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United States - 40202

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Sun Tan City Complaints & Reviews

Sun Tan City / sun tan city

Pennetti on May 6, 2017
I am continuing to have withdrawals on my credit card for a service I am not using. Have attempted to cancel this but get no email confirmation. When I phone customer service, they tell me they don't have an email on file for me...odd. Attempted to phone business in Liberty direct only to...

Sun Tan City / customer service/ financial information

Ashley Bubar on May 3, 2017
I have been a faithful customer for years and have had my monthly amount auto withdrawn from my bank account. Back in February an error was made at the salon and someone else's bank account information was added to my account, she was charged $32.99 for one month of my membership, I went...

Sun tan city fountain city knox tn location / Credit card/account info/customer service

Smarie421 on Apr 29, 2017
I signed up in feb for the 6 month tan package.in february I specifically asked about the summer months bc we have a boat and why would I tan in a bed... I dont. So I made sure to ask before signing up if I could freeze my account in may to july. I was told yes by the store manager at the...

Suntan City / Bad customer service

Winar on Apr 20, 2017
I had a spray tan for the first time at suntan city in Brandenburg KY. The woman that waited on me was so rude and hateful! I had never done the spray tan before so I had a lot of questions. She acted like I was a nusiance and that I was bothering her! Also my daughter was with me and when...

Sun Tan City / Free spray week

carrieg on Mar 12, 2017
Free spray tan week can be very frustrating for spray tan regulars. Long wait times with 1st time tanners and machine breakdowns due to increased traffic. Understand that this promotion is critical to your marketing efforts. However, would you consider letting your highest tiered client...

Sun Tan City / Tanning bed complications

Savannah Moss on Mar 9, 2017
I have been tanning with this company, Sun Tan City for a year and never had a problem till yesterday. I checked in around 3:00pm and they set me up with bed 3 for my session. This bed has had a problem with not starting for a few months. I called the front desk for help. The first time...

Sun Tan City / Automatic monthly credit card charges

Meg E on Mar 8, 2017
On February 21st I paid cash of 21.99 at Shepherdsville location for a month Fast Level tanning package. The employee asked me for my credit card information, which I had reservations about, but I was assured there would NOT be a charge to my card that day OR forthcoming months without my...

Sun Tan City / Customer service

Gina Riedley on Mar 4, 2017
I phoned store on Mudd lane, Hillview KY to inquire about the fast bed pricing, I was on hold repeatedly, I understand they are busy, but the rep was not pleasant at all. Got the requested information, the proceeded to drive up, only to be told on arrival that ALL the fast beds are out of...

SunTanCity East Townes Madison,WI / Tanning services

Karri warnock on Jan 16, 2017
On jan 16, 2017, I arrived at 7:45am cst for a tanning session at this salon. I noticed that there were no lights on at all, and since I have personally been involved in 8 other instances when employees failed to show up, I called the corporate office at 7:56am to report that this salon...

Sun Tan City / Everything

Georgie Rhodes on Jan 3, 2017
I went last week to pay on my account.. $29 for the faster bed.. then I went to a different location here in Nashville, tn and was told I owed $29 more.. I wasnt even told at the last one that it was for last months... then the location I was at today it was very nasty and the worker wa...

Sun Tan City / Service

Niki93 on Nov 26, 2016
Hello, I am a regular at Sun Tan City in Winchester ky. I love the deals and the employees were always making me feel at home. Well about a week or 2 ago I had used a $100 bill on a $33 total at Sun tan city. My change would have been $67. Well the store clerk did not count back my change...

Sun Tan City / The workers

Reviewer26068 on Feb 6, 2016
First of all the workers are very rude and do not know how to talk to customers. Secondly, they have done this multiple times when I ask to be put in a bed for a certain time they have just done the full amount. When you ask a worker to put you in a bed you don't think you have to keep...

Sun Tan City / Customer service store managers

Reviewer12118 on Dec 1, 2015
The staff at sun tan city are all incompetent, no brain, trash. They steal your money and act like they can never refund you anything. I went in to specifically cancel a membership a week prior to the first of the month was guaranteed this had been taken care of come to find I am charged...

Sun Tan City/sunless tan / Customer Service/policies

Rangersgrl on Jul 15, 2015
I purchased a sunless tanning package. I received two sunless tans a month. I didn't use these in the winter so they built up so that I have 14 on my account now. I froze my account since I had so many. I thought I would use these and get them down before I unfroze my account. Then I...

Suntancity.com / They haven't sent my card and no news from them

Megaz on May 21, 2015
I paid for the membership on the website www.suntancity.com. I waited for the card and confirmation info, but these jerks simply ignored me. They haven’t provided any info and I still have no idea what to do now. I was upset that I wasted time and money. Please, post comments if you can help me. As well as share your views about this website.

Sun Tan City / Bad service,

erica walls on Mar 3, 2015
Sun Tan city will set you up with an auto pay, and on it's customer service line tells you to just go in and cancel when you want. You can but you had better make sure they put it in writing. Just asking an employee and them telling you it is done apparently means that they will keep...

Sun Tan City, Greenville, NC / Franchise Partners/Owners need to be replaced Unfair Treament of Employees and Customers

SkippyNC on Nov 7, 2014
This Sun Tan City was in the Top 10 Country Wide until they started playing head games with employees causing some to leave and some to get fired for stupid reason... They are a local franchise and do not report to the Corporate Sun Tan City Structure... They treat employees like dirt...

Sun Tan City / I approve of STC

alee0003 on Aug 24, 2014
I was trying to find out some information regarding if I had purchased a Tour of the City package at one location, would i be able to use remaining credits at a different location...?? I came across this website and figured i would check it out...but then seen all of these nasty comment...

Sun Tan City / Horrible customer service and deceitful

Lauren Z on Jun 18, 2014
They have insanely high membership fees and you have to tan at least 2 months. I was told I could tan ONE month but I couldn't cancel until the end of the month. I almost walked out because of that but they ENSURED me I would NOT be billed until the end of the month. Sure enough, I...

Suntan City / Stc scams

imhisbabygirl on Oct 22, 2012
Suntan city in knoxville tn (fountain city).My husband got a membership the day we got back 2gether.Wendy dunn (hamby) lied 2 him the whole time she just wanted 2 make commission off the sale.She's hatin bc my man didn't want her.she is a meth head with the needle.Suntan city...

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