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1844 315 5983(Canada) 8 2
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1800 808 216(Malaysia) 6 1
1800 852 7261(Thailand) 2 2
800 0914 0002(UAE) 4 3
+92 211 1178 6786(Customer Service) 10 5
+92 219 904 0000(Head Office) 5 3
+92 219 904 3246(Shares) 3 1
+33 800 900 561(France) 3 1
+49 800 754 8631(Germany) 2 0
+39 800 561 922(Italy) 2 1
+31 800 265 8700(Netherlands) 3 1
+47 80 069 393(Norway) 3 0
+34 900 373 179(Spain) 2 0
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Complaints & Reviews

misplacement of luggage

Hi good afternoon.. Sir /Madam hope you will be fine ..I want to bring a situation into your notice that we...

extra payment paid

Hi There, I have travel on 30th November 2018 from Lahore to Toronto and Winnipeg, on flight number PK...


My seat was cancelled without informing me. I was on a return flight from Karachi to Islamabad, I was told at the desk no seat. Was sent to reservation office they confirmed my seat has been given away. Please mind that I was the first passenger to check in. My flight time was 7, I came earlier at 4:40. The guy in office was kind enough to put me on waiting list but there were 5 more people ahead of me on the list, though they never showed up for checking in.
Very strange; what a service by PIA.
I'm only visiting here and on my return flight, so where would I stay and for how long will I be stuck at the airport or in Karachi.
Arshad booking Ref; S41YUK flight 1852 for 7pm to Islamabad

  • Complainant20091 Apr 06, 2019


    Can you attach:-

    1. Your e-ticket or PNR, which shows the previously booked seat,

    2. Your boarding pass for 1852 undated flight or the next next flight, which had been provided by PIA staff at the airport.

    3. State, what was the level of your loss in any currency, if you want to process with your public complaint further at this site, within 21 days.


    sr manger for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd
    email < aryan (at) >

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wrong flight timings sent to me

Hi I booked flight tickets for My wife and child ( 5 month infant ) travelling from copenhagen ( CPH ) to...

[Resolved] fraud of pia - pk-391 flight - 11.11.2018- departure from islamabad

I check in at Islamabad Airport on 11.11.2018 on 3.00 pm to take my flight Pk-391 to sukkur through seat nos. scheduled at time 4:00 pm. But I was surprised that flight was already taken off on 2.30pm. I was misguided by counter staff that flight is cancelled due to weather.
Due to I have to bear 200, 000/- loss due my personal agreement and my family was tortured and I have to bear so much painful condition.
I hereby complain to you about fraud of PIA and enquiry may be cnducted. Reservation and proof of early flight is attached. Do compensate or otherwise i may complain to honourable court.
Junaid Ali

  • Resolution Statement


  • Complainant20091 Apr 06, 2019

    Junaid Ali

    This site does not produce the attachment.

    1. Can you agree, the PIA carrier have settled dispute with you? If it is not true, kindly attach

    1.1. Your primary reservation showing 11.11.2018 PK391 flight and your name,

    1.2. Have the PIA carrier provided
    - alternative nearest flight,
    - food,
    - drinks, for you following your comlaint at Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport?

    1.3. Explain,
    - how much was your loss and
    - can you attach the additional invoices / receipts due to the possible "earlier departure", 0230 PM according to you, of PK391 flight on 11/11/2018
    within 3 weeks from this publication,
    if you want to proceed further at this site.


    sr manger for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd
    email < aryan (at) >

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all service from aircraft departure islamabad

Child on oxygen 12 years old

Wheelchair assistant not handled properly

A lot of issue s with paying for oxygen

Delayed response after booking oxygen

Having to pay the evening before flight (so short notice)

Being left on aircraft after landing for a whole hr!
Waiting for wheelchair assistant s and my son on oxygen (oxygen finished at landing tone )

A lot of problems need discussing

extra charge for booking

I booked two seats from Manchester to Lahore by PIA dated the 24th of August, 2018. The tickets were purchased from Bhatti Travel, Oldham, UK. Our return flight was booked for 14th of February, 2019. We travelled via economy class. Due to some urgency we had to return to Manchester sooner. We went to the PIA booking office in Lahore on the 2nd of October, 2018 to reschedule our flights. We were asked to pay 10, 400 PKR extra per seat for this change which was well before our original travel date. The PIA agent wrote this amount on the print outs but he did not give us any receipt. I believe that I am allowed one change of schedule free of cost provided it is done prior to two weeks before the original return flight. Could you please look into this matter and refund me my money which came to £63.90 extra per seat.

The travellers' names:
Ticket number: [protected] (issued in exchange for [protected])

Ticket number: [protected] (issued in exchange for [protected])

We travelled back to Manchester from Lahore on the 12th of October, 2018 on PK709.

Could you please communicate to me via email: [protected]

  • Complainant20091 Apr 06, 2019


    This a site for the public complaints, where nobody sees your PNR PMVQQQ.
    Noone has the duty to respond to the unidentified complaint, to the complaint, which does not produce the addressee.

    In order to request something from somene, you need to have the right to do so.
    It is advisable to attach:-

    1. e-ticket in full in visble form,

    2. Receipt, which produce amout of 10, 400 PKR,

    3. Receipt for £63.90 per seat,

    4. Reason of complaning is what, accaordog to your consideration,
    was done against the rules of transportation by the PIA ar carrier
    during unknown flight in unknown date / time,
    if you want to process further with yourpublic compaint at this site within next 21 days.


    sr manger for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd, UK
    email < aryan (at) >

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confirm of over seats

Hi my name is Qazi Abdul Wahid my Uk address is 114 Deeds Grove High Wycombe bucks Hp123nz my home telephone is [protected] and mobile is [protected] and email is [protected] I was travelling from Pakistan Islambad international airport on 30/09/2018 with my family and we have return tickets confirmation with over seats I am disabled man we all ready made complain but still we did not respond of reply the complaint is over seats Wes confirmed on 30/09/2018 from Islamabad pak 785 to Heathrow Uk from 21 to 25 in front row wich we did already send u pictures but u did not came back to us plz cane u tel us why thanks waiting for reply
Your sincerely
Qazi Abdul Wahid

charging for tax which was not due

Dear sir /madam I booked my ticket with pk709 on my way home on 31st August 2018 I was charged 230rupees at...

tickets refund

PIA cancelled my tickets and didn't provide me any compensate, refund or MCOs.
Please find the below details.

It is requested you to please provide us the MCOs for our 13 tickets. I attached all the required documents etc.
As per original plan my flight was on December 9, 2016 from Abu dhabi to RYK Pakistan but this flight cancelled due to fog, PIA didn't provide any hoteling in abu dhabi. We are living 270KM away from airport and came to airport after two flight confirmation calls from PIA that day. We cannot forget that cold night that we passed at Abudhabi airport with kids. Why pia called us two times if flights cancelled?
Next day we meet pia team in abudhabi and requested to adjust us in any flight. They confirmed our booking in another flight coming from Saudia to Islamabad on December, 11, 2016 and then a link flight from Islamabad to BWP.
PIA should have provided hoteling in abu dhabi from December 09 to December 11, 2016 but they did not.
On dated December 11, We reached isb and received all our luggage by our self and shifted to the next longue for domestic flight, it was very difficult to wait there for four hours and to shift all our luggage with kids.
PIA did not support us that time. We received our boarding pass for next flight from ISB to BWP. After waiting in lounge just before 10 minutes PIA shocked us by cancelling this flight from ISB to BWP.
We again received our luggage. After wasting our next four hours they provided us hotels at Rawalpindi and said they will adjust us in next flight again.
There were no heaters available in very old and low s (I can prove this)
Then on December 13, PIA confirmed our flight from ISB to LHR and then from LHR to RYK.
Again it was shocking news for us to travel by two link flights and we had to shift our costly luggage by our self with kids.
We were not agree to leave from abu dhabi to ISB and requested to adjust us in any direct flight from Abu dhabi to RYK/BWP/MUX in any date but I think it was not possible for PIA.
PIA abu dhabi ensured us that PIA isb will provide us Daewoo transport or road facility from ISB to RYK in case of our flight cancellation at ISB and they sent an e mail to ISB airport for this purpose.
We requested PIA abu dhabi to provide us a copy of e mail that time but they said we sent an e mail and we are sorry we cannot provide you its print as its official document.
We requested same at ISB airport but they did not provide us road facility.
After confirmation next flight on dated December 13 from ISB to RYK via LHR we again shifted our all luggage from ISB hotel to airport by our self, (PIA provided transport only). When we were sitting in the plane at isb I again received a shocking call from PIA khi that our next flight from LHR to RYK is cancelled.
At LHR airport we received our luggage by our self. I requested traffic control section to provide us road transport from LHR to RYK but they clearly refused. On my request they stamped us tickets as flight cancelled.
We were three families including two men, three ladies and eight kids going to attend two marriage ceremonies in Pakistan (That we missed ). We were travelling with four sets of gold in our hand carries.
Then on dated December 13 night, we travelled from LHR airport to LHR city and then finally came to RYK by faisal mover by our self. PIA did not provide any facility to drop us to city.
It was very difficult for us to travel in two pickups with gold, 16-17 luggage bags, kids etc. PIA wasted my 05 annual leaves (December 09 to December 14) and did not provide luggage shifting facility at abu dhabi and isb, hoteling in Abudhabi etc.
Alhamdu lillah I am working as engineer in ADNOC here and I visit Pakistan once or twice in the year. I always choose PIA for travelling.
I am requesting pia for its compensation /MCOS since January 2017 but still waiting.
It is humble request to please compensate us. We want to travel again in December 2017. Please provide us tickets compensation or MCOs on urgent basis.


Muhammad Imran Ashraf
Cell # [protected]
Field services Engineer
Abu Dhabi National Ol Company

uncouth rude behaviour of staff

I happened to avail PIA flt PK 204 from Dubai Intl Airport to Allama Iqbal Intl Airport Lahore on 20 Sept 18...

pia failed to comply with the law

Sat 9/15, 3:52 AM
Pavneet Ticketstoindia ([protected] EBP No. 548268
You replied on 9/21/2018 4:18 AM. Airline Reference: PQHTAL


I refer to the ticket you sold me from Lon to KL.

It appears that the stopover at Lahore to Karachi was a local sector. I did not have a visa as required under Pakistan law. No one at your office advised me about getting one.

As a result I was stranded at Lahore airport, went through a number of Immigration and PIA officials to get clearance. My passport was withheld over that sector and it was your office fault that I was put through immense hassles, inconvenience, delays, immigration/customs clearance and treated as an illegal.

I thus put you on notice that I will take up this matter upon my return on the 7.10.18.

PIA and their agents had been negligent on this occasion.


delayed flight

On the 15 May 2017, three of my family members were travelling from Heathrow to Islamabad on board a PIA airplane. This flight was delayed due to an issue with your cabin crew. With this delay my family was unable to perform the janaza for my late uncle. I therefore request that you let me know of the procedure to claim compensation for this oversight.

luggage scam

Dear Concern On 7th September 2018 Flight Pk-0590 from Karachi to Zhob i booked three tickets by the name of...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA]

cancelled the tickets again and again

Dear Sir /madam My reference number is MDOJIA. MY name Mrs Shakila Ahmed. I booked the tickets for 11 August...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA]

station manager at dubai airport

Dear Sir, I reached here through google search, As per the above details I want to file a complaint against...

pk792 flight delays

I was meant to be travelling today on 09/08/2018 with 7 members in total, i was told the flight has been...

cancelled flight

Hi My name is Sabrina I booked my tickets to pakistan in January 2018 for the date 27/07/18. Yesterday on...

refund ticket

I purchased a two way ticket fro pia dubai clock tower branch dated (08 to 23 june-2018), I used one way on...

Pakistan International Airlines [PIA]


PIA by far is the worst customer service I have ever come accross my life, I am chaseing refund of my cancelled booking since from 2 months and no one has every acknowledge my request, sent several emails to KHI web ticketing refund email cc webticketing and customer care all falls upon deaf ears register a complaint 3 times in UAE customer care service in PIA KHI UAN no. Ecslataed my case to superviosor in customer care I lost all on more money on phone bills but no one yet have resovled my case. On top of all this I am Aplus member of PIA FF program.

Can anyone here guide me what to do in my case? Please dont give me bogus procedures of claming refund I have done all that already.

my Booking Cancellation of Booking Reference PNR-IUBILA for AED 1175,

Ticket no.
T-25 March - RKT54S3
TE [protected] SHOAI/M RKT54S3 13:48/25 March


Muhammad Shoaib

  • Complainant20091 May 29, 2018

    Muhammad Shoaib: please read below for you!

    1. Nobody asked you to make call which are very very cheap in Pakistan,
    after you had submitted first complaint.
    2. Nobody asked you to make multiple complaint which are very very similar to PAA,
    after you had submitted first complaint.
    There are your mistakes due to absence of knowledge, which are common for 99, 99% nerve passengers.
    clear? Moving next:
    3. I will not provide the legal service on claiming the rfund for you free of charge.
    But I can make you an offer, as you are in KHI, or in your village, or elsewhere in Pakistan,
    how you will be charged, if you are agreed.

    3.1. You pay before I start to think about your case:
    PKR 800 to my (our) account
    after I issue the invoce to you from account.
    You can claim this amount of 800PKR (~7.00 USD/~6.50EUR) never .
    Or I charge US$35 if you live outside Pakistan before any legal act in your favor.

    This is to be sure that you are serious and will submit all documents without delay in future.
    3.2. I will charge 25% from the compensation, which I work for you, after
    the compensation is issued to you.

    Note, You will not be entitled to any compensation, if
    - you delayed with the submission within a resanable time (usually witin 7 days)
    - you submitted false document
    - you were informed that you breached the law at the registartion or at the gate by PIA:
    a)you did not have valid passport, visa,
    b) you violated the public order before PIA in the airport
    c) you well ill,
    d) you delayed for gate/registration, if you had enough information.

    4. You did not attach any document here.
    So I do not see your travel documents in order to conclude what you are entitled for approximately.

    1) full name, email, city/country, phone
    2) e-ticket, which you had receved from air carrier or from the agent
    3) notification on cancellation,
    If you do not have such notification, kindly explan,
    when, how you were informed that your unknown ticket is cancelled or became invalid
    4) copy of the passport - page with photo only
    5) front page of the credit card, which you had paid by, it is without a security code, if you have it.
    or full numberm name on card, bank name, country, if the the ticket was paid by card
    6) copy od the above text (so called complaint) of yours .
    After I have receive all documents I will issue the invoice in the amount of 800PKP (equvalent in 7USD/6.5EUR)
    You will pay the invoice within 3 days at (well known US payment system)
    The invoice will contain main conditions f the service in regard of the claim for compensation.

    6.I (we) will start to work on your complaint after you paid the invoice and issued me all nessesary documents about the cancellation.

    No unsolicited correspondence, no requets "quckly" please in future.
    This procedure takes takes months or may be 1+years, if your ticket was cancelled in Pakitsan.
    the decision is solely on the different decsion makers, which will decide the outcome of the legal compalnts.

    for IATA/ICAO irregulations matters
    e-mail: [email protected])

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