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took my money and still no order received

I placed an order with herbalremedies.com over a month ago and still have not received it. I emailed them twice and no response from them. I called them today and was told my items (3) were back ordered and would not have them for another two weeks at least. First of all, why no email right away to tell me this? Second, why would it take any company so long to get my order to me?
I ordered from them a long time ago and never had a problem so why now? And their customer service is just ridiculous .. I asked
to speak to a supervisor, the guy didn't say anything, just sent my call to another number where I got a recording and left a message and of course no one has called me back. Now I am finding all these other complaints about them and feel like I also
am getting ripped off and I can't understand how or why they can still be in business. How can they get away with this? I can not afford this, .. I may as well have thrown my money in the trash. I finally said to just cancel the order then I am told it will take two weeks to get reimbursed.
I will NEVER order from these people again and want to tell anyone reading this to STAY AWAY from herbalremedies.com

  • Ka
    Kari Thyne Jan 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The people behind herbalremedies.com are crooks! Because my order was under $50, I cannot dispute the charge through Visa. I've found no way to contact a human being at the company, and my three online requests for assistance remain unopened and unanswered. I am so sorry that I didn't research this company beforehand, but they looked legit. I shop online all the time, and this has not been typical of my experiences. BE WARNED: DO NOT DO BUSINSS WITH HERBAL REMEDIES!!!

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  • Ho
    [email protected] Jan 26, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They told me two weeks to get my money back...NOT~~ I have filed a complaint with BBB and all of you should do the same.
    These people are CROOKS and need to be STOPPED

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  • Da
    dave leppek Jan 15, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    orderd product took money have never seen product

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Took Payment, Never Shipped Product

I ordered some products for cats online at their website. They took payment for it the next day. Now, 7 weeks later, still no delivery. I tried emailing them. I called the 866 number, but they removed access to Customer Service and refer everyone back to the website to submit complaints. Their phone numbers states they respond to email inquiries within 24 hours. Two days later, still no reply. I submitted a lost order complaint via their website. Now, that I have seen this site and the very long list of complaints, I can't seem to understand how they can still be in business. Time to contact the BBB.

  • Da
    dazedandconfusedagain Mar 03, 2012

    I ordered one product from Herbal Remedies and saw where the transaction posted to my debit card. After 2 weeks of no delivery, I called Herbal Remedies and could not get through to a human. First their phone was busy, then it went to a recorded message, then it said you couldn't leave a voicemail because it was full, so I went back to my debit card website and they had removed the PENDING debit charge so it never went through. Avoid these crazy people! Obviously something isn't right here...probably some Nigerians...gee I'm glad they now have ALL my debit card info huh?

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Resolved No product and no refund when asked.

I placed an order for the product "Hoodia" in August and nothing came in the mail over the next 2 months. I have never received anything since the order was placed. I then requested a refund for the $59.74 (Ticket# 145405) on October 5th and was informed it would be done in 1-2 billing cycles. This was ignored and I have not yet received the refund. On November 17th and December 2nd I was again informed they were going to take 1-2 billing cycles. It's now obvious to me that herbalremedies.com is a scam and I will be reporting them to various federal agencies and watchgroups.

Non shipment of product

I ordered product from these people and they promised a 3-6 business day shipping window. They have not shipped my product as of yet and have not responsed to my 3 e-mails asking where it is. Their phone system does not allow you to leave a message or speak to a human being or leave a message. If you click on your order status you get nowhere so there is no way to contact them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It notes on their website that they are a member but that is false.

  • Ja
    Jai2 Aug 20, 2011

    100% accurate. Not only did I NOT get my items I have emailed them 4 times to no response and when I enter my sign in info it does not acknowledge my email or password (the same email the send me their bogus specials to every day) also if I click on "forgot password" it will tell me that it is being sent to my email momentarily...I'm still waiting on that one. They are crooks, I am charging them back and closing that debit card. A person would die waiting on the miracle herbs. syckoooos.

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  • Ni
    Nige24 Aug 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Make sure you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They got back to me in 1 day, sent these fools an e-mail (which you know they will not respond to) and will follow up. I also plan to file a complain with the New York State Attorney's Office as well.

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  • Sp
    spoiledbabydoll Aug 25, 2011

    These people at herbal remedies are a joke. After canceling my order a month ago after recieving no info from them, and getting a charge back from my CC company, these clowns actually shipped my order yesterday and I received it today. I was able to get in contact with them (funny right) to discuss what to do with this order. Lol I'm trying to be honest with the scammers and the Guy is quick to want to send out a return shipping slip. But haha the jokes on them... they will get the order in about a month or so when I feel like sending it back to them lol.

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  • Sp
    spoiledbabydoll Aug 25, 2011

    Wow quick update!!! I was sent a return ship label by email, but had to call them again to tell them my printer was down. The Guy Chaz told me to consider the order a GIFT!!! Favor Lord :). Keep persistent efforts going. And a sidenote the number you call to place order can look up existing orders also. Press #2 and there will be like a 5 minute wait before a live person comes on.

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Resolved Never received goods purchased

I placed and order for a few items. I was charged the full amount and never received the items I was supposed to. There is no way of contacting anyone at this company. Big mistake, I should have looked into who they are before making a purchase. I will tell everyone I know what a shady company they are. If we all spread the word about these .com companies that rip people off they will be out of business soon enough. Now I will have to take it up with my credit card.

  • Da
    David W. Pitts, M.D. Jun 27, 2011

    I made an order to herbalremedies.com for a colloidal silver generator and silver rods for a total of $107.92 on March 14, 2011 that was charged to my checkcard. I never received the order or any explaination for not receiving it. I called multiple times only to hear a recording. I emailed them, attempted to contact them through their internet site to no avail or response. Now I see I am not the only one ripped off by these crooks. BEWARE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Dr. David Pitts, M.D.

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Resolved Non refund of funds, order fulfillment

On [protected] an order was placed in the amount of $112.95. It was our 6th order placed with the company...

Bad customer service

Sunrise Herbal Remedies, Inc. and its owner Valerie Hawk-Hoffman will make full refunds to Coninecticut consumers -- a total of $88, 000 -- settling a state lawsuit alleging unwanted deliveries and abusive collection practices.
Connecticut Attorney Genral Richard Blumenthal sued the company and Hawk-Hoffman in 2007 on behalf of Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. More than 370 consumers have filed complaints about Sunrise Herbal -- also known as Sage Advice, Inc. and Herbs and Teas -- with Blumenthal’s office and DCP.
Hawk-Hoffman and her company agreed to a settlement ensuring full restitution to all consumers who complained to DCP and Blumenthal’s office. She and her company denied any wrongdoing in the settlement.
“This settlement guarantees full restitution -- 100 cents on the dollar -- for as many as 400 consumers who allege Ms. Hawk-Hoffman and her company sent and billed them for products they never ordered, ” Blumenthal said. “Some consumers who placed a single order alleged they instead received monthly shipments. Others complained of signing up for once monthly deliveries only to be sent products two or three times a month. Still others complained of difficulties in canceling orders, as well as allegedly abusive collection practices for moneys they said they did not owe.
Sunrise Herbal and Hawk-Hoffman sold herbal products at seminars, over the phone and on the Internet, saying the items provided a wide range of benefits, including increased energy, stress relief and an improved love life.
The herbal packages cost $40 to $129 each. A majority of consumers told Blumenthal’s office and DCP they believed they were buying one order, only to be signed up for regular shipments. The average consumer estimated their loss at about $200.

No way to contact company

Company took my order and my money but provided no information re: shipping, tracking, etc. When I tried to contact them to check the order status, I found that there is literally no way to contact a human being. Their phone number goes to a pre-recorded message saying to contact them on their website. You have to have a login/password to send them a message and, if you don't already have one, they say to click on "forgot password" to get a temporary account you can use. I tried this 5 separate times and it never worked. After much clicking and circling around their website, I was able to access a form to submit a question. I filled out the form in it's entirety and, when I clicked to submit it, was told an internal error was preventing it from being sent. So, I can't call them and I can't contact them on their website? That seems more than shady to me. I filed a dispute with Paypal to get my money back and still never heard from them, not even via Paypal. Finally, I received the items I ordered but have yet to receive a shipping notice (promised by the site when the order was placed) or any response to my PayPal dispute. There is no way this is a legitimate, professionally run company. Avoid them like the plague.

  • Ti
    Tiffena simmons Mar 03, 2011

    I had this very same problem and I have used them many times before and thought that I could trust them but I will never order from them again in life. I have never known a company where you could not reach a live person even if that person gave you the run around at least you had the chance to speak with a person. I sent several messages and only got response to one and it took almost a week for them to do that. So I say never again all it takes is once with and my money!

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I placed an order with them on 9/6/2010, they immediately deducted the money from my bank account, but I did not receive my order until 9/18/2010. Then when I finally received my order, it was missing 11 items even though the packing slip & automatic email they sent both said everything was in the shipment. I mean, I could understand that a little better if it was a huge order (it was only about 25 items) or if it was only 1 or 2 items missing, but how could you possibly overlook almost half the order?!? I immediately contacted them, which by the way, you can only do through their website. Their 1-800 number is only a recording. Well, I started emailing them about the missing items on 9/18/2010 (I lost count of the number of emails I ended up sending) and did not receive a response until 10/6/2010!!! They said in the email that they would issue a refund and today is 11/18/2010 and I'm still waiting for my refund! Every time I email them they say they will send a request for the refund to their accounting department, but nothing ever happens. I'm not sure what my next course of action will be, but I just wanted to warn everyone out there about this very crooked company. Tell everyone you know to stay away from herbalremedies.com! I know I am.

  • Fe
    feel rooked Nov 26, 2012

    Herbal remedies.com just ripped me off ordered oct 12 2012 and have receive confirmation oct 13.Product has not arrived and they have no one answering calls.How can i get money back?

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Resolved Dishonest; scammers

Placed order online on 4/25 and had it confirmed as in stock. Never informed me in any way that they then...

Resolved fraud scam

Be aware!
herbalsemedies.com is also
Herbal Remedies USA LLC and has a smoke screen of addresses and locations:

322 7th ave NY, NY 10001 AND

8020 S. County Road 5, #100
Fort Collins, CO 80528 AND

225 N Wolcott St
Casper, WY [protected] AND

6540 Riverside Dr
Dublin, Ohio 43107
Please share and post on other sites!

  • De
    Denine Kirby Jul 27, 2010

    I placed an order with HerbalRemedies.com on June 7, 2010. I did not receive my order in the mail until after June 22, 2010 . My order was delayed several times due to "out of stock items". Unfortunately, the only means of communication is via the website, so I contacted them several times to ship my items without the out of stock items as I needed my order rigyht away. They finally sent my order. The delivery tracking says that it was to be delivered via Fedex; however, it was delivered to my local post office and then I have to go there to pick up my package. Strange! I have never experienced such a shipping situation: Fedex to PO? and not directly to my home? Once received, one item was missing. It took a month to get my refund for this one item! The out of stock item was supposedly back ordered and was shipped to me, but I never received it. No trace of it whatsoever!!! I am still trying to get my refund for this additional item. I wish that I would have researched this company a bit further before placing my order and it was a large order of over $100.00. I write this to hopefully let others know to be cautious when ordering. There is too much competition out there for these products to waste your time and money from this company. Consumer Beware!!!

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Resolved Thieves, Stole my $


Resolved Scam

Herbal Remedies.com is a scam.
They took a month to fill a simple order, screwed
it up, overcharged me, and then "Arthur" hid like a coward
and avoided 20 phone calls.
If you try myvitanet, com, it is the same company,
equally cowardly, same recording on phones.
If you have ordered something from this company before
and received it, I would not ingest it.

  • Ca
    CanadianCustomer Jan 21, 2010

    Can't anything be done about this company? They have scammed me as well, and are dodging my attempts to contact them.

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  • An
    Ana11 Dec 05, 2010

    Hello This people are fraudulent i place my order 3 weeks ago and don't receive my order yet, i call at the phone only the answer machine and the mails don't exist they only take our money and don't send you order also the shipping fees, Please somebody can tell me what can i do
    Herbal Remedies
    322 7th Avenue
    New York, NY 10001
    e-mail us at [email protected]*
    Fax us at: (1-212-994-0316 1-212-994-0316
    Other Email Addresses:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    # You can call the following telephone number: In the USA Toll FREE 1-866-467-6444 1-866-467-6444 1-212-279-4351 1-212-279-4351 (Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST).

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  • Di
    Displeased patron Jun 25, 2012

    I ordered several products from this company, never have recieved the items I purchased, purchase price was 73.00 ... I live on a limited income, the items I order is an item that my husband takes for prostate problems and this one product absolutely helps, and t come to find out the company that this product comes from discontinued the product... so I kept trying to get in touch with this company... PLEASE BE INFORMED! THIS COMPANY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT GIVE YOU THE ITEM OR ITEMS YOU PURCHASE... BUT THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY!!! DO NOT i REPEAT DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY...! SO SO DISCOURAGING! I will never trust this company or any other company that I can not talk to a person... just a message board! get real.. BBB should shut this company down!

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Resolved Poor service, fraud

I ordered a knee support. It was supposed to take 3-6 business days. When it came, 16 days later, it was the wrong size. I sent it back at my expense, ordered another. Again the wrong size. I called. They sent a 3rd, again wrong size. It has taken 2 months to credit the first one. Now they claim I was never charged for any others. But I have a credit card statement showing I paid for the 2nd one. I will turn it over to my credit card company.
Do not do business with these people. They are rude and obviously no not know what they are doing. Besides every call puts you on hold for at least 30 minutes

  • Fe
    felicita71 Jun 19, 2009

    I also ordered something from www.herbalremedies.com 2 weeks ago. The order was canceled the day of the order and I have yet to see a refund!

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They can't be trusted

I used the information provided by the search to find the product pressure control under the heading of...