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Pegasus Airlines reviews & complaints

Pegasus Airlines complaints 126

Pegasus Airlines - Refund my money for the canceled ticket

Gentle reminder Kindly do the necessary action and refund the money to my account..!!! Hi Walid, We just want to let you know that we have made progress with the request for your refund. Opodo...

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Pegasus Airlines - Flight - denied entry

Statement of John Brunton, concerning experiences relating to the flight to Istanbul SAW on 21 October 2021 and the return flight to London Stansted on 27 October 2021

I have reason to complain in no uncertain terms concerning my experience when travelling to and from Istanbul on 21st October and 27th October. It has cost me a large amount of money and, especially on the return, considerable anxiety, from which I am still suffering
In the first instance, I booked the two flights taking care that the dates were correct and paid for the ticket assured that I would travel on the 21 October. It was only the day before the flight that I saw that the booking was made for 22 January 2022. I had never entered anything of that nature - that date had nothing to do with me - and I now realised that the travel date was wrong, and I had also booked the hotel. I called Pegasus and was told that the only way I could travel now would be to pay a further £366.14. This I reluctantly agreed, or forfeit the hotel booking and the trip itself. I paid the amount but did not receive confirmation. The same evening I had a call telling me that the fare had changed and I had to pay an extra £ 85 to travel. Again I agreed, although I knew that this was above a tightly-calculated budget. I am not a rich man and this extra charge would mean that I would take a long time to pay, but rather than lose all I had already paid and given the importance of the trip had little choice but to pay. I had chosen the flight in order to budget the trip and was now in debt by a long way.
The outward flight (PC 1162) did proceed without further incident. I am certain that a software glitch on the booking site gave this wrong date for travel: it was not what I entered and was probably reverting to a default. That is why I did not receive the correct ticket and ended up paying a difference greater than the cost of the ticket itself.

The return journey was the worst possible experience. I appeared at Rokcen airport on the 27th, two hours before the flight (PC1161), and with the documentation that I was advised to present. I was told that I could not board the flight. For the first time ever, I was told that I had to produce a `locator form, ' and had not even been advised of it, but now heard that I could not fly to London without it. I tried to obtain some help from the clerk, but did not gain any. I was effectively left on my own. I needed guidance, but this was not allowed me.
I asked to see the supervisor and was advised that he could be found on a different desk. He was even less helpful, telling me to borrow a smart phone to sign in to it from a passenger. He made no attempt to solve this problem, which was surprisingly different from the way I would normally be treated: I had bought the ticket, and it would be very shabby to leave me unable to go home for the want of some assistance. The supervisor became aggressive, accusing me of shouting (which I was not) and was extremely unhelpful. When the airport staff brought me and several others to him some time later, he shouted invective at me as soon as he saw me, shouting at me and refusing to aid me, in such a way that the others found disturbing. I did have a smart phone but I am new to its use, and it was difficult and then expensive to obtain the Wi-fi at the airport.
By this time I had teamed up with a young lady who had been denied entrance to the same flight for the same reason. This `locator' business and we were going to whatever places that could give us help, but were always sent elsewhere, often back to the same people we had seen. We could not have any help from anywhere, and the flight we had booked closed and left without us. The airport representative told us that we were `not alone' and there were several people in the airport refused travel for the same reason; we had a third person stranded for the same reason in our number for a time.
I had to consider a new flight, knowing that it would put me in serious debt, but had to get home. I had serious technical difficulties registering online on my smart phone for this locator form, and was then unable. Without this documentation I was unable to travel, whatever ticket I bought After several hours of this business, which was causing considerable stress, I went at random to an airport employee at a ticket sales booth and explained my situation. I was surprised at his helpful and diligent manner, and although there were difficulties over this locator business, he resolved the entire matter with far less difficulty than I had seen before. I booked a new flight and this employee produced documentation that was quickly accepted by the check-in clerk. It was 9.25 at night when the plane finally took off with me on it. Although I had scheduled to be home by late afternoon, it was nearer midnight when I reached Stanstead; a very long day fraught with frustration and anxiety. The last train was about to go and by the time I reached London the last tube had gone. I had to travel by a series of night buses and at the last stage walking a mile uphill with heavy luggage; not easy for a disabled person. As a result of the harsh conditions and the anxiety, I have been ill ever since.

While the British government can be held responsible for their failure to make known the `locator' form stipulation and the ridiculous methods they used to access it, it was Pegasus who failed in their duty to deal with what was a serious problem when its passengers had bought tickets in good faith, without any means of knowing about this extra piece of paperwork. There were several in this situation besides myself, but they made no attempt to solve the problem. I was told of what was on the website, but we all booked through another site and were told nothing of it. In any event we were all denied our flights and left to our own devices, which no reputable airline would tolerate. I was amazed that the ticket sales booth employee (an airport worker, not of Pegasus) resolved the matter so speedily after Pegasus had shown no willing to help me. The supervisor for Pegasus could with a smartphone have rendered the same service in time for the 11.25 flight and allowed us to travel as scheduled, but instead showed himself unhelpful and aggressive.
As the other people involved I acted in good faith, with the documentation we were instructed to produce. We were all shocked at the way we were denied the flight we paid for, and had no help from the Pegasus staff at all over it.
I have yet to begin the claim for compensation, having no doubt of the default of Pegasus, but thought it in order to inform you of the situation first, before making a formal claim. I am £918.84 in debt due to the failings of Pegasus over the two flights, which will take some time to pay, given my situation, and I believe that a refund, partial if not complete, of the moneys spent from the 21st of last month to the 27th are in order, none of which should have been necessary. My credit card account was clear before this matter arose. Please do not offer a voucher of concession on future flights, as I have no desire to travel to Turkey again or by Pegasus. I will give some time for you to respond before starting further claims.
My mobile number is [protected].

John Brunton

Desired outcome: Refund of the extra £918.84 at least


Pegasus Airlines - Baggage fees too high

Last month (September 23, 2021) I flew Pegasus Airlines from Tbilisi to Istanbul. I did not book your airlines actually. My original flight on another airline was changed at the last minute. I received notice on the way to the airport.

When I arrived at the airport, 2 hours early for an international flight, I was told one bag was overweight (and it was extra). The check-in desk did not allow me to remove things from the overweight bag (5kgs) and put it in the underweight bag.
When I got to the desk to pay for the extra bag, they claimed their "system" was down and they didn't know the actual costs of the extra bag. Instead the woman made me wait for almost 1 hour, nearly making me late for my flight. Then she finally called someone. On the phone I heard her say one price, and the final price she told me was more than double! She forced me to pay $600 (484 Euros) for 1 bag + 5kgs! That's more than twice what I paid for my flight! I told her it was too much, and it cannot be correct. She told me, "pay or don't get on the flight". The staff at Tbilisi airport was extremely uncaring, unhelpful, and rude. I don't believe $600 is the correct amount, and I am asking for a refund. At least partial refund. This should never happen to anyone. She took all the cash I had for my travels! And, the receipt was nothing official.

I have complained already, but no one has responded to my previous messages. Please do something about this or I will be sure to let everyone I know hear about the terrible service. I'm part of a women's travel group with over 100, 000 women and I will be sure to let them know NEVER FLY PEGASUS! Do something about this, please.

Desired outcome: Refund

Sep 27, 2021

Pegasus Airlines - Flight to rome from istanbul on september 26,2021 - denied boarding

I was boarding my return flight to Rome from Istanbul with my 2 traveling companions. None of us had COVID tests but we all had vaccination cards and Italian residency cards, along with our US (2 of...

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Pegasus Airlines - Pegasus office at SAW airport has charged me for a ticket that I did not issue

Please note the following. I was at Pegasus reservation desk at SAW airport. They charged my credit card for a ticket but they are not able to issue and complete the reservation. So there is no ticket or reservation has been made. This is really a serious problem with your reservation system. Pegasus charges for reservation without holding the reservation until payment finished. Pegasus has gave me a credit refund but I have been waiting for 3 weeks now and pegasus did not refunded my money.

Any way, I have attached you with my previous email to pegasus a refund slip. They have asked me for a reservation number which I do not have since no reservation has been made. Pegasus need to act according to this credit slip that issued by pegasus. It is totally not acceptable, as an airline, to create problems for your costumer and you ask me to solve.

Desired outcome: Refund my money 3,799.11 Turkish Lira

Pegasus Airlines - Refund of the canceled fly

Hello its Nataliya SHTILMAN. I suppose to fly on Pegasus airlines ( group of 3 people) on May 8 From Moscow to Antalya, then Antalya to Istanbul, then from Istanbul to Moscow. Due to COVID...

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Pegasus Airlines - Rudeness and hand luggage issues

Flight PC 1182 from London to Istanbul on 24 Feb departing on 12:50 PM London time from Stansted Airport. My name is Rana Kharrat, I booked my ticket on Pegasus through cheapoair, booking...

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Pegasus Airlines - Unable to change or cancel a flight


I am writing to inform you that I am unable to change or cancel a flight on your website and mobile app. I always get an error! I tried several times to do so!

Passanger> Jumana Swaid
Flights details> Bireut TO Istanbul (21.12.2021)
Istanbul TO Copenhagen (21.12.2021)
See attached!

I want to change or cancel the flights, but I cannot! What can I do?

Desired outcome: solve the problem


Pegasus Airlines - Treating people after cancelled flight

They cancelled our flight and let us wait for 10 hours like cattle.

We had no assistance neither any type of help.

Afterwards they gave us some refund paper.

After 10 months they still didnt return me money and they do not reply on my mails.

Besides that their customer service was very rude and they also lied to us that they will pay our hotel in which we were forced to go due to cancellation.


Pegasus Airlines - Ticket cancelation.

On June 29 2020, I booked a ticket for miss Poorang.
Reservation number is :PZX9D3

The ticket was scheduled for 16th of July.
On June 30, the next morning after I made the booking and payment, I received an email that the flight already had been cancelled.
When I checked internet, it was still possible to buy this flight ticket, I was surprised.
So Pegasus is selling tickets, and cancel the flights directly after reception of the money.

Now it is almost September and the money still has not been refunded to my account, which makes me rather angry.
Pegasus is holding the money for almost 3 months.

This kind of behaviour is holding me back from making any more booking at Pegasus. When I book a ticket, I have to be confident and if flight has been cancelled, pegasus should return the money within 10 days.

Actually I heard from several people that this happened to them as well. I think it is the wrong way to use peoples money to financially try to survive hard times of Covid-19 and keep their money in your account, and make up false bookings to collect money.

I would appreciate if you directly return my money to my account.

Any confirmation would be appreciated on my mail: [protected]

looking forward to your prompt reply.

Pegasus Airlines - Refund for cancelled flight never arrived to my card - they send the receipt though

In the end of February 2020 I bought a one-way flight from Trabzon to Antalya for 18.03.2020 (domestic, direct flight, 1h 50m). On the 4th of March I received an email from Pegasus that the flight was cancelled (no info about the reason), and that for more infos I should call them or make changes online. I didn't have credit on my phone, so on 16.03 (until that it was not sure if I would need another flight or I would just not go to Trabzon at all) I asked for a total refund for my flight. It seemed to be okay, I got the receipt immediately, but not the money. Two weeks later I still haven't got the money back, so I wrote a message to them, and since then nothing happened, when I check my inquiry with my number it says "inceleme devam ediyor"- the investigation is going on. I know it was not a fortune, 23 euros, I've read how much some people lost with pegasus, but still, this is not correct.
My other problem is (if they would reply to me, but they don't), how can I prove that it never arrived to my card?

Feb 10, 2020

Pegasus Airlines - Cancelled flight

Hello, I want to complain for a cancelled flight on Sabiha Gocken Airport, Istanbul, Turkey, on: Date of cancelled flight: 5/February/2020, == Flight number: PC281. My flight was cancelled 1 hour...

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Pegasus Airlines - overstay fine due to a cancelled flight

We booked a ticket last February 6, 2020 for Mr. Gazment Zaimi. We were so confident that he will fly on his scheduled date, unfortunately that flight was cancelled. Due to this we were charged with overstay fine from The UAE Immigration for one day amounting to 300 dirhams.

We believe that this is not our fault to pay for the fine because we believe on the timely flight schedules of Pegasus Airlines. We always choose you for our employees.

We are hoping for your fair, kind and prompt response on this.

Attached herewith are the itinerary ticket and fine receipt paid by oour employee.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Jhen Gamboa


Pegasus Airlines - being stock in the airport for more than 12 hours

Hello everyone, I have a problem with Pegasus and that is my Syrian nationality i was going to Saudi Arabia from Cyprus so i was just arrived from cyprus to istanbul sabiha gökçen airport and i just...

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Pegasus Airlines - staying 22 hours in turkey airports

Respected Sir/ Madam This is to place an official complain against Pegasus airlines. On 7.01.2020 my flight was from Riyadh to London PNR: YESSYK (copy is attached) transit was supposed to be in...

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Pegasus Airlines - not tagging luggage through to final destination

I had a flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gocken airport to Edmonton, Canada with a stop in Amsterdam on November 11, 2019. The agent at Sabiha Gocken airport did not check in my luggage to my final...

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Pegasus Airlines - staff unprofessional behavior

My friends and I were departing from Istanbul (SAW) airport on the 9th of November 2019 at 11:10 pm counter 302A heading to Beirut. We checked in our luggage weighing both 44 kg where we already bought 5 kg when we booked our ticket. When we were at the gate a lady which insisted on not telling us her name started weighing our hang bags which are 8 kg each and then weighed my back bag. Our friends from beirut where not carrying any handbag and helped with my backbag. She insisted that they cant help me with carrying my backbag and took my ticket and insisted i pay for 5 kilos also or else she will not let me on the flight. We tried to talk to this lady with no results. She made us pay 50$ without even giving us any invoice for the paid weight. Her unprofessional way of treating and talking to the customer makes me think twice before booking on pegasus flight in the future. Please remember that your are dealing with customers that pay for this service. I will never choose this airlines for future trips.

Nov 05, 2019

Pegasus Airlines - unethical behaviour

Hi, Good day… This is to bring in your notice that I had purchased the attach ticket online through your website through my credit card with the meal option. When I reached Dubai airport terminal...

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Pegasus Airlines - check in

The Berlin Schonefeld check-in staff failed to put the word "boarding" on the screen when the flight was boarding. We were waiting in the lounge (the flight had a big delay) and did not know that the plane was boarding. We missed our flight. I wrote a complaint to Pegasus but they insist that "boarding" was written on the screen. The staff in the lounge can testify that this is not true. The lounge staff even called the gate and asked them if they are boarding or not. Check-in staff was very unfriendly and sarcastic. It's useless to write complaints to Pegasus, they have decided not to reimburse anything.


Pegasus Airlines - I am complaining about luggage delayed flight delayed

Dear Sir/ Madam
Ref :BUK [protected]
E-ticket [protected]
I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Flights - departure Italy and Istanbul

The issue that I have experienced was: Pegasus and Alitalia
AZ7046 departure time 11:40 arrival 15:15
From Rome to Istanbul (luggage delayed)
We spent the whole day me and my wife in Sabiha Gokcen airport waiting for the luggage and finally we had to leave and waiting next day till the end of the day before we received the luggage.

AZ7053 departure time 11:50 arrival 13:40
From Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport to PCO Rome airport (flight delayed caused missing the connection flight to London)which caused us to stay till 22:00 in Rome before getting flight to London and again we have to stay whole night in the airport waiting for the luggage and getting home after 02:00 next day with no luggage which we never received it till this moment, just to let you know that made us so frustrate, disappointed and cost us a lot of money

Mohamed Elkair

Update by Mohamed Elkair
Oct 27, 2019

I am waiting for response

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