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Procter & Gamble reviews & complaints

Procter & Gamble complaints 217

Procter & Gamble - DAZ washing powder

I have recently had to dispose of a box (2 portions only used in wash mc) of DAZ washing powder. The powder was full of lumps (congealed, pebble like lumps).
The "powder" did not completely empty from the powder chute in my wash mc and a considerable amount was left/congealed in the chute.
The box of powder was purchased from Tesco Extra supermarket, Brislington, Bristol.
As a pensioner I cannot afford to waste money on products that are faulty and not fit for purpose.

Unhappy with product.


Procter & Gamble - Tide pods 96 pack

I have used Tide products for a very long time and really like the Tide pods. As I was getting ready to start a load of wash I reached into the plastic 96 pods bin to retrieve a pods but pulled out a entire bundle.
I took photo to show you. As I consider this a loss of product as I had to use the bundle as they were all attached together. Can you please look into this situation?
Thank you
Loyal Customer Dorothy McHarg

Jan 10, 2022

Really like your Tide pods

Procter & Gamble - Duracell coppertop batteries

As a consumer of Duracell batteries for decades I've noticed increased battery leakage in several devices lately. The most recent was my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder. Batteries leaked & even after spending 3 hours cleaning, blowing & Q-tipping the device, it is still inoperable and I've lost the info I had recorded. What is going on with the Duracell brand batteries? The performance is very noticeable. Even the extra batteries I have in stock are leaking inside the brand new package. Why advertise "10 year GUARANTEE in Storage" when it can't even last 5?

Desired outcome: Refund for this leaky package and replacement of my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder


Procter & Gamble - Tide Eco-Box laundry soap

I bought this because it claimed to use less plastic and was easy to use. What a piece of poor design. It leaked after dispensing the soap and always ended up with soap on my hands and top of washer. The only thing I could see of benefit was to make you buy more soap to make up for the spillage. They should fire not only the designer, they should fire the board of directors or whoever allowed this piece of junk to sold. I tried to complain by calling the 1-800 number on the box but they only take positive comments? Will buy competitors soap from now on.

Procter & Gamble - Defective Duracell AA Batteries

I purchased a 40-pack (AA40) a couple of years ago for emergency use. They are dated MAR 2029. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the batteries is leaking. Never used. Most still in original packaging. Voltages vary from 1.6 to 1.2V. This batch is obviously defective. I would like 40 replacement AA batteries or a refund of $25.00. UPC [protected]
1009771 Made in China

Desired outcome: Repacement or Refund of $25

Procter & Gamble - Duracell AA Batteries

I opened a new pack I bought at Sam's Club. All the batteries were leaking and have never been used. Yikes! It is late so I cannot go to the store and replace them right now. I have always paid up for Duracell batteries because I thought they were the best. BTW, these are the special long term (10-year shelf life) batteries.

What do you suggest I do?

I am very surprised and disappointed.

Fred Siegel

Desired outcome: ?

Procter & Gamble - Duracell AA batteries

I have a battery operated Chelsea Shipstrike mantel clock that I paid $700 for several years ago. (You can check out their web page and see I'm not kidding). I've always used Duracell batteries I buy from Costco. However, my Chelsea clock has corrosion damaged in the battery section due to a leaking Duracell battery... same for several other battery operated clocks, flash lights and remotes I have. That's not all! I have a battery storage case where all my C-cell batteries were leaking! And they weren't even used yet.

I am truly disappointed in Duracell and will never buy another Duracell battery. I've started stocking up on ALLMAX batteries as their ads claim they are leak proof batteries.

What happened to Duracell?

Procter & Gamble - Aussie instant freeze hair spray

Hi, my last can of hair spray stopped spraying with 3/4 of a can left. (198g) I tried everything to unclog it but to no avail. This happened a few years back as well, but this is my favorite hair spray. I've tried many other brands but keep going back to this. Could I possibly get a coupon to replace it? SKU # [protected] DOT 2P M5655 are also numbers on the can.

Tanya Greenlaw
245 millidge ave
Saint John, nb
E2k 4m8

Procter & Gamble - Corporate

I have recently learned of your vaccine mandated for employees. This is unconstitutional and severe overreach! My family and friends all agree not to purchase any of your products until a correction is made. This is America! Freedom and Liberty for all! OSHA has been blocked by judge because it is government overreach and unconstitutional. Why the knee jerk reaction? The CDC has stated that the vaccine does not stop a person from catching or transmitting the virus. So making employees receive the vaccine does not stop transmission to other employees. Does not keep anyone safe! Do some research and stop making it political.


Procter & Gamble - All affiliated products

Although it may seem difficult at first it will get easier. I will not purchase anything affiliated with your name as long as you mandate this dangerous vaccine on your employees. You won't get a done from me or any of my friend. I shop for lots of people.
It is wrong and you know it. This is not a dangerous virus. My seven children, my parents in there 90s and most my friends have had covid and no one was hospitalized. But I have lost two friends to the vaccine and two are near deaths door from the vaccine. This vaccine is much more deadly.
Have a good day
Thank you,
Josephine Chrestman

Desired outcome: Drop your vaccine mandate on your employees

Procter & Gamble - Pert shampoo and conditioner all in one for regular hair

Ordered Pert from WalMart as I did many times before. When it arrived I noticed it had a white top/pump. Didn't think anything about it, just a change in packaging. NO! It is completely different even though the bottle says it's the same. It comes out looking like a gel, a shiny green. I don't think there's any conditioner in it. It's not creamy and leaves my hair course. It's terrible!

Desired outcome: Answer to why this happened. Has the formula been changed?

Procter & Gamble - Viakal TV advertising

I wish to complain about your banal, demeaning and grossly offensive TV advertisement in Italy (a women prancing about, cleaning a bathroom). I will NEVER buy this product until and when your ad 'gurus' update their ideas about women in the 21st century, as reflected in the advertising of Viakal (and related products).

jane.o.[protected] (Palermo; reply welcome)

Desired outcome: Your advertising should reflect the lives of educated and empowered women in the 21st century.

Procter & Gamble - Always discreet

Always discrete pads say in hidden, small letters "lightly scented."

I got my money back! I have perfume allergies, as many do, and I think this should be clearly stated on the front cover.

Plus, I don't think it smells nice.

I had a similar thing with laundry detergent, and was delighted to learn all — free, clear solved my laundry problem. Had to rewash all my clothes and sheets!

Desired outcome: Change the cover to disclose fragrance warning

Procter & Gamble - Tide pods

In around 2009 I wrote to them and sent them a sketch of tide pods, they wrote back saying sorry were not interested. I kept the letter in a safe place together with a copy I had mailed to myself...

Read full review

Procter & Gamble - tide HE/Oxy container

I purchases the HE/OXY Tide. Love the product, but whoever designed the container should have been fired before the product was every allowed to reach production lines.

Double opening container is an ok concept. Measuring cap with two openings, Horrible horrible Idea.

You measure out your tide and the remaining liquid seeps down your bottle and onto the surface of your cabinets. There is no way to successfully remove all the tide from the inside of the cap or the outside of the bottle or a cabinets. The next time you pick the tide up it is like handling slick slime. And of course with teenagers it hits the flood and then the real mess begins. BAD DESIGN - WILL NOT BUY AGAIN EVER.

Desired outcome: Cancel that design.

Procter & Gamble - Tide 3 in 1 pods

I have used these pods as a convenient way of measuring detergent required. Mostly it has gone well but I had a terrible experience when changing bedding for quick turnover as other family member were arriving the next day.

One pair of double sheets and one pair of single sheets were ruined. Frustrating afternoon spent trying to redeem items and not succeeding.

Through this experience, I have come to realize also what happed to a load of high quality dark towels that ended up with blotches of discolouration on every towel. I no longer use these for visiting friends and family.

These pods are expensive. I use them as directed. I can no longer trust them, nor recommend them.

I wish to file a complaint and request for reimbursement of cost of replacement items.


Sep 09, 2021

Procter & Gamble - Batteries - AAA, AA. D, 9V

I have had numerous high value items damaged or destroyed by leaking
Duracell batteries

- geiger counter
- emergency short wave radio
- high powered lasers (3)
- High powered flashlights (2)

- 8 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope tracking motor
- vintage geiger counter

For years, Duracell was my go to brand but I will never allow another in go into ANY of my devices. I've incurred hundreds of dollars in device repair and replacement.

Desired outcome: Duracell goes out of business

Procter & Gamble - Pert Plus

I have sent two previous emails about this product without any response. No emails have been in my spam folder, as I have checked. To update you on those previous emails, your product is not the same as it has been for the last 15 years I've been using it. It seems like the conditioner is missing. The color is not even close to the previous product. I have included photos with every email and have sent them here also. Pert used to be not a "squeaky clean" shampoo. With the conditioner it never did this. Please respond to this complaint as no one has done before.
Mike Griffith

Desired outcome: Email response

I agree 100%. I just wrote a complaint too.

Procter & Gamble - AA Batteries

Brought a brand new 4 x pack of ultra alkaline AA batteries. Installed them into a card shuffler, loaded cards into it and pressed the shuffle button.
After about 10 seconds of shuffling there was a loud Bang from within the unit (of course the shuffle button was released immediately).
Removal of the battery cover revealed one of the batteries had "crapped itself" (a technical term...) and had a heap of vaseline type goo within the battery holder. Knowing it was probably an alkaline caustic based goo I immediately scooped out the majority and washed off the remainder.
As an electronic engineer I opened the shuffler to see what went bang and there is a motor and switch and nothing else to go bang (the motor was still ok) I measured the batteries 2 x 1.57V 1 x 1.54V and the "crapped" cell 1 x 0.85V. Over too many years to remember I always used duracell coppertops due to them never leaking - what have you done? It appears from all the complaints I see online, recently that your production/quality has nosedived a bit. Picture shows faulty battery to the left. Only batch type number I could find was 1009543.

Desired outcome: Please deliver top quality batteries again, replacement of shuffler & batteries would be nice - the alkaline corroded it a bit


Procter & Gamble - Duracell AA batteries

Duracell batteries AA ruined my remote controls and my flashlights after three months Unfortunately the mag lights you can't even get them apart to clean them so they're trash and so are the remote controls because it damage the circuit boards One of them goes to the antenna and the television and the other two remotes are LG remotes for smart TVs the flashlights were mini mag lights after open the bottom cover cannot even get the Batteries to even budge beat the hell out of them we're basically trash after that my mailing address is 7130 borie lane Rembert South Carolina 29128

Desired outcome: Replace the remote controls 2 at $25 apiece and the flashlights were to $13 apiece

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