                              I had a terrible experience with Qatar Airways. Purchased 2 tickets Madrid/Bangkok and return on the internet with my credit card. When we were about to embark they asked for the original credit card - which I did not have on me, and forced me to purchase 2 new tickets. Over 1 month is gone now and they are seating on my cash - because of course both credit cards/banks paid them in full. Now they claim they are still analysing the situation because of some 'security' issues and are postponing the refund of the extra ticket. Stay away from them, there are other cheap alternatives out there and unless you are prepared to pay business/first there is nothing special about their service and their hub terminal is a basic old fashioned facility.

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                                • Jo
                                  Jose Garrido Jul 17, 2011

                                  another 2 weeks gone by and Qatar is still holding on to my money. meanwhile forced me to travel 300km to show my credit card (show your credit card for a purchase made on the web in 2011!). Do business with these guys at your own risk!

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                Qatar Airways Schedule Changechanged schedule

                                when i was flying on a 4 Leg flight from the states to Qatar passing through SFO, JFK, CAI, DOH QatarAirlines decided to change the flight schedule, they tried contacted me bu as i was over the Atlantic they were not able to (Physical Fact)
                                now i missed my flight and i was trying to reschedule a new flight and they are asking me for a USD 100 as a no show fee and the reason they have is i didn't have my mobile operating during the time they were trying to call me
                                i do believe that this is as good as stealing and the customer service they have are the worst ever, they are even charging me class change difference as the class i originally booked is not available anymore
                                i guess what did top my experience is the fact that they have the worst, most red-tape oriented crew in the world
                                someone should re-evaluate that airline based on services rather than the many they pay for getting evaluated

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