Princess Cruisesunethical booking issue

D Mar 08, 2017

One of our favorite pass-times on Princess is relaxing in the Sanctuary on the various ships. Reservations for specific loungers and chairs in the Sanctuary cannot be made on line but rather must be made in person and it's first come first served. Years ago we made the mistake of boarding at 2:00 or 3:00 P.M. and there was almost nothing left. Accordingly, we always make sure to be at the head of the boarding line to get our pick of the locations. The problem is their brand new "progressive boarding procedure".

When we made our reservations for the upcoming cruise on the Royal Princess there was no mention of this procedure. In fact there has been no mention of it on any of our correspondence from Princess until just yesterday (March 6th). I've saved copies of every e-mail with our booking summaries. No we are informed that due to the deck we will be on, that we won't be able to board until 2:30. This isn't fair and had we been told at the time of booking, we'd have chosen a cabin on another deck instead (only one deck up) to board at 12:00. Unless we are able to board at the earlier time we will almost certainly not get our preferred locations in the Sanctuary and possibly find it fully booked. If this would happen our trip will be ruined.

The only solution would be issuing us priority boarding passes. So far all we get is "there is nothing that we can do". Our confirmation number is MMCD2W and the cruise departs in 12 days.

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