Planet Fitnessmanager is trash


Gonzales, LA. Alvin Hartley: Manager
He is literally a trash human being. His size doesn't even matter, but just so you know, he's a manager of a fitness gym yet is so obese he waddles!
He doesn't give a damn about his employees or his customers. If anyone complains about anything then he'll just say "oh well" or "if you don't like it then cancel your membership and get the [censored] out!" Yes, he literally curses at customers. But it doesn't matter because as he claims they make so much money the customers don't matter! His employees have to stand behind the counter all day, clean their machines and then basically stand around fiddling their thumbs or playing on their phones(sure that's easy), but they don't get real lunch breaks unless they choose to leave and go eat fast food somewhere, but otherwise, they're not even allowed to sit down at the tables to eat the lunch they bring. Working an 8-hour shift, you're allowed at least one 15-minute break, these teens/young adults are not allowed this, which I'm pretty sure is illegal. His employee turn around is so quick that there are new employees at least every 3 to 6 months.
This dude is barely even at work, he shows up at 9 am, then he goes to the bank for at least an hour(just to make a deposit), then he comes back for 10 minutes, and then goes get lunch for an hour, he walks in with a supersized soda and stands behind the counter for maybe 5-10 minutes. Then he'll spend the rest of his shift alternating from sitting in the office doing nothing to standing behind the counter doing nothing, leaving at 5 pm. (Yes I know this because I'm a former member who spent a ton of time paying attention to the massive douche of a manager and I was friends with a lot of the people who worked there
Check their google complaints.

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