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I wasn't even going to bother posting about it, but after reading some of these complaints... I honestly feel like a class action lawsuit might be the only recourse we have.

My situation:
I have been studying like CRAZY since May to pass this Property & Casualty Broker/Agent State Exam. I've now taken it 4 times, and apparently failed each time by about 3-7 questions. I was warned it woild be 150 questions, no open notes, cant even chew gum during the exam. It might take me 3-4 attempts to pass it. I passed the Health Agent exam on the first attempt though, and studied this study guide until I just flat out couldn't retain anymore information. I felt like I was ready as I possibly could have been.

First attempt, about 75% of what I studied wasnt on the test. In fact, a bunch of language I had NEVER heard of was. I had studied extensively, passed the practice test on the study guide dozens of times. No issues. I honestly felt like I had signed up for the wrong test. Second attempt 2 weeks later, after even MORE studying, and I got the exact same score. Disheartening, but I will persevere.

Now heres where it gets tricky.
On the THIRD attempt at an online proctored exam, the proctor tells me theres an issue with my information. They don't want to allow me to take the test because the name on the test docket is "Zack" but my ID says "Zachary"... From a legal perspective, I understand why the distinction is important, but my previous employer input my info into their system as "Zack" and Im not allowed to update my information. After some discussion, they let me take and fail a third time.

On the FOURTH attempt, the proctor flat out refuses to let me take the test (that I already paid another $88 to take) over the name thing. The only thing they're gonna do for me is let me call their hotline to have someone update my information. After about 45 minutes, they alledgedly update my info, and instruct me to log out and rejoin the exam, I can take the test. So I log out, and when I go to get back in, they tell me its too late to take the exam. I have to pay for another attempt.

Obviously, I called them back, and get transferred about 6 times before one of their employees tells me they will do nothing for me because its MY fault the info wasn't updated. That I should have updated my information. I asked her "why would I update my information when...
A) I was allowed to take it 3 previous times under the same conditions
B) I wasn't the one that put the information into their system
C) I wasnt allowed to update my information on my own
D) The only reason the attempt was late was because of the delay in assistance to update the information

To which she hung up on me.

So obviously I wasn't too pleased when I called them AGAIN just asking for someone to make it right. Im not asking for my money back. I literally just want to take this brutal test (and probably fail) a 4th time, because at $88 a pop, its cost me almost $500 just to get this job. All I wanted was for them to not charge me on a makeup date.

So they"filed a claim"in their system, apparently, and I have yet to hear a word from them.

But I still cant start this job without passing this test. And at this point, I literally cant even look at the study material without getting anxious. Its now consumed my life. And it turns out, the ever powerful PSI Systems test is the ONLY COMPANY YOU CAN TEST WITH!

So I dusted myself off, I got back up, and said ok, no more online proctored tests. Just go to the place and take it in person.

In Downtown LA at 8:30AM which is the ONLY time made available for weeks in advance. Now I live in Vista, CA, which is about 2 hours and a full tank of gas away from me, and thats with light traffic. PLUS ANOTHER $88 just to take the test...
Fine. So be it. This test WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!

Im there early. I find the test site. No issue with my name this time. And I feel like Im on the ball. This time Im actually going to win! And of course, at the end, I just get a screen with red letters and the word"FAIL". And now they wont send me the results either, which were previously given to me instantly, though still a little unclear as to how or why I failed.

To summarize, they charged me $88x5 to fail me 4 times.
They changed the language from their study guide in order to force people to fail and take it again.
They have nobody in the company that can adequately explain their mistakes.
They blame YOU when you get frustrated.
And they're the ONLY COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY allowed to offer these tests.

This is a monopoly, and as far as Im concerned, extortion, albeit $88 at a time.
Class action might be the only available recourse.

Update by Zack or Zachary?
Aug 18, 2021 11:04 am

Only respond on the internet when other people can see it...

Why couldn't yall do the right thing when i was calling in trying to fix everything JUST TO TAKE A TEST?!?

Your staff literally hung up on me for raising a legitimate concern. What makes me think this email address is gonna change anything?

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Sep 01, 2021 8:09 pm
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Hi Zack,

I agree with you, I had a terrible experence as well and I recently reported PSI at, you can report here for scam, fraud and bad business practices.If we all do we will stop this kind of behaviour .

PLease find below other public forums where people reported the same bad experience.It's their norm.

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