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Qatar Airwaysmy luggage stolen or missing from bag

my name is mrugesh pandya and I was travelling from Jacksonville to Ahmedabad india and I don"t get my proper stuff from bag, it was missing I complaint about that at Qatar airline office but not proper answer at Ahmedabad india office even they wouldnot allow me to come in to office and not proper answer about my stuff the lady I spoke with was saying that liquer bottles are not leagle in Gujarat state but here I can prove that liquer bottles are leagle for those who comes from abroad. and also my two mobiles were missing, not only that one purse missing with lots of cosmetics I hope that is not ill legal as well,

I don't know what to do now I have no choice what should I do please help me in this case .

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    Qatar Airwaysflights

    Hi ... I need to get a refund on my ticket to South Africa . I was not happy with my first experience with this air line. There was no WiFi on the aircraft, there was an hour delays that we were not told about or received any apology on, flight from SA to Doha Had a slight smell . I don't see myself ever using you guys again . The staff wasn't pleasant on my flight from Doha to America on another aircraft without WiFi . The rating this airline gives itself is too high meanwhile even their screens are small ... and the coffee and tea is cold ... it was not a good experience

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      • Complainant20091 Jun 03, 2018
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Noone s duty to issue money to anonymous without a legal reason.
        Claim processing is a legal job.

        Sorry .
        for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
        e-mail: [email protected])vivaldi.net
        email: air.irregulations(at)asia.com / please substitute @=(at)

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      Qatar Airwaysqatar delay

      We had a return flight ( QR0180) from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Oslo via Doha.
      We are 3 persons: Sonja Tveiten, Jan Erik Knem Naesvik and Elsa-Kari Tveiten. We were traveling business.
      On the airport it was informed that there was an unknown delay. After 5 hours with hardly any info we were transported to the hotel. Soft drinks NOT included for dinner!
      Middle of the night we were transferred to a new flight (QR663). This was NOT the same business as we have payed for! This was rather a economic plus!
      Ended with a 7 hours delay back home.
      We expect compensation for the lost business class for 3 persons!

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        Service of Qatar Airways Flight Attendantdisregard for passenger

        My name is Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed and for the first time I was travelling by economy class in Qatar airways to Melbourne from Dhaka Bangladesh. It was a long flight from Dhaka to Doha and on wards to Melbourne. I had the option to choose Thai or Singapore yet I chose Qatar because I like your service.

        I was on flight QR 904M on 1 february and was in seat 80H which was an isle seat. One of the female attendants dropped a spoon of yogurt on me which spilled on my clothes. She was carrying a tray of left over food. I pressed the light for an attendant to help me, nobody came. After waiting for 10 minutes I walked up to them and showed them the yogurt all over my clothes. Their question was who was it? It was not me. I only noticed that it was a female but I couldn't identify the person. I expected and apology not questions. Then when I asked why nobody came to see what I needed as I pressed the light, their response was, they are busy.

        I am sorry, but I was very surprised that this is how you treat a passenger flying in economy class. I would probably not fly by Qatar unless I was coming to Doha.

        I expect to hear from you soon.

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          Qatar Airways — payment service

          Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Shathil NAWAF SHATHIL. My Qatar Airways privilege number is ‭[protected]‬. I...

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          Qatar Airways — broken wheel of a suitcase

          Hello, My name is Krasimira Kalcheva and I flew on Quatar Airlines from Chicago, IL, USA to Sofia, Bulgaria...

          Qatar Airwaysflight delays / poor customer services

          Dear Customer Service,

          Booking reference and/or flight number: TMWCVF,

          Booking Reference:

          I am contacting you, as my complaint relating to a recent flight has not been responded to. This is not acceptable and I refuse to accept this as an outcome.

          To explain the complaint in more detail We took the flight from Doha to Canada on the 31st of January 2018. Due to a medical emergency the flight had to change its route to Moscow for the passenger to receive medical attention / management. It was initially announced by the captain that the entire process was going to take 30 minutes. Obviously, this is not what have happened. The staff kept giving several reasons for not flying on the promised time (i.e. paper work completion) with no clear reason ever given to us. We then knew from one of the flight crew that the patient had some sort of renal stones. We were also told that the same passenger had a similar medical emergency the day before and did not have two days clearance (as per the Qatar airways policy).

          Later on, the captain has announced that there were technical issues with the aircraft and for an unknown reason the engineer was not able to perform his/her duties. The Captain has also announced that the staff crew are only allowed to work specific number of hours and completing the route to the destination (Canada) was not possible.

          After defrosting the aircraft, we then commenced our flight back to Doha. During that entire time in the flight, we were not allowed to leave the aircraft. No food was served in some part of the flight because it was not stored properly. Not to mention, that this was not announced and I was only told that no dinner will be served when I asked.

          On the flight back to Doha, the flight got delayed and we ended up missing our connection flight. The lady by the gate was not very helpful and only asked us to wait. I doubt that she had costumer services training.

          There are a number of violations and issues in what have happened, I mentioned below:

          We were only staying for four days in Canada. With this very exhausting flight the entire time we stayed in Canada was wasted sleeping. This was a wasted flight, time and costs. Not to mention we had to leave our one-and-a-half-year-old baby in Kuwait. This definitely did not worth the travel.
          We had to stay at least 18 hours in a narrow space. My wife developed panic attacks and claustrophobia. Can you imagine how hard would it be to take long direct flights in the future? Many thanks to the distress this journey had caused.
          No food was available for an extended period of time. Staff were not open about it and only informed those who requested the meals. I also kept pressing the button for some assistance from the flight crew and for some reason it kept being switched off. After so many times pressing it, someone would come and request the button being reset before asking if we needed any help.
          The crew made a huge mistake in disclosing the medical condition of the passenger. That passenger had their confidentiality breached. This could possible means that Qatar airways staff are not appropriately trained to maintain the confidentiality of their passengers.
          I still could not understand why we had to fly back in an aircraft that had technical issues. This was not explained. We were worried the whole journey back that something bad was going to happen.
          Other options could have been explored and were discussed with the flight crew (i.e. sending another crew or allow us to leave the aircraft for some time or even book us on sister flights from Moscow airport). Instead it was decided to choose the most inhuman solution and lock us for at least 18 hours in a narrow space with no food.
          Funny enough, our flight on the way back got delayed as well and no proper management from the staff at the gate.
          A big thank you to one of the crew at the airport office (Ahmed Mousa or Mousa Ahmed- An Egyptian male person) who managed to contain my anger and distress and explained the complaining process. He obviously had appropriate costumer management training. Or at least was one of the few who were following the proper customer services procedure. His efforts and manners need to be acknowledged.
          I also received a very ignorant reply to this complaint through their complaint services:
          Dear Mrs

          Thank you for writing to us.

          At the outset, we are sorry to learn about the diversion to your flight QR763/31st January 2018 operating from Doha to Montreal.

          We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that you have encountered and can fully appreciate how unsettling this situation must have been for you. Although every effort is made to achieve on time departures, there are occasions when flights are delayed / cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control as it unfortunately happened with QR763, which was caused due to a Medical Emergency on board.

          Whilst we seek your kind understanding that disruptions of this nature can be totally unforeseen and beyond our control, we would like to reassure you that every effort is made to ensure the prompt operation of all our flights and to minimize any potential disruption which may be caused to our valued customers' travel plans.

          We remain concerned to note your feedback with the level of service and the duty of care you received and of the handling, which you feel did not reflect the service standards which we strive to achieve. Please be assured that your feedback was duly noted in our record and forwarded to our Ground Services department, the Cabin Services Management and the Airport Services Management for their information and with the express assurance that all necessary steps will be taken to better manage in such situations.

          Regrettably, we are unable to oblige compensation due the circumstances that led to the disruption of the flight. Airlines are exempt from compensatory obligations in such cases of flight disruptions. Please note that Qmiles will be credited as per your ticketed sectors only as this was a diversion only due to reasons mentioned above.

          Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience which may have been caused on this occasion and remain hopeful of your continued support and patronage.

          Yours sincerely,

          Ivan Fernandes

          Customer Care Officer, I first notified you about this on the January 31st, 2018.

          I am frustrated at the fact this has not been responded to as I feel this should have been resolved by now. I do not feel this is acceptable and to resolve this issue, I would like you to: A full refund of the flight costs (564.5 =)
          A compensation for the inconvenient and distressing flight and inhumane treatment.
          A compensation for the delays in both outbound and inbound flights.
          The Q-miles (and points) to and from Mosco to be added. Because in theory we have travelled those miles.

          I am dissatisfied with the service that you have provided at this time, and would appreciate your acknowledgment of my concern as soon as possible, and an offer of resolution within 7 days of this correspondence being received.

          Please reply to my resolver email account as I would like to keep all of my communications in my personalised complaints case file.

          Yours faithfully

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            Qatar Airwaysbroken luggage

            Dear concerned person,

            My name is Hossein Varzandeh, I had flight from Doha to Melbourne on 30/01/2018, unfortunately when I arrived I noticed that my luggage got broken and has been damaged very heavily down beside the wheels. I bought my bag recently and that was new one. Now it is broken and no one answered my complaint in the Tullamerine airport and asked me to sub, it online.

            broken luggage
            broken luggage
            broken luggage
            broken luggage

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              Qatar Airways — unethical behaviour

              Hi I put a complaint for the service I received from your airlines in September last year and I'm yet to even...

              Qatar Airwaysflights from london to darwin 6th january 2018 booking reference rsjtoh

              I recently boarded a flight with Qatar airways from London to Darwin I was told that my infant hadn't been booked a ticket. He had a ticket and I showed my confirmation but this still took considerable time to convince staff that he had a ticket. After a lot of stress we boarded the flight to Doha. We arrived in Doha and were met by staff that rushed myself and my pregnant wife and 11 month old to a Singapore gate that was already closed. My wife was out of breathe and experiencing stomach cramps after being forced to run to the gate. We were then told that we couldn't board as the gate was closed. This caused a huge amount of stress as we only have limited food supplies for the baby. My wife was then in tears due to having to run to make the flight that had already been closed for 10 minutes. We were told our only option was a night flight to Melbourne. We would have to check out and in again and go to a different terminal. This caused more running due to tight connections. We told staff that this wasn't ideal with a baby and to have to recollect our bags would take time and effort that we didn't need but were told again this was our only option. We told the Qatar travel desk it was vital we had a baby bassinet and vegan meals. They reassured us that this had been organised. They lied On the plane we were promised a baby bassinet something we had booked they lied we were crammed into a small seat for 14 hours, there wasn't enough space for the baby to sit or sleep and we had a very uncomfortable flight. Staff did get another couple to move during the flight but this caused conflict amongst customers something that shouldn't have had to happen. Also our meals were not organised we were told that they hadn't been booked and every meal that came out was wrong so we have to recomplaint to get a none dairy meal, finally we did. Our bags were lost in Doha and still not found, we arrived in Melbourne to recollect our bags and they were not there. It took us time to talk to baggage services and then had to again run to our next flight that was in another terminal. Upon checking into our Jetstar flight we were told we had to pay and Qatar airlines hadn't paid to fee. At this point my wife who had been travelling for 50 hours with our son burst into tears, the customer service team took some time to organise themselves and we boarded the plane. We still have no luggage 48 hours later all of our items for the baby are lost and we have had to rebuy things that have cost us considerably. I've also missed two days of paid work. I expect to receive compensation for our terrible experience. We paid 7 thousand dollars for our flights expecting a comfortable stress free experience and it was far from this. We are terribly disappointed with how we have been treated by your airline. Below are details of the flights
              Date 6 January 2018 London to Doha 21:55 flight number 16
              Connecting flight
              Date 07 January 2018 Doha to singapore21:30 flight number 944
              Date 07 January 2018 Singapore to darwin 23:05 flight number 161

              Passengers Daniel Ashley Leivers/ Tammy Maree David/ Daniel Joseph leivers (infant)

              Due to our missed connection we ended up getting a flight from Doha to Melbourne at 2100 on the 7th January 2018 then on 8th January 2018 from Melbourne to Darwin arriving in Darwin on 9th January.

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                Qatar Airwaysflight canceled:

                good afternoon,

                i should travel january 6, on the flight number QR1400 Tunis to Doha .
                this flight were canceled because of technical problem but it caused for me a lot of inconvenience, for my work also : i lost 3 days( friday, saturday and sunday) of my salary because i took the flight on january 7 (monday).It was a late of 26 hours !!!
                So, i hope you will understand and you will make a gesture of goodwill.

                Akram MALLOUG

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                  Qatar Airways — airlines

                  Venue: Claude De Galle Airport Paris, Hall 1 Flight confirmation no: NV38DK Sender: Ms Nurshida Binte...

                  Qatar Airways — cancelled flight, staff behavior, accommodation issue etched

                  I was traveling from Multan to Doha yesterday 31th December 2017. I reached airport 3hrs before departure...


                  Qatar Airwayscancellation of flight, behavior of staff, not accommodate properly, very bad service, etc

                  I was traveling from Multan to Doha yesterday 31th December 2017. I reached airport 3hrs before departure after completion all immigration requirement and was waiting in lounge. One time they announce flight is landed after that they did not announce any update about departure. Passengers almost 64 was waiting up to 1530pm. 4 pm they announce flight is cancelled due to technical problem. After that we contact Qatar airways staff they told we will provide hotel as per qatar airways standard. 5pm they arrange very bad transport for shifting hotel. When we reach hotel it was very bad it was not a qatar airways standard. And they did not provide single room they adjust 2 to 3 passenger in one room.
                  They did not provide lunch. Evening 9pm they provide dinner. It was very bad. We did not eat we eat out side the hotel. Condition of the bed, bathroom, other facilities was bad also, Morning 5am hotel management knocks the all passenger door and informed go to hotel. We told our flight is 11am and you are sending now they told this is instruction of air line management again same bad condition vehicle they provide us and dropped 6am at airport.
                  Today we travel at Doha and reached safely. Kindly investigate and take strictly action. And provide us claim as per air line policy.

                  Thanks regards
                  Riaz Zaidi
                  Phone 00974 [protected]
                  Email. [protected]@yahoo.com
                  My booking reference.
                  Privilege Club
                  Booking reference (PNR) - VB6UW8
                  Booking status: - Confirmed
                  Dear Mr. Riaz Akhtar Zaidi,

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                    Qatar Airwaysmy distasteful experience I had with qatar airways

                    Dear Qatar Airways,

                    As a Oneworld frequent flyer, I'm writing in regards to a very distasteful experience I had with your company. I have flown with many airline companies all over the world in the past, and this is the first complain I have ever made, so please take it seriously.

                    I booked a flight from your official website to fly to Dublin from Taipei on Dec 12th, 2017. (Booking reference - QE7LX3) The first leg was from TPE to BKK. This flight left late due to some internal issues, which was the first of many problems in this fiasco. The plane arrived with barely enough time for me to make the connecting flight to DOH. As I approached the gate, out of breath from running, one of your ground staff asked for my passport and a return ticket to Taipei. I patiently told her I was enrolled in an 8-month language school in Ireland. It's also worth mentioning that I had all the necessary documents required by the immigration office in Ireland, including an original Letter of Acceptance from my school, proof that school fees have been paid and evidence of finance. (For more information please visit here: http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/registration-study-language)

                    According to the official procedure for language students in Ireland, because I (a Chinese Taipei passport holder) do not need a visa to come to Ireland, when I arrive in Ireland, an immigration officer will place a landing stamp in my passport. I will only be able to retain my student visa after I arrive in Ireland. (Which is when I visit a registration office before the date on the landing stamp expires.) Therefore, it was impossible by law for me to show a student visa on my passport to your staff at BKK.

                    I understand there is always the first experience of everything even for Qatar Airways. The rules of your company must be followed, but there are always exceptions like this, and that is why the judgment of your ground staffs and supervisors is very important. What really bothered me was after I patiently explained the situation to your staff, and even pulled out the governmental document from Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Department, which indicates that I do not need a return ticket when entering Ireland, they actually ignored whatever I said to them. Your staff insisted that for me to show them a return ticket no matter what, and denied the facts I just showed them. They refused for me to make calls to the immigration to seek proofs and they wouldn't let me talk to their manager at all. As time went by, I realized that my flight has taken off, a deep frustration I felt due to the poor communication I had with your staffs.

                    It was 1:30am, I found myself alone at the airport. Your staff did as little help as they could, and left me with another staff from EVA Airline. I could not believe how poorly Qatar Airways dealt things like this way, and the staffs were unbelievably arrogant. With no instructions of where to go to get further information, your staff just told me the next flight is 21 hours later, so I could either fly back home or show them a return ticket and catch the next flight. I had no choice reluctantly paying 2, 000THB on arrival visa in Thailand to get out and try to find a gate agent, but nobody was anywhere to be found. There wasn't anyone at the gate, and no employees were found at the ticketing office either. When I finally was able to find a Qatar employee after over 12 hours, who explained that she had no authority to decide anything for me, and asked me to wait for another 5 hours until other staffs are on duty. And of course, no solutions from anyone after 5 hours.

                    This experience has caused me to feel like your policy is simply to "pass the buck" onto someone else time and time again until there isn't anyone at the end of the line. It is too late at that point to go back and explain the situation to the Qatar Airways employees. The customer service number would easily result in another two-hour wait on hold, so reluctantly I spent 7, 795THB on the next flight and 13, 699TWD on a return ticket I don't even need. This is a series of delays on behalf of your company. Is this how you treat all of your preferred customers? When I arrived in Dublin, the immigration officers did not even ask for any return tickets, and instead, after reviewing all the documents which I also showed your staffs, they placed me a landing stamp gives me permission to stay here up to 3 months for me to go to registration office and receive my student visa. This whole thing was obviously a mistake of your staffs at BKK. If only they would take a minute to try to understand the situation instead of being unreasonable only because they could. It was so ridiculous they insisted that I should show them a return ticket back to Taiwan specifically, but not anywhere else. They didn't care if I will plan to travel somewhere else after my study. When I told them I had a ticket for trips I planned flying out of Ireland but just not Taiwan, they rejected me again for no reasons.

                    With all the delays included, I finally arrived at my destination over 30 hours later than anticipated. I had spent over €2, 000 in additional costs between transportation, accommodations, expenses at airports, arrival visa fees in Thailand, unnecessary return tickets from DUB to TPE and not to mention that all the costs I had to spend because you lost my luggage for more than four days. I had nothing for those four days in Dubin, and you can imagine how frustrated I felt at that moment. These costs add up, but what really is more hurting is the way that I felt like Qatar Airways handled the situation. The employees in Thailand, rather than helping, were simply passing me along without the help that I needed. It was a series of problems, one on top of another. Not just a single failure to perform, which I definitely be understood.

                    I understand that mistakes happen, you may encounter different situations every day with customers from all over the world. However, I don't understand the lack of customer service that I received. I felt disregarded and unvalued. I felt like things could have been handled better. I would like to be able to continue to fly with Qatar Airways, but as I'm sure you understand I have hesitations now due to this horrific experience.
                    I would hope that you take these complaints into consideration and that you would compensate me for my added expenses. I would also forward this letter to Mr Akbar Al Baker, and ask that you refund the €2, 000 I spent on everything I spent on this incidence. I would also request that you issue me a flight voucher in order to give you another opportunity to show me that your service isn't always so poor.

                    If you have further questions regarding this catastrophe, please email me at [protected]@gmail.com


                    Yuju Lin

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                      Qatar Airways — privilege club membership

                      Dear sir, I had submitted my form for the privilege — club on board the flight on 6th jan 2016 booking ref...

                      Qatar Airways — stolen items from checked in baggage on flight qa

                      I recently arrived in Melbourne Australia having boarded flight QR417 from Beirut to Doha followed by...

                      Qatar Airwaysmiss behave and miss guidance or lack of guidance and responsibilities

                      I Prabhjit Singh Dhillon was to fly today fromamritsar ( ATQ )to vancouver (YVR) via doha, Montreal (YUL).Flight departure time was 14.40 IST .MY E ticket number was 157-[protected].booking reference NX432x.I was at the counter by 12.pm.my luggage was weighed and clear 44 kgs 2 bags .I am travelling by qatar airways from last 8 years
                      Always carried my laptop in laptop bag .this guy named Robert and gurpreet of ground staff told me to pack it in the hand bag as I did so, it went more than the weight limit of the hand bagage. He was so rude to me and told me to to pug the excess weight in my checked in luggage .I said it's already checked in .he ordered it back .I had two bagages so one had no capacity so I putted excessive weight in the bigger bag as nd took it again for weighing. So it went higher than 32 kgs .again he told me to shift the weight to the other bag .withought giving me any proper information he kept harassing me because I said him in the beginning of conversation that, I been travelling from last 8 years in the qatar airways only, why are you making things tough yourself .it never happened before.so he took my words personally and got angry rather started hating me, instead of giving me right suggestion to segregate the luggage as it was to be segregated.
                      I was ready to pay for my excessive weight, but this guy Mr Robert kept on puzzling me.after harassment of 2 hours he left me from the flight .it's my first experience with qatar airways .I strongly recommend not to keep such manner less employees, who care not about airlines business and customer care ethics. You guys lost your business and I lost my time and trust on airlines which I had from last 8 years.I have been recommending this airlines to all my relatives and friends .but got very badly hurt today .there was enough time, he could have done.but sadly I am to say you have recruited an highly unprofessional person .I am really sorry to say all this.please take some sincere action to amend your business. He didn't respected your business and my clientiel service.I want to hear from you what did you do for your customers. Thank you.

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                        Qatar Airwaysmishandling luggage

                        Jarryd John White
                        Dec 8 (9 days ago)

                        to me
                        Dear Mr. Edward Hutcheons

                        Thank you for contacting Qatar Airways.

                        We acknowledge receipt of your report under reference, CPT1255714 of your mishandled baggage on your flight between Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Doha (DOH) connecting to Cape Town (CPT).

                        We at Qatar Airways pride ourselves in ensuring customers are assisted in the best possible manner when processing their baggage through all the respective areas of contact. We strive to ensure that checked baggage is well handled, if in the unlikely event your checked baggage is damaged due to our negligence, every effort will be made to assist you in resolving your complaint in the best possible way.

                        Please kindly be advised that the carrier is subjected to limited liability to minor damage, nicks, scuff marks, cuts and protruding items such as wheels, bag handles, bag sleeves, personal name identifiers as these usually incur initial damage when being processed through the applicable transferring baggage belts and containerisation. We are therefore unable to accede to your request. This is in accordance with our baggage policy as stipulated in our Conditions of Carriage. These Conditions of Carriage may be viewed online at www.qatarairways.com.

                        May we suggest you consult with your personal insurance to submit a claim as we are regretfully unable to further assist.

                        We deeply value your relationship with Qatar Airways as well as your feedback on our services, to keep up our constant pursuit towards service excellence. Hoping that this incident has not marred your impression of Qatar Airways, we look forward to being of service to you again on our flights in the future.

                        Kind Regards,

                        Jarryd John White

                        Airport Services Agent

                        Cape Town

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                          Qatar Airwayspassenger safety - unacceptable flight attendant response.

                          membership number: [protected]
                          passenger name: Mohamed Zaid Mohamed Imtiaz
                          17 december 2017
                          flight no: qr 740
                          lax to doha

                          Dear Sir / Madam

                          My son is flying from LAX TO JNB VIA Doha. He was initially issued a window seat for flight QR 740, which he changed to assist a passenger with a medical issue.
                          While landing, the food cart was not secured properly and ended up rolling down the aisle, knocking into his hand, resulting in his phone to fly out of his hand. This damaged his phone and he cannot receive or dial out any calls, neither can he send or receive any text messages.
                          When reported to the Qatar help desk they told him there was nothing they could do and blamed my son.
                          He is currently in transit in Doha, awaiting his flight to Johannesburg (JNB).
                          This, unfortunately, is not the first time something like this has occurred. A very similar issue occurred a few months ago, where a loose food cart hit him and caused minor injuries.
                          Please note that he has been a loyal passenger to Qatar Airways for the last two years, and as a father I am extremely unhappy about the response given.
                          I am unable to provide photos of the damaged device as he is currently still travelling.

                          Your early attention is highly appreciated.

                          Thank you,

                          Imtiaz Raheem (Father of Zaid Imtiaz)

                          Email: [protected]@yahoo.com
                          Mobile: 00267 [protected]

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